YSL’s Latest Price Increase: All The Details You Need To Know

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YSL bags are some of the best luxury handbags out there, but there have been some recent price hikes – find out all you need to know in this YSL price increase article.

Beloved French fashion house Saint Laurent creates some stunning ready-to-wear collections, as well as beautiful accessories and leather goods that totally irresistible. But, like many luxury brands, Saint Laurent will often increase their prices.

YSL bag price increases 2022: all the information you need to know
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If you do have your eye on your dream bag from YSL and are wondering what the price increase is, then this article has everything you need to know. We are going to outline all the YSL price increase information and have a little look at some of the top YSL bags that would fit right into any luxury bag collection.  

YSL Price Increase In USD

Here are all the old prices and new prices of the YSL bags, in US $ and UK £, as well as the percentage increase, so you know how much more you are paying.

The latest YSL price increase happened in November 2022, but that wasn’t the only price increase the brand had in 2022 – the prices of the popular Rive Gauche bags were hiked at least on two separate occasions – once in May, and once in the summer.

In May ’22, these bags were just $1,390 and $1,690 for small and large sizes, but by the summer, the prices had been hiked to $1,550 and $1,750, respectively – now, they are even more expensive.

Bag ModelMay 2022 PriceNov 2022 Price% Increase
Small Rive Gauche Tote$1,390$1,79029%
Large Rive Gauche Tote$1,690$1,89012%
Toy LouLou$1,850$1,9908%
Small LouLou$2,590$,295014%
Medium LouLou$2,850$3,20012%
Large LouLou$3,100$3,45011%
Lou Camera $1,550$1,6909%
Small Envelope$2,390$2,65011%
Medium Envelope$2,590$2,95014%
Large Envelope$2,990$3,2007%
Sunset Medium with chain$2,550$2,7006%
Sunset Large with chain$2,790$2,9907%
Medium College$2,590$2,590
Large College$2,890$2,890
Small Puffer$2,850$3,20012%
Uptown Clutch$495$62526%
East West Tote$1,250$1,45016%
Medium Puffer$3,100$3,55015%
Smooth Nano Sac De Jour$2,390$2,5005%
Smooth Baby Sac De Jour$2,790$2,8504%
Smooth Small Sac De Jour$2,990$3,1505%
Small Kate$1,890$2,10011%
Medium Kate$2,190$2,40010%
Baby Niki$2,390$2,85019%
Small Manhattan$2,550$2,80010%
Manhattan Shoulder Bag$2,950$3,30012%

YSL Price Increase In GBP

Bag ModelMay 2022 PriceNov 2022 Price% Increase
Small Rive Gauche Tote£975 (in summer ’22: £1,055)£1,25528%
Large Rive Gauche Tote£1,100 (in summer ’22: £1,195)£1,35019%
Toy LouLou£1,225£1,38513%
Small LouLou£1,860£2,23020%
Medium LouLou£2,050£2,41518%
Large LouLou£2,250£2,60016%
Lou Camera £1,100£1,29017%
Small Envelope£1,550£1,81017%
Medium Envelope£1,720£2,09022%
Large Envelope£2,000£2,27514%
Sunset Medium with chain£1,720£1,95013%
Sunset Large with chain£1,860£2,13515%
Medium College£1,750
Large College£2,050
Small Puffer£2,050£2,41518%
Medium Puffer£2,200£2,69523%
Uptown Clutch£340£44531%
East West Tote£1,025
Smooth Nano Sac De Jour£1,570£1,72010%
Smooth Baby Sac De Jour£1,950£2,0455%
Smooth Small Sac De Jour£2,140£2,3208%
Small Kate£1,225£1,44018%
Medium Kate£1,415£1,62515%
Baby Niki£1,720£2,18527%
Small Manhattan£1,750£2,04517%
Manhattan Shoulder Bag£2,050£2,41518%

Current Prices In Eur

The prices of many designer items are often cheaper in Europe, not just because of their actual price, but thanks to the VAT refund scheme that you can take advantage of if you live outside of the European Union – this is often between 10-15% off the retail price.

Curious to know more? Check out our Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Paris? article.

Bag ModelJanuary 2023 Price
Small Rive Gauche Tote€1,350
Large Rive Gauche Tote€1,450
Toy LouLou€1,490
Small LouLou€2,400
Medium LouLou€2,600
Large LouLou€2,800
Lou Camera €1,390
Small Envelope€1,950
Medium Envelope€2,250
Large Envelope€2,450
Sunset Medium with chain€2,100
Sunset Large with chain€2,300
Medium College€1,990
Large College€2,300
Small Puffer€2,600
Medium Puffer€2,900
Uptown Clutch€475
East-West Tote€1,100
Smooth Nano Sac De Jour€1,850
Smooth Baby Sac De Jour€2,200
Smooth Small Sac De Jour€2,500
Small Kate€1,550
Medium Kate€1,750
Baby Niki€2,350
Small Manhattan€2,200
Manhattan Shoulder Bag€2,600

Why has there been an increase?

Saint Laurent is not the only luxury fashion house have a significant price increase on their designer bags, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have also recently raised their prices to make their bags more exclusive and to reflect production costs.

Luxury brands have regular price increases to reflect any rises in the cost of materials, craftsmanship, and transportation, so now is the best time to buy a designer handbag as the price will only increase again in the future as there are usually price increases at least once per year.

As previously mentioned, Chanel has also recently completed a price increase for their classic bag designs, raising the prices by up to $2,000 during the last 2-3 years! As you can see, the price increase on popular styles of Saint Laurent bags is not this drastic, but there is still an increase in the majority of signature bags in their collection.

If you are looking for YSL bags at a lower price, then resale sites like Fashionphile are a great option, as the resale price is always going to be a little cheaper than the original price so this is a great way to get your hands on a popular Saint Laurent bag if it has just undergone a price increase.

Best Selling YSL bags

There are so many Saint Laurent bags out there that you are bound to find one you love. Below, we’ve featured just a few of the brands top sellers that we think have timeless designs!

1. Hobo Bags
White Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Leather Hobo Bag
Get this on Nordstrom

The silhouette of Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Leather Hobo Bag is so stylish at the moment that you really need it in your collection. Plus, the paired back decoration ensures this bag has a sophisticated look that will stand the test of time.

This simple hobo bag is made from smooth calfskin leather, with a shorter, adjustable shoulder strap and tab embellished with a sparkling silver YSL logo.

The interior of the bag is the perfect size for your evening essentials and features a zipper pocket to hold your cards securely. Style night or day for a chic look.

2. Top Handle Bags
YSL Price Increase on Saint Laurent College Large Chain Bag In Quilted Leather
Get this on YSL.com

The Large College bag from Saint Laurent is ideal for work as it has a smart and elegant look, with a spacious interior. This bag has been crafted from black lambskin leather, although it is also available in green and white, and then finished with gold hardware.

The leather has the classic YSL chevron quilting which reflects the envelope front flap. The bag has a black leather top handle and gold chain shoulder strap which is also detachable for multiple styling options.

The interior is partitioned with a zip pouch meaning you can keep all of your work essentials organized.

3. Shoulder bags
Black Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag In Quilted Leather
Get this on YSL.com

The Lou Camera Bag is a timeless bag that looks so chic and would make the perfect everyday handbag.

Crafted from buttery soft calfskin, the front of the bag has been quilted in a chevron pattern and then embellished with a glittering gold YSL logo.

The shoulder bag is then decorated with a black leather tassel and then completed with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag opens with a top zipper to a roomy main compartment lined with grosgrain fabric and fitted with a flat pocket. This classic bag is available in a wide range of colors, as well as different color suedes for a more textured finish.

4. Tote Bags
Camel Saint Laurent East West Calfskin Shopping Tote Bag
Get this at Neiman Marcus

A classic tote bag is a must-have in your wardrobe and this East West Calfskin Shopping Tote Bag from Saint Laurent is just flawless. This bag is available in multiple colors, including black, grey, dark green, and dark toffee, as pictured above, and has been crafted from supple-grained calfskin leather.

The minimalist exterior is finished with looping top handles, a gleaming gold YSL logo charm, and a small foil-stamped logo.

The top secures with a snap closure, which allows easy access to the spacious interior fitted with a removable zip pouch – so handy! This classic bag has a price tag of $1,450.

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