Canada Goose Vs Moncler: Which Is The Better Brand For You?

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Bundling up for the cold season? Before investing in winter wear, have a look at our definitive guide on Moncler vs Canada Goose, including our best picks from each brand.

Fashionistas know just how fun bundling up in the winter can be as cold weather and skiwear have become incredibly trendy in the past few years. While there are several items and accessories needed to perfect the most fashionable winter look, nothing is quite as important as a jacket. 

We believe that winter jackets were put on this earth to serve two very crucial functions: to keep us warm and to make us look even cooler. And when it comes to finding a jacket that does both, it’s usually the parka or puffer styles that excel. 

Before entering your credit card details on Moncler or Canada Goose’s websites, it’s essential to reflect on a few things, ensuring that your purchase is the correct one. Both brands are decently expensive so you don’t want to make any frivolous or spur-of-the-moment purchases. 

Firstly, consider what types of occasions and activities you need the jacket for. Is it for skiing? Is it for apres ski at a mountain top bar? Is it for wandering around the neighborhood on a snowy day? Is it for snowshoeing?

By answering these questions, you’ll gain some insight into the mobility you’ll need out of your jacket and what types of details it should have. If you’re going to be active in your jacket, it’s best to opt for a shorter style that allows your legs to move freely. 

You’ll also want to think long and hard about the color. Even though brightly colored jackets catch your attention, you might not find yourself wearing them as often as they are true statement pieces.

When purchasing your first designer jacket, we suggest opting for black, navy blue, ivory, beige, or grey. Nothing too crazy!

Moncler and Canada Goose are both renowned for their cold-weather jackets and accessories. Despite selling similar items in function, they are very different brands. 

Moncler Vs Canada Goose:

The history of Moncler

Moncler is considered more of a designer brand when compared to Canada Goose. The brand is most famous for its skiwear and was founded back in 1952 by René Ramillon and André Vincent. The clothing company is named after an Alpine town in France. 

In the beginning, Moncler’s main goal was to create jackets that would keep workers warm while completing jobs outside in the colder weather.

But only two years after launching, Moncler’s quilted jackets were selected to outfit those participating in the Italian expedition to the mountain K2. This garnered some serious brand popularity, which greatly contributed to the rise of Moncler.

Moncler jackets are most definitely an investment as they can range from $1,000 to $2,000, even beanies (or toques) retail for around $500. However, with most clothing and bags, you really get what you pay for.

At Moncler, you’re paying for their impressive craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics. We can guarantee that you’ll be warm, trendy, and fashionable as ever when wrapped up in a Moncler jacket. Since these jackets were originally made for cold weather expeditions, they are heavy-duty in terms of warmth. 

When it comes to the brand’s style, Moncler’s jackets tend to be more stylish and sophisticated compared to Canada Goose and other jacket companies.

Moncler is also always pushing boundaries when it comes to their styles and technology, resulting in jackets that are functional and sleek. Along with selling more basic jacket styles in neutral colors, Moncler also makes styles covered in prints and bold hues.

If design and one-of-a-kind styles are a priority for you, then Moncler is likely a better investment for you.

All about Canada Goose

You guessed it: Canada Goose is a Canadian company, which means they definitely know how to protect people against the chilly elements. The brand launched five years after Moncler, in 1957, and was founded by Sam Tick under the original name Metro Sportswear Ltd.

The Toronto-based company specialized in making snowsuits for snowmobiling, raincoats, wool vests, and other clothing items that could withstand Canada’s cold winters. 

In 1972, the founder’s son-in-law joined the company and changed its name to Canada Goose. He joined the designer company with big ambitions and introduced the invention of the down-filling machine, which would fill jackets with warm goose down. 

Because Canada Goose uses goose down in its jackets, the price point is much higher than those of brands that use synthetic down or other fillings. However, Canada Goose jackets only cost a fraction compared to the ones sold by Moncler. 

When it comes to Canada Goose’s style, it’s more straightforward and utilitarian, offering an uncomplicated look that’s versatile and timeless.

Unlike Moncler, many of the jackets sold by Canada Goose look very similar but they can be worn on any occasion and will keep you warm and toasty.

The brand has received criticism regarding the simple look of their jackets but there are millions of fashionistas out there who prefer a minimalist vibe for their wardrobe. The brand’s designs will withstand the test of time and they are available in several different colors. 

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Differences Between Moncler Vs Canada Goose

Despite these two brands selling the same type of clothing, they could not be any more different.

Moncler is much more expensive than Canada Goose, which we suspect is because of its sophisticated and fashion-forward designs. If you’re only intending on wearing your down-filled jacket for a season or two, we suggest purchasing a Canada Goose jacket and they are more affordable.

In terms of style, Canada Goose is more straightforward and takes a no-frills approach to design.

Even though they aren’t the trendiest jackets on the market, they will surely keep you warm while making you look good. So if you’re a sucker for trends and wearing the hottest pieces, Moncler is a better bet for you.

When it comes to the fabric used by both brands, Moncler uses Japanese nylon and a mixture of 90 percent down and 10 percent feather while Canada Goose uses a water-repellent fabric and down sourced from Canadian Hutterite farmers. 


Vegans and those who prefer wearing pieces that weren’t made from animal byproducts likely aren’t excited by either brand as they both use goose down and feathers. 

However, Moncler has made a commitment to sustainability, which involves the use of sustainable materials in production and using recycled fabrics. They are also trying to reduce the waste that their company produces through several initiatives. 

But despite both companies implementing protocols for responsibly sourced goose down and feathers, the jackets are not considered vegan. The good news is: several other designers offer cold-weather jackets that don’t require the harm of animals in the production process. 

For example, Noize and Save The Duck jackets are famously not only down-free, but also completely vegan and cruelty-free. They are also a lot more affordable than both Moncler and Canada Goose!

Our Top Picks From Moncler Vs Canada Goose

1. The classic black jacket

Every fashionable woman needs a black puffer jacket or parka in their outerwear collection. 

Moncler’s Marus Quilted 750 Fill Power Down Puffer Jacket
Get this on Nordstrom
The Alliston Packable Down Jacket by Canada Goose
Get this on Nordstrom

We absolutely love Moncler’s Marus Quilted 750 Fill Power Down Puffer Jacket as it’s black and anything but boring.

The coat features chevron quilting with a glossy, water-resistant finish, which will keep you warm and dry in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, or slush. It has zip pockets by the waist, a roomy hood, and is filled with 750-fill power down. This jacket can be purchased at Nordstrom for $1,950. 

The Alliston Packable Down Jacket by Canada Goose is also available at Nordstrom, though it costs a little less: $995. This puffer jacket is perfect for travel as it’s lightweight and durable.

In terms of exciting features, the Alliston Packable Down Jacket has an adjustable drawstring hood, pockets at the waist and chest, and reflective details for your personal safety.

2. Vests

Down-filled vests are a great option for when it’s cold out but not too cold out. They can be worn over a hoodie, sweater, or long-sleeved shirt, depending on the temperature. 

Ghany Water-resistant Down Puffer Vest
Get this on Nordstrom
Canada Goose’s Cypress Puffer Vest
Get this on Neiman Marcus

The Ghany Water-resistant Down Puffer Vest, which retails for $750 at Nordstrom, is made from Moncler’s classic lacquered nylon and is filled with down. It also has hidden side pockets with a zipper closure and a collar that will shield your neck from the harsh winter elements. 

Canada Goose’s Cypress Puffer Vest, available from Neiman Marcus for $495, has a recycled nylon shell and a down-filled interior. It has a reflective stripe on the back, which keeps you safe when you’re walking your dog at night, a logo on the chest, and a two-way zipper. 

3. Beanies

If you’re ever cold, it’s important to wear warm socks on your feet, gloves on your hands, and a beanie on your head as these are the places where heat escapes.

Both of these designer brands have great options for beanies, but the best fit for you depends on your budget and personal style.

Logo Patch Wool & Cashmere
Get this on Nordstrom
Logo Patch Ribbed Beanie
Get this on Nordstrom

The Logo Patch Wool & Cashmere Beanie from Moncler is as sophisticated as a beanie can get, with its classic cable texture and logo on the front. It comes in black, burgundy, and rose, and can be yours for $330.

Canada Goose also has some wonderful beanie options like the Logo Patch Ribbed Beanie, which is made from Italian merino wool and has a heritage-inspired logo on the front. This beanie costs a modest $175 at Nordstrom. They also have an adorable and warm beanie for babies.  

4. Gloves 

A trendy pair of gloves is another must-have item for those who live in an area that gets chilly throughout the year. 

Moncler’s Ski Gloves
Get this on Nordstrom
Canada Goose Hybridge Down Gloves
Get this on Bloomingdale’s

Moncler’s Ski Gloves were crafted in Italy from a special nylon blend with leather palms, allowing you to grip your glass of wine or hot chocolate firmly. They feature drawstring cuffs, a small logo on the top, and adjustable straps, and cost $650 at Nordstrom.  

The Hybridge Down Gloves from Canada Goose are available at Neiman Marcus for around $530 and have a fabric shell that’s water-resistant and windproof.

These gloves feature a palm made with polyurethane to ensure that you can hold onto important items without your hand slipping. They also have touchscreen-compatible sensors at the fingertips so you can operate your smartphone without taking your glove off. 

 Conclusion on Moncler Vs Canada Goose

Overall, the jackets, vests, and gloves from both designers definitely do the job of keeping you warm. But the brand that’s right for you really depends on how important the latest and greatest trends are to you, or how fashionable you want to look.

If you’re extremely concerned with fashion, we recommend splurging on Moncler as its pieces are well-designed, sleek, and sophisticated. You can rest assured knowing that whatever you purchase from Moncler will be insanely high-quality and durable, lasting you several years, if not decades. This makes the price seem worth it. 

On the other hand, Canada Goose is less expensive but is also slightly less trendy as their items aren’t coated in glossy finishes or have intricate details.

Those who are seeking a no-fuss jacket to wear on a daily basis for commuting, snowshoeing, or skiing, would be perfectly happy with a puffer or parka from Canada Goose. The company uses top-quality fabrics to create each item so you can expect your jacket to live for many years. 

But if you’re wanting the best of both worlds, may we suggest purchasing a Canada Goose down-filled jacket and a Moncler vest or pair of gloves, or vice versa?

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