What To Wear With Yellow Shorts (For Adorable Summer Outfits)

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You may assume that yellow shorts are only meant for the beach, but you’d be wrong! This sunny color can be worn in endless combinations of outfits for all occasions – here are the best looks to wear with yellow shorts!

Yellow shorts are a cute and whimsical way to embrace summer. They strike the perfect balance between looking playful, trendy and stylish.

This makes them a fun option for an afternoon at a park or running errands, but the right shorts can be just as chic when you’re heading out to dinner with your sweetie or having a fun night out with friends.

You’ve probably put off wearing shorts all winter long, but now that summer is finally here, it’s time to make the most of the great weather. When styling yellow shorts, you could go with multiple safe options, like pairing the shorts with neutrals, or you could take a risk and mix it up with a dash of color.

What to wear with yellow shorts: go monochrome
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If you’re having trouble finding the perfect outfit for your next trip outside on a sunny day, this article will give you some inspiration.

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite looks that incorporate yellow shorts into different outfits so that when it comes time for warm weather adventures (or just hanging out at home), you’ll have something ready in your closet.

This summer, you should definitely ditch the denim and experiment with a little more pop of color. We know it may seem scary, but yellow shorts are more versatile than you may think – especially if you opt for a beautiful pastel yellow shade.

So, what should you wear with yellow shorts? We have some ideas—read through this guide of our favorite cute outfits to find one that’s right for you!

What To Wear With Yellow Shorts

1. Yellow On Yellow

What To Wear With Yellow Shorts: Matching crop top
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For a fun, sunshine filled outfit, why not match your yellow shorts with a yellow top? For formal events, you can wear your yellow shorts with a nice sleek yellow blazer.

For more casual outfits, try pairing your shorts with a matching colored crop top, camisole or even a white graphic tee with some yellow details in it. If you want to go with the more subtle approach, then try wearing a more muted shade of yellow with your shorts, such as pastel yellow.

Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite pair of sandals and a stylish bag!

2. Stripes

Cream and black striped sweater with black jeans
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Black and white stripes tops always bring an aura of elegance with them, and they pair up very nicely with yellow shorts.

For this look, we recommend tucking in your striped sweater. For something a little more casual and summery, we recommend a striped crop top and yellow high waist paperbag shorts.

3. White

White is a great color to wear with yellow shorts, especially if you’re going for a more casual look. Plus, white is a neutral and thus goes with yellow shorts with fun prints, too! Loose-fitting white tees are a summer essential so this might be the perfect choice if you’re going to be outside all day.

Go for a plain white shirt and yellow linen shorts for simplicity. For added visual interest, we suggest accessorizing with a printed boho bag!

4. Shades Of Blue

Blue is a universally flattering color that goes together oh-so-well with yellow. The advantages of this color are that there are so many different shades to choose from; for styling pale or pastel yellow shorts, opt for lighter blues. For brighter yellow shorts, pair them with deep blues like cobalt or royal blue for a striking look.

Finally, to style mustard yellow shorts, your best bet is to go with a navy blue top, as the earthy tone is a better match for the muted yellow.

To accessorize, it’s best to opt for bags and shoes in nude and tan colors.

5. Purple Tops

Purple is a great accent color to wear for a fun, tropical look. This deep color is as versatile as it is beautiful, so you can easily throw on a deep purple sweater, as blouse or even a scarf to complement your yellow shorts. We love how playful this particular combination looks!

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Mustard shorts are much more compatible with deep purples, while pastel yellows work great with lighter colors like lilac and lavender.

6. Black Tops

Next, we have classic black tops. A neutral color like this one can be worn as it is with your bright yellow shorts to any summertime events. To accessorize, add in a pair of black flats or lace-up espadrilles, as well as some dainty jewelry for a stylish look.

If you want to wear this look in the evening, consider adding black stiletto heels into the mix and throw on an oversized black blazer.

7. Light Pink Tops

What To Wear With Yellow Shorts: Lightpink eyelet puff sleeve crop top
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If you’re wearing a pair of yellow shorts, you can wear any shade of pink from hot pink to pastel pink. We’re partial to light pink shades, as they are more understated.

8. Denim

Denim shirt with denim jeans
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Denim is a classic choice, and for good reason. It’s a great option for a casual outfit and can be dressed up or down as well, depending on how you style it.

We recommend wearing a white tank underneath your unbuttoned chambray shirt or denim jacket, and then pairing your favorite yellow shorts with the ensemble. Complete the outfit with a pair of white sneakers or flat sandals.

9. Gingham Print

Black and white gingham puff sleeve top
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The great thing about wearing plain yellow shorts is that you can pair them with any printed top you like – for example, gingham print is a classic pattern that will never go out of style. But if you don’t like gingham, polka dots are fine too!


We hope you found these tips helpful! As you can see, there are so many ways to wear yellow shorts and look adorable. If you’re looking for more inspiration in fashion, makeup, or lifestyle advice, check out our articles below.

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