How I Made $8,376.11 Blogging This Month: December Income Report

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*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info.

Welcome to another income report! This month, I’m once again a bit blown away by the results from this blog – I made $8,376.11, which is slightly MORE than what my monthly income goal for the year was. I’ve been saying this over and over again, but one of my biggest goals in blogging is to make six figures, or $8,333 / month consistently.

Well, in December I hit the first milestone – I’ve now had my first $8,333+ / month! I honestly can’t believe that I was able to break this goal already in 2019. Of course I wanted to make it happen, but at the same time it was one of those “I think it would be possible, but it’s probably not going to happen” kind of things. I wasn’t 100% sure that I could do it – after all, I’ve never made this much money in my life before.

I don’t know if it was luck, hard work or something to do with what they preach in The Secret , but hey – here we are. It worked!


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Even though I was somehow able to hit my income goal, I feel quite rejuvenated after Christmas and all the holiday madness. I went on unofficial holiday on the 19th of December and came back on the 1st of January, and during those 2 weeks I did pretty much nothing except chill, watch Harry Potter, reply to a couple of emails and use the sauna lots (my parents have one in their flat, like most Finnish and Estonians do!). Very relaxing indeed.

But now, let’s get back to the part that you’re here for: my income report.

To find out exactly how I made money blogging and what worked for my blog last month, keep on reading!



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Proof Of Income

Here’s a few screenshots from my accounts. There’s too many to include them all!

Mediavine earnings Screenshot:


Amazon US & UK screenshot:





Affiliate Marketing


Amazon US & UK – $1,904.76 | Amazon has been consistently among my Top 3 revenue sources in blogging. Many of you have asked for me to share my secrets, and I’ve finally listened.

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Amazon Ca & Europe – $44.82

Hosting – $1,260

RewardStyle*  – $288.02

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing – $142

Six Figure Blogger – $118.80

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche – $59.10

Bluchic – $61.22

Divi – $44.50

Affiliate Income On Millenial Money Talk (my blog on investing) – $243.08

Ultimate Bundles – $205

Other affiliate commissions – $131.54 (inc. Awin, Shareasale, Ezoic, Shopstyle, Styled Stock Society & more)


Total Affiliate Income: $4,491.46


*RewardStyle commissions aren’t accurate and tend to change before they are paid out. Often, returns are made and these are not yet accounted for. This doesn’t affect the grand total a huge amount, but it does change.


Display Advertising


Mediavine – $3,145.92

(See How To Use Display Ads To Make Money)

Youtube – $269

Total Ad Income: $3,414.92


Own Products


Millenial Presets, Explosive Traffic With Tribes & #Sponsored – $458.35



Total Income: $8,364.73



Total Expenses: $1,045.33*


My expenses include things like office rent, hosting, TailwindConvertKit and paid advertising.

*Taxes and PayPal/Stripe fees are not yet included in this figure.


Income After Expenses: $7,319.4



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What Worked In December


Display Advertising 


Display advertising was my highest source of income for the second month in a row. In December, RPMs are the highest they’ll be for the entire year, which means that you’ll earn a lot more from the same traffic as you would on other months. On top of that, I was also able to increase my pageviews to 167,000 – a 35% increase from November, which bumped up my advertising income even more.


Taking Advantage Of Pinterest Trends & Creating Lots Of Content

Ever since Q4 began, I’ve been taking advantage of seasonal Pinterest trends to increase my pageviews and ad revenue. Seasonal content includes holidays and events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and more. During the lead up to December, pretty much all of my content was Christmas & New Year’s related. And there was tons of it – I published a new blog post every other day. (I even went as far as creating content in advance for Easter, because I knew my January would be pretty busy and I wouldn’t have enough time!)

If you are lacking in Pinterest traffic, I strongly recommend trying out this strategy too. I publish new blog posts about Pinterest trends every month on my blog and to my email list, so make sure that you’re subscribed to my e-mail newsletter to be notified about a new Pinterest trends post when it goes up.


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What Didn’t Work In December



Issues With Divi/Hosting


I talked about these issues in last month’s income report and honestly there’s nothing new to report. I’m going to be changing my hosting in January to see if it will fix the issues that I’m experiencing.


My Dropshipping Store / Having Too Many Blogs


For a few months now, I’ve been trying out dropshipping. If you’re not familiar with dropshipping, it’s a business model where you source out cool products from Ali Express and sell them on your site for a profit. I was able to make between $50-$200 from my store every month, but in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it for me and I closed down the website.

The reason for this was that it was too much work for what it was. I would get dozens of emails from customers asking about the location of their parcel and at the end of the day, I just felt like I was fulfilling the functions of a customer service assistant. My two other blogs (Chic Pursuit and Millenial Money Talk) are much less work and ultimately very passive.

In the end, I thought it would be a better idea to just get rid of the project and focus my full energy on this blog. So far, it’s paid off! I’m still glad that I tried dropshipping, because it’s something that I’ve been wanting to try for a couple of years now.



Now, Let’s Talk About Traffic!


Pageviews: 167,234 (up 35% from last month!)

Sessions: 127,619

Users: 115,168

Email Subscribers: 2018 (+381, thanks to ConvertKit!)


Wowza! I knew December traffic was going to be big, but I didn’t expect it to be this high. I had set my sights at getting 150k pageviews in December, and I’m happy to say that I completely smashed the goal. The majority of new traffic that came in December was completely seasonal and related to Christmas and New Year’s Eve – I made about 20 Christmas and New Years posts, and some of them picked up quite a lot of traffic. Like you can see from the graph, my traffic declined sharply exactly after Christmas.

Ever since Q4 began, I’ve been taking advantage of seasonal Pinterest trends to increase my pageviews and ad revenue. This is a strategy that I can strongly recommend following. I publish a new post about Pinterest trends every month, so make sure that you’re subscribed to my e-mail newsletter to be notified about a new Pinterest trends post when it goes up.

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What I’m Focusing On In January


Launching Products And Services


My main goal for January is to launch a couple of products and services that I’ve left aside for a few months. The products are ready and even have customer reviews, but I just need to create sales pages for them and come up with a marketing plan. As of now, I have 2 products that are ready to launch: a planner (in 3 different colors) and an ebook.

I have also been asked about blog coaching and Pinterest coaching, and I will be setting up those as soon as possible. Essentially all I need to do is to create a sales page and come up with pricing (and ask for reviews from previous customers).

I also want to create a new Pinterest course with videos, which is something that I’ll start planning when all of the other work is finished.


Continuing To Take Advantage Of Pinterest Trends – (I.e. Publishing New Blog Posts As Often As Possible)


Continuing writing about 20 blog posts per month honestly wasn’t part of my original plan for January, but so far Pinterest trends have worked so well for me that it would be a shame to not continue publishing as many blog posts as possible. The ad revenue for January obviously isn’t as great as it was for December, but it hasn’t dropped too drastically.

I should still be able to make around $1,200 from ad revenue in January with my current traffic, which is motivating enough for me to try to work as hard as I can on new blog posts. Oh, and it also helps that I did most of the writing back in December before going on holiday, so I have about 30 blog post drafts sitting in my dashboard that are almost ready to be published.


What I’m not doing in January – Youtube


I had big plans to start creating more Youtube content in January, however looking at my schedule and workload I honestly can’t see how it would be possible. So, this will have to wait until I’ve finished the bigger tasks in my to-do list.



That’s all from me this month! As we are in the “new year, new me” time of year and everyone is setting resolutions, I wanted to give myself a new blog goal after hitting my previous income goal this month. My blog goal for 2020 is to hit $112,000 in revenue for my blogs, and my personal goal is to become a better friend, spend more time with friends and actively search out new friendships. I feel like I’ve been very focused on work in 2019 which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely want to establish a routine where I stop working around 5-6 pm and see friends after that time.

The income goal of $112,000 is kind of an arbitrary number, but if I fall a little bit short of the goal, hopefully I’ll still be able to hit six figures 🙂

I would love to know your blog goals and personal goals for 2020 as well. If you’ve made any goals that you don’t mind sharing, please let me know then in the comments below!



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