Canada Goose Vs The North Face: Which Brand Is Best For You?

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Prepping for your next winter adventure? It pays to have clothing that’s comfortable, stylish, and durable. Here’s a guide on Canada Goose Vs The North Face to help you decide on which brand to purchase from.

No matter where you live, the chances are that temperatures drop for at least a few weeks out of the year, which means you need to own a winter jacket that keeps you feeling snug as a bug. It’s not hard to find a parka jacket at big box stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but in terms of quality, they pale in comparison to the insulated jackets from higher-end brands.

Canada Goose and The North Face have been two heavy hitters in the cold weather apparel realm, directly competing against each other. The two renowned outdoor brands are quite different when it comes to style, selection, price point, and materials used to create the pieces sold online and in-store. 

If you’re having difficulty deciding on which brand is better suited for you and your lifestyle, we’ve done some research that can be of great help. By reading through each brand’s history, their differences, our favorite items from both retailers, and our concluding marks, you should be leaning more toward either Canada Goose or The North Face. 

The History Of Canada Goose

Canada Goose sells clothing that’s created to withstand harsh winters, so it makes perfect sense that the brand first started in Canada. If you were to take a trip to B.C., Edmonton, or Alberta in the winter, you’d see tons of men and women wearing these fancy, fashionable parkas. 

The jackets made by Canada Goose can be either lightweight or down-filled, often with fur trims that add to their comfort. However, the brand recently just committed to discontinuing the use of real fur in all of its designs. So the newer jackets will have a faux fur lining the hoods.

The brand dates back to the year 1957 when Tam Tick, a Polish immigrant, founded a company by the name of Metro Sportswear Ltd. His clothing company specialized in making wool vests, snowmobile suits, and raincoats. After his son-in-law joined the team in the 1970s, Metro Sportswear Ltd. branched out into down-filled jackets.

After his son-in-law, David Reiss, joined the company to help Tick, these down-filled jackets became one of their most popular products. Reiss felt that this warranted a name change, so Metro Sportswear Ltd. became Snow Goose.

The company was busy outfitting local government officials, rangers, and police officers. But once the 1990s rolled around, the Snow Goose jackets made their way to the European market, however, there was one problem: there was already a brand in Europe by the name of Snow Goose. 

Because of this, Reiss changed the brand’s name to Canada Goose and designed its signature logo and patch. While Canada Goose is a highly sought-after brand all around the world, it continues to manufacture all of its clothing in Canada. 

The winter coats sold by Canada Goose aren’t cheap in the slightest. If you’re looking for a mid-length or short parka, expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,400. But since the company uses high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, each jacket will last for decades, which makes it a worthy investment. 

The History Of The North Face

What sets these two brands apart (among many things) is that The North Face originates from San Francisco and wasn’t started as a cold-weather brand. But over the years, winter wear was added to the retailer’s lineup of products.

The North Face was started in 1966 by two hiking enthusiasts who dreamed of opening a small mountaineering store. Shortly after they opened a storefront in San Francisco, it became a popular spot for backpacking gear and high-performance climbing equipment.

Over the years, it added technical mountaineering equipment and clothing to its shelves, which garnered a following of avid outdoor athletes who the brand then sponsored during expeditions. This really increased The North Face’s brand awareness. 

When the 1980s came around, The North Face decided to add skiwear to its collection. The original designs featured neon colors, bold prints, and a pastel one-piece snowsuit.

After a few more successful years of the business passed, The North Face became the only retailer in the United States to offer a wide range of high-performance skiwear, outerwear, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. Outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and ski bunnies fell head-over-heels in love with the brand.

The North Face jacket in arctic conditions

Today, The North Face continues to deliver an impressive line of functional footwear, equipment, and performance apparel, perfect for active individuals. The brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation so that its customers can push boundaries when exploring and adventuring. 

The world’s most accomplished mountaineers, skiers, boarders, runners, athletes, climbers, and explorers are often sponsored by either Arc’teryx or The North Face. This makes them direct competitors when it comes to functional outdoor clothing. 

Because of its simple and performance-driven designs, The North Face is best suited for those looking for clothing to wear on their outdoor adventures.

Differences Between Canada Goose Vs The North Face

The quality from both of these brands is outstanding, and you certainly don’t have to worry about any zippers breaking or material becoming worn. But there are several differences between The North Face and Canada Goose that are important to consider. 

1. Price Point

For many budget-conscious shoppers, price is a deciding factor. The North Face carries much more affordable options in comparison to Canada Goose. At The North Face, you can walk away with a super functional and practical parka for around $300-$500.

This is much less than what you’d pay for Canada Goose coats, which typically come with a price tag of $1,000 or more.

2. Selection Of Products

The North Face also has a wider selection of products that can make your outdoor adventures or expeditions much more enjoyable. While on the other hand, Canada Goose sticks to cold-weather clothing with a trendy twist. Its products aren’t entirely meant for exercise or adventure purposes, and have come to be known more as a status symbol.

The best brand for you really depends on what you need the jacket for. If you’re just looking for a parka to keep you warm when you walk the dog, commute to work, or a ski jacket to go on vacation with your friends, Canada Goose is a superb option.

But if you’re active and looking for a technical jacket or parka to wear while skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or hiking, then you’ll be happier making a purchase at The North Face. 

3. Status & Quality

Canada Goose is seen as a luxury brand thanks to its higher price point and highest quality materials used. While both Canada Goose and The North Face jackets are high quality, Canada Goose goes the extra mile to provide better insulated liners on their parkas, as well as using premium materials such as merino wool on their accessories.

Compared to this, The North Face is seen more as a practical outdoors brand, but we wouldn’t describe it as trendy by any means.

Canada Goose & The North Face Similarities

1. Use Of Animal Products

When it comes to being cruelty-free, both brands use real down in their parkas and jackets. However, The North Face has more options that are made with synthetic materials. 

2. Lifetime Warranties

Both Canada Goose and The North Face offer a lifetime warranty on their coats, which cover manafacturer’s defects, but won’t cover accidental damage.

However, The North Face goes a step further than Canada Goose, and extends this warranty to all of its branded products (excluding footwear). For The North Face footwear, you’ll get a one year warranty which again, covers manufacturer’s defects.

Our Top Picks From Canada Goose Vs The North Face

1. Parkas

Grey North Face Metropolis Water Repellent 550 Fill Power Down Hooded Parka
Get this long parka at Nordstrom
White Canada Goose Lorette Water Resistant 625 Fill Power Down Parka
Get this classic Canada Goose parka at Nordstrom

There are few things as chic as neutral-colored parkas, which is why we love The North Face’s Metropolis Hooded Parka. It only costs $300 and will keep you very warm as it’s stuffed with 550-fill down insulation.

The mid-length parka features a removable hood and a special water-repellent finish for those times you find yourself stuck in the rain. It comes in several other colors, including black, navy, dark green, and grey.

Canada Goose’s Lorette Water-Repellent Parka is in a crisp shade of white and is stuffed with 625-fill down, keeping you warm and content.

The parka hits mid-thigh, features interior backpack straps for easy carrying, and rib-knit cuffs for added comfort and warmth. We’re not going to lie, this jacket costs a pretty penny, but it’s totally worth it if you live in a cold climate! The Lorette Parka can be yours for $1,295.

2. Lightweight Jackets

Plum North Face Hydrenalite Hooded Down Jacket
Get this at Nordstrom
Canada Goose Abott Lightweight Jacket
Get this warm jacket at Nordstrom

The Hydrenalite Hooded Jacket from The North Face is perfect for chilly morning walks in the fall and winter, and for camping, as it’s lightweight and breathable.

The wind-resistant, 100% nylon jacket is filled with 550-fill power-down that will provide you with superior insulation. Because the jacket is fitted and short, it’s extremely flattering on all body types. This chic everyday jacket can be yours for just $199.

The Abbott Packable Down Jacket from Canada Goose is filled with 750-fill power down and is so lightweight that it can be packed into its own pocket – super handy for traveling!

It also has two-way zip, which can provide venting once you work up a sweat, reflective details to enhance visibility, and elastic cuffs. This jacket from Canada Goose costs $650.

3. Beanies

The North Face black beanie with pom detail
Get this at Nordstrom
White and grey Canada Goose Arctic Heritage Stripe Merino Wool Toque Beanie
Get this at Nordstrom

A black beanie is a must-have in everyone’s closet, even if they don’t partake in any outdoor activities.

The Airspun Pom Beanie from The North Face is perfect for covering up a bad hair day or helmet hair after crushing some ski runs. It has added metallic fibers that give it a beautiful shine but is otherwise made of a mix of 38% cotton, 31% polyester, and 9% wool, topped with a faux-fur pompom. This understated beanie can be yours for just $42.

The unisex Arctic Heritage Stripe Beanie from Canada Goose is a little more on the expensive side but features a heritage-inspired patch on the very front. The beanie is made from Italian merino wool, which will keep any heat from escaping your head. It also comes in black/dark grey and retails for $275.

4. Vests

Dark Green North Face Aconcagua Down Vest
Get this at Nordstrom
Navy blue Canada Goose Cypress Water Resistant Packable Vest
Get this at Nordstrom

Vests are the perfect transitional piece for when the weather is cold but not cold enough for a full-on parka. They are also incredibly practical for walking, jogging, running, and hiking.

The slim-fit Aconcagua Down Vest from The North Face is lined with 550 fill-power goose to keep you warm, and two The North Face logos – one on the front, and one on the back of the vest. The vest is made of 100% nylon, which makes it completely water-repellent.

The Cypress Water Resistant Packable Vest ($550) from Canada Goose is well-insulated with 550-fill power down and is otherwise made of 100% recycled nylon – great if you’re looking for sustainable, water-repellent clothing.

It’s so lightweight that you can easily pack the entire vest inside one of its pockets, making it a fantastic travel piece. The understated Canada Goose heritage patch stands out on the navy fabric, adding an extra trendy element to the vest.


We truly love both of these brands, which makes picking just one extremely difficult. However, the best brand for you really depends on your budget and what you plan to be doing in the jacket.

If you care more about fashion than function and have a budget of around $1,000, Canada Goose jackets are a wonderful option. But if you’re a very active individual and want a parka for winter hiking, cold weather camping, or snow sports, The North Face is going to be the better option for you.

The use of goose down can also be a deterrent for many shoppers, especially those who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If you’re trying to build a cruelty-free wardrobe, it’s best to support brands like The North Face as they have more synthetic, cruelty-free products as well as sustainable options.

Because the brand is meant for people who love the outdoors, it is mindful of its environmental impact and sustainability. Whereas Canada Goose has just started implementing more ethical practices and fabrics that don’t come from animals. 

Overall, if you don’t care for trendy apparel as much, you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck with The North Face. You get amazing outdoor performance, and can even build a completely etical wardrobe with this brand.

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