Fendi Vs Gucci: Which Italian Luxury Brand is Right For You?

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Fendi and Gucci are two of the top Italian fashion houses with incredible ready-to-wear collections and bags, but which brand is right for you? Find out in this Fendi vs Gucci article!

These two Italian brands both have long histories and are known for creating iconic handbags that are a must-have in any luxury bag collection. Fendi is a staple at Milan Fashion Week, displaying new and innovative designs in their collection of ready-to-wear clothing and striking accessories, all designed by the inimitable Kim Jones.

While, Gucci has become one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, with Alessandro Michele at the helm, their unique and eclectic collections, wildly popular range of handbags, and incredible adverts featuring many famous faces, such as Harry Styles, Serena Williams, and Jared Leto.

There are many similarities between these two leading fashion brands, but if you look a little closer, you will see there are significant differences that are going to help when trying to choose between Fendi and Gucci. This article will take a look at the history of both brands, the differences between them, and some of their best-selling items, before coming to a conclusion on Fendi vs Gucci.

Fendi vs Gucci

The history of Fendi

The luxury fashion brand, Fendi, was founded in 1926 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi when they opened their fur and leather store in Rome. Then in 1932, a larger store was opened in Via Piave in Rome and has since become a popular destination for tourists.

Fendi is a family business and in 1946, Edoardo and Adele Fendi’s five daughters joined the brand, playing an important part in growing the Fendi brand to become the popular brand it is today. Fendi only sold fur and leather goods until the 1970s, with Karl Lagerfeld joining the Fendi family in 1965 and becoming the creative director of the fur collection, and then the women’s ready-to-wear collection when it was launched in 1977.

Lagerfeld was the one who designed the double F Fendi logo, which is still used on Fendi belts and bags to this day. During the 1960s and 70s, the brand began to expand outside of Europe, opening stores in the United States and Japan.

In 1994, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the granddaughter of Adele and Edoardo, joined the company and was established as the artistic director of the accessories collection, and the co-designer of the women’s line alongside Karl Lagerfeld. It was Silvia Venturini Fendi that designed the beloved Fendi Baguette bag, an iconic design that has proved to be one of Fendi’s most popular handbags of all time.

Fendi continued to grow, gradually becoming a top Italian fashion label and hosting the most incredible runway shows in extraordinary locations. In 2020, British designer, Kim Jones took over the role of artistic director, alongside Silvia Venturini Fendi, and continues to ensure Fendi creates ground-breaking collections each season.

The history of Gucci

Guccio Gucci founded his namesake company in 1921, after spending time working in a hotel in London and learning about the luggage preferences of the hotel’s wealthy clients. After returning to his hometown of Florence, Guccio Gucci started with a small workshop to produce leather goods, using everything he had learned in London.

Gucci’s children and wife worked for the brand, and eventually, Aldo Gucci took over his father’s company. During World War Two, materials were rationed so Gucci has become inventive with the fabric used in their luxury goods.

Coated canvas, decorated by a GG monogram designed by Aldo Gucci in the 1940s, was used commonly by Gucci during this period, which was both stylish and durable. After the end of World War Two, the popularity of Gucci grew rapidly as their playful and imaginative designs fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the 1950s, and the rise of the Dolce Vita style in the 1960s.

After the Bamboo bag was seen on the arm of Ingrid Bergman in her 1954 film Journey to Italy, the bag and the Gucci brand become popular all over the world. After this success, the Gucci brand only grew even further, and the GG monogram became a hit with celebrities in America and Royalty in Europe.

Fast-forward several decades and now Gucci is a highly valuable luxury brand and often features in top fashion brand rankings. Alessandro Michele has been the creative director since 2015 and has developed the opulent, bold, geek-chic Gucci aesthetic.

Differences between Fendi Vs Gucci

To help you decide between these two top high fashion brands, we are going to delve into the differences between Fendi and Gucci.

1. Price range

Let’s begin with the price range of some of their popular items. Bags from Fendi are available for between $650 and $34,000, while Gucci bags are sold for between $790 and $36,000.

As you can see, the price range of these brands is pretty similar, it is just that Gucci has more bags on offer and therefore more options for you to pick from.

2. Materials

It’s important to take note of the high-quality materials used by each brand so you find the perfect option that suits not only your personal style but also your lifestyle.

Fendi uses a limited range of materials, primarily making use of calfskin leather, while there are a couple of Nappa leather and lamb leather options. If you are not looking for a leather bag, then there are bags made from straw, raffia, silk, wool, and shearling available, so you have plenty of options.

Gucci bags are made from a wide range of materials so there are lots of finishes and textures to choose from. Many bags are made from calf leather or lamb leather, although some of the more expensive options are made from crocodile, python, anaconda, and lizard skins. If you are looking for a leather alternative, Gucci offers cotton canvas, denim, raffia and coated canvas – often these options are decorated with the double G monogram.

3. Resale Value

Sometimes you may want to consider how well a luxury handbag appreciates in value before picking a bag, so we are going to give you a little information on the resale value of Fendi and Gucci designer handbags. The resale value depends on not only the durability of the bag but also the brand’s reputation.

At the moment, Gucci is the slightly more popular brand and therefore their luxury goods are more in demand, this means the resale cost is a little higher. Many Gucci bags have been in the collection have a classic, timeless design and so they retain their value well because they always look so stylish.

Fendi bags look incredible and are made from top-quality materials, but often do not have the same reputation as a Gucci bag and so they do not hold their value so well. The exceptions are the Baguette bag and Peekaboo bags which are eternally popular and so hold their value well.

Best-selling bags from Fendi Vs Gucci

There are so many beautiful handbags available from Fendi and Gucci, so we have chosen a few of the best-selling options that we think you are going to love, and that you should definitely add to your own luxury bag collection!

1. Tote bags
Tan Fendi Sunshine Shopper debossed leather tote
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Beige and white Gucci Ophidia medium GG tote
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The Fendi Sunshine Shopper debossed leather tote is a timeless, classic bag that will look eternally stylish. The bag is crafted from calf leather, which has been embossed with the Fendi brand name, and then finished with tortoiseshell top handles for a stunning finish.

The gold FF logo adds a touch of glam to this gorgeous tote. This structured bag has a spacious lined interior, that has plenty of room for your laptop, book, water bottle, and any other daily essentials – making this bag ideal for work with the practical interior and chic exterior.

We love the sophisticated aesthetic of the Gucci Ophidia tote, plus the well-organized interior makes it ideal for work or weekends.

The Ophidia is available in different materials and colorways, but we just love this versatility of the white on beige GG supreme canvas, finished with beige leather trim, gold hardware, and a red and green stripe down the center – for that classic Gucci look. The interior has been lined with cotton linen and then fitted with a zipper pocket to help you keep everything organized and easy to find.

2. Shoulder bags
Black Fendi O'Lock embellished leather shoulder bag
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Black Gucci Jackie 1961 small shoulder bag
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If you are looking for a unique and unusual shoulder bag to add to your wardrobe, then this Fendi O’Lock embellished leather shoulder bag is perfect for you. The silhouette is striking while the shoulder strap is just incredible and unlike anything else, you will see in the fashion world.

This bag is crafted from smooth black calf leather that has a luxurious glossy sheen and comes with two different handles so you can pick the option that best suits your look. There is a detachable black leather strap or a metal and tortoiseshell plexiglass option that is formed of an interlocking Fendi logo.

The Gucci Jackie 1961 small shoulder bag has been a key part of the Gucci handbag collection for decades and has endured the test of time due to its timeless elegance. This curved shoulder bag is endlessly versatile and is guaranteed to suit a whole range of different looks.

The bag is crafted from black buttery soft leather, although there are many other colors available, and finished with a gleaming gold piston closure. The bag has a shorter shoulder strap, but it also comes with a detachable longer strap so you can wear the bag across the body.

3. Top Handle bags
White and taupe Fendi Baguette bag
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Green Gucci Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag
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The Fendi Baguette is a world-famous handbag that has an effortlessly stylish design. The Baguette has been available in many different iterations over the years, but this logo-emblazoned edition is just perfect.

The bag has a classic, long rectangular silhouette and is made from coated canvas, which is decorated with the iconic FF logo, and then finished with leather straps and gold hardware. The crossover flap allows easy access to the compact interior, fitted with a handy zip pocket.

We just love that mix of materials and textures on this Gucci Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag. The bag has a rounded silhouette and is crafted from glossy leather for a luxe look – we love the green shade for a pop of color, but the bag is also available in more neutral shades if you are looking for a more classic option.

The chic bag is finished with a bold bamboo top handle and bamboo twist closure – just so unique! Gucci has ensured ultimate practicality by also including a detachable shoulder strap, in red and blue stripes.

4. Crossbody bags
Black Fendi O Lock FF Camera Crossbody Bag
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Rose beige Gucci Soho small leather disco bag
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This compact, sophisticated Fendi O Lock FF Camera Crossbody Bag is the ideal everyday bag that will fit all your everyday essentials for running errands and is sleek enough to be worn during dinner out. This tonal bag is crafted from matte black calf leather and features a FF logo on the front of the bag for a wonderfully tactile finish.

There is a little leather top handle as well as an adjustable, detachable crossbody strap so you can style this bag in many different ways. The gleaming gold, two-way zipper allows quick and easy access to the compact interior.

The minimalist, paired-back look of the Gucci Soho small leather disco bag makes it a must-have handbag in your wardrobe. The elegant look, refined finish, and practical interior guarantee this Gucci bag will become a go-to for any eventuality.

The bag is made from lightly grained rose beige leather and the double G Gucci logo is stitched onto the front of the bag. The top zipper opens to reveal a pretty spacious interior, fitted with a phone pocket and open pockets to help you find everything easily.


Both of these Italian fashion houses are fantastic, with stunning ready-to-wear designs and beautiful handbags, so it is very difficult to choose between Fendi vs Gucci. However, the materials used, the style of the bags on offer, and the resale value will help us to determine which brand is right for you.

If you are looking for a high-quality calf leather bag, with a unique design, Fendi is the right brand for you. The design of their handbags is striking and eye-catching, while the materials are just so luxurious.

If you are looking for a timeless handbag and would like a range of designs and materials to choose from, then Gucci is the brand for you. They have so many incredible bags on offer, all available in different colors and fabrics so you can really choose the option that best suits you.

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