Bearpaw Vs Uggs: Which Boots Are Better?

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Treat your feet to a pair of super comfortable boots this winter. Here’s an in-depth guide on Bearpaw Vs UGGs to help you decide!

Like white tennis sneakers and black stilettos, sheepskin boots are never going out of style. When it comes to this incredibly comfortable form of footwear, there are two brands that continuously outsell the rest of the competitors: Bearpaw and UGG

While both companies sell similar-looking sheepskin-like booties, there are some differences in materials, style, and quality that shoppers should consider. If you’ve been wanting to purchase a pair of Bearpaw or UGG sheepskin boots, we’ve done the research that will help you find your perfect match. 

The History Of Bearpaw

Bearpaw is an American footwear, clothing, and accessories brand that was launched in 2001 by Tom Romeo. This was around the time Paris Hilton started wearing sheepskin boots every time she stepped out of the house, which led to an influx of fashionistas trying to copy her style.

The brand’s original goal was to redefine casual footwear by creating shoes with sheepskin as it was ridiculously comfortable and chic.

Bearpaw had to compete against two other major sheepskin footwear brands from the very beginning: UGG Australia and EMU Australia. But what set it apart was its lower price point, making it a popular brand with a younger demographic.

The very first Bearpaw retail store opened in California in 2011 and it remains the brand’s headquarters.

After 17 years of selling boots made from sheepskin, Bearpaw introduced a non-sheepskin, vegan alternative that is made from a polyester microsuede and lined with a rubber sole.

These were, and continue to be a huge hit with fashion enthusiasts who preferred to steer clear of purchasing any products made from leather, fur, or other materials sourced from animals.

The History Of UGG 

UGG, formerly known as UGG Australia, was launched in 1978 by an Australian man who was living in California. Because of his strong Australian roots, the founder and avid surfer Brian Smith wanted to create footwear out of sheepskin, which was a material that many Aussies were very fond of. 

In the 1980s, UGG boots became an important part of the relaxed Californian style and surf shops all around the state began carrying UGGs, though they never stayed on the shelf for long.

By the time the 2000s rolled around, Oprah Winfrey declared UGG sheepskin boots to be one of her “favorite things” and gifted more than 300 pairs to her audience members. After this publicity, the brand really took off. 

While the brand’s signature boots were first made in neutral colors like light brown, dark brown, and black, UGG introduced pastel shades in 2003. This, once again, landed the boots a spot on Oprah’s “favorite things” list. UGGs quickly grew to be a must-have item among celebrities, fashion lovers, teenagers, and even men. 

After all of this success, UGG opened up its first flagship store in New York City, the fashion capital of the world.

Today, UGG has branched off into sneakers, sandals, slippers, and even mule-style shoes with heels, and remains a very popular brand due to its high-quality craftsmanship and fashion-forward designs.

While many fashion trends lose momentum quickly, UGG boots have remained in the spotlight as they are incredibly comfortable, especially in colder climates. 

Bearpaw Vs UGGs — The Differences

By just looking at the traditional sheepskin boots from both brands, it’s difficult to notice any differences as boots from both have a slouched shape, a flat sole, and can be easily slipped on your foot. UGG and Bearpaw also offer colorful pastel models in addition to its classic tan and brown shades. 

However, upon holding or wearing the boots from both brands is when you can start noticing the differences between Bearpaw Vs Uggs, mainly…

1. Price Point

One of the main differences between the two brands is their price point. UGGs are marketed as a high-end product, and you’ll typically find them sold in higher-end stores like Saks 5th, Nordstrom, and others. A classic short boot will set you off by about $150.

In contrast to this, Bearpaw is much more affordable. The brand’s boots are often sold at lower-end and discount retailers like DSW. A classic short boot style will set you back by just $60.

2. Sole Type

The general consensus is that Bearpaw boots are heavier than UGG boots as they have a rubber sole as opposed to UGG’s rubber foam sole.

The sheepskin used by Bearpaw tends to be a little heavier as well, not quite as lightweight as the materials used by UGG.

3. Comfort

Both Bearpaws and UGGs are designed to be comfortable, casual shoes but in terms of comfort, UGG is slightly superior. So if you’re looking for a boot that you never want to take off of your feet, UGG is the better option.

4. Stitching

UGG boots also have hidden smooth stitching whereas Bearpaw has visible stitching. Depending on your style preference, you might prefer one look over the other. 

5. Slouchiness

The sheepskin boots from both brands tend to hold their shape quite well but due to using different materials, Bearpaw boots can sometimes get a little slouchy. Especially around your ankles on the inside. 

6. Ethical Concerns

When it comes to being cruelty-free, Bearpaw has more options that are made from synthetic materials as well as real sheepskin.

UGG does note that they only source their animal materials from ethical suppliers but at the end of the day, their boots are certainly not vegan friendly. This is why animal lovers tend to purchase boots from Bearpaw instead.

In terms of warmth, the sheepskin version from Bearpaw and UGG will keep your feet feeling roasty and toasty. The boots made with vegan materials will be a little more on the cooler side, which may very well be your preference. 

Our Top picks From Bearpaw Vs UGGs

1. Classic boots

Get this pair on DSW
Get this pair on Nordstrom

Even though tall sheepskin boots were incredibly popular years ago, mid-calf versions are now the most sought-after. 

The Elle Snow Boot ($79.99) from Bearpaw comes in five colors and is the perfect boot to wear during colder months. The boots are treated with NeverWet® technology that promises to keep your foot dry and warm.

These boots have a microsuede upper, faux fur lining and footbed, and a rubber sole that will keep your feet dry in the rain and snow. In terms of outfits, pair these boots with high-waisted mom jeans, leggings, or a monochrome sweatsuit. 

UGG’s Classic II Boot ($170) looks eerily similar to the version sold by Bearpaw and it was created to keep surfers’ feet warm after an early morning wave session.

These boots feature a sheepskin lining and insole, stitch detailing, a leather logo patch on the back of the heel, and an outsole made with UGG’s special Treadlite fabric for comfort. 

2. Slippers

Bearpaw VS UGG: Loki Hickory slippers in brown
Get this pair on Bearpaw
Bearpaw VS UGG: Scuffette II slippers in brown
Get this pair on UGG

Bearpaw’s Loki Hickory ($59.99) slippers are so cute that you’ll want to wear them outside! Although many of the slippers and boots sold by Bearpaw are cruelty-free and vegan, these slippers are not.

They have a suede upper, sheepskin lining and footbed, and a lightweight sole that can be worn outside on your patio or when you’re camping. The Loki slippers come in ten variations with different colors and quilting. 

The Scuffette II ($90) from UGG is also a slip-on style of slipper that’s made from the brand’s signature sheepskin. They have a suede upper, sheepskin collar, and a rubber outsole that’s likely more durable than the one on the Bearpaw slippers.

So if you need a pair of slippers that can be worn for long periods of time and even outdoors, the Scuffette II slippers are a better option. These come in six different colors. 

3. Sandals

Bearpaw VS UGG: Gloria White sandals in ivory
Get this pair on DSW
Get this pair on Nordstrom

The Gloria White sandals ($64.99)from Bearpaw are perfect for your next adventure or trip to Europe as they are comfortable to wear while walking.

These sandals are made from long-lasting, premium leather and have an ankle buckle closure. Match these lightweight sandals with sundresses, jeans, or skirts. 

The Teague sandals in gold metallic ($80) from UGG are one of their most popular styles and they will add a pop of shine to any outfit.

These sandals are also made from leather but feature a synthetic lining and a comfortable footbed. Because they can be easily slipped on and off, these sandals are great for trips to the beach or pool.


If you’re not wanting to break the bank, we suggest opting for boots from Bearpaw as they are much more affordable. Shoppers can get a pair of boots for under $100. 

But for those who want to splurge on a pair of sheepskin boots that range in cost from $150 to $300 and prioritize quality over cruelty-free, UGG is a great option for you. 

We also recommend choosing Bearpaw over UGG if you’re mindful of the environment and animal welfare. This way, you’ll be able to feel good about the boots on your feet. Because we love animals, Bearpaw gets our final vote. 

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