10 Best Affordable Brands Like Zimmermann That You Need To Try

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My latest obsession in fashion has been sourcing out brands like Zimmermann. I’m sure that the majority of you are already familiar with the amazing designs that originate from this label as they’ve been all over Instagram, but if you haven’t, you should definitely visit the brands page on Revolve or Net-a-Porter– the designs are to die for.

Zimmermann is most famous for its floral dresses that are made of chiffon material that is ever so beautifully ruffled up. The dresses look ferociously feminine, and one of their defining characteristics is the impression of the dress being light as air.

Although Zimmermann dresses come in many shapes and forms, the dresses that are the most coveted after are either mini length, or fabulously floor length. The most popular colors of the dresses have been neutral tones that are close to the colors of the earth: nudes, whites, pinks, greens and yellow can be seen the most. Black is also a staple entrant in the color scheme, but it doesn’t feature as much in the summer collection as you could expect it to.


Image Credit Bisous Natasha & Revolve (Buy ZImmermann dresses on Revolve here)


However,  unfortunately these dresses don’t come without a hefty price tag, sigh. Most of the Zimmermann dresses cost between $650-$1200, but some dresses even go up to $3300. As much as I love the dresses, I could never ever justify spending a month’s salary on a seasonal item. Never, except if I was earning well above $10,000 a month.

I’m quite sure that this is the reality for a lot of us, so I decided to keep an eye out for brands that provide Zimmermann alternatives for a cheaper price. After all, floral flimsy dresses are not groundbreaking, and the look and feel of Zimmermann dresses can be emulated quite easily without paying yourself silly. So, without further ado, let me show you some of the best brands like Zimmermann for every budget!



10+ Brands Like Zimmermann (For All Budgets!):




Brands like Zimmermann: WAYF

Price Range: $$


WAYF is a wonderful brand that has a rather small, but mighty sollection of flowy summer dresses that mimic the likes of Zimmermann.

Most of their ruffle dresses are maxi dresses, which have a high end feel at affordable prices.


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann on Nordstrom Here



Brands like Zimmermann: Y.A.S.

Price Range: $$


If you’re looking for a thrifty option for Zimmermann, Y.A.S. should be your first brand to go to. They have dresses that are incredibly similar to Zimmermann’s designs for just over $50! And that’s not the only great feature of the brand – the also have a lot of designs to offer. Check them out to see for yourself!


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann on ASOS HERE 


ASTR The Label

Brands like Zimmermann: ASTR The Label

Price Range: $$


ASTR the label  has a beautiful collection of floral, flowy dresses on Nordstrom that are always a safe place to turn to, no matter what you are looking for. This season they have also come out with many short dresses with chiffon and lace materials, which look amazing dressed up or down (for a picnic for example!)


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann HERE




Brands like Zimmermann: Misa

Price Range: $$$


MISA is an LA based brand aimed for women who ‘spend their life traveling the world, leaping from one exotic location to another’ –  Sounds like the perfect dress for any Instagrammer! MISA’s designs are not only feminine and dreamy – they also incorporate a Bohemian vibe, which sets them apart from the rest of the brands on this list.


Check out  MISA’s full collection on Revolve HERE | on Shopbop HERE 



Needle & Thread


Brands like Zimmermann: Needle & Thread

Price Range: $$$


I’ve featured affordable brands like Needle & Thread on my blog previously (here) and I couldn’t help but think how similar some of the designs are to Zimmermann’s  dresses when I was writing my previous post. Needle & Thread is not an affordable label at all, but the dresses do generally cost less than Zimmermann dresses, so I felt like it would be appropriate to mention them here.

The designs are very dreamy, intricate and romantic – perfect for a hot summer’s day in style.


Check Prices on ASOS / On Shopbob HERE


La Maison Talulah


Brands like Zimmermann: Talulah

Price range: $$$


Talulah is a new emerging brand from Australia, much like Zimmermann was in the 90s. THe brand embraces a similar aesthetic and focuses on romantic, feminine dresses. The prices of Talulah dresses are expensive when compared to the rest of the brands on the list, but if you’re in Australia, you’re in luck! You could snatch these gorgeous pieces for just 170 USD!


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann on ASOS | on ShopBop





Brands like Zimmermann: French Connection

Price Range: $$$


Elliatt is a great place to look for Zimmermann lookalikes if you are after a their whimsical look. A lot of Elliatt’s pieces incorporate a rather sophisticated look, such as the two dresses that we can see here.


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann HERE





Brands like Zimmermann: Tularosa

 Price Range: $$


If you’re not on a budget, another brand that is great to look into is Tularosa. The collection of floral, airy dresses in Tularosa is forever changing, but generally speaking, they always have something great on their website.


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann HERE



Brands like Zimmermann: Nicholas

Price Range: $$$


Nicholas is another Aussie designer that specialises in romantic boho dresses.

A lot of florals, ruffles and chiffon material is incorporated in the design, but the designs don’t come cheap: be prepared to spend as much for these dresses as you would for the original Zimmermann dresses.


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann HERE





Brands like Zimmermann: Shein 

Price Range: $


If you haven’t heard about Shein yet, it’s about time you discovered it! Shein is possibly the cheapest online shop that I’ve ever come across that does not have shockingly low quality clothes. You can find items that are as low as $5 per item, and yet they somehow still work when you wear them out!

Shein has a vast collection of floral summer dresses on its website right now, and it’s definitely the place to go if you want to find the cheapest Zimmermann alternatives!


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann HERE





Brands like Zimmermann: Shopbop

Price Range: $$


Another great destination for floral chiffon dresses is Shopbop. Shopbop features a lot of brands on its website, and many of them offer floral  lace dressed like Zimmermann. These normally retail for  $70+, and even though it may be expensive for a dress, you know that you are paying for quality.


Check out the full collection of dresses like Zimmermann on Shopbop


Now it’s your turn to let me know in the comments- would yo ever pay upwards of $1000 for a day dress, and are you planning to ever own a Zimmermann dress?




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