25 Brands Like Gymshark For Stylish Fitness Apparel

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Are you looking for affordable brands like Gymshark to get you fired up in the gym? If so, keep on reading!

Calling all gym bunnies! If you’re looking for sleek workout wear like Gymshark, we’ve got 25 fantastic brands at all budgets for you to choose from.

No matter if you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast, or a couch potato just looking for cute activewear to lounge in, we’re sure that you’ll love these fitness brands as much as you love Gymshark. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Best Brands Like Gymshark

1. Alphalete Athletics
Coral leggings like Gymshark from Alphalete Athletics
Get these leggings on Alphelete Athletics

Alphalete Athletics is a high performance activewear company founded by Christian Guzman, a fitness YouTuber. While the company offers multiple athletic clothing options similar to Gymshark, their seamless leggings and shorts are especially perfect for both exercise and lounging around in the house.

The brand is known for its high-quality, elevated gym wear that stands out from the rest. They have everything from leggings to tanks and hoodies — and they’re all made with premium materials that hold up well during rigorous workouts or just hanging out on the couch watching Netflix.

Plus, some of the leggings come in an astonishing 29 colors, making it super easy to find the perfect pair to match your style.

2. Lululemon
Light blue Lululemon Align leggings
Get the Align leggings at Lululemon

Lululemon is a high-end athletic wear brand that has stores all over the world. They sell activewear, gear, and accessories for both men and women who are into yoga and other athletic activities. Their products are designed to be durable, flexible, and stylish at the same time.

Today, Lululemon has grown into a global brand that inspires people around the world to lead healthier lives through its products. Their customers range from professional athletes to stay-at-home moms who just want to feel good about themselves while they’re working out. 

Lululemon’s unique selling point is that their clothes are made from premium materials that are known for being soft & breathable at the same time. Plus, they have great customer service, and one of their policies is that you can return leggings that have pilled!

3. TALA 
Beige high-waisted leggings
Get these leggings at TALA

TALA is the activewear brand you’ll feel good in and good about.

With a sustainable, ethical approach to manufacturing, TALA is the choice for those who care about their wardrobe—and the world around them.

Every piece of TALA clothing is made to fit you like a glove. And with a wide range of styles and fabrics that offer everything from gentle support to total flexibility, there’s something for everyone.

This line of activewear was founded by Grace Beverley, formerly known by her online name GraceFitUK, who is a fitness influencer and YouTuber. While the brand isn’t yet as well-known outside of the UK, it has established itself as a leader in sustainable activewear in its home country and is fast expanding into global markets, just like Gymshark.

4. Pop Flex Active
Crisscross Hourglass™ Twirl Skort with Pockets - Rose Grey
Get this skort at PopFlex

PopFlex Active is the workout clothing line that you’ve been waiting for. They offer the same level of cute, flattering, and affordable clothes that you get with other top yoga wear retailers, but with very innovative solutions and designs.

PopFlex Active was founded by Cassey Ho, more famously known as Blogilates on Youtube. With her expertise in both fashion and fitness, she brings her own unique style to PopFlex Active — and it shows in their designs.

5. Fabletics

Fabletics is a revolutionary, relatively new company that offers affordable, high quality and stylish workout clothes for women & men.

They believe everyone should be able to look good while getting fit, and their mission is to help you get there.

Their activewear is designed with your body in mind so they can help you feel good about yourself no matter what size or shape you are.

Fabletics has tons of different styles and colors so you’ll always have something new to try out. Plus, they also offer a monthly subscription model, which allows you to buy your leggings and activewear with a slight discount.

6. Nike
Light grey Nike leggings for women
Get these leggings at Nike

You really can’t be an athlete (or even an average person) without hearing about Nike. This footwear and athletic apparel brand has become a household name all over the world—and for good reason.

The company has been making high-quality products for more than 50 years, and the results speak for themselves – today it is one of the most popular brands in the world!

Nike’s products include everything from sneakers to clothing to sports equipment. They have a wide selection of products for men, women and children as well.

7. Alo Yoga
Best brands like Gymshark: Alo Yoga
Get this look at Alo Yoga: Shrug | Leggings | Sports Bra

Alo Yoga is the athleisure brand to wear when you’re on the go.

Alo Yoga knows that you have a busy schedule, and they’ve created workout clothes to help you stay stylish while staying active. Their line of yoga leggings, bodysuits, sweats, skirts, swimsuits and dresses are all made with durable materials that can handle whatever your day has in store for you. You’ll look good while working out—or just relaxing—in these pieces.

If you’re looking for a new workout outfit that will help you feel confident and comfortable while doing your favorite activities, Alo Yoga has got you covered!

8. Young LA

A bodybuilding brand with a focus on high-impact workouts, Young LA’s clothing is designed to support you through your workouts. Their line of bodybuilding wear includes tanks, joggers and shorts for men and women alike, as well as tops, hoodies and accessories to help you stay comfortable and confident during your workout.

They have everything you need to be comfortable while working out. Plus, Young LA also sells athleisure-inspired clothing so you can look cute while being active!

9. ASOS 4505
Seamless teal leggings like Gymshark from ASOS
Get these leggings on ASOS

Online megastore ASOS has been selling other brands’ activewear for years, but few years ago they extended their empire with their own line of cute workout wear – meet ASOS 4505. The label, which adds items weekly, has a core activewear collection with a price point ranging from $15 to $40 and sizing that comes in their curve, maternity and tall sizing.

They offer anything from workout favorites like compression leggings and seamless tops, to pieces you never knew you wanted, like yoga onesies.

Their tall and curve collections are perfect for those ladies who struggle to find well-fitting leggings due to their wide hips or long legs. Plus, the site offers free shipping and returns and next-day delivery is available!

10. Pretty Little Thing
Khaki green unitard for sports
Get this at Pretty Little Thing

If you’re a regular fast-fashion shopper, you’ve no doubt heard about Pretty Little Thing . But did you know that their activewear offers various solutions like Gymshark, only at a fraction of the price? Starting at $15, their soft cotton range is perfect for those ladies who like to wear leggings and sports bras around the house or while running errands.

Their bras boast different levels of support to match your exercise style and just because the pieces are easy on the wallet it doesn’t mean they lack the little details like smooth pockets and vibrant prints.

11. Girlfriend Collective
Forest green sports bra with high-waisted leggings
Get this jacket at Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective believes that luxury is in the details, with its sustainable, seamless, and style-forward pieces. 

If you’re looking for an athletic-inspired brand that focuses on comfort, Girlfriend Collective is a perfect choice. The company offers a variety of yoga clothing and activewear, as well as bras that can be worn under workout gear. 

They make high-quality clothes from recycled materials in sizes XXS-6XL, making them the most size-inclusive athletic apparel brand in this list. They care about ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Plus, their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable!

They are the possibly the only brand on this list that has a Good On You rating of “good”; even TALA falls short of this.

12. Victoria’s Secret Sport
Hot Pink Victoria's Secret sports bra
Get this at Victoria’s Secret

Launched in 2016, Victoria’s Secret activewear line from the global lingerie giant offers some of the most flattering activewear. Their workout clothing is known for having an impeccable fit that seems to instantly suck and pull everything to where it needs to be.

Their collections have pieces starting from $35 and offer all you could need from bras, crop tops, leggings, vests, jackets and jumpers. Their bras are available in three support types (from Lightweight to Incredible) and go up to a DDD XL.

Their breathable bras, high-performance and sweat-wicking fabrics, mean that this brand stands up against sporting heavyweights like Nike and Gymshark. Their Instagram-worthy clothes are perfect for the woman who cares about what she looks like in the gym.

13. Outdoor Voices
Hot pink seamless workout leggings from Outdoor Voices
Get these leggings at Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices’ motto is not about being there first but about showing up the most often – their high-quality apparel aims to inspire more people to be active on a daily basis.

Their clothes are designed to be sweated in with interchangeable layers that can be worn all year round.  Their clothes are perfect for those who jump between work, the gym and home. This sport-centric clothing brand offers everything from polo shirts to tennis whites and cropped t-shirts. Their sizes go up to an extra-large because power and health know no size.

The site offers free shipping and free returns. If you are in the LA or Texas area check out their stores and join the community.

14. Zella
Sage green leggings like Gymshark from Zella
Get these leggings at Nordstrom

Zella is a Nordstrom-created brand that offers premium activewear for women, men and kids. Whether you’re into yoga or running, studio wear or streetwear — you’ll find everything at an affordable price from Zella.

The brand’s activewear is designed to maximize the power of your mind, body and energy. Whether you’re into yoga or running, studio wear or streetwear, Zella will help you achieve your goals thanks to their products that are made with a focus on quality and performance. 

15. Varley
Brands like Gymshark: Varley
Get this look at Revolve

With a strong focus on fit and style, Varley’s goal is to create women’s athletic wear that makes working out feel like a luxury – and it does just that. Varley offers yoga pants, leggings, tops and more trending styles like the sweatshirt featured above, which has become an instant best seller.

With a stunning range of products that are highly technical in nature and an elevated yet understated aesthetic, Varley is the brand for those who want to feel like they’re living the good life. 

With their headquarters split between London and Los Angeles, Varley draws inspiration from both cities to create collections that are perfect for the jet setter.

16. Bombshell Sportswear

Bombshell Sportswear is THE sportwear brand that you’ve been looking for. As the brand’s name would suggest, Bombshell Sportwear aims to create highly flattering activewear that makes you look incredible, just like Gymshark.

They have interesting designs that you won’t find anywhere else, ranging from lace-up leggings, to shorts with a scrunched butt, all designed and manufactured in the US. Their goal is for you to become your own inspiration when you wear their outfits, and their flattering fits definitely amp up the motivation to go to the gym!

17. Boohoo
Teal leggings like Gymshark from Boohoo
Get this set at Boohoo

In 2015 online giant Boohoo released its fitness inspired line that covers all your workout wardrobe needs. Boohoo offers a more revealing and sultry range than its competitors with plunging brasand mesh panel leggings.

Their collection is super affordable with most items costing less than $25.  The UK based website is frequently having huge sales and student discount. Returns are free and easy if you change your mind.

18. Under Armour
Grey Under Armour sports bra
Get this sports bra at Under Armour

Underarmour was created in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a former football player for the Maryland Terrapins, and is engineered to keep wearers cool, dry, and light no matter what their activity is.

Their innovative clothing is a professional alternative to Gymshark with innovative items like the cross-back bra, zero gravity feeling trainers, 2-in-1 shorts, and their quick-trying tech fabrics.

Under Armour’s website offers free returns and they have stores across the world.

19. Shein
Grey tie dye leggings like Gymshark from Shein
Get these leggings at Shein

Shein offers incredibly affordable leggings that range from seamless leggings to knit leggings and elastic leggings with pockets. Many of the brand’s designs mimic Gymshark’s leggings, but there is a massive price difference – many of these leggings retail for just $10!

20. Beyond Yoga
Burgundy Beyond Yoga leggings
Get these leggings at Nordstrom

Beyond Yoga activewear is designed for every woman’s body. Their stylish and practical pants, leggings, tops, bottoms, and bras, are available in a variety of styles and colors — whether you’re looking for a pair of the best-selling buttery soft yoga leggings or a tank top that will make you feel like an Olympian goddess (or both!).

The brand’s yoga leggings are designed to fit perfectly and never lose shape. They’re made of a buttery soft fabric that feels like a second skin and hugs your body for a streamlined silhouette.

Plus, their leggings are versatile as well — you can wear them to the gym, on a walk with your pup, or just lounging around the house!

21. Athleta
White cozy joggers for lounging
Get these joggers at Athleta

When you walk into an Athleta store, it becomes clear that the brand cares about inclusivity and offers clothing to women of all different shapes and sizes.

Athleta is known for its sporty, comfortable and feminine clothes, but what really makes the brand stand out is its attention to detail. The fit of their clothing is unlike anything else on the market — it’s as if it was designed with you in mind.

Athleta’s mission is to produce clothing that makes women feel comfortable, allowing them to be their best selves and have fun doing it.

They love women who are active, because they know how important it is for us to feel good about ourselves when we’re working out or going on an adventure — and they’ve made it their mission to make sure we can do both in style!

22. Fp Movement
White mini shorts from FP Movement
Get these shorts at Free People

If you’re into style AND sport, then FP Movement is the brand for you. FP Movement is another fitness clothing brand that has a strong following in the Instagram fitness community. 

FP Movement is a sister brand of Free People, and while it occasionally follows the same boho-chic aesthetic that Free People is known for, primarily FP Movement is all about practical, cute activewear that’s fit for all kinds of activities from hiking to ballet.

Apart from the usual leggings, sport bras, and other athletic wear, FP Movement also offers utility bottoms, camping outerwear, puffer jackets, and vests. They are all designed with high-quality materials so you can look good while playing hard!

23. Adanola
Leggings like Gymshark: Adanola
Get these leggings at Adanola

Based in Manchester, UK, Adanola’s brand ethos is to provide high-quality pieces that bridge the gap between working out and lounging about. Adanola is arguably a high contender on the activewear scene for cool and minimalist pieces that look every bit as chic as their more expensive, luxury counterparts.

Their famed high-waisted gym leggings and sports bra co-ords look like they’ll fit great on an y body type, and they’re sure to get you noticed at any gym or yoga class. Their tops are equally as covetable: from vests to crop tees, you won’t be disappointed with any of their athletic staples.

24. Sweaty Betty
Get this set at Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is an athletic wear brand based out of the United Kingdom, with a focus on high-quality fitness clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. The brand offers women’s and men’s clothing for yoga, running, crossfit, cycling and more.

As with many other brands on this list (like Gymshark), Sweaty Betty has its own line of leggings that are designed to be worn during workouts — but they can also double as everyday wear if you’re not into sweating it out at the gym every day. 

The brand also recognizes that not every woman is an athlete but may want to feel like one when they put on their leggings or sports bra. For this reason, they try to make sure that their clothes are functional enough to be worn outside the gym but stylish enough so you don’t look like you just came from CrossFit class when you wear them in public.

25. Urban Outfitters Active
Mustard yellow strappy top
Get this at Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for stylish activewear sets like Gymshark but with different styles and patterns, look no further. Urban Outfitters has an activewear line that offers trendy and durable gym clothing that you can wear anytime (even outside of the gym!).


The biggest competitors to Gymshark are Alphalete, Lululemon, Nike, TALA, Fabletics, Young LA, and ASOS. However, there are also multiple smaller labels that create similar designs to Gymshark that offer incredible designs, such as Bombshell Sportswear, Pop Flex and even Boohoo with their affordable fitness apparel.

We recommend that you check out these 10 out first before opting for other brands on this list, but if something has caught your eye, don’t hesitate to ignore out advice on this!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best brands like Gymshark! For more fashion ideas, make sure to check out the articles below.

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