14 Best Brands Like Gymshark To Enhance Your Gym Performance

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Are you looking for affordable brands like Gymshark to get you fired up in the gym? If so, keep on reading!

Calling all gym bunnies, are you looking for something like the sleek workout wear of Gymshark but for a margin of the cost? No matter if you’re a workout queen, an online fitspiration or just an on-the-go mother who wants something comfortable for the school run, we have a selection of brands like Gymshark for you.

The Best Brands Like Gymshark

1. Shein

Grey leggings from brands like Gymshark (Shein)
Light blue Gymshark alternative leggings

Shein offers incredibly affordable leggings that range from seamless leggings to knit leggings and elastic leggings with pockets. Many of their designs mimic Gymshark’s leggings, such as two of the leggings above that have an uncanny resemblance to the Flex leggings.

From all of the brands listed in this post, Shein offers the most competitive prices. Many of these leggings only cost around $10! If you haven’t yet checked out Shein, I highly recommend that you do.

2. ASOS 4505

Cute light beige leggings from brands like Gymshark (ASOS)
Cute taupe leggings from brands like Gymshark (ASOS)

Online megastore ASOS has been selling other brand’s active wear for years but earlier this year they expanded their empire with ASOS 4505. The brand, which adds item weekly, has a core active wear collections that ranges from £16 to £80 and comes in their Curve, Maternity and Tall sizing.

They offer anything from work out favourites (compression leggings and seamless tops) to pieces you never knew you wanted (like Yoga onesies) and a luxe trainer collection, a good alternative to Gymshark.

Their tall and curve collection are perfect for those ladies who struggle to find well-fitting leggings due to wide hips of long legs. The site offers free delivery and returns and next day delivery is available.

Pst! Students also get 10% discount.

3. Outdoor Voices

Stylish light pastel workout leggings
Light pastel workout leggings

Outdoor Voices’ motto is not about being there first but about showing up the most often. Their high-quality apparel aims to inspire more people to be active on a daily basis.

Their clothes are designed to be sweated in with interchangeable layers that can be worn all year round.  Their clothes are perfect for those who jump between work, the gym and home. This sport-centric clothing brand offers everything from polo shirts to tennis whites and cropped t-shirts. Their sizes go up to an extra-large because power and health know no size.

The site offers free shipping and free returns, if you are in the LA or Texas area check out their stores and join the community.

4. JoyLab

Cheap and affordable gym leggings for women
Basic black high waisted leggings for women

Although JoyLab might not technically be a fully established brand, it’s one of those 5-star retailers that you see popping up on Target when you search for leggings.

The designs that the brand offers are incredibly similar to Gymshark and cost half as much, making it a very affordable option for those of you who are looking for an off-brand version of Gymshark leggings. After all, they’re almost identical.

5. Under Armour

Underarmour was created in 1996 by a former football player and is engineered to keep wearers cool, dry and light no matter what their activity is.

Their innovative clothing is a professional alternative to Gymshark with innovative items like the cross back bra, zero gravity feeling trainers, 2-in-1 shorts and their quick trying tech fabrics.

Under Armour’s website offers free returns and they have stores across the world.

6. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing fans are familiar with their low prices and love their comfortable and practical work out wear. Starting at $15, their soft cotton range is perfect for those ladies who like to wear leggings and sports bras around the house or on the school run.

Their bras boast different levels of support to match your exercise style and just because the pieces are easy on the wallet it doesn’t mean they lack the little details like smooth pockets and vibrant prints.

7. Boohoo

In 2015 online giant Boohoo released its fitness inspired line that covers all your workout wardrobe needs. Boohoo offers a more revealing and sexier ranger than its competitors with plunging bras, mesh panel leggings and lace up leggings.

Their collection is super affordable with most items costing less than £20.  The UK based website is frequently having huge sales and student discount. Returns are free and easy if you change your mind.

8. Missguided


Not just a party girl staple, Missguided also offers a collection of sexy cut out leggings, supportive bra tops and edge mesh panel hoodies. The range comes at an affordable price with frequent sales, student discounts, free returns and free next day delivery.

This is perhaps not a technical sportswear for those hardcore gym bunnies but if you are looking for something fun, cheap then head over and take a peek.

9. Hello Molly 

Baby blue leggings and sports bra from Hello Molly
Brands Like Gymshark: Hello Molly

Hello Molly has it all – dresses, cute tops, beautiful bottoms, heck, even a self-love section where they promote having a healthy relationship with your body! And they also have an activewear line that can easily rival brands like Gymshark when it comes to chic yet functional activewear.

Their athletic clothing is also priced fairly – what you pay for is what you get, which are totally gorgeous and stylish sports bras or leggings so you can work out in style. Plus, their sets are Insta-worthy so you can post cute accountability pics!

10. Pink Soda

Pink Soda is an active wear line from JD Sports which aims for women to look as good at the gym as they do on the streets. This brand has a more urban look than brands like Gymshark with their monochromatic looks and bold slogan tees.

This active wear brand is more wearable than other brands on this list with a collection of comfortable hoodies, cropped shirts and vest tops. The brand is perfect for those who want a more inexpensive version of Beyonce and Topshop’s Ivy Park line or Gymshark. Their graphic hoodies come in at just £35 and their cute metallic sliders at £22.

11. Victoria’s Secret Sport

Launched in 2016, Victoria’s Secret activewear line from the global lingerie giant offers some of the most flattering activewear. Their workout clothing is known for having an impeccable fit that seems to instantly suck and pull everything to where it needs to be.

Their collection is priced from £30 to £60 and offers all you could need from bras, crop tops, leggings, vests, jackets and jumpers. Their bras are available in three support types (from Lightweight to Incredible) and go up to a DDD XL.

Their breathable bras, high performance fabrics, sweat wicking and four way stretches means that this label stands up against sporting heavyweights like Nike and Gymshark. Their Instagram worthy clothes are perfect for the woman who cares of what she looks like in the gym.

12. Urban Outfitters

Brands Like Gymshark: Urban Outfitters
Yellow sports bra and peach leggings from Beyond Yoga and Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for stylish activewear sets like Gymshark but with different styles and patterns, look no further. Urban Outfitters has an activewear line that offers trendy and durable gym clothing that you can wear anytime (even outside of the gym!). Best part? They also carry other reputable activewear brands like Nike, Year Of Ours, Beyond Yoga, and so. much. more. Seriously very convenient!

13. Lulus

Brands Like Gymshark: Lulus
Pink sports bra and leggings set from Lulus

Seriously, this fashion retailer has everything, including – you guessed it right – active wear. Lulus‘ athletic wear collection features gorgeous and stylish patterns (that you can even wear outside of the gym!), and tons of different fun styles without sacrificing form and function. Lulus also features the activewear collection of Free People, so you won’t have a hard time switching websites.

14. Bandier

Brands Like Gymshark: Bandier
Tan colored corset bodysuit from New Balance X Bandier

We’ve saved the best for last – Bandier. This all-activewear brand like Gymshark is loaded with tons of different styles so you can browse to all of your heart’s content. Bandier also has unique athletic wear styles that you won’t see in other retailers, like this Bandier X New Balance Bodysuit with corset-inspired seam lines.

They are currently in collaboration with footwear giant New Balance, so while you’re on their website, get some New Balance X Bandier sneakers as well!

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