50 Best Rock Painting Ideas That Are Easy To Recreate

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Looking for impressive painted rock ideas that you can replicate at home? If so, this article is for you!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many of us are thinking about decorating our houses with spring and summer-inspired decor and crafts. Painted rocks are a great crafting project that you can display in your garden, next to house plants, or even on shelves indoors. 

They are great to make by yourself to relax and wind down, but they are also great for kids – these projects will keep them busy for hours!

If you need some inspiration for your next painted rocks project, have a look at the list below. There are some amazing ideas that range from easy to advanced; choose something that you are comfortable with at the moment. 

Now without further ado, let’s get into the ideas!

The Best Painted Rocks Ideas To Try

1. M&M Rocks

M&M Painted Rocks

 Image Via Judy Davis Brent on Reddit | Get them on Etsy

These fun half-eaten M&M rocks are perfect for painting rocks with a rugged edge and could make a fun candy-land-themed party decor. 

2. Ladybugs Crossing 

Ladybug painted rocks set

Get the rocks on Etsy

Ladybugs have always been a classic rock painting pattern. These are perfect for keeping as decor on an outdoor windowsill or front porch.

3. Olives

Cute olive painted rocks

 Get these on Etsy

For small smooth stones, the kind you can find by a lake, these mini olives make cute table decor. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly before painting.

4. Strawberry Rocks 

Strawberry painted rocks

Get the set on Etsy

Another great rock painting idea for decorating your garden and porch is these fun juicy strawberry rocks. What makes this look more fun is to do an assortment of sizes.

5. Hedgehog Rock

Beautiful Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Get the rock on Etsy

For those who are more artistically inclined, this brushstroke hedgehog is the perfect challenge. The great thing about this is that the natural colour of the rock is the perfect canvas to peek through the paint. 

6. Painted Rock Art

Painted Rock Art

 Get The Tutorial On Typically SImple

If you like to be bold with your designs, these abstract rocks can be used to decorate plant pots and bland outdoor porches.

7. Bee Happy

Bee Happy Stone

 Get this on Etsy

Bees are vital to our ecosystem, so why not welcome them with these cute bright blue painted rocks? The same design could be replicated in many colors for a fun rainbow display.

8. Mini Cactus Rocks

Cactus Painted Rocks

 Get them on Etsy

This fun plant pot design is perfect if you don’t want your rocks to be cluttering your garden, or be dangerous obstacles for little ones running around the garden.

9. In Memorium Rocks

In Memorium Stones

 Get them on Etsy

Memoriam rocks are perfect for doing as a family after a loved one passes away. You can gather the whole family to celebrate your loved one’s life, and make this a fun activity to bond together.

10. Mini Monster Rocks

Mini Monster Rock Painting

  Get the tutorial on Easy Peasy And Fun

These mini monster rocks are perfect for little ones to express their creativity whilst creating minimal paper waste. You can also then wash the paint off, and start again!

11. Simple Hedgehog

Hedgehog painted rock ideas

  Get the rock on Etsy

This simple hedgehog rock is perfect for a little one to replicate and gift a family member to decorate their house, as opposed to painting or drawing a picture to stick on the fridge.

12. Gnome

Cute painted rock with Gnome

 Get this on Etsy 

For a Christmas or Valentine’s Day motif, this “rocking” gnome is the perfect low-cost gift or decorative piece.

13. Bees

Bee rock painting ideas

 Get the rocks on Etsy

Another one for all the bee enthusiasts. The bright yellow color against bright green grass or a dull neutral pouch will brighten up your outdoor area for the summer season, without having to spend big bucks.

14. Spongebob & Patrick

If you’re a fan of the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea – this pair of characters is the perfect weekend project and can be used as a paperweight, or table decor if placed in a fun decorative dish.                        

15. Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguin Painted Rocks

 Get the tutorial on The Soccer Mom Blog

Keeping with the character theme, these penguins are super cute if you have a pond in your back garden, or want to make a fun set up during the snowy months.

16. Burger & Fries

Burger and fries funny painted rocks

  Get the rocks on Etsy 

One for all the foodies who love their Big Macs and McNuggets. A fun weekend idea would be to get your friends together, and all paint your favourite fast food.

17. Kitty Cat

Painted cat rock

 Get the rock on Etsy

 For all the cat lovers, this cute kitty cat is the perfect idea for painting any light-colored rocks – just be sure to wash them properly before painting.

18. You Are My Sunshine

Yellow You Are My Sunshine Painted Rock Idea

Get this rock on Etsy

 If you have a big rock to paint, this is the perfect one to place on your front porch or by your entryway – bonus points if you have a matching flower arrangement.

19. Neutral Hearts

Easy painted rock art with hearts

 Get the rocks on Etsy

If painting a whole rock feels too messy, using the natural colors of these with fun heart motifs over top is a great way to have fun, but mess free.

20. Fish & Pebbles

Painted rock with fish

Get the rock on Etsy

This is one for all the inner Picasso’s. This lifelike koi fish painted onto a natural rock is like inception, though we’d suggest keeping this rock on dry land.

21. Personalized Bunny

Cute painted pebble with bunny

 Get this on Etsy

For Easter, a great way to make an Easter egg hunt more fun is to have personalized painted rocks like these dotted around as “grand prizes,” to be exchanged for gigantic chocolate treats.

22. Cute Cacti Rocks

Cute cactus painted rocks

 Get the rocks on Etsy

These cactus rocks are great because the method of displaying them has already been thought out for you. Find any old plant pot, fill it with small stones or pebbles, and wedge in your painted rocks.

23. Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Hedgehog Painted Rocks

 Get the tutorial on Easy Peasy And Fun

These hedgehogs clearly don’t require as much artistic ability as the koi fish rock. These are great for getting little ones involved in caring for a garden or outdoor area.

24. Cacti Display

Cactus Painted Rocks

Get them on Etsy

This cacti display is a little more toned down than the cactus people we previously showed you. These would require to be painted over a series of days but are a great chilled weekend project.

25. Cute Owl

Hand painted owl rock

 Get the rock on Etsy

These owls are fun to balance in any trees you have in the garden, particularly for all the Harry Potter fans (if you know, you know.) 

26. Mandala Rocks

Mandala Painted Rocks

Get it on Etsy

 These mandala rocks are perfect during the South Asian festival seasons of Holi and Diwali which are both colorful, merry and bright.

27. Snoopy

These character rocks are perfect for painting if you’re a nostalgic person and may not want your childhood cartoon embellishing your home, but don’t mind it in your backyard or porch.

28. Pink Pig Rocks

Pink pig painted rocks

Get them on Etsy

These mini pig rocks are super cute for decorating a spring table or for a themed party for little ones – like Peppa Pig!

29. Rainstorm

This abstract take on rock painting is perfect for glueing onto a canvas or frame, as the small pieces could easily be lost or blown away if left outdoors.

30. Desert Scene Painted Rock

Orange desert scenery painted rock

  Get the rock on Etsy

Western is BIG right now – whether in fashion or music and now perhaps interiors is next. This fun western landscape is made even funkier when painted on a rock and could be mounted and displayed on your entryway. 

31. Musical Note Rocks

Cute musical note rocks

Get these rocks on Etsy

One for all music lovers. Not only is it funky, but also practical. Those who’ve had to use sheet music know if the wind or fan hits your pile of music, it’s likely to blow away, these rocks can be used as paperweights to avoid this. 

32. Bunny & Carrot 

Cute bunny and carrot rock painting idea

Get these rocks on Etsy

This is another one for all the expert painters. This adorable lifelike bunny accompanied by its favourite snack is the perfect two-part rock painting to do with your bestie.

33. Galaxy Rocks

Galaxy Painted Rocks

Get the rocks on Etsy

This whimsical nighttime landscape is perfect for painting a dark, or even black, rock. Though it looks detailed with the fine brushstrokes of the tree, it is super simple to do, requiring very little skill. 

34. Hope Rocks

Black and gold painted rocks with quote

 Get them on Etsy

Typology in home interiors isn’t for everyone. For those who are in favor of it, these hope rocks are perfect for decorating any side tables, fireplaces, or windowsills.

35. Mandala Stone

Mandala Painted Rocks

 Get it on Etsy

If you don’t have any paintbrushes to hand this mandala flower hybrid can be created using a pencil eraser, a Q-tip, or a nail art dotting tool. 

36. Mermaid Rocks

Mermaid Rocks

 Image via  @ NaturePlusPigment

If you have a decorative bowl that you need to fill with something, these mermaid scale textured rocks are perfect for anything in a blue or white hue, similar to the ocean.                

37. Pear Pebbles

Fruit painted rock idea

Get the rocks on Etsy 

If you want to practice your painting skills, painting on rocks is waste-free, and your paint can be washed off and re-done if you don’t want many paintings lying around your home.

38. Sleeping Fox

Sleeping Fox Painted Rock

Image Via Lil Blue Boo

This uber-cute sleeping fox is perfect for decorating your outdoor area if you live near woodlands where foxes tend to gather. 

39. Silver Owl

Silver Owl Painted Rocks

Get this on Rock Street Art

Another one for all the Harry Potter fans who miss seeing the annual return of his companion Hedwig. This painting (if done well) is still elevated enough to blend into a modern interior as art.

40. Colorful Mandala Stone

Mandala Painted Rocks

Get this on Etsy

A mandala is an art work done by the South Asian community during the Diwali festival, called a Rangoli, and is usually done with powder. If you have any friends or family celebrating this festival, this would be a great gift.

41. Owl Painted Rocks

Owl Painted Rocks

Get these on Etsy

Hopping back on the owl trend with this family of owls in varying shapes, colors and sizes. A great party idea would be to give all your friends the option of painting a specific character or item, and seeing how each person interprets it.

42. Christmas Tree Rock

Black and gold Christmas tree painted rocks

Get it on Etsy

Christmas is the time for staying at home and being cozy, whether baking or creating art. This golden Christmas landscape is magical, and exactly what the holiday season is about.

43. Painted Fish Rock

Blue Painted Fish Rock

Get the tutorial on I Love Painted Rocks

If you have a pond in your backyard, or an affinity with fish, this is perfect for decorating your outdoor area. If you’re strapped for time, sketching out the fish with a pen, and then filling in the spaces with paint is a great idea.

44. Cute Pebble Sheep

Cute Painted Pebble Sheep

Get them on Etsy

If you’re open to using a hot glue gun these sheep can be made by gluing a small black pebble onto your rock before painting.

45. Pink Mandala Rock

Pink Mandala Painted Rocks

Get this on Etsy

This mandala is so symmetrical that it looks almost impossible to make, however with a dotting tool or q-tip it’s more simple than even the most simple freehand painting.

46. Desert Vibes

These cacti, western-themed rocks are perfect if you want to spice up your decor in a neutral home. These look great as pictured in a raw-edged wooden bowl.

47. White-On-White Painted “Rocks”

Beautiful White On White Painted Rocks

 Get them on Etsy

If you are lucky enough to have bright white rocks in your backyard, painting on Mandala or traditional Indian henna designs is perfect for adding personality to a minimal home.

48. Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Painted Rocks

  Get the rocks on Etsy

Ladybugs have always been a core outdoorsy motif thanks to their bold shape and color. These have been painted in multiple colors which adds to the fun factor.

49. Halloween Rocks

Spooky Halloween painted rocks

Get these rocks on Etsy

Rocks are the perfect blank canvas for paintings for any holiday season whether Easter, Christmas, or the spooky Halloween time!

50. Fox Family

These foxes are the perfect way to say “I Love You” to your family, friends or partner. This is also a great activity to do together with your loved ones and can be completed by writing a message on the back.

Which of these painted rock ideas was your favorite? Let us know if you are going to attempt to recreate any one of them!

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