50 Best Rock Painting Ideas That Are Easy To Recreate

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Are you looking for easy and amazing painted rock ideas that you can replicate at home? If so, this article is for you!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many of us are thinking about decorating our houses with spring and summer-inspired decor and crafts. Painted rocks are a great crafting project that you can display in your garden, next to house plants, or even on shelves indoors. 

They are great to make by yourself to relax and wind down, but they are also great for kids – these projects will keep them busy for hours!

If you need some inspiration for your next painted rocks project, have a look at the list below. There are some amazing ideas that range from easy to advanced; choose something that you are comfortable with at the moment. 

Now without further ado, let’s get into the ideas!

The Best Painted Rocks Ideas To Try

1. M&M Rocks

M&M Painted Rocks

 Image Via Judy Davis Brent on Reddit | Get them on Etsy


2. Ladybugs Crossing 

Ladybug painted rocks set

Get the rocks on Etsy


3. Olives

Cute olive painted rocks

 Get these on Etsy


4. Strawberry Rocks 

Strawberry painted rocks

Get the set on Etsy


5. Hedgehog Rock

Beautiful Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Get the rock on Etsy


6. Painted Rock Art

Painted Rock Art

 Get The Tutorial On Typically SImple


7. Bee Happy

Bee Happy Stone

 Get this on Etsy


8. Mini Cactus Rocks

Cactus Painted Rocks

 Get them on Etsy


9. In Memorium Rocks

In Memorium Stones

 Get them on Etsy


10. Mini Monster Rocks

Mini Monster Rock Painting

  Get the tutorial on Easy Peasy And Fun


11. Simple Hedgehog

Hedgehog painted rock ideas

  Get the rock on Etsy


12. Gnome

Cute painted rock with Gnome

 Get this on Etsy


13. Bees

Bee rock painting ideas

 Get the rocks on Etsy


14. Spongebob & Patrick


15. Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguin Painted Rocks

 Get the tutorial on The Soccer Mom Blog


16. Burger & Fries

Burger and fries funny painted rocks

  Get the rocks on Etsy 


17. Kitty Cat

Painted cat rock

 Get the rock on Etsy


18. You Are My Sunshine 

Yellow You Are My Sunshine Painted Rock Idea

Get this rock on Etsy


19. Neutral Hearts

Easy painted rock art with hearts

 Get the rocks on Etsy


20. Fish & Pebbles

Painted rock with fish

Get the rock on Etsy


21. Personalized Bunny

Cute painted pebble with bunny

 Get this on Etsy


22. Cute Cacti Rocks

Cute cactus painted rocks

 Get the rocks on Etsy


23. Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Hedgehog Painted Rocks

 Get the tutorial on Easy Peasy And Fun

24. Cacti Display

Cactus Painted Rocks

Get them on Etsy


25. Cute Owl

Hand painted owl rock

 Get the rock on Etsy


26. Mandala Rocks

Mandala Painted Rocks

Get it on Etsy


27. Snoopy

27. Pink Pig Rocks

Pink pig painted rocks

Get them on Etsy

28. Rainstorm



29. Desert Scene Painted Rock

Orange desert scenery painted rock

  Get the rock on Etsy


30. Musical Note Rocks 

Cute musical note rocks

Get these rocks on Etsy


31. Bunny & Carrot 

Cute bunny and carrot rock painting idea

Get these rocks on Etsy

32. Galaxy Rocks 

Galaxy Painted Rocks

Get the rocks on Etsy


33. Hope Rocks

Black and gold painted rocks with quote

 Get them on Etsy


34. Mandala Stone

Mandala Painted Rocks

 Get it on Etsy


35. Mermaid Rocks

Mermaid Rocks

 Image via  @ NaturePlusPigment


36. Pear Pebbles

Fruit painted rock idea

Get the rocks on Etsy


37. Sleeping Fox 

Sleeping Fox Painted Rock

Image Via Lil Blue Boo


38. Silver Owl 

Silver Owl Painted Rocks

Get this on Rock Street Art


39. Colorful Mandala Stone 

Mandala Painted Rocks

Get this on Etsy


40. Owl Painted Rocks 

Owl Painted Rocks

Get these on Etsy


41. Christmas Tree Rock

Black and gold Christmas tree painted rocks

Get it on Etsy


42. Painted Fish Rock 

Blue Painted Fish Rock

Get the tutorial on I Love Painted Rocks


43. Cute Pebble Sheep

Cute Painted Pebble Sheep

Get them on Etsy


44. Tiny Houses


45. Pink Mandala Rock

Pink Mandala Painted Rocks

Get this on Etsy

46. Desert Vibes


47. White-On-White Painted “Rocks”

Beautiful White On White Painted Rocks

 Get them on Etsy

48. Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Painted Rocks

  Get the rocks on Etsy

49. Halloween Rocks

Spooky Halloween painted rocks

Get these rocks on Etsy

50. Fox Family

Which of these painted rock ideas was your favorite? Let us know if you are going to attempt to recreate any one of them!

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  1. I liked the fox, xmas trees, fish pond dragonfly to name a few. Once I try them I’ll post. Thank you for the suggestions.

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