15 Best Brands Like AllSaints Perfect For The Cool Girl

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If you’re on the lookout to discover new, cool brands like AllSaints, add these 15 to your watch list.

AllSaints is such an interesting brand that combines classic British styling with that loud and rowdy rock ‘n roll appeal. Their monotone shades, the contrast of skinny jeans and oversized tops and amazing cuts create a dazzling display of fashion.

AllSaints is a great high-fashion brand, however, it may not be to everyone’s taste. They incorporate a lot of edgy designs and fabrics like real leather, that might not be to your style, or perhaps their sizes aren’t perfect for your unique shape.

Alternatively, you might have just exhausted their offerings, and you’re looking to turn to other brands with a similar aesthetic. Whatever the case, below, you’ll find the best 15 brands like Allsaints.

The Best Brands Like AllSaints:

1. The Kooples

Brands like AllSaints: The Kooples

 Price Range: $$

Of all the brands on the list, The Kooples is probably the best alternative to AllSaints: they have a very similar aesthetic to AllSaints with their rock-an-d-roll groove, as well as unisex and androgenous clothing options. Price-wise, The Kooples also runs in the same category as AllSaints.

As the name implies, The Kooples is a great place to shop for both men and women, and especially great if you’re a couple that likes to borrow from each other’s wardrobe. 

2. Helmut Lang

Best brands like AllSaints: Helmut Lang
Get this at Revolve

Price Range: $$$

It can be quite tricky to mix edge and minimalism, but Helmut Lang has done just that. This clothing brand offers an amazing collection of leather pieces, metallic skirts, trendy tops – all in sleek, timeless, and chic cuts that you can wear pretty much anywhere.

3. Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone summer outfits

Price Range: $$$

Rag and Bone is a New York brand that focuses on upscaled classic pieces. They can be flashier than AllSaints with more color and slimmer styling – very American-like. However, their quality is outstanding and the versatility of their pieces is great.

You can easily mix and match Rag and Bone pieces among the British contrasting styles and create some amazing looks. Rag and Bone is a higher-end fashion brand, however many retailers offer great sales on their pieces

4. Belstaff

Brands like AllSaints: Belstaff

Price Range: $$$

Belstaff is a powerhouse in providing some of the most recent and heritage-focused styles. They make and carry a wide variety of styles and fashions venturing from timeless leather jackets that are made to last a lifetime, to skinny jeans, to understated cropped T-shirts.

Compared to AllSaints, they tend to focus more on heritage British styles with an edge. In short, their items bleed that British rock ‘n roll anthem, but in a more understated and classy way compared to punk.

5. Topshop

Cheaper alternative to AllSaints: TopShop

Price Range: $ 

Topshop is one of those brands that takes high-fashion, smooths out the edges a little bit, and sells pieces that don’t look too out-of-date at a low cost. Many of their pieces feel inspired without feeling dated. Their styles do vary, however, there’s always a thread of that British fashion running through them that’s ever-so wonderful.

Topshop was one of the biggest names in fashion to be affected by Covid and would’ve gone bust if it wasn’t for ASOS buying them out. From here on out, the best place to shop for Topshop clothing is on the ASOS website and Nordstrom – all physical Topshop stores will sadly be a thing of the past.

6. Theory

Black trench coat from Theory
Get this at Theory

Price Range: $$$

Theory is a contemporary men’s and women’s fashion brand that is based in New York. They specialize in workwear, sleek semi-casual pieces, trouser suits, and sophisticated clothing that’s perfect for the modern working woman. 

Like AllSaints, they focus on neutrals and timeliness clothing that you can wear for more years to come. 

7. RELIGION (Men’s)

Brands like AllSaints for men: Religion

 Price Range: $$

Religion, or stylized RELIGION, is a fashion brand that focuses on making British rock heritage fashion. Their styles can be more gritty, more hardcore in how they display the rock heritage compared to AllSaints. 

However, they retain a great balance of harsh patterns and designs with a smooth cut and finish throughout their lines. They’re also not afraid of venturing into dresses with fur printing or more classical overcoats in that heritage British styling.

While their prices aren’t the bargain of the century, they offer great construction and quality fabrics with that rock ‘n roll styling that brings us back to the ’80s and early ’90s.

8. ACNE Studios

ACNE studios black clothing

Price Range: $$$

ACNE is Sweden’s answer to luxury fashion. Sweden and ACNE are both known for their minimalist style with focus on androgynous clothing, emphasis on neutrals, fantastic quality and efforts to reduce fashion’s impact on the planet. Originally famous for their jeans, ACNE now offers many coveted fashion pieces ranging from ready-to-wear to footwear and bags. 

Although the price point of ACNE clothing is much higher than AllSaints, you’ll be dressing like the stars: ACNE is loved by many celebrities famous for their “cool girl” fashion sense, such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung.

9. COS

Get this at COS

Price Range: $$

For contemporary clothing that’s designed to last, head over to COS. This upscale clothing brand offers innovative and sustainable wardrobe essentials, just like AllSaints! Like other brands on this list, COS focuses more on muted palettes and minimal patterns. The fabrics are top-quality too, if you want your clothes to last. 

COS is a sister brand of H&M, & Other Stories, Monki, ARKET, and more.

10. Reiss

Smart casual clothing from Reiss

Price Range: $$

Typically, Reiss is what springs to mind for any Brit when you ask them about brands that carry professional, high-quality office wear. However, that’s not the only aesthetic that Reiss is focused on: as working from has become the norm, Reiss has placed a bigger emphasis on casual dresses, laid-back basics and timeless styles. 

If you’re after high-quality basics and elevated neutrals with a flair of professionalism, Reiss should be your go-to. Compared to AllSaints, Reiss isn’t as adventurous and edgy, but both are well-known for their supreme quality. 

11. Wilsons Leather 

Cheaper alternative to AllSaints: Wilsons Leather

Price Range: $$

As the name implies, Wilsons Leather focuses on everything leather, from leather jackets to bags, wallets and other apparel. They’re most famous for their focus on classic and high-quality pieces without degrading their style points. 

If you love moto jackets and the grunge aesthetic, this cheaper alternative to AllSaints is worth checking out. By the way, they also offer their pieces in faux leather, if you’re not interested in purchasing real leather goods.

12. Ted Baker

Ted Baker office wear

 Price Range: $$

Ted Baker is well known for their jackets, coats and dresses, with the rest of their lineup being an amazing combination of fashion worlds. They combine classic British styling with color and pattern that is distinctly their own.

Although Ted Baker offers superb quality in both materials and durable construction, the aesthetic is definitely very much it’s own and at first glance, doesn’t match the aesthetic of AllSaints. However, both of the brands often create similar dresses with the same great patterns and quality, so if you overlook the colorful sections of Ted Baker, you can find many similar items to the AllSaints line. 

13. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang summer outfits

 Price Range: $$$

Another luxury brand worth adding to the list of AllSaints alternatives is Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang is known for its cool, cutting-edge fashion with that characteristic New York vibe. Although Wang’s clothes come in all colors, black is one of the key characteristics of the brand’s aesthetic.

Recently, the brand has been in the news for many other reasons than their actual fashion collections, mainly the founder and namesake Alexander Wang’s involvement in predatory behavior.

Although he has stepped down as CEO, it’s up to you to decide if you want to support a company with a disturbing background, no matter how cool their clothing could be. After all, there are multiple other alternatives listed in this article!

14. Club Monaco

Black and white Club Monaco skirt and turleneck
Get this skirt at Club Monaco

Price Range: $$

Club Monaco is a low-end luxury casual clothing retailer founded in Canada, and they currently have more than 140 storefronts worldwide. This clothing retailer offers super chic women and mens wear, with elegant and sophisticated aesthetics that you can wear to work and to run errands. 

Club Monaco focuses more on basics and neutrals, which is perfect if you’re looking to invest in your first capsule wardrobe.

15. Madewell

Dark grey wide leg jeans
Get these jeans at Madewell

Price Range: $

Madewell is very much loved for its denim offerings, which are a favorite by celebrities and regular people alike.

Their color palette for their clothes is more focused on earthy, muted neutrals – a true delight for those who prefer a minimalistic approach to their wardrobe.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the best brands like AllSaints! Did we miss any key brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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