12 Best Stores Like Lucy In The Sky For Cute & Feminine Clothing

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Looking for a new effortlessly cool dress? Make sure to check out these fantastic stores like Lucy In The Sky.

What’s there not to love about a flirty dress for those lovely days out? Although summer is a few months away, many are starting to build their vacation wardrobes to show off during spring break. One brand, in particular, has caught the attention of many eyes: Lucy In The Sky.

Lucy In The Sky has been one of the top choices for dresses ranging from prom dresses, maxi dresses, rompers, and even sundresses. They have a style that’s bold in a sexy, fashionable way that doesn’t cross over boundaries but makes people know you’re confident and feeling special that day.

Their tasteful splashes of satin, floral patterns, and tight-knit lace add to their amazing styles and designs without feeling too bold or laid-back.

If you’ve been looking at Lucy In The Sky and wondering about what other brands like Lucy In The Sky are out on the market, we’re here to explore the variety of choices. Many of these brands reflect the same sexy appeal of Lucy In The Sky, but with different flairs that can bring a unique twist to your wardrobe.

Here are 12 stores like Lucy In The Sky to help you build your perfect summer dress collection.


The Best Stores Like Lucy In The Sky:

1. HelloMolly


Affordable stores like Lucy In The Sky: Hello Molly

Get this dress at Hello Molly

While Lucy In The Sky skirts that edge of sexy and vibrant without feeling like it’s crossing the lines, HelloMolly starts to go a little further. They prefer a little tighter, lower cut to their designs while not being labeled “risque”. They prefer brighter overall colors, especially pinks and bright whites that can make you stand out like a flower in the field.

However, they have a wide selection of dresses and mini dresses so don’t feel like you’re verging into unknown territories as you can stay casual with their simpler designs. Because of this, we’d say HelloMolly is one of the closest stores like Lucy In The Sky.


2. Beginning Boutique


Affordable stores like Lucy In The Sky: Beginning Boutique

Browse all dresses at Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is a brand built on making women feel sexy without too much glam or glitter. They love revealing cuts, lower cuts around the bust, exposed mid-sections, and shorter skirts that feel both risque yet controlled.

Their choices of darker colors such as blacks and deeper pastels bring a sense of bold beauty but without feeling too high-fashion. They’re one of the few on this list that loves to play with animal patterns that retain that natural nature without feeling too glamorous like the normal ‘90s inspired brands.


3. Princess Polly


Affordable brands like Lucy In The Sky: Princess Polly

Browse all dresses at Princess Polly

If you’re looking for dresses that push more for the modern sleek and low cut, Princess Polly is a great choice. They’re more focused on bold dresses and tops that some of the greatest fashionistas would adore.

Their styles borrow heavily from the ‘80s and ‘90s era of tight-fitting and super stylish dresses you’d see out at nightclubs without shying away from wanting to be seen. They love the glam of satin, bright colors, and lovely ruffled fabric patterns that add to your beauty. Princess Polly loves to work with your hips and legs to make you feel supported and sexy.


4. Lulus


Chic little black dress from Lulus

Get this dress at Lulus

If there’s anything to be said about Lulus, they focus on creating some of the most fashionable clothing that is as easy to wear as it looks. They love combining classic cuts and styles that play no games when trying to make a statement, yet add modern touches that bring a unique burst of beauty.

This mixture makes them stand out as having one of the best prom and wedding guest dress selections, as their designs and patterns are surprisingly gorgeous without pushing too many boundaries.


5. Stelly


Affordable brands like Lucy In The Sky: Stelly

Get this dress at Stelly

Stelly is a brand well-acquainted with making dresses and clothing to beat the summer heat as they are based in Australia. One of their main focuses is their maxi dresses that mix both sexy and elegant as they relieve cuts towards the mid-section and roll over your hips while staying classy.

They love to play with subtle touches of ribbing and design in their fabrics that offer light touches of style that play great with your curves and figure.


6. Tularosa

 Cute and casual summer outfit with shorts and corset top

Get this top at Revolve

If you’re looking for a brand that mixes both elegant feminine cuts with a casual appeal, Tularosa might be up your alley. Their clothing feels both upscale and bold with layers of depth in their flair and patterns but retains a laid-back feel with conservative designs as they blend well with more casual accessories.

Tularosa is a brand where their tops are amazing with all kinds of jeans without feeling inelegant, and their dresses would be amazing with flats and tossed hair. As a bonus, their swimwear is a highlight of modern style with touches of the ‘90s and ‘00s mixed in to appear familiar but special all the same.


7. Meshki


Satin red slip dress

Get this dress at Meshki

If there’s one word to describe Meshki, it’s Bold – with a capital “B”. The majority of their lineup consists of tops and bottoms that bleed some of the boldest fashion choices in history with blacks, subdued gold, and tan, with small splashes of color to bring great accents.

They love playing with leather and unique materials that help bring a sense of power and majesty to their clothing. Their dresses are a mixture of sexy and stylish mini dresses and midi dresses. Out of all stores like Lucy In The Sky on their list, their strapless dresses are some of the best for that refined look around your bust while retaining a flow through the waist and hips for that New York fashion.


8. Showpo


Business smart black dress with lace and ruffles

Browse all dresses on Showpo

We had to include Showpo in this listing as they stand out by offering a wide selection of dresses and surprising prices. All of their dresses carry a New York style of cut and design with some bold shapes and colors while remaining refined and subtle.

They offer patterns of floral, lace, brighter colors, and even love to work with pinched ruffles and draped skirts. As one of the biggest bonuses, Showpo is one of the few brands like Lucy In The Sky on this list that offers a surprising lineup of plus sizes so any woman can feel beautiful without fear.


9. White Fox


Long black bodycon dress from White Fox

Get this dress at White Fox Boutique

White Fox is a brand that rivals Lucy In The Sky in terms of bold, sexy dresses but breaks away by offering a surprising lineup of styles and occasion wear. Their dresses carry that sex elegance in a wide variety of cuts, designs, and colors to suit anyone’s tastes.

In addition, their workout clothing and swimwear lineups are one of the best with sexy designs, patterns that are bright and vibrant.


10. Red Dress

 Affordable stores like Lucy In The Sky: Red Dress

Browse all dresses on Red Dress

As their name implies, Red Dress is focused on creating dresses but they also branch out into every article of clothing you desire. Their style is preppy and playful with bright touches of white and brighter colors, and their dress and skirt cuts make you want to twirl.

If you’re looking for playful, yet casual dresses and clothing, Red Dress is one of our top picks. In addition, their swimwear lineup is one of the most colorful and lovely on this list.



11. Sabo Skirt


Affordable brands like Lucy In The Sky: Sabo Skirt

Browse all Sabo dresses here

We wanted to include a brand that oozes with a singular focus: The best beach-day dresses and outfits. Sabo is a brand wholly focused on creating clothing inspired by the classic style of European beaches.

They love sun-faded whites, pastels, and subdued patterns with touches of drape from the shoulders and hips without feeling too confining. They’re one of the best brands if you’re looking for brighter, lighter sundresses.


12. Misa Los Angeles


Chic floral fall dress with black knee high boots

Get this dress at Revolve

For something a little different, Misa Los Angeles offers some of the best dresses if you’re looking for something more elegant and lovely. Their dresses are more classically cut with longer skirts, shoulders with long rolls of ruffles, and some of the best natural and floral prints on this list.

Their sundresses are long and flow amazingly well in the winds, but they’re not afraid to offer mini dresses that borrow their normal style with more display of your lovely legs. While Misa is one of the higher-priced brands on this list, they offer some of the best quality for the money in design, construction, and style that it’s hard to avoid.




If you’ve fallen for the look of romantic, feminine dresses, browse through these stores like Lucy In The Sky to see what they have in store! Most of the images featured in this article only contain casual day dresses, however the brands offer much more than that. Their lineups include fabulous party dresses, cute swimwear, and even workout attire!


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