9 Sol De Janeiro Scents That Are Perfect For Summer

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For those looking for a delicious, tropical-inspired perfume, one of these 9 best Sol De Janeiro scents is going to offer you the perfect choice. To take a tour through the best scents in the Sol De Janeiro line, read on …

When it comes to a dreamy scent with a tropical vacation vibe, Sol De Janeiro is the brand to look to. It offers the best body mist options on the market. From the first time you spritz on a Sol de Janeiro body spray, you’ll understand why these sweet scents are so beloved by fans and celebrities worldwide.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush 62 scent

From the moment the brand launched its iconic product, the Brazilian Bum Bum cream, Sol De Janeiro became famous on social media for its truly delicious-smelling body care range. The iconic Bum Bum range is treasured by celebrities including Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff.

The Sol De Janeiro brand offers a fun and lighthearted take on fine fragrance. Each scent is like a tropical vacation in a bottle. With just one spritz of a Sol De Janeiro scent, you’re on Copacabana beach!

If you’re looking for a new signature scent for the summer months with vibrant notes and a catchy name, Sol De Janeiro is the brand for you. And for those who are unsure which scent to choose from the brand’s supreme selection, look no further. Our roundup of the 9 best Sol de Janeiro scents is here to help you choose!

Top 9 Sol De Janeiro Scents

1. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Hair & Body Fragrance Mist
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62
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The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 is perhaps the most famous scent in the brand’s line. After the creamy texture and rich caramel scent of the original boom boom cream went viral, the brand made the wise decision to capture the same therapeutic body care experience in a hair and body fragrance mist.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 has a surprisingly complex fragrance profile for a perfume mist. Fans also praise its exceptional lasting power and sillage, making it a great deal for those looking to purchase perfume on a tighter budget.

The scent opens with a warm nutty taste of pistachio. This alluring pistachio is complemented with sweet and nutty notes of almond. While these notes are sweet, they’re also robust and complex, ensuring the scent doesn’t feel cheap or sickly.

Notes of Brazilian jasmine nestle in the fragrance’s heart. These aromatic and heady jasmine petals are balanced out with uplisting heliotrope elements, giving the scent a sophisticated, powdery, and almost woody inclination.

The scent’s base notes are where the sweet and gourmand key notes of the fragrance begin to come to the fore. You’ll notice calming notes of caramel, alongside an almost lactonic sweetness, courtesy of vanilla. There are also some salty notes, reminiscent of sun-warmed, cashmere-soft skin, and a woody accord of sandalwood to add some extra structure.

If you’re a fan of Sol De Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream and want that scent captured in a sparkling mist, then Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Hair & Body Mist is the fragrance for you!

2. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 Hair & Body Fragrance Mist
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71
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An extremely unique and practical aspect of Sol de Janeiro’s fragrance line is that the scents work as hair products, too. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 is no exception to this rule. Using the brand’s signature sol seal technology, the scent protects against hair damage in hot weather and helps to boost summer shine. Plus, as a bonus, your hair will smell absolutely delicious, all day long!

Plus, Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist in Cheirosa 71 smells just as great combined with the touch of your skin as spritzed into your hair. For those who want to make a sweet statement with their perfume, and leave a cloud of delicious aroma wherever they go, Cheirosa 71 could be the scent for you!

This fragrance is a little more straightforwardly sweet and gourmand than the more woody tones of caramel captured in the brand’s original body lotion. From the very first spritz, you’ll notice delectable waves of praline melt into your skin tone. These sweet, caramel vibes are given some substance and structure thanks to the nutty and creamy notes of macadamia.

The scent continues on its sweet and creamy trajectory as it continues to melt into your skin. Indulgent, lactonic notes of white chocolate offer a mouthwatering syrupiness, while vanilla notes add a comforting and cozy vibe. But if you’re worried about the scent becoming too cloying, there’s also a welcome note of savory sea salt, adding some much-needed balance.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 dries down in a calming combination of coconut oil. This adds a more tropical, beachside vibe to the sweet creaminess of the scent. Coconut blossom also adds an unexpected floral element, too, which also helps to cut through all of that sweetness.

3. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia Hair & Body Fragrance Mist
Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia
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Using a fragrance like Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia is the best part of any body care routine. Alongside smelling mouthwateringly delicious and perfect for lounging beachside in a colorful sundress, the scents also offer endless skin care benefits.

To achieve the feeling of a beach body even in the winter months, opting for Sol De Janeiro’s skin care selection is the way to go! After using their luscious lotion, you can top things off with a scent with matching aromatic ingredients. Not only does this lock in skin-loving ingredients and ensure a radiant complexion, but it’ll make sure your Sol de Janeiro scents last all day, too.

From the moment you read the eye-catching name of Brazilian Crush Fragrance Body Mist in Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia, you know you’re in for something a little different. This scent represents the more floral, fruity option from the Sol De Janeiro perfume line.

The fragrance’s opening notes are sharp and fruity, featuring black amber, plum, and blackcurrant leaf. These slightly tart elements are bright and refreshing, and a significant departure from the more creamy, velvety textures we’re used to from the line.

There’s a floral accord at the fragrance’s heart. A bouquet of orchids and jasmine offers some mystery and sensuality to balance out the uplifting fruity opening. As the scent dries down, rich textures of deeper, woody notes become more prominent. You may notice some musky skin scent on the dry down, too, which gives the scent an unexpectedly sexy finish.

4. Sol De Janeiro SOL Cheirosa 62 Eau De Parfum
Sol De Janeiro SOL Cheirosa 62
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Sol De Janeiro SOL Cheirosa 62 Eau De Parfum is the only EDP from the Sol De Janeiro line. This means it offers a little bit extra in terms of fragrance strength and longevity. However, this also means you sacrifice the hair and skin-loving ingredients of the brand’s beloved hair & body mists.

You can, however, combine the Sol De Janeiro Eau de Parfum with the brand’s GlowMotions Glow Body Oils. These combine essential fatty acids and gorgeous complexion shimmers with the Sol De Janeiro signature scent. If you love the stream of vibrant aromas Sol De Janeiro is famous for, adding the SOL Cheirosa 62 Eau de Parfum over top of this smoothing blend of coconut oil will have you smelling incredible and glowing all day long.

When you first spritz on the SOL Cheirosa Eau de Parfum, you’ll be hit with an accord of nutty top notes. The creamy smooth tones of pistachio blend delightfully with the aromatic, slightly floral touch of almond. These nutty opening notes are soon joined by a white floral bouquet of jasmine and heliotrope.

On the dry down, the Sol Cheirosa Eau de Parfum becomes more sweet and creamy. There’s a mouthwatering hit of salted caramel, yummy vanilla, and a warm flow of praline blending together like an irresistible dessert. The scent is also grounded by some aromatic sandalwood that helps with balancing the perfume.

5. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor Hair & Body Fragrance Mist
Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor
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While the iconic Sol De Janeiro scent with notes of pistachio and coconut cream is hugely popular, some can find it a little too heavy for everyday wear. If that’s you, the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor represents a fragrance with a more tropical and fruity vibe from the premium beauty brand.

Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor first spritzes on with notes of sharp, tropical fruits. Dragonfruit, or pitahaya, brings a mouthwateringly tart element, while lychee adds a slightly rosy, perfumed sweetness. This tropical vibe continues into the heart notes of the scent, with the heady bloom of the hibiscus flower warming up to the skin.

This floral accord is supported by the opulent white flowers of jasmine. Jasmine also brings a fresh, green, and slightly herbaceous note to this otherwise rather sweet and fruity aroma. You may also pick up on some aquatic sea notes of salty waves, which help ground this fragrance on the shores of Rio de Janeiro.

Base notes of sweet vanilla and aromatic musk bring some sensuality and sexiness to this tropical scent. While it may not be amongst the most long-lasting of the scents on the market, Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor (alongside all of the Sol De Janeiro scents) has a remarkably low price point.

The cute plastic bottles also mean they’re the ideal body fragrance to put in your beach bag and bring with you when on the go. The bottle is lightweight and hardwearing, so you can feel free to top up your summer scent as you wish throughout the day!

6. Sol De Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist
Sol De Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist
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If you’re a true sun worshipper, the Sol De Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist may just be your perfect choice. It’s a particularly fabulous option for a summer scent or to wear on vacation. However, if you want to bring a hit of that warm Brazilian sunshine into the United States even during winter months, look no further than this solar scent.

Confusingly, the Rio Radiance perfume mist first made its way into the Sol De Janeiro line as a limited edition fragrance under the name Tan Lines. However, it was so popular and built up such a loyal cult following, it has now made its return to the permanent line under a brand-new name!

Rio Radiance Perfume Mist is built around solar notes, which give the scent an uplifting, cheerful vibe from the very first spritz. You may notice a hit of warm skin, sun-baked earth, or even tanning lotion. There are also notes of coconut milk, really driving that beachside environment home.

Rio Radiance also offers a prominent white floral accord. But this isn’t the white floral of a bouquet in a vase – this is a wild, sun-warmed tuberose flower bursting with life! The scent comes together with an earthy base note of warmed sand. Even on the coldest day of the year, one spritz of this scent will transport you to a stunningly bright summer’s day.

7. Sol De Janeiro Do Not Disturb Fragrance Mist
Sol De Janeiro Do Not Disturb Fragrance Mist
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Each summertime season, Sol De Janeiro will release three limited edition scents. These typically take over social media and sell out fast, with demand sometimes so high the scent is brought back by popular demand. Just look at Tan Lines! This year, the first of these options is the Sol De Janeiro Do Not Disturb Fragrance Mist.

Do Not Disturb Fragrance Mist is the most floral of the brand’s summer 2023 offerings. It’s also surprisingly warm and spicy, which represents a departure from Sol De Janeiro’s typically sweet and fruity options.

The scent is designed to be a little more of a relaxed take on a summertime scent. As the name suggests, it’s about long hotel mornings, spending some alone time by the pool, or taking an indulgent afternoon nap. Do Not Disturb opens with a clean hit of fresh cotton bedsheets. This freshness gives way to a sun-washed linen scent that feels calming and cozy.

As the wear time progresses, a floral hue of uplifting mimosa flowers will join that clean-linen opener. The scent also employs musky base notes that give a sensual, skin-scent vibe to the perfume. It’s something a little different for the Sol De Janeiro line – but a welcome addition for summer 2023!

8. Sol De Janeiro Bikini Season Fragrance Mist
Sol De Janeiro Bikini Season Fragrance Mist
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The more straightforwardly classic summer 2023 addition to the line is the Sol De Janeiro Bikini Season Fragrance Mist. As you may have conferred from the name, this scent is a summertime beach party in a bottle! It’s a blend of tropical and juicy fruit accords with some warm and spicy notes for extra complexity.

The scent opens with a zing, as an uplifting whiff of lemon zest combines with the sharp spiciness of pink pepper. The heart notes of the scent are fruity and floral, courtesy of guava and orchid, respectively. This helps capture that vacation celebration aesthetic.

Bikini Season Fragrance Mist has a trio of heavy gourmand hitters as its base notes. You’ll notice vanilla, coconut milk, and even the sugary sweetness of cotton candy. However, these syrupy notes are well-balanced with a salty, skin-like musk at the base of the fragrance, which adds a hint of mystery to an otherwise rather loud and extravagant perfume experience.

9. Sol De Janeiro When In Rio Fragrance Mist
Sol De Janeiro When In Rio Fragrance Mist
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Sol De Janeiro When In Rio Fragrance Mist is a warmer, more amber-based addition to the summer 2023 line. This is the scent from the line most suitable for evening wear or date night, as while it’s still super sweet, it’s also rather sensual and sexy, too!

When In Rio Fragrance Mist is a fragrance of two halves. It opens with some loud, colorful florals, but also has some quieter, musky notes that sit closer to the skin on the dry down. This makes it ideal for evening wear, as only those who get close can appreciate the slightly carnal side of this perfume.

The scent opens with top notes of wild jasmine. There’s also a fruity hit of fresh, juicy pear. Bergamot adds some sharp, fresh, greenness that makes the scent feel light and bright. However, the base notes are where this scent really shines.

The spicy vanilla and amber that warms up on the scent’s dry-down add an almost Oriental sweetness to the fragrance. You’ll also notice those irresistible skin-scent notes that offer the fragrance an animalic vibe.

We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the 9 best Sol De Janeiro scents. The brand offers a plethora of gorgeous aromas, so we know it can be difficult to choose just one!

But whether you are looking for a yummy gourmand, a fruity, juicy burst of fun, or something a little more sensual and sexy, there’s a Sol De Janeiro scent to suit you!

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