15 YSL Perfumes That Are Utterly Luxurious

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The quest for a signature scent never stops, and if you’re in the market to add a new bottle to your arsenal, check out our list of the best YSL perfumes for women.

Saint Laurent (also known as YSL) is one of the most luxurious French fashion houses in the industry and the market today. They’re well-loved for their beautiful handbags, their haute couture clothing, beauty products, and of course, their iconic perfumes.

YSL perfumes are made using the finest ingredients, and they have a reputation for being some of the most popular scents on the market. This is because, like many other perfumeries, not only does YSL use some of the highest-quality ingredients in the industry, but they also work with some of the most recognizable celebrities of the moment, such as Dua Lipa.

If you are thinking of treating yourself to a new luxurious scent, Saint Laurent is the perfect brand to go for. Below, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best YSL fragrances for women, ranging from floral to spicy, to sweet and more.

The Best YSL Perfumes For Women

1. Libre Eau de Parfum
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Libre Eau de Parfum
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Libre translates to free, and freedom is exactly what this scent embodies. A reinvention of a traditional floral perfume, YSL Libre Eau de Parfum is for women who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are. It is versatile, elegant, confidence-boosting, and luminous; the epitome of a modern woman who is multi-faceted.

Libre was inspired by the beauty of Morocco’s desert flowers and the sensual citrus smell of Moroccan orange blossom. These floral notes have been elegantly mixed with a distinct lavender note to create a scent that is totally invigorating.

While hefty lavender, orange blossom and sweet Madagascar vanilla are the most prominent in the perfume, you’ll also notice top notes of black currant and petitgrain; jasmine at the heart; and musk, cedar, and ambergris at the base.

This lavender-floral scent cocktail is perfect for all four seasons — both as a daytime or evening scent. It’s unique, fresh, expensive-smelling, and completely liberating, as its name implies.

2. Black Opium Eau De Parfum
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum
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Black Opium EDP is a fragrance for the modern woman: she’s strong and independent with a dark side. It’s a perfume that was made to turn heads, making it perfect for special occasions or evenings out with friends.

With notes of black coffee and warm vanilla dominating the scent, this perfume almost smells like a comforting spicy vanilla latte. In addition to this, you’ll also notice notes of pink pepper, bitter almond and licorice, which further enhance the warm character of the scent.

In contrast to these wintery notes, the perfume also has floral and fruity notes, such as juicy pear and orange blossom at the top, and jasmine at the heart. At the base, you’ll find patchouli, which really makes the scent last for hours, as well as cashmere wood and cedar.

The result is a fantastically warm, sexy and feminine fragrance with amazing sillage.

Interestingly, this fragrance was created as a rock’n’roll interpretation of YSL’s original Opium Eau De Parfum that is perhaps too vintage-like for the modern woman with its powerful, heavy and masculine vibe. In our opinion, they’ve succeeded well – we much prefer the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP.

3. Libre Le Parfum
YSL Libre Le Parfum
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Launched in 2022, YSL Libre Le Parfum is the sexier, richer version of the original Libre EDP that plays more into the formula’s sweet vanilla note than its lavender note.

While the original perfume’s DNA is present throughout, the two perfumes are very different. Libre EDP is a fresh mix of floral, lavender and citrus, while Libre Le Parfum has a warm, spicy gourmand vibe, leading with its sweet vanilla, honey and tonka bean notes.

It has an added kick of warm spiciness with its top notes of ginger and saffron, but still retains the original’s orange blossom and lavender middle notes. You’ll also catch a whiff of citrusy bergamot and mandarin orange at the top, but these aren’t nearly as prominent as other notes in the formula.

Alternatively, if you like the sound of Libre Le Parfum but typically don’t enjoy spices in your fragrance, check out Libre Intense EDP. It’s very similar to Libre Le Parfum with a few differences in its notes – most noticeably it’s missing the ginger and saffron notes from Le Parfum. It’s another best-seller from the brand!

Both YSL Libre Le Parfum and Libre Intense are incredibly long-lasting and make for the perfect date night scent with their alluring gourmand notes. Unsurprisingly, men love both of them on a woman.

4. Blouse Eau de Parfum
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Le Vestiaire des Parfums Blouse Eau de Parfum
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The Le Vestiaire des Parfums line from YSL is a collection of signature unisex perfumes that are inspired by the French fashion house’s iconic fabrics and garments.

Blouse Eau de Parfum is one of the best-sellers from this collection and leans much more feminine in our opinion. It’s an interpretation of the classic musk and rose pairing that is sometimes compared to the popular Delina EDP by Parfums de Marly which is mainly rosy, fruity and smooth.

The two were created by the same perfumer, Quentin Bish, and while they do have a similar undertone, they are not the same perfume by any means. With this said, if you’re a fan of Delina, Blouse EDP is definitely worth trying.

Blouse leans heavily into its Damask rose note, but gives it a greener, cleaner vibe with a hint of bitterness with its angelica and galbanum notes. Other notes include pink pepper and bergamot at the top, which give the fragrance a light tartness, as well as cashmeran and musk at the base.

In comparison to Delina, Blouse is not as sweet and not as fruity; it’s more of a musky rose with hints of citrus and greenery in the mix.

This is definitely one of the best YSL perfumes for daytime wear, especially in the warmer months.

5. Lavallière Eau de Parfum
Lavallière YSL perfume
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Lavallière EDP is a new release that was introduced to the brand’s Le Vestiaire line in 2022. As with all perfumes from this YSL line, Lavallière is a unisex scent; however, it leans quite female with its fruity-floral rose and fig accords.

While these two are the most prominent notes in the fragrance, you’ll also notice fruity black currant and zesty bergamot at the top. At the heart of the fragrance, you have floral jasmine and geranium, which adds a bit of spice, and at the bottom, earthy and woody vetiver, musk and cashmeran that give the perfume its unisex character.

The result is an elegant combination of fruity rose with a green twist, and prominent woody notes. It’s a great daytime scent, especially during the fall and winter.

6. Mon Paris Eau de Parfum
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum
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Inspired by the city of love with its beautiful people, free spirit, and oh-so-charming streets, Mon Paris EDP brings to life the romance and passion found in Paris. It’s the perfect mix of fruity and sweet for the woman who is all about living in the moment.

This girly perfume leads with its strawberry and raspberry notes, but it also has an equally prominent patchouli note and an underlying musk, which balance the sweetness, giving it a fresh, clean vibe.

You’ll also notice floral notes like peony, jasmine, datura flower, and orange blossom that add to the feminine flair of the scent, as well as juicy pear, sweet vanilla and a hint of citrus from its tangerine, orange and bergamot notes.

At the base, you’ll find a few woody notes like cedar, moss and ambroxan which add an intriguing layer to this romantic scent. The result is quite young, modern and chic – the perfect daytime scent for a woman in her 20s, but one that also works well as a first fragrance. This is one that definitely has mass appeal for the younger demographic.

7. Tuxedo Eau de Parfum
YSL Tuxedo perfume.
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Tuxedo EPD has generated a lot of hype around it, especially as a men’s perfume. It’s ultra sexy with its blend of patchouli and spices, which come off as a classy, smooth, leathery scent with a sweet boozy Bourbon vanilla at its dry down.

While this is a rather masculine scent, at it’s core, it’s a unisex fragrance that a strong, confident woman can pull off, especially at formal, black tie events. It’s classy, expensive-smelling, and completely addicting.

8. Rouge Velours Eau De Parfum
YSL Rouge Velours Eau De Parfum
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Rouge Velours EDP is YSL’s take on a classic chypre fragrance with its beautiful pairing between vivid red rose and earthy, clean patchouli. The name translates to red velvet, and that’s exactly what you can expect: a luxurious, smooth and sensual scent experience that’s perfect for both men and women.

In addition to the two main accords, this beautiful perfume has an interesting hint of white tea, which adds a refreshing twist to the scent. At the first sniff, you’ll also catch pink pepper, which adds a warm, spicy touch to the dark red rose.

In the middle, you’ll catch notes of jasmine which play nicely with the white tea note, as well as iris, that adds to the elegance of the composition. At dry down, the fragrance turns more unisex as the rose blends with base notes of vetiver and musk.

All in all, this isn’t a unique fragrance, but it is a very good take on a classic pairing. If you love rose fragrances, this one is a must. It’s great for any time of day; it could easily become a signature scent, but it also works perfectly for evening wear.

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, Rouge Velours EDP will make you feel confident and beautiful—and that’s something we can all use more of!

9. Black Opium Eau De Parfum Extreme
YSL Black Opium Eau Ds Parfum Extreme
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YSL’s Black Opium range has many flankers, some of them quite similar to the original and some rather different. In our opinion, the best flanker is the Eau De Parfum Extreme, which has bigger focus on the coffee, cacao and patchouli notes, making the fragrance more bitter and less sweet and floral than the original.

This version of the fragrance also has no freshness compared to the OG, and even though an orange blossom note has been added, it’s heavy, helping round out the more prominent notes.

While this version isn’t drastically different, it’s richer, deeper and warmer, and lacks the light notes of the original perfume. It’s a seductive choice for nighttime wear, especially during the colder months of winter and fall.

10. Caban Eau De Parfum
YSL Caban perfume
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Caban EDP, which translates to pea coat, combines warm, cozy notes reminiscent of wool into a luxurious, comforting scent experience.

It leads with a prominent pairing of tonka bean, indulgent vanilla and sandalwood, with notable caramel, hay, praline and black pepper notes that envelops you into a hug. You’ll also notice a prominent pink pepper, which comes across very rose-like, adding to the sophistication of the perfume.

Perfect for use around the clock, especially during fall and winter, this sensual unisex perfume leans slightly more on the feminine.

11. Paris Eau De Parfum
YSL Paris perfume.
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Launched in 1983, Paris EDP is the oldest perfume on our list, and one of the few ones that the brand has kept around from its archives, which speaks to its popularity.

The fragrance is a floral ode to Paris, building around a sparkling rose, but including multiple other prominent floral notes like powdery iris, yellow mimosa, hyacinth, violet and gernanium to name a few. It also has a hint of green notes that bring freshness, as well as a base of sandalwood, oakmoss and musk.

It’s a hidden gem for rose lovers, but as it’s quite heavy, make sure you get to try it in person before buying it.

12. Supreme Bouquet Eau De Parfum
YSL Supreme Bouquet pafum
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Supreme Bouquet EDP is part of Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collection Orientale, which takes inspiration from different aspects of Morrocco – a country which Yves Saint Laurent was particularly fond of and often visited.

Supreme Bouquet centers around its heart notes of creamy tuberose and sweet ylang ylang, that are made lighter and airier with top notes of pink pepper and bergamot. At the base, you’ll find vanilla-like amber, woodsy notes, and patchouli that round up the perfume without bringing heaviness into it.

The result is a light fruity floral bouquet with an oriental vibe that is slightly mature, and slightly unisex. It’s great for professional environments and could definitely be used as a signature scent for both day and nighttime.

13. Trench Eau De Parfum
YSL Trench Eau De Parfum
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Much like the trench coat, Trench EDP is elegant, sophisticated, versatile and timeless.

This YSL perfume centers around expensive-smelling iris and citrus notes of sparkling begamot and fruity tangerine, which has a hint of sourness to it. Other prominent notes include neroli, which adds a clean quality to the composition, as well as a comforting base of musk, cedar and musk mallow.

The result is an utterly enjoyable sping/summer fragrance that leans very heavily into its powdery, sweet iris note, but with a slightly citrusy, slightly woody and musky twist. It’s great for both men and women, just like the trench coat.

14. Mon Paris Lumiere Eau de Toilette
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Mon Paris Lumiere Eau de Toilette
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Launched in 2022, Mon Paris Lumière EDT is the latest addition to YSL’s extensive Mon Paris line of perfumes.

While this flanker maintains the original’s DNA, it adds a dash of lighness and shine into the formula with its zesty top notes of lemon and lotus. It also has an added Turkish rose note that’s not present in the original, and is overall more uplifting and airy than the OG.

It’s less sweet as it lacks the red berries present in the original, and focuses more on its floral notes. It’s easy to wear, light and feminine – perfect for daytime, especially during the spring and summer months. The only downside is that since this is an eau de toilette, it’s lasting power is all that great.

15. Atlas Garden EDP
The Best YSL Perfumes For Women: YSL Exclusive Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Atlas Garden
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The Atlas Garden EDP is a refreshing take on a floriental fragrance, which combines sweet, delicious dates and tonka bean with white flowers like orange blossom and neroli.

At the opening, you’ll also get a whiff of citrus notes like Mandarin orange and bergamot, which keep the amber floral fragrance fresh. At its base, you’ll find ambroxian, which adds to the projection and longevity of the scent.

While the perfume is mostly a combination of sweet notes with citrus, white florals and tonka bean, there’s also a slight soapy undertone that compliments the overall composition.

We hope you enjoyed our top 15 picks of the best Yves Saint Laurent perfumes. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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