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Underwear as outerwear is a trend that’s here to stay thanks to big lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur.

However, I know that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive lingerie (it certainly isn’t mine!), which is why I decided to make a post detailing the best brands to look into if you’re on the lookout for lingerie like Agent Provocateur.

Fun fact: did you know that the man who founded Agent Provocateur, Joseph Corré, is the son of fashion all-star Vivienne Westwood? That might explain why their company has become so ubiquitous in the luxury lingerie world.

The brand itself hasn’t been around for too long but have made a widely recognized name for themselves and people look up to them for the newest trends in lingerie.


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These are the best underwear brands for women in their 20’s and 30’s that aren’t Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur. Find everything from a bralet to a camisole, a silk body to lace nightgowns, cute undies and hot lingrie sets. | sleepwear women | laungire | lingrie | l'ingerie | seductress

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Agent Provocateur is best known for their fun and sexy pieces, often featuring bright colors and shiny satins. Because of their fearlessness when it comes to experimenting with trends, they’re often the first to jump on board anything new and avant-garde.

Being synonymous with glamour, you can almost imagine that when a Bond girl gets undressed on the big screen she’s wearing Agent Provocateur.

Despite their clothing being so lovely (and the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise *hint, hint*), they are a little pricey ranging at about £50 for a pair of knickers. But don’t you worry, these lovely brands offer similar items for a much more affordable price.



High Street Brands Like Agent Provocateur:

Pretty Little Thing



brand like Agent Provocateur


Brands like Agent Provocateur: Pretty Little Thing


First off, I’d like to introduce you guys to Pretty Little Thing if you don’t know them yet. They are a seriously trendy company that actually offers affordable alternatives to high-end items.

Their lingerie selection is no different. Like Agent Provocateur, they don’t shy away from bright colors and loud prints. What I personally love is their beautiful body suits. They’re perfect for wearing with a pair of jeans and a blazer for a high-low look.

If you’re looking for some more racy though, they’ll still have plenty of options with a lingerie collection that features over 260 styles to choose from.

Their prices range from £8 for a thong to £12 for a bra. Even better? They offer a student discount of 30%! It’s no wonder Pretty Little Thing is so popular with young people. They know what’s hot and they know where to spend their money.


See The Full Collection on Pretty Little Thing Here






Brands like Agent Provocateur: Bluebella


Another affordable brand that does lingerie that’s on the sexier side is Bluebella. They sell their products on Amazon and ASOS so you can rest assured that your items will be of good quality (and fit) by reading the reviews.

Their styles are stunning, featuring many cut-outs and alluring body straps. If you want your man’s jaw to drop to the floor when he sees you, one of these hot little numbers should do the trick. They sell a set (of bra and briefs) for as low as £21!

Also, they’re super inclusive with their sizes, bringing their bra size all the way up to 38G. They pride themselves on sourcing materials of the highest quality so you can imagine how soft and silky their pieces will be.

It’s hard to imagine that a lingerie company found by a woman for women would be anything but successful. 


See the Full Collection on Amazon Here (US) / Here (UK) / Also available on ASOS Here



ASOS Lingerie



Brands Like Agent Provocateur: ASOS Lingerie


ASOS is already known around the world for their commitment to bringing customers the hottest trends at affordable rates. Their website features so many different brands it’s almost overwhelming.

But a shining star in their lingerie department is their own namesake collection. Their lingerie is flirty, fun, and delicate. I know the flashy colors that Agent Provocateur are known for aren’t for everyone so I feel like ASOS took a page out of their book when it comes to quality and class and then made their designs more palatable.

What’s wonderful about ASOS is that they have a generous return policy, which is important when buying undergarments because you want to make sure a bra is going to have a good fit.

In the UK especially, they have drop off points where someone collects the items being returned for you. Their customer service is known to be reliable and that’s always a plus.


See The Full Collection on ASOS Here



Pleasure State


Brands Like Agent Provocateur: Pleasure State


Pleasure State is an Australian lingerie brand that can be purchased in the US and UK through Amazon.

Their style is more discreet and understated than the brands we’ve previously mentioned, focusing more on function, like with their great push up bras. If the fussiness of tiny straps and bows isn’t for you, I’d take a look at Pleasure State.

They keep is simple yet elegant. I personally love their underwear, and they have so many different options in terms of design and material. Their prices run a little bit high than some of the brands we’ve mentioned but still nothing close to the price tags at AP.

A bodysuit can run at about $95 dollars on YOOX, and their basics on Amazon go for about £20.

Aussie brands have recently been at the top of the lingerie game so Pleasure State is a great place to start if you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks (not to mention shipping costs).


See The Full Collection on Amazon, Here (US), Here (UK) / Also available on Bendon Lingerie, Here



High End Brands Like Agent Provocateur:

For Love And Lemons


Brands Like Agent Provocateur: For Love And lemons


For Love and Lemons is an LA based clothing brand that’s been at the forefront of the underwear as outwear trend. According to their mission statement, they focus on: “the principles of confidence, femininity and individuality.”

Although they offer clothes for all occasions and purposes,  lingerie continues to be their strong suit. They work with a lot of mesh and lace, creating designs that intrigue the eyes.

I love that their focus on femininity has lead them to comfortably use a lot of  girly elements like frills, bows and polka dots. There’s more to lingerie than black lace and For Love and Lemons has shown us that.

Being from LA, it’s no surprise that their pieces have a summer feeling about them but it’s refreshing and young, which is what makes their designs so  irresistibly charming. Their prices range at about $80 for a pair of briefs and $120 for a bra.


See The Full Collection on Amazon Here / Also Available on  Shopbop, Here / Revolve, Here 



La Perla



Brands Like Agent Provocateur: La Perla


La Perla is an Italian brand that’s been around since the 50’s. They’re known as the couture of lingerie. They show in fashion weeks all over the world and their name is synonymous with glamour.

You can almost feel the quality of their garments through the pictures. Like these red lace bodysuits, they’re so beautiful you won’t want to take them off! I’ve always dreamed of owning something of theirs and if you take a scroll through their collection you’ll see why.

Everything they make is immediately classic because lingerie companies all over the world look up to them for inspiration. They’ve been around for so long because their are pioneers in the industry and I, for one, can see why.

Their prices are mostly above the $100 price line but with them lingerie is a lifetime investment. Don’t be afraid to take a peek at what they have to offer, even it’s just window shopping.


See The Full Collection on Bloomingdale’s Here / Shopbop, Here / Net A Porter, Here



Gooseberry Intimates


Brands Like Agent Provocateur: Gooseberry Intimates


Gooseberry Intimates is a French lingerie brand that has been making a name for themselves in recent years through Instagram. Influencers all over the globe are photographed in their lacy little pieces.

They claim to be bondage inspired but it’s hard to tell because their designs are so delicate. They have an eye for lace like I’ve never seen before. You can tell each design is made with love and dedication to making you look as beautiful as possible.

Their bralets are so pretty it’s no wonder people choose to wear them as tops. Especially when you’re shelling out so much for an item of clothing, you better hope it’s versatile right?

Their pieces go for about $70 for a bra and $45 for underwear. I can’t imagine buying just one though. They’re a little more adventurous with color than some of the high street brands we’ve looked at but they still keep it classy with deep tones and neutral patters.

Which lingerie brand have you bought from before, and what is your favourite when it comes to intimates? Let me know in the comments!



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These are the best underwear brands for women in their 20’s and 30’s that aren’t Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur. Find everything from a bralet to a camisole, a silk body to lace nightgowns, cute undies and hot lingrie sets. | sleepwear women | laungire | lingrie | l'ingerie | seductress



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