Golden Goose Vs Veja: Which Sneaker Brand Is Best?

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Golden Goose and Veja are two of the most popular sneaker brands at the moment, but which brand is right for you? This Golden Goose vs Veja article will help you find out.

A couple of great pairs of sneakers are a must-have in any wardrobe – they can be worn with so many different outfits and they are super comfortable if you are on your feet all day. So we are always on the hunt for another fantastic sneaker brand that offers stunning sneakers!

Golden Goose and Veja are both beloved sneaker brands that have plenty of super comfortable and super stylish sneakers available.

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury brand known for its distressed-looking sneakers, all crafted from high quality leather for a durable finish and luxe look. On the other hand, Veja is a newer sneaker brand that has put its focus on creating sustainable footwear, with a sleek and minimalist look that will suit any personal style.

Both of these brands are incredible, making it really difficult to choose between Golden Goose and Veja – that is where this article comes in handy!

This Golden Goose vs Veja article is going to take a look at the history of each brand, and the differences between them and compare sneakers from both brands, before coming to a conclusion on Golden Goose vs Veja. Keep reading to find out which brand is best for you!

Golden Goose vs Veja

The History of Golden Goose

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury brand that was founded in Venice, Italy in 2000 by husband and wife duo, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The brand began by working with a Venetian tailor who helped them to create made-to-measure clothing; then in 2004, shoes were added to the brand.

After this, sneakers were soon added to the collection and quickly became best-selling pieces. A little later, the Super-Star sneakers were launched in 2008 – these are now Golden Goose’s best-selling pairs.

The brand has become synonymous with incredible fashion sneakers with bold branding and a vintage, distressed look.

Golden Goose is an international brand, with flagship stores all over the world, as well as being stocked in many department stores. Currently, the brand offers not only an incredible sneaker collection but also clothing, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children – all in the striking Golden Goose style.

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Mila Kunis, and Reese Witherspoon are all fans of Golden Goose sneakers, so why not purchase some for yourself?

The History of Veja

Veja is a French brand, started in 2004 and founded by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion. From the very beginning, the production process was of the utmost importance to the Veja brand as it wanted to become one of the first sustainable sneaker brands.

Kopp and Morillion met with organic cotton farmers in North Brazil and rubber tappers in the Amazon to work alongside before they launched their collection at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The brand grew quickly and began to collaborate with fellow fashion brands and designers, this led the company to grow, expanding across Europe and into London.

Veja is now an international brand, with its line of chic, sophisticated, and minimalist sneakers stocked in stores all over the world.

Veja sneakers are a favorite sneaker of many royals and celebrities, including Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, and Emily Ratajkowski, so they really are a must-have brand for any fashion lovers!

Differences between Golden Goose and Veja

In order to help you decide which brand is right for you, we need to take a look at the differences between Golden Goose and Veja.

1. Price range

The price range is a very important aspect to consider when comparing two brands and will help to determine which brand best fits your budget.

Golden Goose sneakers range between $350 and $2,275, with more minimalist sneakers at the lower end and sneakers with unique materials at a higher price point. Golden Goose sneakers are pretty pricey, but they are made to a high standard using incredible materials so they really will stand the test of time.

Veja, on the other hand, are the much more affordable option, with their sneakers ranging between $105 and $320 – you can really see the extreme difference here. So if you are on a smaller budget, then Veja is the best brand for you.

2. Product Range

The range of products offered by each brand also differs greatly. Golden Goose has lots of stunning sneakers on offer in a range of high top, mid top, low top, and mule styles, as well as clothing, outerwear, bags, shoes, boots, sunglasses, and jewelry. As you can see, there are loads of Golden Goose items available, all with the same high quality craftsmanship and gorgeous designs and silhouettes.

Veja has focussed on sneakers, with lots of different styles of sneakers on offer, predominately low tops as well as lots of running sneakers. There are also several Veja collaborations to produce stylish and oh-so-fashionable, limited-edition shoes.

3. Materials

The materials used by each of these brands may also play a part in which brand you decide to go for. Golden Goose uses mainly leather for the upper, either cowhide leather or Nappa leather, and rubber for the soles, although you may also find that Golden Goose shoes are made with shearling, synthetic textiles, nylon, and polyester.

There is also a line of sustainable sneakers, which are made from Yatay B, a bio-material, and recycled cotton in order to create durable shoes that are better for the environment.

Veja is committed to making sustainable footwear, and so all Veja shoes are made with fair trade and organic materials. Veja uses a wide range of sustainable materials to produce their sneakers, including recycled polyester, Pebax Rnew, recycled sugar cane, Amazonian rubber, organic cotton, natural latex, leather, and suede.

All leather used is vegetable tanned with only organic compounds, while all sneakers have soles made from recycled plastic bottles – just fantastic!

4. Craftsmanship

Both Golden Goose and Veja sneakers are made with a very high level of craftsmanship so you know the shoes are going to last a long time. Golden Goose is very proud of its Italian heritage and so all shoes are handcrafted in Italy from Italian leather – this is why the price tag on Golden Goose sneakers is a little higher.

Veja is a brand that takes the production of its sneakers very seriously, with all shoes made in high-standard factories in Brazil to ensure safe conditions and high quality production. Veja is also a Certified B Corporation™, which means the brand has met the high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, making them one of the most sustainable footwear brands out there.

Best-Selling sneakers from Golden Goose Vs Veja

There are lots of gorgeous sneakers on offer from both Golden Goose and Veja, in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, so we have narrowed down the choice by picking some of the best-selling options we think you will love and want to add to your own shoe collection!

1. Low Top Sneakers
White Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers with gold glitter
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White and light pink Veja Esplar Sneaker
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The Super-Star Low Top Sneakers are some of the most popular shoes available from the brand, because of their simple yet striking look and comfortable feel.

These Golden Goose Superstar Low Top Sneakers are crafted from white leather and decorated with a gold glitter heel panel and silver to add a little pop of metallic shimmer to the shoes. The heel and outside of the shoes are printed with the Golden Goose brand name, while the white rubber soles have been expertly scuffed.

Veja Esplar Sneakers are one of the most popular styles offered by the brand, because of the simple, minimalist style that guaranteed these sneakers will suit a wide range of casual and smart looks.

These shoes have a court-inspired silhouette, crafted from leather that has been sustainably sourced from Rio Grande do Sul farms, and then finished with a Veja V on the side of the sneakers. This colored V and the heel panel are available in a wide range of colors, as well as full and half sizes to find the perfect fit.

2. Mid Top Sneakers
Golden Goose Midstar Sneaker with silver glitter
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White and beige Veja V15 Mixed Leather Mid-Top Sneakers
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If you are looking for more of a statement sneaker, then a pair of Golden Goose Midstar sneakers are perfect for you! These Golden Goose Midstar Sneakers have a striking silver glitter finish to create an eye-catching look.

The shoes are made from white worn-in leather, leopard print laces and a black star to complete the glam look.

These all-white Veja V15 Mixed Leather Mid-Top Sneakers look stunning and provide a little more ankle support for an endlessly comfortable feel. The sneakers are made from optic white leather, with a contrasting beige suede logo and beige-toned rubber sole for a paired-back, tonal look.

The inside of the sneakers is lined with recycled polyester, and finished with a cushioned footbed, meaning these shoes are ideal to wear if you have a lot of walking to do or if you are on your feet all day.

3. Velcro Sneakers
Silver Golden Goose Old School Glitter Low Top Sneaker
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White and pink Veja Recife Logo Sneaker
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These Golden Goose Old School Glitter Low Top Sneakers are striking, attention-grabbing options that we just love! These sneakers are entirely covered in silver glitter, with iridescent silver Velcro straps, stars, and a heel panel – this means these sneakers sparkle in the light and reflect a rainbow of light with the iridescent panels.

The back of the shoes features the Golden Goose name, while the Velcro straps are printed with SSTAR and GGDB in reference to the style of sneakers and brand name.

These Velcro Veja Recife Logo Sneakers are totally irresistible with the white leather upper and three Velcro straps that make slipping these sneakers on and off super easy! Just like all other Veja sneakers, the side of the shoes is decorated with a Veja V, and the pale pink heel panel is also embroidered with the Veja brand name.

For a completely sustainable finish, the shoes feature recycled polyester and recycled rubber so you are protecting the environment too!

4. Alternative Sneakers
White and pink Golden Goose PURESTAR Low Top Sneaker
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White and beige Veja Rio Branco Bicolor Trainer Sneakers
Get these on Neiman Marcus

Although Golden Goose is best known for sneakers with a scuff, worn-in look, they produce many different classic styles, including these pristine white Golden Goose PURESTAR Low Top Sneakers.

These bright white sneakers are crafted from smooth and supple leather with a tonal white star decorating the side of the shoes, and an eye-catching pink glittering heel tab for a bold finish. For a minimalist aesthetic, these sneakers have a white rubber sole and optic white laces too.

If you like more of an athletic look to your sneakers, look no further than these Veja Rio Branco Bicolor Trainer Sneakers. These sneakers have a chunkier silhouette, which is so fashionable at the moment, and are made from suede and mesh for a comfy feel.

These sneakers feature white mesh panels alongside beige suede panels and of course the sophisticated V logo on the side. The sole is made from rubber and EVA and provides a slightly more elevated look as it sits 1” thick.


Golden Goose and Veja both create incredible sneakers in a wide range of fashionable styles all made with exceptional craftsmanship with top quality materials, making it difficult to choose between these brands.

If you want a pair of sneakers with a bold look made from luxurious Italian leather and you are not worried about the price tag, then Golden Goose is the brand for you. All of their sneakers have a striking aesthetic and are high quality, but this does mean they have a higher price range.

If you want a pair of sleek, minimalist sneakers, that are sustainably made by well-paid workers in a safe environment, then Veja is the right brand for you. Veja sneakers have a timeless, chic style and are made with sustainable materials so you know you are protecting the environment, and they have an affordable price tag too!

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