When Does Chanel Restock? All The Details You Need To Know

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If you are thinking about treating yourself to a new Chanel handbag, you may be wondering when does Chanel restock? Find out everything you need to know here!

Dark green fur coat with black Chanel classic flap bag
©Andrea Astesiano | Depositphotos.com

The French fashion house, Chanel, is known for its iconic bags which are incredibly sought after and in high demand. After the annual price increases, it has become even more difficult to get hold of a Chanel handbag, especially the classic flap bags.

To help you get your hands on your dream Chanel bag, we have brought together all the information you need about when Chanel restocks. Plus, we have linked to a few best-selling Chanel bags on resale sites, such as Fashionphile and Vestaire Collective, if you can’t bear the wait and want your dream bag now!

when does Chanel restock?

Chanel bags are very popular and in demand right now, so the most popular and iconic pieces tend to be out of stock a lot. While Chanel does often restock their bags, there are not always enough bags to meet the demand. Plus, often these restocks don’t happen at regular, assigned times so it can be a little difficult to predict the next Chanel restock.

With this said, there are certain tips and tricks that will come in handy when you are trying to get your hands on a particular Chanel bag.

1. Chanel Seasons

Chanel has six seasonal collections a year and within each season, there is a new collection of seasonal bags that will only be available for that season – this means if you see something you love, you have to pick it up quickly. The 6 Chanel seasonal collections are the Cruise collection, the Spring/Summer Acts 1& 2, Métiers d’Art Collection, and Fall/Winter Acts 1&2.

New seasonal bags will be launched just after these collections are released, and classic Chanel bags will be restocked around these times, too. Usually, the collection launches fall around September/October (Spring-Summer), February/March (Fall-Winter), May (Cruise) and June (Métiers d’Art ).

This means it is best to check department stores that stock Chanel and your local boutiques during these months to get hold of any new Chanel bags.

Chanel Metier D'Art perfume bottle bag
©Alberto Mihai | Depositphotos.com

Often, Chanel won’t restock their seasonal bags between seasons; instead, they will just wait for the new season’s bags to be released. This means you need to pick up a seasonal bag soon after the release date as it may never come back into stock again.

The exact release dates of these new collections are unknown and differ between each country. This means if some of the new collections and seasonal bags have been released in Europe, they may not yet be released in America.  

2. Sales Associates

The best way to know when your local Chanel boutique or department store has restocked its Chanel collection is to get to know the sales associates well. If you have a good relationship with your Chanel sales associates, they may let you know when they have a new Chanel shipment coming in so you can pick up a new bag, pair of shoes, or accessories.

To develop this relationship, you need to be visiting and browsing the Chanel collection often and regularly picking up new Chanel pieces. By purchasing Chanel pieces regularly, the sales associate knows you are likely to buy a new bag or accessory if it comes into the store and so they will let you know when the Chanel collection has been restocked.

Some sales associates may even show you the stock guide of the new collection so you can pre-order any bags before they arrive at the store.

This same rule applies to most popular items from the biggest luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci – although these brands restock more often, so it shouldn’t take too long to get hold of your dream bag.

3. Waiting Lists

The classic bags, such as the Classic Flap bags and the Chanel 19 bags are often the hardest to get hold of because these are the most popular bags. The best way to get your hands on the Flap bag is to join a waiting list.

To do this, you need a good relationship with your local Chanel sales associate and then let them know what size, type of leather, and color Flap Bag or 19 bag you would like. This means they will then call you when this exact Chanel bag comes into the store. However, it may take a few months for the exact bag come be restocked.

With this said, waiting lists appear to be more common in America than in the rest of the world. Often in Europe and the United Kingdom, there are no Chanel waiting lists so you just have to get to know a sales associate and regularly visit the store to get hold of your dream Chanel bag.

4. Classic Flap bags

Flap bags are constantly being made and will always come back into stock eventually as these bags are part of the permanent collection. The small classic flap, the M/L, Jumbo, and Maxi are really the only bags in the Chanel permanent collection so they will always be available, even if they are out of stock for a little while.

As already established, this classic Chanel item can be very difficult to get hold of as the demand for the Flap Bag is higher than the numbers that come into stock. Some sizes of these bags may take longer to get hold of than others as well – the small size seems to be available faster than the larger sizes, which take a long time to restock.

In addition to this, there are of course seasonal colors, which are often a lot harder to find. For example, Chanel does not release white or camel brown bags often, and these are highly sought after.

5. Mini bags

The Chanel mini bags are very popular at the moment, but they can be very difficult to get hold of. The Chanel Minis are not a part of the permanent collection, and they are therefore considered a seasonal bag.

Since Chanel knows the Mini bags are so popular, they seem to be releasing them in every seasonal collection, but the materials and colors are unknown and will change from season to season.  

6. Other Chanel items

Other Chanel accessories and shoe collections appear to be restocked more regularly than the bag collections. This means if you are trying to get a pair of Chanel shoes, a wallet, or sunglasses, for example, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Although it is best to head to your local luxury department store or Chanel boutique as soon as possible after new collections are released, so you get hold of your favorite Chanel piece in your size before it sells out. With shoes and clothes, in particular, you need to buy them when you see them in your size rather than holding out as you don’t know when or if this piece will come back into stock in your size.

best selling Chanel bags

Here are a few of the best-selling Chanel bags that would fit right into any luxury bag collection. There are lots of stunning options available on the pre-loved market, and you don’t have to wait for your local Chanel boutique to restock – just perfect!

1. the flap bag
Light green Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium Double Flap
Browse all light green classic flap bags on Fashionphile
Black Chanel Lambskin Quilted Medium Double Flap
Browse all lambskin flap bags on Fashionphile

The Chanel flap bag is a cult classic and a must-have designer bag that is available in a wide range of colors and materials. Caviar leather is obviously the classic option; this type of leather is known for its durability and so a great option to go for if this is your first Chanel bag.

We love the light green caviar Medium Double Flap pictured above, perfectly finished with light gold hardware on the CC lock and leather threaded chain strap. The interior is lined with matching light green leather for a luxurious and fitted with handy wall pockets.

The flap bag is also made in lambskin leather, as you can see in this black Quilted Jumbo Double Flap bag, which has a gorgeous glossy sheen to it. This sumptuous leather bag is finished with sparkling gold hardware, while the interior is lined with burgundy leather.

2. The Deauville tote
Black Chanel Canvas Pearl Medium Deauville Tote
Browse all lack Deauville totes on Fashionphile
Blue Chanel Mixed Fibers Medium Deauville Tote
Browse all light blue Deauville totes on Fashionphile

The Deauville tote was an instant success as soon as it was released because of the relaxed look and wide color range – ensuring it suited every style. The Deauville tote is often made from woven fabrics, such as canvas, raffia, straw, or mixed fibers to give a beautifully tactile finish.

We love the combination of the matte canvas and shimmering black pearls on this black Deauville Tote. The tote is complete with black leather top handles and a longer chain link strap to wear over your shoulder.

If you are looking for a pop of color, this light blue Mixed Fibers Deauville Tote is perfect for you. The Chanel Rue Cambon logo is printed on the front of the bag in pale blue, as is the matching zipper pouch that this tote comes with – ideal for storing any small items you don’t want getting lost at the bottom of your bag.

3. the 2.55 bag
Red Chanel Aged Calfskin Quilted 2.55 Reissue Mini Flap
Browse all red mini Reissue 2.55 bags on Fashionphile
Black Chanel Aged Calfskin Chevron Quilted 2.55 Reissue Mini Flap
Browse all so black mini Reissue 2.55 bags on Fashionphile

The Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag is one of the very first handbags added to the Chanel collection, first designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955. The design of the 2.55 has changed very little since it was first introduced, with the double chain shoulder strap quilted diamond pattern and a zipper pocket inside the bag.

The 2.55 is most commonly made in aged calfskin leather for a relaxed, lived-in look, as you can see in this red 2.55 Reissue Mini Flap bag. This shoulder bag is finished with gleaming gold hardware to give the 2.55 a timeless, glamorous look.

The So Black Chevron Quilted 2.55 Reissue Mini Flap bag is a more contemporary take on this historic bag, with the sleek all-black look and chevron quilting. The double chain strap is crafted from glossy black metal, while the mademoiselle turn lock opens to a compact interior fitted with pockets.

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