25 Best Designer Jewelry Brands You Will Love

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There is so much choice when it comes to pieces of jewelry and jewelry brands, so we have brought together the best designer jewelry from the best jewelry brands that you should know about.

Some of the oldest brands are jewelry brands that have been creating fine jewelry for hundreds of years, crafting pieces from precious metals and embellishing them with delicate diamonds and sparkling stones. These jewelry brands are the favorites of some of the biggest celebrities throughout history, including Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly, so why not add a piece to your own jewelry box.

Whether you are looking for a piece for a special occasion or a necklace or ring that is perfect for everyday wear, you are bound to find something you love in this list of the best designer jewelry from the top jewelry brands.

25 Best Designer Jewelry Brands

1. Cartier
Best designer jewelry brands: Cartier
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Cartier is a historic jewelry brand that has been creating stunning necklaces, rings, and bracelets since its founding by Louis Francois Cartier in 1847.

Cartier’s long history and production of some of the most highly desirable pieces of jewelry have established the company as one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world.

The LOVE collection from Cartier is one of the most popular, which wears this stunning yellow gold bracelet comes from, with the signature screw engravings to represent eternal love.

2. Van Cleef and Arpels
Best designer jewelry brands: Van Cleef and Arples
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Van Cleef and Arpels were founded by Dutch diamond cutter Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels in Paris in 1896.

Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry has been worn by celebrities and royalty for decades, making this brand one of the top jewelry brands out there.

The brand often includes animal and floral motifs in its designs, such as this Vintage Alhambra Bracelet, which is crafted from yellow gold and features five Alhambra clover motifs set with blue agate.

3. Tiffany & Co
Silver Tiffany link earrings
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Tiffany & Co is one of the most famous jewelry brands thanks to their beautiful diamond necklaces, bracelets, and rings, instantly recognizable Tiffany blue boxes, and the popular film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There are so many incredible pieces available from Tiffany & Co, but we just love the uniqueness of these Link earrings, that have a little bit of statement earing quality, but are still minimalist enough to be worn every day.

4. David Yurman
Best designer jewelry brands: David Yurman
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David Yurman is an American jewelry brand that was founded in 1980 by husband and wife duo, David and Sybil Yurman.

David Yurman has become known as one of the best jewelry designers in America thanks to his innovative designs and techniques, namely the cable bracelet which quickly became an iconic design for the brand.

The Cable Classics Bracelet with 18K Gold is just one striking piece from their collection that would fit perfectly into your jewelry box.

5. Mikimoto
Mikimoto 18K White Gold Diamond Akoya Pearl 7.5mm Drop Pendant Necklace
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This Mikimoto 18K White Gold Diamond Akoya Pearl Pendant Necklace perfectly represents the gorgeous design of Mikimoto jewelry.

This Japanese jewelry brand was founded in 1893 and has become known as the first in the world to culture pearls successfully.

This pendant necklace is made from 18 karat white gold and features a floral motif, embellished with diamonds, and an Akoya cultured pearl – this classic design is the perfect everyday piece to add a little glam to your life.

6. Bvlgari
Bvlgari Diva's Dream mother of pearl necklace
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The Italian brand, Bvlgari, is known for luxurious jewelry, watches, accessories, and leather goods made from the highest quality materials in bold designs.

The founder of Bvlgari, Sotirios Voulgaris was inspired by Byzantine and Islamic art in his initial designs and this led Bvlgari to become one of the favorite jewelry brands of the 1950s, with Ingrid Bergman and Elizabeth Taylor as fans.

The Divas’ Dream diamond necklace, made from 18kt rose gold with mother of pearl, is a perfect example of Bvlgari’s striking design.

7. De Beers
Gold diamond engagement ring from De Beers
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De Beers specializes in diamonds, including diamond mining, diamond retail, and diamond trading, and more recently they have put more focus on ethically sourced diamonds – so if you are looking for an incredible diamond ring or engagement ring, then De Beers is the brand for you!

Their collections of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and rings are all beautiful and they offer everything from everyday pieces to statement jewelry that is bound to catch everyone’s attention.

8. Graff
Graff 18K White Gold Diamond Princess Butterfly Ring
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British jewelry brand, Graff, was founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff and is well known for its fine diamond jewelry, such as this absolutely incredible 18K White Gold Diamond Princess Butterfly Ring.

This ring really makes a statement with its pave and bezel set brilliant cut diamonds, as well as baguette cut diamonds around each butterfly wing.

Graff is also well known for its stunning collection of diamonds that have been worn by royalty and celebrities.

9. Harry Winston
Harry Winston Rose Gold Diamond Gates Bracelet
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Harry Winston is one of the top American jewelry brands that has been creating timeless jewelry since 1932.

Harry Winston is well known for their beautiful diamond pieces, which is why Winston is known as the king of diamonds.

We love this Rose Gold Diamond Gates Bracelet from the brand, the perfect piece to wear to any special occasion or formal event. Crafted from rose gold, this bracelet has a rosette motif, pave diamonds, and a central diamond to add a little sparkle.

10. Boucheron
Boucheron Mini Quatre Radiant Edition Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Diamonds
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Frederic Boucheron founded his namesake brand in 1856 and has been creating jewelry for the wealthiest members of society ever since.

The British royal family, including Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Queen Elizabeth II all have Boucheron jewels. Boucheron, more recently, has collaborated with fashion brands and watchmakers, including Alexander McQueen and Girard-Perregaux.

This Mini Quatre Radiant Edition Pendant Necklace is just stunning with the complementary hues between yellow gold, white gold and diamonds.

11. Chanel Fine Jewelry

We all know and love Chanel’s ready-to-wear collections and world-famous handbags, but the Chanel Fine Jewelry collection is just as noteworthy.

Chanel, founded by Coco Chanel, has several signature elements, such as the diamond quilting that features on many of their handbags, the camellia flower, and the CC logo. Nods to the diamond quilting and the camellia flower feature in pieces by Chanel fine jewelry, available in silver, gold, and rose gold.

If you love the classic designs of Chanel bags and clothing, you will love Chanel Fine Jewelry.

12. Chopard
Best designer jewelry brands: Chopard
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Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded his namesake watch and jewelry brand in 1860.

After beginning by making pocket watches and ladies’ wrist watches, Chopard expanded into fine jewelry and a greater range of high-quality watches. It is estimated that now, Chopard produces 75,000 watches and 75,000 pieces of jewelry each year!

We love the striking design of the Ice Cube 18-karat gold diamond earrings, which are embellished with faceted diamonds, glimmering on your ears beautifully.

13. Messika
Messika Uno 18-karat gold diamond ring
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Messika was founded in Paris in 2005 by Valerie Messika and has grown to become a jewelry brand beloved by celebrities all over the work, including Mila Kunis, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, and Venus Williams.

The minimalist, paired-back designs of their jewelry is combined with gleaming, glittering diamonds to create versatile, glamourous pieces you can wear all the time – such as this Move Uno large 18-karat gold diamond ring.

14. Buccellati
Best designer jewelry brands: Buccellati
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Buccellati has had a long and complex history but has been creating jewelry worn by royalty and features in museum collections since 1919, but the current brand, as it stands now has been around since 2011.

The Italian jewelry house is known for beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as well as watches, bridal jewelry, and vintage pieces.

These Opera Tulle 18-karat gold, mother of pearl and diamond earrings display the bold designs of the brand, paired with exquisite craftsmanship and dainty details such as the delicate engravings and flower -shaped drops.

15. Piaget
Piaget 18K White Gold Rose 3-Motif Diamond Bracelet
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Since 1974, Piaget has been designing luxury jewelry and watches and is now considered one of the top jewelry brands in the world, so why not add a Piaget piece to your own collection.

Whether you are looking for an attention-grabbing ring or a unique design of earrings, Piaget has something for everyone.

We love the delicate, versatile design of this 18K White Gold Rose 3-Motif Diamond Bracelet, embellished with 53 brilliant-cut diamonds.

16. Foundrae
Foundrae 18-karat gold diamond necklace
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New York City-based Foundrae was started by Beth and Murat Bugdaycay in 2015, with the aim to create pieces that are symbols of self-discovery and self-expression.

Foundrae pieces are intended to be authentic, modern heirlooms that reflect your identity and personal values.

The 18-karat gold diamond necklace is a gorgeous dainty piece that would look perfect as part of your everyday jewelry collection. Crafted from 18 karat yellow gold, the jagged disc charm necklace features 0.21 carats of glistening diamonds.

17. Lagos
Best designer jewelry brands: Lagos
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Lagos is a new addition to the world of jewelry, with their stunning pieces that are so versatile and intended to be mixed and matched to suit your own personal style.

Founder and creative director, Steven Lagos, expresses how he wanted to create the jewelry you could cherish for a lifetime and that would always look style.

The brand is particularly known for creating beautiful luxury Apple watch bands, and this Smart Caviar Rose Apple Watch® Band is especially beautiful with its contemporary design and classic 18k rose gold and sterling silver finish.

18. Lauren Rubinski
Lauren Rubinski medium 14k Yellow Gold Necklace
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Lauren Rubinski jewelry may be a young brand, but it already has plenty of celebrity fans in the form of Kate Moss and Hailey Bieber, among others.

This fine jewelry brand hopes to create jewelry for chic, strong women who want to look glamorous but also appear confident and empowered.

The brand creates a wide range of pieces, but the necklaces are especially stunning, available in bright colors, or classic base metals such as gold and silver, such as this Medium 14k Yellow Gold Necklace which is a great statement necklace.

19. Verdura
Verdura 18K Sapphire, Emerald and Colored Stone "Byzantine" Pendant Brooch with Necklace Chain
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The distinct, original designs from Verdura make it a totally unique brand.

Their use of unusual motifs, striking silhouettes, and vivid colors guarantees some attention-grabbing pieces that are a must-have in your collection.

The 18K Sapphire, Emerald and Colored Stone “Byzantine” necklace is a statement piece that will be the star of any outfit that you wear it with, and that you can pass down the generations. Crafted from 18-karat yellow gold, this necklace also comes in a different colorway with black spinel, rubellite and colored stone, if you prefer purple over green.

20. Gucci Fine Jewellery
Gucci Fine Jewellery Gucci Link to Love baguette tourmaline bracelet
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We know Gucci is one of the top luxury fashion brands in the world right now, with their quirky, geek-chic pieces that are oh-so-trendy, but their Fine Jewellery collection is something that is a little more delicate and understated.

As one of the best designer jewelry brands out there, Gucci Fine Jewelry has some gorgeous pieces, including the Gucci Link to Love baguette tourmaline bracelet which is the perfect piece for your everyday jewelry collection.

21. Pomellato
Pomellato Nudo White Topaz and Diamond Ring
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Pomellato is currently one of the biggest jewelry brands in Italy after its founding in 1967.

The brand was established on the idea that jewelry should be able to be worn and changed every day, like clothing, rather than something that is a status symbol – this means Pomellato is great if you are looking for an everyday piece.

The Nudo White Topaz and Diamond Ring is the perfect example of the brand, with its classic design and exquisite craftsmanship.

22. Shay
Best designer jewelry brands: Shay
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We love the edgy designs, geometric silhouettes, and Art Deco-inspired pieces available at Shay.

This brand was founded by a mother and daughter pair in Los Angeles, and the brand is now stocked in exclusive stores all across the United States. As well as creating new pieces that are designed to be layered and stacked.

These 18k White Topaz & Diamond Portrait Earrings are the perfect example of Shay’s striking use of shape in their jewelry.

23. Maria Tash
Gold Single Diamond Lightning Bolt Threaded Stud Earring from Maria Tash
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Maria Tash established her namesake brand in 1993 in New York and has since expanded to now have jewelry and piercing stores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Maria Tash has been innovative with her jewelry designs so they adapt and better fit the wearer, as well as offering a wide range of styles that can be worn alone or stacked with other pieces.

This brand is best known for earrings – such as this Single Diamond Lightning Bolt Threaded stud earring, which would add a touch of luxurious glamour to your everyday look.

24. Kimai
Best designer jewelry brands: Kimai
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If you are looking for a designer jewelry brand that puts ethical production and sustainability at the center of its elegant designs, then Kimai is the perfect brand for you.

We love the transparency of the Kimai brand that draws attention to how their incredible necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made – all pieces are crafted from 18-karat recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

The Duo 18-karat recycled gold diamond necklace is a classic piece you can wear every day.

25. Repossi
Repossi Berbere Two-Row Band Ring in 18K Gold
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Italian jewelry house, Repossi was founded in 1957 in Turin by Constantino Repossi that has been passed through three generations of the Repossi family.

In 2007 Gaia Repossi took over the family brand, after studying at Paris Fine Art School, and continues to ensure Repossi creates beautiful jewelry in contemporary, classic silhouettes.

We love the simplicity of this Berbere Two-Row Band Ring that would make the perfect gift because of its minimalist versatility.

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