What To Wear To A Vegas Show: 10 Cute Outfits (From Day To Night)

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Are you on your way to Las Vegas and have no idea what to wear to a Vegas show? If so, this helpful guide will answer all of your questions.

Las Vegas is a city of extremes. It is called Sin City for a reason: It’s full of all-night casinos, world-class restaurants, comedy clubs, and some of the best entertainment you’ll find anywhere in the world. This includes what many people consider to be one of the most popular shows on earth: Cirque du Soleil.

With so much variety available to visitors, it can often feel like there are just as many opinions about what you should wear when attending a Las Vegas show as there are clothing choices themselves!

Las Vegas is a popular destination for a bachelorette party or a long weekend trip. To save you the hassle of figuring out some outfit ideas for your packing list, we put up a style guide on what to wear to a Vegas show so you can chill while you wait in your hotel room.


But First, What Is a Vegas Show?


A Vegas show is what people in Las Vegas call any type of live performance that takes place on the Las Vegas Strip. This includes acrobats, magicians, comedians and more!

These shows happen every day and every night, so there is really no shortage of shows that you can go to. These shows can vary from formal to casual, depending on what’s being performed.


What To Wear To A Vegas Show


The style of what to wear depends on what type of show you’re attending. It can be a bit confusing and daunting to plan your attire especially if this is your first time going to a show. For a formal event such as “O”, dress in your best evening attire and get ready for an unforgettable night!

If it’s flashy or loud, then remember what they say about Vegas: What happens there stays there! That means that anything goes when it comes to the types of outfits people will be wearing at evening shows like Zumanity and Cirque du Soleil. 

You can go all out with sequins, feathers or even rocker chic if that’s what makes you feel good inside. Staying true to yourself is always important, so don’t overthink things too much! 

With that said, keep in mind that Las Vegas weather can change from day to night very quickly. If possible, bring a blazer, cardigan or a scarf that you can easily put over your outfit in case it gets cold. You may also want to bring more than one outfit option, in case you end up attending a pool party and some of your clothes get soaked.

A perfect change of clothes would be a little black dress, or casual clothes like tank tops and a pair of jeans. Also consider bringing sunscreen if you plan to be out the entire day. Vegas can be pretty sunny and warm at day time, and the desert heat is no joke at the sping/summer time of the year. Also wear something comfortable and casual for a nice dinner right before a show.

Business casual is a safe choice and the perfect balance between work and play. In many cases, people who are attending shows on the Strip will be dressed in business casual attire.

This means that they won’t feel uncomfortable in what they’re wearing and it gives them an opportunity to blend into their surroundings while having fun as well! Business casual is also appropriate for dancing away at the night clubs.  It can also make you look like a high roller at the casino floor! Bright out the credit card, baby.

When it comes to accessories, you can choose to go all-out and wear burlesque-themed accessories like feather tails.

As for footwear, always remember what you learned in kindergarten: If there’s water on the ground, leave your shoes at home! Vegas is a city known for being hot and it gets even hotter when everyone attending a show starts dancing.

It might be worth considering wearing comfortable walking shoes that won’t get ruined if they get wet; think flip-flops, flats, and sneakers instead of high heels. But if you’d rather wear high heels, it’s always a good idea to have comfortable shoes on hand in case your feet start hurting.

You can also check out what others are wearing to shows before making any fashion decisions yourself – just search for hashtags like #whatvegasdressfor on Instagram .

There are always those who want attention as well, so don’t be surprised by what people come up with! Now go enjoy Las Vegas and all it has to offer without worrying about what anyone else thinks – you’re there for a good time, not for a long time, anyway!

Above everything else, it’s important to wear something you’re very comfortable with, so you’ll still have enough energy to hit up the slot machine at the Vegas casinos or to dance the night away at a Vegas nightclub.


What NOT To Wear To A Vegas Show


This part is tricky, because anything goes in Vegas. You can literally go all out on your outfit and still sit next to someone sporting old jeans and a baseball cap. Pro tip: Just have fun with what you’re wearing.

The awesome thing about Vegas is there’s literally no strict dress code. That said, what not to wear is a matter of common sense and discretion.

Don’t show up in your swimsuit or underwear – unless you’re going to a pool party. 

Typically, shows are meant for adults. Keep that in mind when thinking what not to wear: underage kids (even if they happen to be your own) should be kept on a short leash!


10 Outfits You Can Wear To A Vegas Show



Red sequined dress for what to wear to a vegas show

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This gorgeous sequined dress just hugs you in all the right places.




Simple green mini skirt for what to wear to a vegas show

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This green skirt is perfect if you prefer casual wear. Just pair it with a nice top and you’re good to go.




Yellow sequined dress for what to wear to a vegas show

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Black leather flare pants for what to wear to a vegas show

Get these pants on Princess Polly




Wavy satin dress for what to wear to a vegas show

Get this dress on Princess Polly

This dress is your best bet if you want to go casual while still following a formal dress code.




Cow print sequined dress for what to wear to a vegas show

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Blue cut out dress for what to wear to a vegas show

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Blue sequined mini skirt for what to wear to a vegas show

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Black sequin top with black trousers

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Brown leather coat with zebra print skirt

Via Princess Polly


Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is there really a dress code for Vegas shows? 

Not really. Most shows are what people in Vegas call “formal events”, so that means you’re expected to wear something nice – but it doesn’t have to be a suit or anything like that!

2. Is there any way I can find out what others are wearing before deciding what to wear myself?

Yes, just search for hashtags on Instagram like #whatvegasdressfor . This is where most of the interesting photos wind up and people often post what they wore specifically with their own comments about how good (or bad) it looked next to them. It’s also fun looking at other styles as well!

3. Can I wear any type of footwear?

Sure, if what you have is practical. You might want to consider wearing footwear that can hold up well in case it rains and isn’t too difficult to walk on wet surfaces.

4. What’s considered business casual?

People usually wear a collared shirt (button-up or polo style) along with slacks, khakis or dark jeans – basically what you would wear for a nice dinner out at home!

Think “casual formal” rather than anything more relaxed like shorts and sandals. It’s best not to show up looking overdressed either. If the event has an official dress code then just check the website before showing; otherwise keep your clothes clean.


We hope you found this style guide helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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