The 15 Best Hermès Scarves For A Sophisticated Look

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Hermès scarves are iconic, timeless, and versatile pieces that you really need in your wardrobe, which is why we have bought together 15 of the best Hermès scarves for you to choose from.

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The famous French fashion house, Hermès is not only world-renowned for its beautiful Birkin and Kelly bags but also its luxurious scarves, each decorated with a stunning, intricate pattern. Hermès scarves were first added to the brand in 1937, designed by Robert Dumas, and they quickly caught the attention of wealthy, high-society women in Paris, becoming the most fashionable accessory.

These Hermès scarves have been worn by countless celebrities over the years, styled in multiple different ways, including Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon, Audrey Hepburn, and even Princess Grace of Monaco who used one as a sling when she injured her arm.

If you are looking to add one of these gorgeous, timelessly stylish scarves to your wardrobe, then you are in the right place as we have bought together 15 of the best Hermès scarves we think you will adore! There is a range of sizes, designs, and colors included within this list, so you are bound to find a scarf that perfectly suits your personal style!

15 Best Hermès scarves

1. Alphabet III Silk Scarf

Green, white, yellow, orange, and blue Hermes Alphabet III Silk Scarf

Browse Hermès Alphabet Scarves on The Real Real

We love the bold, logo design of this Hermès Alphabet III Silk Scarf! This sumptuous silk scarf, finished with hand-rolled edges, is decorated with a beautiful Alphabet pattern, in which each letter is made from little animals in orange, yellow, and blue tones.

The striking design is framed with a sage green edge and delicate yellow branches. This square scarf sits at 90cm by 90cm, which is a fantastic large size that means you can style it in many different ways.

2. Silk Etriers Remix Twilly

White, orange, and grey Hermes Silk Etriers Remix Twilly

Browse Hermes Etriers Twillys on Fashionphile

Like the silk scarves, the Hermès Twilly was also added to the brand collection in the 1930s and has been created in a whole plethora of patterns and designs ever since.

This Hermès Silk Etriers Remix Twilly is just one of the Twillys available, decorated with intricate, equestrian motifs, a reference to the brand’s equestrian heritage, and orange floral designs – a color synonymous with the Hermès brand. The Twill itself is made from silk for a luxurious feel and is available for just $220.

3. L’Instruction du Roy Bayadere Silk Scarf

Orange, white and grey Hermes L'Instruction du Roy Bayadere Silk Scarf

Browse Hermès L’Instruction du Roy scarves on The Real Real

If you are looking for a Hermès scarf with a bold design, then this L’Instruction du Roy Bayadere Silk Scarf is exactly what you need.

This square, 34-inch scarf is made from 100% silk, which has been sourced from the Hermes silkworm plantation in the south of Brazil to ensure the highest-quality finish.

The scarf is decorated with a striking, orange-striped design, which was created by Henri d’Origny. This scarf is finished with a hand-rolled edge for a luxe finishing touch.

4. Silk Ex-Libris Twilly

White, black, blue and gold Hermes Silk Ex-Libris Twilly

Browse Hermès Ex-Libris Twillys on Fashionphile

This sleek Hermès Silk Ex-Libris Twilly has a darker color scheme and features a horse and carriage design in black, navy, and gold, similar to the horse and carriage in the Hermès logo.

The white twilly is then finished with black and navy stripes at each of the pointed ends. Every Twilly is 34 inches long by 2 inches, which is the perfect size to wrap around the handles of your bag or tie around your ponytail in your hair.

5. Paperoles Silk Scarf

Black and gold Hermes Paperoles Silk Scarf

Browse Hermès Paperoles Scarves on The Real Real

This gorgeous Hermès Paperoles Silk Scarf is a great way to add a sophisticated and chic touch to any casual outfit.

The black square scarf, crafted from 100%, features a stunning gold design, with intricate patterns weaving around the detailed horse can carriage motifs. A crown-like design sits at the top of the scarf, and the Hermès brand name sits in the center.

Pick up this eye-catching square scarf for just $475 from The Real Real, plus there are more colors available so you can find one that perfectly suits you!

6. Silk Cosmographia Universalis Scarf

Blue, white, orange, and green Hermes Silk Cosmographia Universalis Scarf

Browse Hermès Cosmographia Universalis Scarves on Fashionphile

The Hermès Silk Cosmographia Universalis Scarf is just incredible, with a whole, detailed new world decorating the large square scarf!

This Hermès silk scarf features a range of mythical creatures set in a mountainous land, in a blue, white, and green color scheme, although there are other color combinations available.

The large size of this scarf means you can style it in a wide range of different ways. The scarf is finished with hand-rolled edges for that classic, high-quality Hermès touch.

7. Jeux de Paille Cashmere Scarf

Brown, beige, and blue Hermes Jeux de Paille Cashmere Scarf

Browse Hermès Jeux de Paille Scarves on The Real Real

We love the neutral color scheme of this Hermès Jeux de Paille Cashmere Scarf, meaning it will suit a wide variety of different outfits, adding a chic and elegant touch to your look.

This beautiful scarf has a dark brown edge with a beige background and is then finished with blue and green tone flowers and leaves. In the center, you will see red and orange flowers with two cute little birds!

This scarf is made from 100% cashmere for a plush, cozy feel, that is still lightweight enough to wear in the summer months.

8. Silk Tea For Two Scarf

Pink, purple, and white Hermes Silk Tea For Two Scarf

Browse Hermès Tea For Two Scarves on Fashionphile

The futuristic design on this Hermès Silk Tea For Two Scarf is just gorgeous and makes it a totally irresistible accessory you need in your wardrobe.

The amazing design includes a woman with a dog drinking tea, a horse galloping and a little cat, and a propellor machine that is helping to make the tea – just incredible!

To craft this scarf, the silk is sourced from 250 Mulberry moths, while the design is screen printed onto the silk before the scarf hem is hand-stitched and hand-rolled.

9. Chorus Stellarum Embroidered Scarf

Navy and white Hermes Chorus Stellarum Embroidered Scarf

Browse Hermès Chorus Stellarum Scarves on The Real Real

This Hermès Chorus Stellarum Embroidered Scarf is one of the more expensive because of the extensive work that has gone into creating this unique and rare scarf.

Instead of a screen-printed design, the scarf has instead been embroidered with a starry, constellation-inspired design which is so beautiful.

This type of embroidery is all done by hand and takes around 35 hours to complete – making this scarf a treasured piece that is a wonderful heirloom to pass down the generations.

10. Silk Robe Legere Scarf

Black and white Hermes Silk Robe Legere Scarf

Browse Hermès Robe Legere Scarves on Fashionphile

This stunning Hermès Silk Robe Legere Scarf is so gorgeous and has a classic, timeless design that will add a high-fashion touch to your outfit.

This Hermès silk scarf has a dark background and then a white horse design, which when you look closer, you will see is made up of lots of white little flowers to create the shape of a horse – which is a motif you will see throughout Hermès designs, referencing the equestrian history of the brand.

11. Silk Les Faceties De Pegase Scarf

White, orange, yellow and black Hermes Silk Les Faceties De Pegase Scarf

Browse Hermès Les Faceties De Pegase Scarves on Fashionphile

The Hermès Silk Les Faceties De Pegase Scarf has an attention-grabbing design and will add a striking pop of color to a white outfit.

The 100% silk scarf has a geometric look in shades of red, orange, yellow, and white, and the little triangles make up a Pegasus design in the center.

The scarf is finished with red, hand-rolled edges. This incredible scarf is available for $345 from Fashionphile and is in excellent condition!

12. Plumets et Panaches Silk Scarf

White, blue, purple, and brown Hermes Plumets et Panaches Silk Scarf

Browse Hermès Plumets et Panaches Scarves on The Real Real

This Hermès Plumets et Panaches Silk Scarf is just one of the 2000 scarf designs that have been created by Hermès over the decades!

This elegant, sophisticated scarf is made from silk and is 90cm square, which means it is big enough to wrap around your neck, tie over your head, or even wear as a strapless top! This scarf has a white background with blue edges and a blue, purple, and dark brown feather plume design in the middle.

13. Silk Le Premier Chant Scarf

White, orange, and blue Hermes Silk Le Premier Chant Scarf

Browse Hermès Le Premier Chant Scarves on Fashionphile

We love the intricate pattern on this Silk Le Premier Chant Scarf from Hermès, plus the pastel colors are a great way to add a little more fun to your look, but without the scarf looking too bold.

This scarf has a beautiful design, with an orange spotted frame, a man singing, a wolf in the sky, and a whole range of flora and fauna. Plus, the white, orange, beige, and blue color scheme looks just stunning!

14. Calèche Élastique Silk Scarf

Pink, white, blue, orange, and purple Hermes Calèche Élastique Silk Scarf

Browse Hermès Calèche Élastique Scarves on The Real Real

The Calèche Élastique design on this Hermès silk scarf has a bold, eye-catching look, making this scarf a fantastic statement accessory.

The 70cm silk scarf is slightly smaller than the usual 90cm scarves but there are still various ways to style the scarf! The pink background is broken up with pops of blue, orange, purple, green, and white, creating a horse and carriage motif, similar to the one seen on the Hermès logo.

The brand name features at the bottom of the scarf as a perfect finishing touch.

15. Silk Jumping Twilly

Pink, blue, green, and yellow Hermes Silk Jumping Twilly

Browse Hermès Jumping Twillys on Fashionphile

These Hermès Twillys are a must-have in your life to accessorize any look or will add a unique touch to the top handles on your Birkin bag!

This Hermès Jumping Twilly has a pink background and features yellow and green rosettes and strap and buckle motifs for a stylish, equestrian look.

The tapered ends finish in dark blue, creating a gorgeous color scheme. The Hermès Twilly retails for just $195 – a great, affordable piece to add to your luxury accessories!

We hope you love this list of the best Hermès scarves! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below. 

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