40 Best Easter Cake Ideas To Recreate At Home

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If you celebrate Easter, chances are that a well-decorated Easter cake is part of your brunch or dinner table. Adults love them, and kids can go crazy for them.

If you’re looking for new Easter baking recipes, Easter cake decorating designs, or just a cake you can buy online and get delivered to your door, we have just the right ideas for you. There are simple recipes for kitchen novices, as well as unique and extravagant designs for those looking to try something more challenging.

Cute Easter Cake Ideas To Try

1. Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Get the recipe on The Little Epicurean

Carrots are a classic Easter ingredient, thanks to our adorable friends – the bunnies! Carrot cake is a great way to get little ones (and big kids) to eat their veggies in a yummy way.

Cream cheese is a classic frosting however this can be switched out for a dairy-free alternative, or left frosting-free as more of a tea cake.

2. Three-Layer Vanilla Cake with Strawberries

Pink Easter nest cake.

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Who said vanilla cakes have to be boring? This triple-layer vanilla cake is anything but your ordinary cake. Folding fruit into your frosting is another fabulous way to get fresh ingredients into your cake, and they can even be used to decorate the top.

3. Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath Cake

Get the recipe on The Cake Blog

We’ve already spoken about our favourite Easter wreaths – a decor option which is increasingly becoming popular for other holidays like Valentine’s Day, as well as Christmas.

This rendition of the home decor on a cake makes for the perfect thing to take to pot-luck, or post Easter egg hunt reviver!

4. Simple & Elegant

Cute Easter Thyme Cake Topper

Get the tutorial on The Blondie Locks

Simple is always best, and easiest if you’re not the next Barefoot Contessa. This simple cake could even be made using a pre-bought sponge cake.

The “naked” frosting is much easier than opaque frosting, and looks much more elevated. If you do wish to put flowers on your cake, either use fake florals or cover the stems of your real flowers with tape.

5. Mini Egg Cake

Creative Mini Egg Cake for Easter

Get the recipe on Jane’s Patisserie

From simple to chocolicious. This Easter egg cake confuses us on what we should eat first – the chocolate or the egg?

This is also a great cake to make towards the end of the season if you have been gifted many chocolate eggs and are sick of eating plain chocolate, or want to repurpose them into a more special gift.

6. Easter Bunny Three-Layer Almond Cake

Cute easter bunny cake.

Get this at Williams Sonoma

Almond is a traditional flavor like fruit cake. They are not traditional, and both have strong flavors making them perfect to pair with a cup of strong coffee.

This cake is two treats in one. As well as a slice of cake, those lucky enough to try this will also get a lovely bunny-shaped biscuit to munch on top.

7. Mini Chicks

Cute Blue Mini Chick Cake For Easter

Image via @ChristinasCupcakes

This adorable chick cake is perfect for all those who are still kids on the inside who enjoy typical Easter motifs like chicks or mini eggs.

The bright blue icing on this cake could be switched for a pastel color, or even a white if you want to make the chicks really POP!

8. Easter Egg Layered Cake

Cute Pastel Easter Egg Layered Cake

Get the recipe on I Heart Naptime

Another layered cake is exactly what your next Easter party is calling for. If you’re decorating your cake with mini eggs, matching the sponge colors to these is a small bit of effort which will make a big different, not to mention will WOW all of your guests.

Sponge cake like this can also be frozen, so don’t worry if you don’t have many people to share this one with.

9. Kit Kat Cake With Cadbury Cream Egg Filling

Kit Kat Easter Chocolate Cake With Cadbury Cream Egg Filling And Mini Eggs

Get the recipe on Evil Twin

This one is for all those who love a break, or a Kit Kat candy bar! This cake is very effective but actually means not being too careful with icing the edges of your cake, as you’ll be covering them up with the Kit Kat bars.

This cake is great if you’re having many guests around, as it is rich enough for a small slice to be satisfying – and means more leftovers for you!

10. Yellow Chick Cake

Yellow chick Easter cake.

Get this at Williams Sonoma

It’s all about the chicks! The colors of yellow and white beautifully complement each other in this adorable Easter cake. This cake could be made in any flavor, however yellow reminds us of a fresh and comforting lemon drizzle cake paired with a thick and creamy vanilla frosting.

Lemon is an acquired flavor though so if you are having many guests around, and only one dessert, maybe stick to vanilla.

11. Easter Bunny Cake

Pastel pink and yellow Easter Bunny Cake

Get the recipe on Preppy Kitchen

For the bakers who are looking for a challenge, nothing will bring in the springtime like this ombre sunset cake.

Truthfully, if you take away the chocolate bunny perched on top of the cake, this would also work as a birthday cake, or a general party cake- because why not? Any berry flavor would serve this aesthetic well, or perhaps a vanilla cake with a raspberry frosting?

12. Upside Down Bunny Cake

Cute Upside Down Easter Bunny Cake

Image via @mariii1520

This cake is more of a patisserie item, but don’t worry, you don’t need any experience working in a French bakery to make this.

The trick to getting clean layers like this is to set the cake very well between layers, and after layering the whole cake. Also, try to cut the cake in single strokes if you want to be able to see the layers separately.

13. Easter Bunny Bundt Cakes

Easter Peeps Bunny Bundt Cakes

Get the recipe on Young At Mommy

Bundt cakes are perfect if you’ve got the sponge recipe down, but your decorating skills are lacklustre. The shape of the Bundt cake comes from the tin, so you can either make mini ones, or one big one.

As for decorating, again the piping bag nozzle will do all of the work for you, simply place onto it a fun candy or chocolate bunny and some pastel sprinkles – and hey presto – you’re an expert baker!

14. Easter Nest Cake

Easter Nest Cake With Eggs

Get the recipe on Sugar Hero

This eye-catching cake does require a bit of extra effort, though as you can see from the finished product, it’s well worth it.

This would be a great gift to give someone, as cutting it during your party may be messy, and will ruin the look of the cake as soon as it’s cut. You could even make miniature cupcake versions of this if you think this will be a must at your next Easter brunch.

15. Chocolate Egg Explosion

Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

Get the recipe on Taming Twins

Easter is an excuse for anyone, whether young or old, to have all the chocolate their heart desires. This gooey chocolate explosion is sure to leave all your little guests speechless, making it great for fueling them for an afternoon Easter egg hunt whilst the adults chill and socialise.

16. White & Pink Easter Nest Design

White & Pink Easter Nest Cake With Eggs

Get the recipe on The Cake Blog

To make this fun nest design, you can again utilise your Bundt cake tin to make the round shape, similar to a doughnut. Though this is pink, you could switch this out for any color you desire – yellow is a classic Easter option!

This cake is also super easy for your guests to cut into to serve themselves – which can be an important detail for busy hosts.

17. Classic Carrot Cake

Classic carrot cake for Easter

Get this at Bergdorf Goodman

This classic carrot cake looks yummier than even the sweetest chocolate cake. Carrot cake is great to serve during the day or for brunch as it feels less like a dessert, and so is also great for an Easter afternoon tea party.

Carrot cake – without the icing – is a great cake for breakfast as it contains vegetables – though don’t have it all at once!

18. DIY Easter Basket Cake

DIY Easter Basket Cake With Mini Eggs

Get the recipe on The Cake Blog

This fun Easter cake depicts multicoloured eggs sprawled across fresh green grass – perfect for celebrating a successful day of hunting for eggs.

This cake is super chocolaty so may be a better idea to give this to little ones so the sugar rush can be put to good use with their running around.

19. Polka Dot Cake

Easter Polka Dot Cake

Get the recipe on Sugar Hero

Cakes in this style went viral on Pinterest – and it’s no surprise why. What might shock you is that this is a super easy cake to make at home. You can take a store-bought white cake, and stick on varying sizes of spherical sprinkles to create this ombre effect. If you’re baking the cake at home, a great extra touch would be to fold some of the smaller sprinkles into the batter.

20. Two-Layer Chocolate Cake With Flowers

Easter Flower Two-Layer Chocolate Cake

Get this at Williams Sonoma

The crisp, fresh color of the classic “Tiffany Blue” shade pairs perfectly with a rich, fudgy chocolate cake – in fact, the actual Tiffany Blue Box cake is the same combination. Spring, and Easter time, is when the flowers start to bloom, and so it is the perfect emblem to pay homage to on your cake.

21. Ombre Pinata Cake

Easter Ombre Pinata Cake

Get the recipe on Taming Twins

Mini eggs appear on many of our cakes, and that’s because they are the best pre-made Easter-themed cake decor – not only do they look on brand, but they are super delicious. When it comes to making cakes, don’t be too stuck on making things look perfect as any imperfections show how much time and love has been put in.

22. Chocolate Easter Egg Nest

Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

Get the recipe on Chew Town

The imperfections in this cake like the chocolate dripping down onto the cream, and mini eggs almost falling out of the nest make it look even more appealing.

Be sure to keep a bowl of mini eggs next to this cake to restock the nest as no doubt your guests may sneak a few as they walk past.

23. Woodland Tree Trunk Cake

Woodland Bunny And Tree Trunk Cake

Image via @Carol C Cake Designer

If any little ones have a birthday around Easter, this cute bunny is sure to be a hit! Though these shapes are difficult to make at home, a new phenomenon in the baking world is to buy the fondant shapes pre-made, and use them to decorate your homemade cake – the best of both worlds!

24. Easter Oreo Dirt Cake

Easter Oreo Dirt Cake With Peeps

Get the recipe on Lil Luna

Think of dirt cakes like the space between tres leches and a cake in a jar. These are great to make if baking, standing and decorating a cake feels too daunting, however, you want to make a dessert at home. 

25. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit Four-Layer Cake

Get this at Williams Sonoma

This is another great example of baking the cake at home, but getting the decor elsewhere. We have no doubts in your artistic skills, however, you’d need a significantly steady hand to paint this Peter Rabbit portrait – and after a day of cake baking, it’s the last job you’ll want to do.

26. Pastel Explosion

Colorful and Pink Easter Pastel Cake With Meringue

Image via @CFlenna

Pastels are perfect for the Easter season as we come out of the cold winter months, and embrace bringing color back into our lives.

A great trick if you ever plan on using sprinkles as your cake topping is to bake them into your cake batter – make sure the sprinkles aren’t too big and are in bold colors to ensure they are seen after being baked.

27. Colorful Carrot Decoration

Colorful Easter Carrot Decorated Cake

Image via @Dolce_Vita_Drohobych

This adorable character is another great one if you’re baking for a children’s party, whether Easter or for a birthday.

For a twist, you could make this a carrot cake, as the decor already suggests. If you’re worried about kids being fussy, make one layer vanilla, and one carrot.

28. Yellow Peeps

Yellow Peeps Easter cake

Get this at Goldbelly

Peeps are a candy which once was only available during the Easter season, so those who liked it would have to stock up for the year. Now, due to their popularity, they are available year-round – and can be used to make this adorable pale yellow ombre cake.

29. Classic Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with mini carrots.

Get this at Williams Sonoma

This carrot cake is perfect for all those who only care about the aesthetics of their desserts. This perfectly Instagrammable cake is perfect for an Easter afternoon tea, or a pre-egg hunt brunch.

30. Bunny Butt & Tree Trunk

Chocolate Bunny Butt & Tree Trunk Cake

Image via @Cally_Bakes

This is another cake which looks much more intricate than it is to make. Cake decor shouldn’t be intimidating. The baking of the cake is usually more difficult. If you make any mistakes during the decorating, don’t panic, just keep a clean knife to hand to scrape it off – and start again!

31. PEANUTS™ Easter Four-Layer Cake

Snoopy Easter cake

Get this at Williams Sonoma

Snoopy is a kitschy character loved by many generations – as the cartoon has been around for decades. This four-layer cake isn’t for the faint-hearted of bakers, but if you can pull it off – you’ll be the talk of all the parties to come.

32. Easter Bunny & Egg Pops

Cute Easter Bunny & Egg Cake Pops

Image via @Tsarcake

Cake pops are another dessert phenomenon which are super easy to make, and a little harder to decorate. The popsicle shape is made using a mould – exactly why they are all even shapes.

As for decorating, you can simply sprinkle on some edible decorations, or dip half of the cake pop into edible chocolate to create a drip effect.

33. pink Bunny

Cute Pink Easter Bunny Cake

Image via @Confeita_Facil

This one is perfect for all the little girls who love Easter but just need it to be more pink.

The multicoloured piping here is done by spooning different colors of icing into the piping bag, creating a wonderful tie-dye effect with very little extra effort needed.

34. Sleepy Chick

Cute Yellow Chick Cake For Easter

Image via @ChristinasCupcakes

Another cake for all the little ones who love Easter. This sleeping chick is almost too cute to eat. What is wonderful about this cake is very few elements have been added on top of the regular cake icing, however, the character is still instantly recognisable. 

35. Elaborate Bunny Design

Cute Easter Bunny Cake Decorating Ideas

Image via @CamRose_Cake

We might have called this elaborate, but this cake is very realistically possible to recreate at home. The lifelike hair piping of the bunny is done with a special piping bag nozzle – it usually doesn’t come with standard kits but is inexpensive to buy separately.

36. Lemon Drizzle

Luscious lemon cake

Get this at Goldbelly

The classic lemon drizzle. It’s the perfect tea cake or afternoon pick-me-up. It works perfectly well for spring as the flavor isn’t too rich, and can still be consumed with other afternoon tea items, or chocolate eggs!

Lemon drizzle is also naturally a very moist cake, and so can be made the night before and stored in an airtight container. Though we’d suggest to ice it fresh in the morning of your party!

37. Easter Chick Pops

Cute Easter Chick Cake Pops

Image via @Tsarcake

A recurring problem with Easter desserts is that they look too cute to eat. These cake pops are made as we mentioned using a standard mould, and then can be decorated as you wish. If you want to bake for every holiday – cake pops are a dessert which can be reworked year-round!

38. Black Easter Bunny

Cute Black Bunny Easter Cake

Image via @CMGCakes_

Black isn’t exactly in line with the classic Easter colors – but everything can be adjusted to suit your aesthetic, even the pastel season!

The trick with black icing is that it is very difficult to get your icing to a deep black tone, so adding in a combination of black and blue will help it along.

39. Chocolate Egg Cheesecake

Easter chocolate egg cheesecake.

Get this at Goldbelly

Cheesecake is a great dinner party dessert. It is rich, but not too sweet after a few courses and drinks. The hard chocolate shell over this one means the adults don’t need to miss out on the Easter egg fun.

The extra decor ensures it doesn’t look like an unintended object – we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

40. Speckled Easter Cake

Blue speckled Easter cake.

Get this at Goldbelly

We’ve mentioned mini eggs as a classic cake Easter candy, and cake decor. Now imagine we make that same colorful speckled shell into a whole cake, of course, decorated with more mini eggs.

A great idea for the inner frosting would be to crush up mini eggs to fold into the mixture if it isn’t already sweet enough for you!

Which of these cute decorated Easter cakes was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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