Gucci vs Prada: Which Is The Right Brand For You?

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Gucci vs Prada: What brand has the better bags, prices and quality? If you’ve been wondering how these two compare, this post is for you!

Those who have an affinity for designer handbags, sunglasses, and footwear, probably have a few items from both of these luxury brands in their closet. Gucci and Prada are two incredibly famous Italian fashion brands that have been around, taunting those who love a good spending spree, for decades. 

While they are both brands that have received some high-profile attention, they are both quite different in style and shopper demographic.

We’ve heard about Gucci in songs by Lil Pump, Tyga and Soulja Boy. Then there’s Gucci Mane who stole the brand’s name for his rapper persona.

On the other hand, Prada received attention when The Devil Wears Prada came out in 2006, starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. In the movie, Hathaway works under an intense, intimidating magazine editor (Streep) who wears a whole lot of Prada.

Deciding between what brand to splurge on can be a challenge so we’ve done a deep dive into their differences and similarities as well as their origin stories and history.

To help you come to a confident decision, we’ve also picked a few of must-have items from both Italian-based designer brands to compare. Since Gucci and Prada are quite expensive, it’s essential to do your research before dropping serious dollars at either brand. 

All About Gucci

Gucci is a luxury fashion house that’s based in Florence, Italy. The brand carries tons of handbags, footwear, clothing, makeup, swimwear, accessories, fragrances, and more that all exude Italian maximalism.

Gucci also has a line of home decor for those who want their houses or apartments to drip in opulence.  The designer brand has been around for almost 100 years, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. 

In the beginning, Gucci produced high-quality clothing and equestrian equipment for Italy’s wealthy upper class. With many years passing, the brand has been able to maintain the same class while discovering new trends that are an absolute hit with celebrities. 

Many of Gucci’s handbags and footwear are covered in its signature “Guccissima” pattern, which is embossed onto a canvas-like fabric.

The pattern features the interlocking double G logo. But not don’t worry, not everything sold by Gucci is covered in the wild, attention-grabbing pattern.

Gucci’s signature colors are red and green so many of the pieces covered in the Guccissima pattern also have red and green details, often taking the form of stripes. 

All About Prada 

Believe it or not, Prada is even older than Gucci as it was founded by Mario Prada in 1913. The Italian fashion house specializes in all the same items that Gucci does: leather handbags, accessories, ready-to-wear fashion, sunglasses, perfume, and footwear. 

Prada is known for being quite pricey but those who own pieces from Prada state that spending the money is most definitely worth it. Prada is considered very high-quality, stylish, elegant, and its clothing and handbags command the attention of others. 

Like Gucci, Prada’s business started with the creation of fine leather goods, including handbags and luggage for travel. To this day, both brands design some of the most beautiful and well-structured leather handbags to touch down in the fashion world.

Gucci vs Prada: Aesthetics & Demographics

While both designer brands are family-run, there are a few things that set them apart. Firstly, the age group that both brands attract is slightly different.

Gucci enthusiasts tend to fall within the age range of 18 to 24, whereas Prada fanatics are usually between 18 to 34. This can be attributed to Prada’s sophisticated, more simplistic style that’s admired by those who work within an office setting. Just like Meryl Streep, the magazine editor, in The Devil Wears Prada

In contract to this, Gucci’s style is more maximalist with lot of logos and an emphasis on street style. Some would even call it straight up ugly. Indeed, the brand focuses a lot on logos, and the logomania print on some clothing makes it even look a bit fake.

Interestingly, the “fake designer” aesthetic is something that Gucci fully embraces. For example, they released an entire FAKE/NOT collection of bags that had the word “fake” written in a bright font in the middle of the bags.

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Similarly, in 2018, they released their collaboration with Sega that included bags carrying a mispelled Guccy text with a “Y”, instead of Gucci. Both of these stunts definitely raised a few eyebrows!

Fake/not Gucci bag
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Gucci x Sega Guccy bag
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Over the years, Gucci has worked hard to shift their target audience to younger millennials as this age group heavily prioritizes fashion and trends more than any other demographic. 

Gucci Vs Prada Pricing

Both Gucci and Prada are similarly priced, and you’ll find it hard to find any handbags under $1,000 from both of their websites with the exception of the Prada Re-Edition Bag, currently priced $950.

As Gucci is more popular than Prada, their pieces command a slightly higher price, especially when it comes to handbags. For example, Gucci’s best-selling Marmont shoulder bag retails for $2,350, whereas Prada’s current best-seller, the Re-Edition bag is priced at $950.

Similarly, a best-selling tote bag, the Prada Galleria would cost you around $2,950, while similar leather tote bags from Gucci, the Gucci Jackie or the Gucci Diana command $2,980 and $3,980r espectively.

As for shoes, both brands have very similar pricing, with boots and other shoes typically costing anywhere from $700-$1,500.

Gucci Vs Prada: Logos

Every clothing piece and handbag sold by Gucci and Prada adorn their internationally recognized logos. 

The Gucci logo comes in a few different forms. Perhaps the most recognizable one if the GG double logo, featured in the popular Marmont bag.

Another widely recognized logo is the stylized Gucci text, often featured on t-shirts with a different set of double G’s underneath. These double G’s are also often featured on their monogram print clothing, shoes and bags.

Gucci logo t-shirt
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Prada logo canvas tote bag
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Prada also has a relatively simple logo, it’s either a triangle plate with its name on top or a circle made from ropes, featuring four knots tied in the shape of an infinity symbol and its name inside. Both logos are timeless but Prada’s is a little more classic and sophisticated, just like its clothing. 

Despite both designer brands including their logo on their pieces, Prada’s logo inclusion tends to be a little more subtle. 

Our Top Picks From Gucci vs Prada

1. Shoulder Bags 

Black Gucci Marmont bag
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Black Prada re-edition bag
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Prada has been having a lot of luck when it comes to its shoulder bags being a hit with trendsetters and fashion influencers.

Shoulder bags became super popular within the last couple of years as the chic, retro aesthetic came back into style. This also includes mom jeans, skinny sunglasses, and chunky dad sneakers. 

Prada’s Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bag has easily been one of the most sought-after bags in the last year or so. There have been tons of look alikes of this bag, which was definitely appreciated by fashionistas who couldn’t afford the real thing.

This bag was inspired by Prada’s iconic mini hobo bag and is made from Re-Nylon, a fabric produced from purified plastic trash collected from the ocean, like fishing nets and textile waste.

The cheapest bag from this line costs $950, but you can also get a bag with a removable zipper pouch that’s attached to the bag by a short chain ($1,590), or a Re-Edition bag made from calf leather ($2,150).

Gucci has had less success with its shoulder bags over the last few seasons but the GG Black Leather GG Marmont Small Matelasse Shoulder Bag is still a favorite for many.

The bag has a soft structured shape made from chevron leather, antique gold-toned hardware, and the brand’s signature double G on the front. It’s price starts at $1,100 for the super mini version of this bag, and goes all the way up to $2,690 for the medium version. We prefer the small version that retails for $2,390.

2. Tote Bags 

Black Gucci tote bag
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Beige Prada Galleria tote bag
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Tote bags are popular bags to take to the office, as they are designed to fit all the essentials that you could need in a day, sometimes even including your laptop.

When it comes to comparing the two brands in this category, both have ample options to choose from, but Prada’s is (in our opinion) the clear winner here. Prada’s Galleria tote has been around for over a decade and is highly coveted to this day.

It also has that sleek look that’s perfect for the office, and is big enough to fit an iPad.

As for Gucci, while they have many logomania print covered tote bags, we believe that the Jackie bag is a better fit for the office.

If it is canvas logo bags that you’re after, both brands have multiple good ones to choose from. For example, the Prada Mistolino Shopper Bag is perfect for summer and the beach, while the Gucci Ophidia GG tote works perfectly as a laptop or diaper bag.

3. Backpacks 

Gucci Eden backpack
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Prada Re-Edition backpack
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Absolutely everyone needs a dependable, trendy backpack in their bag collection. They are perfect for traveling, shopping, lugging all your books to class, and carrying your lunch to work. Both designer brands have several adorable, yet exceedingly functional, backpacks that are distinctly different from one another in style.

Gucci’s Eden Backpack is covered in the signature GG Supreme canvas and black leather detailing. It has the Gucci trademark leather tag, a leather top handle, mesh backing, smartphone pockets, and adjustable straps to ensure comfort. This backpack can be yours for $1,490.

Gucci’s Ophidia GG Small Backpack is also covered in the iconic canvas but also features one bright red stripe sandwiched between two green stripes. This backpack screams “Gucci”. 

The Re-Nylon Medium Backpack by Prada comes in four different colors: black, beige, white, and grey. In terms of style, it is quite similar to it’s Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bag.

This backpack features a blend of materials, the enameled triangle logo, and adjustable woven nylon straps. It also comes with a removable zipper pouch that can be used to store makeup, pens, money, or feminine products. 

Conclusion On Gucci vs Prada

If you’re torn between the two brands, we suggest considering your personal style. Fashionistas who attend formal events and like the classic look should spend the extra money and splurge on Prada.

But those who like to play around with edgy, attention-grabbing styles are best suited for Gucci. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what you purchase from either brand, it won’t become damaged or worn out quickly.

That’s truly the beauty of buying from designer brands as they are rather dependable in terms of quality. 

However, if you’re on the market for a shoulder bag, no matter your personal style, we highly recommend the Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bag because it’s incredibly trendy and can elevate any streetwear look. Plus, it’s relatively affordable!

It can also add some edginess to hyper-feminine pieces like dresses covered in dainty florals. In addition to all this, the bag is made from recycled materials so you can feel good each time you leave the house with it hanging off your shoulder.


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