Tommy Hilfiger Vs Calvin Klein: Which US Brand Is Better For You?

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There are many similarities between these iconic American brands, but what are the differences? This Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein article will explore the differences and help figure out which brand is better for you.

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are among the biggest American fashion brands, alongside Michael Kors and Tory Burch, that have become synonymous with classic and cool American style. Their relaxed, contemporary aesthetics have made them a household name all over the world and have ensured they have stayed fashionable and beloved brands for decades.

On the surface, these two brands may seem pretty similar, but when you delve a little deeper, you notice some significant differences.

To compare and contrast these brands, this article will delve into the history of each of them, explore the differences between them, and take a look at some of the best-selling products before coming to a conclusion on Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein.

Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein

The History of Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was founded in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger and textile magnate Mohan Murjani, and first began by creating smart clothing for men. The brand’s first collection consisted of shirts and chinos that had a youthful feel.

The brand changed in 1989 when new executives came in to expand the brand and change the name to Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Tommy Hilfiger continued to create menswear and became well known for their polo shirts, until 1996 when women’s clothing was added to the collection.

Much of the growth of Tommy Hilfiger across North America was due to the association with musical artists. This is something that has continued to present day, with the latest Tommy Hilfiger marketing campaign featuring Shawn Mendes.

Throughout the 1990s, Tommy Hilfiger sponsored the tours of Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz, and Sheryl Crow, and items emblazoned with the oversized Tommy Hilfiger logo were also seen on Snoop Dogg and Aaliyah.

Tommy Hilfiger continued to grow and the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, Tommy Jeans, and Hilfiger Collection ranges were added to the brand. Then in 2010, Phillips-Van Heusen, also known as the PVH Corp., bought Tommy Hilfiger and gave it a larger online presence. This classic American fashion house became innovative with its use of a digital sales room to keep up with changes in how we shop.

Through all of these decades and the changes this brand has gone through, Tommy Hilfiger has remained the brand’s principal designer, leading the label’s design teams.

the history of Calvin Klein

Fashion mogul Calvin Klein and his childhood friend launched the Calvin Klein brand in 1968 and, through connections in the New York fashion world, the first Calvin Klein jeans line was a mainstream success.

The 1970s saw the expansion of the brand; in 1971 sportswear, blazers, and lingerie were added to the women’s collection, then in the mid-70s jeans and denim were added to the collection.

These jeans were revolutionary, with the CK logo on the back pocket, causing these jeans to be wildly popular all across the United States. Calvin Klein underwear also proved very successful and the provocative adverts starring Mark Wahlberg created even more hype around these pieces.

Over the years, many other famous faces featured in Calvin Klein underwear adverts, including Justin Bieber, Kendal Jenner, Shawn Mendes, and ASAP Rocky.

The success of these collections has meant that the Calvin Klein brand has grown rapidly to become one of the largest American fashion companies and now there are many different lines that appeal to different customers across the international market.

The Differences between Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein

Taking a closer look at the differences between these two expensive brands will help you to decide which brand is right for you, so let’s delve deeper!

1. Price Range

First, we are going to explore the price ranges of some of the products from Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

The tops from Tommy Hilfiger range between $30 and $160, the dresses sell for between $50 and $630, while jeans are available for between $60 and $150. If you are looking at accessories, handbags range between $90 and $220 while shoes can be as affordable as $40 or as expensive as $200.

Now looking at Calvin Klein, tops and t-shirts are available for between $35 and $143, dresses range between $60 and $150, while jeans sell for between $60 and $170. For a Calvin Klein handbag, you are looking to spend between $70 and $200, and shoes range between $50 and $229.

As you can see, the price points for all of these pieces are pretty similar, apart from Tommy Hilfiger dresses, where there are a few more expensive pieces.

2. Materials

If you explore the materials used by both of these brands, you can gain an idea of the quality which may help you to decide which brand is better for you.

Tommy Hilfiger products in the clothes range seem to be primarily made from cotton, with some polyester pieces in there, which are blended with viscose or elastane to give a little more stretch or durability. The bags seem to be mainly made from recycled nylon, recycled polyester, or polyurethane as Tommy Hilfiger is putting a focus on sustainability.

Calvin Klein, on the other hand, uses a wide mix of materials in their clothing, including cotton, polyester, rayon, spandex, Tencel, viscose, and recycled polyester – there are fewer 100% cotton items available from Calvin Klein which may affect your decision.

The bags are mostly made from vegan-friendly faux leather, recycled nylon, or recycled polyester, again Calvin Klein is working towards making their items better for the environment.

3. brand Aesthetic

Both of the brands have different aesthetics, which may affect which brand you choose and whether Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger better suits your personal style. Tommy Hilfiger has a little more branding and more logos on their clothing and is often in bright, eye-catching colors.

Whereas Calvin Klein has a more minimalist aesthetic across all of their clothing and accessories, although the brands best-selling pieces often include the Calvin Klein logo, too. So, if you are looking for classic, timeless pieces in a neutral color palette, Calvin Klein may be the brand to go for.

Best Selling Items from Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein

There are so many incredible pieces available from both Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, so we have chosen a few best-selling items that we think you will love – and perhaps want to add to your shopping cart!

1. Tops and T-shirts
Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein shirts
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White Calvin Klein Relaxed Fit Standard Logo Crewneck T-Shirt
Get this on Calvin Klein

To add a pop of color to your wardrobe, go for this Tommy Hilfiger Pop Drop Stripe Rugby top! Made from 100% cotton for a soft and breathable feel, this top has a slightly oversized, yet cropped fit and is available in two different eye-catching colorways, both options are finished with an embroidered Tommy Jeans logo.

We just love the elegant simplicity of this Calvin Klein Relaxed Fit Logo Crewneck T-Shirt. This t-shirt is available in lots of different colors, all featuring the minimalist Calvin Klein logo and made from 100% cotton – so luxurious! This t-shirt is a staple piece that is so timeless and will really stand the test of time.

2. jeans
Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein jeans
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Black Calvin Klein 90's Dark Wash Mom Jeans
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These High Rise Slim Fit Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger are a classic pair that you will wear all the time. The light blue is so versatile while the high-waisted fit is so flattering and the tapered, raw hem ankle, gives a relaxed look. The jeans are crafted from cotton, lyocell, and recycled cotton for a sustainable finish.

90s silhouettes are so fashionable right now, and these Calvin Klein 90’s Dark Wash Mom Jeans fit perfectly into the aesthetic. These black jeans feature branded hardware and a leather CK logo badge on the back pocket for that iconic Calvin Klein look. The high-rise waist and tapered leg elongate your legs and are super flattering too.

3. Bags
White Tommy Hilfiger TJ Crossbody Bag
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Pale green Calvin Klein Myra Crossbody Bag
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This compact TJ Crossbody Bag is effortlessly versatile and so is perfect as your everyday handbag. Made from polyurethane, this white tote style bag features the Tommy jeans logo on the exterior and is finished with a red, white, and blue woven shoulder strap. The roomy interior features a wall pocket to help you stay organized.

The minimalist style of the Calvin Klein Myra bag ensures it will always look chic and sophisticated. The bag is crafted from vegan-friendly faux leather with a textured finish and embellished with sparkling silver hardware. The magnetic snap closure means easy access to the roomy interior and internal pockets.

4. Shoes
Tan and beige Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wedge Sandal
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Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein: strappy sandals
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These Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wedge Sandals are the ideal summer shoes to style with your favorite summer dresses. The neutral tones of the tan leather straps and beige textured wedge heels guarantee these sandals will suit countless outfits. The padded footbed means comfort, while the silver hardware adds a touch of glam.

A pair of black heels are a must-have and these Calvin Klein Calista High Heel Strappy Sandal are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The delicate straps that wrap over the foot and around the ankle give a striking look, while the 2.87-inch block heel is a comfortable height so you can wear these sandals all night long!


Both of these all-American luxury brands are very similar, even down to the price ranges of their clothing and accessories, so trying to decide between Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein is difficult. The decision really comes down to your own personal style and the aesthetic you are looking for in your clothing.

If you like a bit of color in your outfit and love the current logo mania trend, then Tommy Hilfiger is the brand for you – plus, lots of their pieces are 100% cotton, meaning they will last for a long time, feel breathable, and have a soft touch feel.

If you have a more paired back aesthetic and prefer neutral tones, then you should head to Calvin Klein. Their pieces may include more synthetic fibers, but the designs are effortlessly cool and will always look stylish.

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