9 Affordable Products Like Olaplex To Get Luxurious Hair

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Many of us have experienced the wonders of Olaplex in hair salons, but did you know there are many affordable products like Olaplex that you can use at home to get the same results? No longer do you need to spend hundreds of dollars just to keep your hair in great condition – now your can do it at home with one of these Olaplex alternatives for as little as $1.50!

Before we jump into all the wonderful alternatives to Olapex that are meant to be used at home, let’s have a look at what Olaplex actually is and what products like Olaplex do to the hair.


What Does Olaplex Even Do?


Olaplex isn’t just another conditioner that adds shine and smoothness to your hair, instead, it is a system that rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair.

It’s especially great for hair that has been damaged due to years of chemical treatment. Olaplex will rebuild the strength, integrity and structure of your hair strands, like a full reset.

Olaplex has been one of the most revolutionary, game-changing products for colourists as it allows them to go between light and dark hair colours while not sacrificing the health and thickness of the hair.

Olaplex is best used during colour treatment, rather than after it. The treatment is not a miracle cure for post-dyed dry hair but it can assist in strengthening the bonds that are normally broken during the colouring process. This will assist in stopping breakage and post-coloured hair having that candyfloss texture.

Olaplex is only available in salons and many salons do not carry the product. Many of the available to purchase Olapex products online are in fact fake and will do more damage than good.

Whilst the product has it’s own chemical compound there are readily available and lower cost alternatives to Olaplex. Without further ado, here are the best 9 products like Olaplex on the market.


The Best Affordable Products Like Olaplex:

1. Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection Booster


The best alternatives to Olaplex and cheap products like Olaplex


Products like Olaplex: Ion Color Brilliance


If you’ve performed a quick search on Youtube and typed in “Olaplex alternative”, you would see that the Ion Color Brilliance Booster is by far the top-recommended and reviewed product.

And that’s not surprising, considering the fact that this little miracle in a bottle only costs $1.50 and is readily available for purchase on Sally Beauty and eBay! What’s more – the small vial actually contains two doses. 

While the product is not exactly a professional bonding agent, people who have used this product swear by it (myself included!), especially because of its extremely affordable price.

If you aren’t willing to spend lots of money on an Olaplex alternative, it’s probably best if you start experimenting with this product first.


Get it on Sally Beauty | eBay


2. Redken pH-Bonder


The best alternatives to Olaplex and cheap products like Olaplex


Products like Olaplex: Redken pH-Bonder


Redken has their own uniquely formulated alternative to Olaplex that offers a synergistic system that bonds hair during and after colouring or lightening. Their PH Bonder uses 100 years of scientific expertise and a team of hairdressers to formulate their hair care product. 

The bonder aims to protect bonds during the process and keep fibres strong from the inside out. This will also help smooth the hair’s cuticles which will improve strength, encourage shine and make the strands softer.

The kit also includes an at home remedy that will carry on helping your hair’s PH after the treatment. It’s recommended you use their maintenance products once a week, before shampooing and alongside other Redken haircare products.


Get it on Ulta | Also available on EbayLook Fantastic


3. Bond Angel Plex Effect Bond Multiplier


The best alternatives to Olaplex and cheap products like Olaplex


Products like Olaplex: Bond Angel


Bond Angel was developed to help those who wanted a more intense and healthy care for blondes. This alternative to Olaplex protects and prevents damage, especially for those who already have damaged hair.

The Bond Angel Multiplier can be used during heat, colouring and /or mechanical applications. It’s the best selling bond reconstruction product in Brazil.

Bond Angel has the ability to multiply and protect the hair bonds whilst ensuring that the blonde colour is bold and vibrant as well as being strong and healthy.

Bond Angel can be used alongside bleaching, colouring, straightening and keratin. There are 3 products or 2 steps to this product. The first is a chemical protector and the second is a post-chemical rebuilder.

You can also use this Olaplex alternative on a consistent basis in a similar way as you use a hair mask, regardless of if you have bleached your hair or not.


Get it on Ebay


4. L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond


The best alternatives to Olaplex and cheap products like Olaplex


Products like Olaplex: L’Oreal Smartbond


For the last year and a half Olaplex has been battling against L’Oreal as their Smartbond formula is nearly identical to the Olaplex formula. The English courts have ruled that Smatbond infringes their patent so get this product quickly before L’Oreal have to legally remove this Olaplex alternative from the shelves!

The two step progress works in synergy with L’Oreal’s colour products and protects the hair from damage. The Smartbond kit is made up of an additive to put in colour or bleaching mix.

This additive is the bond that protects and strengthens the hair during the colouring as well as acts as a pre-shampoo that should be applied after rinsing the colour or bleach.

The main difference between the Smartbond system and Olaplex is that with the Smartbond system, malic acid absorbs into the hair during the chemical process and acts a lubricant between protein chains to gives the hair more elasticity. With Olaplex, the formula reacts directly with broken bonds.

The only downside to this product is that because it’s sales have been legally restricted it can be quite hard to get your hands on it. And if you do manage to find it, it can be quite pricy!


Get it on Ebay



  1. Yolanda Rodriguez says:

    Nice article. Could use copy editing for typos and errors though.

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to look through it!

  2. I use Brazilianbondbuilder and it is amazing. Love it, and it keeps my clients hair healthy.

    1. The coconut oil works really well. Keeping it on overnight with any type of plastic bag will also keep it a bit warmer which is nice. I have found putting the coconut oil even on the ends of the hair for a few hours makes the hair more manageable and adds shine after shampooing.
      Thank you for all your wonderful alternatives that are affordable.
      Also thank you for taking your time to give us information that is needed for those of us that want to keep our hair in the best shape with shine and as healthy as we can doing it ourselves.
      Take care, stay safe and blessings to you and your family! 🌸

  3. How to I add coconut hair to hair?

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Coconut oil becomes liquid at 25 degrees celcius, so warm a dollop between your hands and then spread it from your roots towards your ends. Coat your hair evenly with as much product as you see fit – oil is harder to wash off, so don’t go overboard. You can leave coconut hair for up to 24 h before bleaching your hair for optimal results, but if you don’t have that time, I recommend either leaving it on overnight or at least 2-3 hours prior to bleaching.

  4. Good Article ,I will try one of the alternative conditioners. I have use Olaplex in the past It helps with the knots that I get in my hair . The cause my hair to breakage. Do you know of any other product that I can use for premature gray hair . It takes a lot to strengthen and retain the hair growth for me! Help !I have curly , and Coily hair.

  5. Brooke Ellison says:

    I’m in need of a good shampoo and conditioner. My hair is extremely thin and brittle. Please help. I probably need to be using a blue shampoo
    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Hair help mucho thank you

  6. Charlotte says:

    Don’t use a blue shampoo as these are very drying for your hair…..I’m going to try fibre Plex…..as i have been using olaplex for a while now , not that impressed…

  7. Thanks for all the informations about what we can use wich it’s like olaplex. About the coconut oil di you know if I can mix it with bleach to do highlights? As we can do with olaplex n1? Thank you so much Lene Coutinho

    1. Put it on the hair first, comb through gently, wait 2 hours and process as usual. Upon rinsing out color/bleach, shampoo twice before a final conditioning.

  8. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder isn’t a Brazilian product and we can’t find it for sale in Brazil!

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