15 Best Stores Like Nasty Gal For An Insta-Worthy Outfit

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For those who would consider themselves trend enthusiasts, we’ve found 15 brands and stores like Nasty Gal that you can check out right now!

If you’ve seen Netflix’s Girlboss or have a knack for creating the perfect chic look with a hint of retro inspiration, you’re likely familiar with Nasty Gal. The online shopping boutique, famous for its budget-friendly quality products, is a huge hit with women who love fashion.

The American retailer was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006 and has quickly expanded to provide fashionable pieces to women all over the world. Now, Nasty Gal is available in more than 60 countries but is still based in Los Angeles, as the City of Angels is well known for its up-and-coming fashion scene. 

Like other online fashion retailers, Nasty Gal has committed to working towards a more sustainable future by developing more eco-friendly clothing lines. 

Nasty Gal’s online store is filled with effortless casual looks all the way to dresses that ooze party vibes. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to find at least three items to purchase each time you visit its website. While this is wonderful for your closet, it’s a little less exciting for your wallet. 

Before your next shopping spree or retail therapy adventure, be sure to explore these 15 stores and brands like Nasty Gal that are equally affordable, but offer a different shopping experience and fashion.

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal

1. Boohoo

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Boohoo
Get this on Boohoo

Boohoo is a UK-based fashion company that likes to stay on top of trends, which is why it adds more than 100 new styles every day. Like Nasty Gal, Boohoo carries tons of edgy and hyper-trendy items, including oversized graphic t-shirts, structured corset tops, distressed denim, strappy two-piece sets, brightly colored power suits, and much more.

The online clothing store is also committed to becoming more sustainable by using more recycled fabrics in its collections, reducing its carbon footprint.

Additionally, Boohoo has collections for those who are pregnant, petite, tall, and plus-sized. We love an inclusive fashion brand!

2. Pretty Little Thing

Gingham print booby halter top
Get this on PLT

If you like Nasty Gal, Boohoo, and Missguided, you’ll surely fall head-over-heels for Pretty Little Thing, otherwise known as PLT. The UK-based fashion retailer carries all of the hottest trends from monochrome sweatsuits to strappy mini dresses that are ready for a night out on the town.

For those who like to look good without spending all of their savings, Pretty Little Thing always has incredible sitewide discounts—sometimes even up to 50 percent off your entire purchase. Like Nasty Gal, Pretty Little Thing specializes in crop tops and outfits for special occasions. 


Beautiful grey cream coat
Get this on ASOS

ASOS is a very popular British fashion and beauty retailer that’s aimed at young adults, even though they have tons of pieces appropriate for other ages. It currently carries more than 850 different brands as well as its own clothing and accessories line.

Similar to Nasty Gal, ASOS has a vintage collection that’s filled with retro-inspired pieces. ASOS also has collections for petite and plus-sized individuals as everyone should be able to have fun with fashion. The fashion retailer has a collection for men as well. 

4. Topshop (on ASOS & Nordstrom)

Light grey hooded minidress
Get this on Nordstrom

Topshop is a British brand that until recently had a booming business with several independent stores all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. However, it ran into financial difficulties during the recent pandemic and is now only available online through Nordstrom and ASOS, the latter of which is also their new parent company.

Like Nasty Gal, Topshop embraces sparkles, funky prints, rhinestones, studs, distressed denim, and bold fabrics.

When shopping at Topshop, it’s near impossible to not load your cart with dozens of accessories. The brand also encompasses Topman, which is a line of trendy, fashion-forward clothing for men. 

5. Lulus

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Lulus
Get this at Lulus

Like Nasty Gal, Lulus is a great shopping destination if you’re looking for formal dresses, wedding guest dresses, casual dresses, and everything else you could ever imagine.

The online fashion boutique features curated collections of tops, dresses, skirts, accessories, outerwear, footwear, and more.

Lulus is loved by many for its impressive selection of affordable footwear, making it easy to order entire, complete outfits at once. If you’re a bride-to-be, Lulus also has tons of wedding dress options in its Bridal Shop. 

6. Princess Polly

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Princess Polly
Get this dress at Princess Polly

Princess Polly is an Australian online fashion boutique that carries items in bold prints, creative cuts, and bright colors. When wearing an outfit from Princess Polly, you’ll capture the attention of everyone you walk by.

Like Nasty Gal, Princess Polly has a plethora of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit for a night out or party. The retailer offers worldwide shipping, spreading hot fashion and the latest trends to women all over the globe. 

7. Pixie Market

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Pixie Market
Get this top at Pixie Market

This online fashion brand like Nasty Gal focuses on affordable and ready-to-wear pieces that are inspired by the hottest industry trends. Pixie Market prioritizes elevated design and quality to create minimalistic pieces that will last.

Many of the items found on its website can be effortlessly dressed up for work or dressed down for a weekend trip to the mall. Like Nasty Gal, Pixie Market loves unique designs and styles. In addition to outerwear, dresses, blouses, tank tops, skirts, and pants, the retailer also has a great selection of accessories. 

8. Forever 21

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Forever21
Get this at Forever21

There’s a common misconception that you have to be around the age of 21 to shop at this store, which is completely untrue. Everyone should be able to enjoy the brand’s vast offering of affordable, trendy pieces.

The Los Angeles-based brand like Nasty Gal offers items at unbeatable low prices so you’ll never feel guilty after a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree. It carries all of the latest trends, including knit two-piece sets and dresses, mesh tops, faux leather, and sweatpants.

Forever 21 also has a wonderful collection specially curated for plus-sized ladies. 

9. ModCloth

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: ModCloth
Get this dress at ModCloth

Fashionistas who appreciate one-of-a-kind items with personality are sure to love ModCloth, an online retailer of indie and retro-inspired clothing for women. Like Nasty Gal, ModCloth is filled with vintage gems and attention-grabbing pieces.

ModCloth carries sizes 00 to 28 so that every woman can find dresses and footwear that lets them express themselves. The online boutique also carries tons of unique home and gift items, which is super helpful around the holidays. 

10. Urban Outfitters

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Urban Outfitters
Get this at Urban Outfitters

If we had a total of the money we’ve spent at Urban Outfitters over the years, the number would be truly horrifying. This American lifestyle retailer sells clothing, home goods, footwear, and beauty items that inspire and spark creativity.

Like Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters doesn’t shy away from edginess and badass styles. When browsing its website, you’ll find combat boots, flannels made with recycled fabric, mesh crop tops, and more.

Urban Outfitters also has a collection of men’s clothing that will look stunning on your significant other, brother, cousin, or father—the possibilities are endless. 

11. Storets

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Storets
Get this dress at Storets

Storets carries all of the latest fashion and accessories you’ve seen on influencers, celebrities, and bloggers. It claims that everything found on its website is “blogger-approved”.

The online clothing store like Nasty Gal has tons to offer when it comes to blouses, crop tops, dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, swimwear, jewelry, bags, eyewear, and more. If you’re into Zara, Storets carries a very similar vibe to it.

12. AllSaints

Black and white patterned dress from AllSaints
Get this dress at AllSaints

AllSaints is a fashion retailer that’s headquartered in London, specializing in clothing for women and men, accessories, and footwear. Like Nasty Gal, sustainability is important for AllSaints.

The brand recently introduced its responsibly sourced collection, which was created with recycled wools and yarns, and vegan leather. It was also produced with innovative water-saving techniques.

Everything found on the AllSaints website is exceedingly fashion-forward, edgy, and will add flair to your wardrobe. When it comes to prices, AllSaints has a much higher price point than Nasty Gal. 

13. Mango

Mesh long sleeve tee
Get this shirt at Mango

Mango was founded in Barcelona, Spain, which gives it a leg up on the competition when it comes to warm weather and vacation attire. This fashion brand like Nasty Gal has collections for women, men, teenagers, and kids so that your entire family can shop together.

Along with carrying the latest trends, Mango is committed to reducing its environmental impact. By 2022, Mango is aiming to create 100 percent of its products with sustainable fabrics and through environmentally-friendly processes.

Mango really knows what it’s doing when it comes to faux fur coats, screen-printed hoodies, tweed jackets, and little black dresses. 

14. Akira

Faux green leather dress
Get this dress at Akira

If sexy clothing is something you seek, look no further than Akira’s website. This online fashion retailer boasts an impressive collection of cute tops, sexy bodycon dresses, and plenty of shoes.

In terms of price point, Akira’s pieces are priced quite similarly to those of Nasty Gal’s. Akira doesn’t shy away from bright colors and bold prints, which is exactly what we love about the retailer.

It also carries tons of popular clothing and footwear brands in addition to its own line, including Adidas, Azalea Wang, Champion, Fila, and Puma. 

15. Missguided

The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal: Missguided
Get this on Missguided

Missguided hails from the UK, which ensures that it’s also on top of the fashion trends in Europe, not just in America. The online retailer adds hundreds of styles each week and tends to carry pieces that are edgy and will make a statement.

Missguided often does collaborations with high profile influencers and bloggers, as well as mainstream companies like Playboy. Its Playboy x Missguided collection is perfect for those who like comfortable, streetwear-style clothing.

Like on Nasty Gal’s website, shoppers will also find tons of mini skirts, party dresses, knits, accessories, and footwear on Missguided.com. 

We hope you got inspired by these 15 stores and brands like Nasty Gal! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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