How To Create A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe With Stylish Pieces

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For a casual yet professional work get-up, we made you a guide on how to build the perfect business casual capsule wardrobe.

We are firm believers that every modern woman needs a business casual capsule wardrobe for both the office and for times when you just want to look sleek and put together.

Firstly, what is business casual? This type of dress code mostly consists of formal (but not too formal) clothes like dress pants, turtlenecks, long sleeves, blouses, midi skirts, the occasional blazer, cardigan, professional dresses, and more.

However, don’t mix this up with the work capsule wardrobe, as the goal for the business casual wardrobe is to give off a professional look with casual alternatives. In the modern day business environment, more and more companies have started embracing the smart casual dress code, shifting from dry and dreary office wear to casual work outfits that actually reflect the personal style of the wearer.

A business casual capsule wardrobe is supposed to make you look well-put together, whether it’s for a day in the office or for a quick run to the coffee shop. A business casual attire is more relaxed, but also formal enough for a professional setting. 

However, coming up with a nice and smart outfit to wear every single day might be a daunting task, which is why we suggest building a capsule wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe is convenient for those women who work in casual environments where formal wear is not required for everyday wear. 


How To Build The Perfect Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe


How To Build The Perfect Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe


Like most capsule wardrobes, items should be in a neutral color palette to make them easy to match with other pieces. Avoid bright colors as these are hard to match and style with different pieces. It’s best to stick to solid color like white or black, as well as beige or blush.

If you absolutely love color, you can add in colorful pieces too, but make sure to include lots of pieces from the same color family that go well together. 

The clothes need to be versatile too, so certain styles like off-the-shoulder blouses or patterned tops should be kept to a minimum. It’s best to stick to the basics! Remember, less is more. You can build different outfits with just a couple of casual pieces, which is why it’s very important to pick out basic yet timeless clothing that you can build outfits with. 

You also don’t really have to purchase new pieces to build your capsule wardrobe! You can rummage through your closet and find casual outfits from past years that you can add to your business casual collection. In fact, some pieces from your work capsule wardrobe can also be brought over to this version. It’s a great way to be economical! 

If you’re still new to the whole capsule wardrobe thing and you want to start fresh with new and versatile pieces, we got you. Below, we compiled a capsule collection of the perfect pieces for a business casual wardrobe. 


The Essentials For Your Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Tops & Blouses


Black bodysuit

Black bodysuit | This black bodysuit is perfect if you want to achieve that sleek tuck-in look without your top riding up. It’s a great option, especially for a casual Friday get-up. Pair this with some white ankle pants and a black pointed-toe sandal!




Sweetheart neckline bodysuit in white

Sweater bodysuit | This bodysuit has a sweetheart neckline, so you can totally add statement pieces like a nice necklace to your overall look. Wear this with either dress pants or straight-leg jeans and a pair of block heels, and you’re good to go!

This bodysuit also comes in different colors like emerald green, if you want to add a pop of color to your look.



White button-down shirt

Button-down shirt | For business meetings, this white blouse will do the job of making you look formal and put together. Pair this with denim straight leg jeans or black pants, and complete it with your favorite tan mules and your crossbody bag.

If you want to look extra polished, wear this with a black or navy blazer from your work capsule wardrobe for a perfect balance between formal and casual.


Beige cardigan

Mohair cardigan | We totally love this blush cardigan! For a more relaxed and laid-back look, we suggest wearing this cardigan especially on chilly days. This is such a quality piece that you can even bring over to your fall, winter, or even spring capsule wardrobe.




White v-neck blouse

V-neck blouse | This Zoom-ready shirt will have you looking from housewife to businesswoman in just a matter of seconds! Best part? If you’re working from home, you won’t need to change out from your lounge pants. 



Bottoms & Dresses


Beige ankle pants

Ankle pants | These ankle pants hit the sweet spot between work and play, which means you can also wear them for a day out with the besties, brunch with the ladies, or date night with the boyfriend.




Leather pants | Every capsule wardrobe needs a least one pair of leather pants. This will give a couple of extra coolness points to your work wardrobe because of their unique nature. Plus, this is the perfect bottom to wear during colder months!




White linen pants

Paperbag pants | Your work wardrobe seriously needs these lightweight linen paperbag pants. They’re super high waisted, which can be the perfect pair to the bodysuits listed above. Wear this with a blazer of the same color, and you’ve got a #GirlBoss look. 




Black Faux leather leggings

Faux Leather Leggings | These leather leggings are the perfect addition to a business casual wardrobe as they feel super comfortable, but look presentable at the same time.

You can mix these with some of the items we’ve outlined here like the v-neck blouse, but they also look super stylish with a simple beige blazer and a strappy camisole. (Editor’s note: that’s my signature, almost-daily look!)

These leggings also come with a moto motif, if the simple solid faux leather look is a little too minimalistic for you.


Sage green sweater dress

Sweater Dress | Adding a sweater dress to your capsule wardrobe is a must. Plus, it’s so easy to style! You can wear sweater dresses on their own with a pair of boots, loafers or sneakers and look super chic while doing it. Or, if it’s really cold, add a pair of Spanx leggings under to keep you warm!

We love this stylish sage green dress as it’s a neutral color that is quite rare at the same time. Like khaki or olive green, sage green also suits most people, making it a great color to add to your year-round capsule wardrobe.





Cream tote bag

Leather tote | What’s a modern woman without a modern tote bag? This gorgeous tote bag in cream can hold everything you need – keys, wallets, water bottle, sanitizers, both your work and personal phones, anything really — while still keeping you looking stylish.




Black loafers

Loafers | Aside from heels, loafers are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear that you’ll need in your wardrobe for a perfect modern-day business casual outfit. 

These loafers also come in tan and ivory, if you prefer lighter shades of footwear.



Tan mules

Mules | Mules are perfect for a relaxed vibe. If you’re going for a casual style, ditch the boring ballerina flats! These mules with pointed toes will make your feet appear sleeker and more professional-looking.




Light grey ankle boots

Light grey ankle boots | Every girl needs a pair of ankle boots in their wardrobe. While a pair of black ankle boots is almost essential, consider getting a pair in a lighter neutral shade too. These light grey ankle boots are great to match with the cream tote bag that we’ve featured, as they’re both very similar hues.




Crossbody bag | This minimalist crossbody bag features a quilted leather exterior and gold hardware, and can be paired with any outfit in the capsule wardrobe! A busy woman needs to have her hands free, so a crossbody bag is a great option.




Clutch | This chic clutch adds a touch of elegance to your overall business casual look. Because it looks unique, this can be used as a statement piece and it will surely stand out!





Tan coat | We love a tan coat for a good number of reasons: it keeps you warm, it elevates your look instantly, plus it’s a really good color to pair with any outfit there is (as long as it complements the other pieces of clothing you’re wearing).

If you’re stepping outside to grab a quick lunch or your favorite latte, this tan coat will keep you warm yet stylish at the same time.




Grey coat | Every versatile capsule wardrobe needs at least one grey coat. Grey coats can be worn on top of any outfit, and they’re the perfect coat to grab if you’re going out for a quick errand.





Wool coat | This wool coat will keep you warm and snug, all while looking sleek and professional at the same time. We recommend having at least one black coat in your business casual capsule wardrobe for their versatility, be it a short coat or a long trench coat – the option is yours.



We hope you found this capsule wardrobe guide helpful! Do you have any ideas for your capsule wardrobe already? Let us know in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.


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