15 Best Feminine Brands Like For Love And Lemons

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For Love And Lemons is a clothing brand that glows with inspiration and vibrancy. Their vintage style dresses, tops, and skirts echo that romantic era appeal while borrowing patterns and cuts that keep everything modern. Their lace designs are lovely and pop, and their vibrant patterns make you look like a blossoming flower in a valley. This combination makes For Love And Lemons stand out by feeling refreshing and original, while not reinventing fashion.

However, For Love And Lemons might not be to everyone’s taste. They incorporate a lot of lace and billowing fabric that might not be to your style, or perhaps their sizes aren’t perfect for your unique shape. Let’s explore 15 brands like For Love And Lemons and see what different styles are out there to help you add those perfect pieces to your wardrobe.


The Best Brands Like For Love And Lemons

1. ASTR the Label


Feminine dresses like For Love And Lemons: ASTR The Label Best stores like For Love And Lemons: ASTR The Label


Returning to more floral and vibrant designs, ASTR the Label is one of the best brands for a mixture of great style and pricing. They focus their styles and cuts on modern fashion to not feel too outdated, but with bright highlights of vintage flair with nature-inspired patterns and lacing.

While they have some amazingly elegant pieces, they aren’t as elegant and flowing as For Love And Lemons, but they bring their timeless appeal to the brand. Not to mention their prices can be amazing for the craftsmanship and designs.


Also available on Nordstrom | Nordstrom Rack | Revolve


2. Reformation


  Dresses like For Love And Lemons: Reformation

Dresses like For Love And Lemons: Reformation


Reformation might be your new favorite brand for both its style and its philosophy. They’re focused on establishing ethical farming practices, supporting good wages for their workers, recycling fabrics, and helping the environment. Their styles are similar to For Love And Lemons with touches of simplicity and comfort that make them great for everyday wear.

Many of their pieces work with lighter pastels and simple designs that help keep the outfits from becoming too outlandish while staying stylish. We recommend checking out their basic lineup with great simple outfits and additions that are low-key trendy and lovely at the same time. As a bonus, Reformation is one of the few brands on this list that have an amazing selection for plus-sizes!


Also available on Nordstrom


3. Princess Polly


Cute dark green polka dot mini dress Cute sage green mini dress


Princess Polly is a store like For Love And Lemons that is wholly focused on making some of the chicest affordable dresses out on the market. This dedication allows them to have an expansive variety of day dresses that range from feminine dresses that would be wonderful at picnics to mini dresses that would be amazing for those weekend nights out.

Princess Polly loves neutrals as well as toned down, muted colors like shades of pink, pale blue and lovely yellows with light drapes of fabric that flow as you walk. They are certainly worth checking out if you want dresses something that’s on the trend.


4. HelloMolly


Stores like For Love and Lemons: Hello Molly  Stores like For Love and Lemons: Hello Molly


If you’re looking for more of a feminine store like For Love And Lemons that accentuates your curves and has touches of flash and pizazz, HelloMolly is one of the best brands to check out. They love lower-cut dresses and skirts with splashes of vintage patterns and flair that harkens back to the past where dresses and skirts were the height of fashion.

They’re big on empowering women to not be afraid of lace, draping fabrics, and tighter cuts to make them feel like a gorgeous queen. Their rompers are especially great for a quick and lovely outfit to throw on before running out shopping or for a last-minute date.


5. Bohme


Stores like For Love And Lemons: Bohme Stores like For Love And Lemons: Bohme


Bohme is such a unique brand with deep roots with an amazing story of their founders coming to the US from Brazil. They brought along with them the modern bohemian fashions of the region. Their designs are flowing and comfortable with strong touches of that bohemian adventurous spirit that much South America is known for.

This Latin flair lends their pieces wonderful confidence and pride that’s hard to beat. Much of their styles rely on that sun-faded beach look without being too frilly or chic, and they aren’t afraid of offering torn jeans alongside flowing sundresses. This isn’t even mentioning that their prices are excellent for the quality you receive.


6. Sabo Skirt


Dresses like For Love And Lemons: Sabo Dresses like For Love And Lemons: Sabo


Sabo is a brand that gushes with some of the most focused, but highly versatile style ideals. They love that European beach style of sundresses, free-flowing fabrics, and that laid-back but gorgeous appeal, unlike other brands. By just viewing their selection, you can just imagine strolling along a Tuscan beach at sunset.

Their beach aesthetic isn’t just focused on dresses and lingerie, but also comfortable spring sweaters and easy outfits that would be amazing to wear while shopping at an open-air mall. Their swimwear is also one of the best with a variety of sweaters and skirts to help tie a beautiful beach outfit together.


7. Free People


Pink polka dot romper Yellow bohemian summer dress 


If you’re searching for one of the best bohemian stored like For Love And Lemons out there, Free People might be perfect for you. Their styles are greatly inspired by the European bohemians with a variety of worldly touches in patterns, cuts, and styles that breathe new life.

Their pieces hold this power and strength that can lend anyone an amazing sense of confidence in their beauty. Free People loves pushing the barrier of how much vintage bohemian style they can bring to the market, but that marks them as amazing if you love their styles. Recently they’ve branched out into bohemian-styled athleisure that incorporates loose and tight designs to help curve figures and make you feel strong and able to tackle anything.


8. Tularosa


Brands like For Love And Lemons: Tularosa Brands like For Love And Lemons: Tularosa


Tularosa is a brand that can pass easily under the radar, but that’s completely undeserving of this amazing brand! They have this wonderful focus on more simple designs and cuts that help accentuate your body, unlike many other brands can. They take this design aesthetic and mix it with small vintage touches like lacing, pleats, and subtle patterns that allow their clothing to appear simple, but very intricate.

This allows Tularosa to be somewhat of an everyday wear brand that you can feel confident about wearing without standing out too much but makes you feel empowered and beautiful at the same time. Their swimwear is also some of the best, borrowing their signature simplicity with refined cuts that can make anyone look amazing.


9. Cleobella


Brands like For Love And Lemons: Cleobella Brands like For Love And Lemons: Cleobella


Cleobella is a brand born from the owner’s travels and inspiration along the way. They offer patterns and designs that have been brought from places like South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America with a vintage bohemian spin.

This is unlike the normal floral and animal print designs with interesting natural designs and patterns shared across the world over. This makes them wholly unique as the tasteful borrowing of these styles brings a new spin into anyone’s wardrobes without making them feel too foreign or bold. They are also focused on providing ethical work to their farmers and craftspeople who hand make every piece while keeping prices reasonable.


10. LoveShackFancy


Feminine dresses like For Love And Lemons: LoveShackFancy Feminine dresses like For Love And Lemons: LoveShackFancy


If you haven’t heard or seen LoveShackFancy, they’re one of the best stores like For Love And Lemons if you’re looking for elegant and fanciful dresses and pieces. Their design philosophy is wrapped in this unearthly appeal like ethereal angels gifted the designs and patterns.

They love incorporating lace, bright colors in light splashes, and make everything look flowing and curve with the winds. They are, however, a luxury-priced brand as there is a lot of work put into their designs and crafting of their pieces. But if you’re drooling over their pieces like we often do, they’re well worth the price!


Also available on Nordstrom


11. Minkpink 


Brands like For Love And Lemons: MinkPink Brands like For Love And Lemons: MinkPink


Minkpink is a small boutique based in Australia following much of the fashion from “down under” where they love to mix boho styles with modern cuts. Many of their dresses are cut similar to sundresses but have a unique elegant twist to them. They love to bring floral and stripes to let their outfits bloom with life and vibrance while remaining subtle and comfortable.


12. Majorelle


 Brands like For Love And Lemons: MajorelleBrands like For Love And Lemons: Majorelle


If you’re looking for something that’s both sexy and elegant, Majorelle might be one of your top picks. They’re based in Los Angeles, but their inspiration is born from luscious Portuguese fashion with short skirts, lots of thin lace but a touch of refinement that leaves their pieces feeling more chic than sleek.

This amazing combination of sexy Latin influence and modern style is worth checking out for that amazing club outfit.


13. Bardot 


 Dresses like For Love And Lemons: BardotDresses like For Love And Lemons: Bardot


Bardot is another fashion brand born from Australia and has a long history dating back to 1996 where they made big waves into the international fashion scene. Many of their outfits fill a unique area of both practical for everyday wear and playful with a little more reveal and flirty nature tossed in.

Their lace jumpsuits are incredible with intricate designs and versatility. They also are one of the best brands for those hot summer days with their flowing skirts and linen pants.


Also available on ASOS


14. AFRM 




AFRM, based on the word affirmation, lives up to its name. The brand is focused on crafting unique dresses, tops, and skirts that inspire courage and strength through striking designs and patterns.

Many of their tops and outfits harken back to the early ‘90s with tasteful applications of tie-dye and animal patterns that seem like the pieces strolled off a high-fashion runway while staying comfortable. But don’t be fooled as they also carry a surprising array of floral dresses, professional yet sexy tops and sweaters, and even venture into nature prints in a classy way.


15. ASOS


 Black polka dot dress with ruffles Sweetheart mini dress with puffed sleeves


ASOS is a one-stop-shop for any variety of styles and pieces that you can imagine. They carry multiple separate brands, as well as their own line ASOS Design, that breathes new life into the modern era with romantic fashion much like For Love And Lemons.

Because of this, they have a wide selection from where anyone can build an outfit or wardrobe from. They are also one of the few on this list that sells undergarments like For Love And Lemons, as well as and sweaters that are to die for in the colder months. ASOS is a store always worth checking out if you’re looking for any style or piece to make your outfits shine.



If you love the look For Love And Lemons but want to explore other labels that offer their own unique approach to clothing, these 15 stores like For Love And Lemons are the best places to go for romantic and feminine dresses.


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