15 Best Designer Bucket Bags To Invest In 2022

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Looking forward to your next designer bag purchase? What about bucket bags? Here are the best designer bucket bags that you should check out.

Bucket bags go way back—to the 1940s to be exact. But the reason why they were invented is why we love them so much. Gaston Vuitton invented the bucket bag to carry multiple bottles of champagne without breaking the bottles!

Back in the 1940s, Louis Vuitton dominated the world of bucket bags, but many designer brands caught on after seeing just how popular they were among fashion lovers. Gaston Vuitton’s first bucket bag model, the Noé (which is still in production!) was capable of carrying five bottles of the sparkly beverage—four around the base and then one placed downwards in the middle.

The drawstring that went through the top of the bag could then be cinched, securing all of the bottles so that they wouldn’t rattle or break when being transported. Because of its functionality, this bag became a huge hit with socialites and partygoers in the 40s.

While we could still use bucket bags for toting bottles of champagne, most people just use them as day-to-day bags in the current century. They are still very popular as they can tote all of your items, plus some. Once everything is tossed into the bucket bag, drawstrings and even sometimes snap closures ensure that nothing falls out. 

Most of the popular bucket bag styles today also feature an adjustable strap so they can be worn on your shoulder, across your body, or carried by hand.

While mini bucket bags have become more and more popular, typical bucket bags are still larger in size, which means that they are extremely practical for running errands or when traveling. There’s tons of room for your sunscreen, makeup, passport, wallet, gum, and even a water bottle. 

If you’re looking to find the designer bucket bag of your dreams, check out these 15 bags that will surely steal your heart:

The Best Designer Bucket Bags

1. Gucci Marmont Mini Bucket Bag 

Gucci Marmont Mini Bucket Bag 
Get this bucket bag on Gucci

While this mini bucket bag can’t carry full bottles of champagne, it can carry a phone and your wallet, which is great if you’re looking for a light bag that’ll keep your hands free. The Gucci Marmont Mini Bucket Bag is made with black matelasse chevron-printed leather and has a microfiber lining with gold-toned hardware.

As for special details, it has a double G on the front, a detachable key ring, two slots for your cards, and a chain strap. This bucket bag costs $980 and also comes in white. 

2. Tory Burch T Monogram Bucket Bag

Tory Burch T Monogram Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Tory Burch

This bucket bag is covered in Tory Burch’s signature monogram canvas fabric with fine leather trim, gold hardware, and leather straps. This bag can carry an 8-inch tablet and has an easy-to-clean microfiber lining in case anything spills.

Like most bucket bags, the Tory Burch T Monogram Bucket Bag has a flat bottom with protective feet so that you don’t have to worry about setting it on surfaces. It also has a top handle and an adjustable strap so that it can be worn as a crossbody bag while you run errands.

The most popular colors of this bucket bag are navy and gold monogram fabric, as well as the beautiful hazelnut jacquard pattern that costs $448.

3. Fendi Mon Tresor 

Fendi Mon Tresor 
Get this bucket bag on 24s

This bucket bag is definitely an investment as it retails for $1,950. However, because this style of bag is so functional and practical, we’re sure you’ll get your money’s worth of use out of it.

Fendi’s Mon Tresor bucket bag is made with brown leather with an embossed FF print all over and features detachable shoulder straps, gold hardware, and a solid leather drawstring. This bucket bag comes in dark brown and white/beige. Like the Gucci bucket bag, it’s relatively small and fits just your phone, wallet and other small essentials.

4. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Nordstrom

This bag is a cult favorite among bucket bag enthusiasts as it was responsible for reviving the bucket bag trend back in 2013. It’s made from Saffiano leather and features intricate top-stitching, an adjustable strap, drawstring closure, and an embossed brand logo at the bottom above its flat base.

The bag comes in light pink, black, and red but we recommend starting with black if it’s your first designer bucket bag. The black version of the bag has a deep red interior, which definitely gives it an elevated look. It costs $495.

5. Balenciaga Extra Small Wheel Logo Bucket Bag

Balenciaga Extra Small Wheel Logo Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Nordstrom

The Balenciaga Small Wheel Logo Bucket Bag is definitely more casual and sporty than some of the others on this list as it’s made with recycled nylon and has the brand’s logo printed on the front.

This compact bucket bag has a top handle and an adjustable strap so that it can be worn over your shoulder or across your body. It’s water-resistant, has a pocket on the inside, and has a drawstring closure to secure all of your stuff. This fashion-forward bucket bag retails for $950.

6. Loewe Balloon Bucket Bag

Loewe Balloon Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Net-A-Porter

This bag was released in spring 2020, which means it encompasses all of the trendiest features and details. The Loewe Balloon Bucket Bag is made from cotton canvas and tan leather with an embossed logo on the front.

This canvas-covered bucket bag is casual in style, which makes it perfect for days spent walking around the city or wandering the park. Loewe’s Balloon Bucket Bag is made in Spain and costs $2,300. 

7. Gucci Horsebit Bucket Bag

Gucci Horsebit Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Net-A-Porter

This bucket bag was inspired by the decade when Gucci’s iconic gold horsebit made its debut. It’s made with Gucci’s GG Supreme canvas that has a low environmental impact with a leather base and strap, and gold hardware.

The bag has a slip pocket on the inside, which will securely hold your favorite red lipstick or your hand sanitizer. The Gucci Horsebit Bucket Bag comes in two colors with the Supreme canvas: white and brown. It retails for $1,980. 

8. Chloe Raffia Bucket Bag

Chloe Raffia Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Net-A-Porter

The Chloe Raffia Bucket Bag is the perfect summer or vacation accessory as it is slightly bohemian in style. For this bag, Chloe teamed up with skilled Kenyan artisans to craft this raffia bag that’s long-lasting and fashionable.

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The exterior of the bag is made with natural straw and leather detailing. It features a leather drawstring and front plaque that displays the brand’s name and some text regarding the bag’s unique details. It comes in brown, blue, and orange leather, and costs $770.

9. Chanel Mini Drawstring Bucket Bag

Chanel Mini Drawstring Bucket Bag
Get this pre-loved bucket bag on Fashionphile

This bag, like most Chanel items, is definitely an investment but it will last forever and won’t go out of style. Chanel bags are also very easy to resell once you’re finished using them as vintage Chanel is hot, hot, hot!

This bucket bag is made from shiny calfskin leather and has a leather-threaded gold strap, drawstring, and a red fabric interior. The front of the bag dons a huge embossed Chanel emblem. This super chic bucket bag can be purchased from Fashionphile for $3,420, or in-store if you are lucky!

10. Prada Tessuto Nylon Mini Bucket Bag

Prada Tessuto Nylon Mini Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Fashionphile

We absolutely adore this bag as it can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you’re wearing. Pair it with a mini dress and strappy sandals for a dressy night look or with jeans and an oversized hoodie for a very casual look. 

This bucket bag is made with black nylon and has a top cinch strap, leather shoulder strap, and polished brass hardware. It can be purchased from Fashionphile for only $925.

11. Saint Laurent Teddy Leather Bucket Bag

Saint Laurent Teddy Leather Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Nordstrom

This red bucket bag is definitely a show-stealer and will surely capture the attention from everyone in the room. The Saint Laurent Teddy Leather Bucket Bag features a silver chain strap, silver stamped logo on the front, and red drawstrings on either side of the bag.

Our guess is that you can easily fit two bottles of bubbly in this bag. Wearing this bucket bag is the easiest way to add a pop of color and excitement to your outfit. 

12. Tory Burch Fleming Bucket Bag

Tory Burch Fleming Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Tory Burch

Full transparency, this Tory Burch bucket bag is definitely one of our top picks. The Fleming bag is made from soft leather printed with an oversized diamond design and has a drawstring at the top with gorgeous tassels dangling from each end.

The bag has a gold chain strap and a gold double T charm attached to the drawstring. While this bag is on the smaller side, it can still fit your iPhone, makeup essentials, credit card, and ID.

This bucket bag, made from Napa leather, retails for $368 and comes in black, cream, and beeswax yellow. 

13. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche 

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche
Get this bucket bag on Net-A-Porter

This ivory canvas bucket bag by Saint Laurent is simple yet chic with a contrasting black monogram that will capture everyone’s attention. Unlike many of the other bags, this one has a snap closure instead of a drawstring, making it very sleek and simple.

While it’s made from canvas, its handles are crafted from black calf leather. This bucket bag also comes with a dust bag that’s perfect for storing it in your closet or when taking it on vacation with you. The Rive Gauche bag retails for $1,490.

14. Gucci Ophidia Bucket Bag

Gucci Ophidia Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Gucci

We love this Gucci bucket bag because it is casual but it can definitely be worn with a more formal outfit as well. Covered in Gucci’s famous GG Supreme canvas with red and green stripe detailing, the bucket bag is high fashion and will make a statement.

It has gold-tone hardware, an adjustable strap, drawstring closure, and brown leather trim. The super chic Gucci Ophidia Bucket Bag can be yours for $1,250.

15. Tory Burch Leather Bucket Bag

Tory Burch Leather Bucket Bag
Get this bucket bag on Tory Burch

This bucket bag is classy and will stay fashionable no matter how much the trends change. The Tory Burch Bucket Bag celebrates the brand’s iconic logo and features its new T monogram on gold hardware on the drawstring.

Fashion enthusiasts will be impressed with its fine leather and intricate stitching along the sides. This bag retails for $498 and comes in black, brown, and a mossy green color. 

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