25 Must-Have Rave Outfits To Wear This Season

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Raves are back and better than ever. If you’re going to an EDM festival near you soon, here are 25 of our favorite rave outfits to recreate.

It’s summer, which means that it’s rave season once again! And whether you’ve just discovered the overwhelming delight of raves and EDM, or already live the dream on an almost daily basis, it accomplishes nothing to show up to a rave without the right outfit! In fact, if you’re not 100% happy with your look, it may well be better to stay home…

EDM (a common abbreviation for Electronic Dance Music) is currently undergoing a revival, and the rave clothing that goes with it is back in fashion.

If you’re planning to attend a rave this season, then it’s important that you’re well prepared. Common elements of rave outfits include fishnet tights, holo clothing, neon-colored tops or bottoms, kandi bracelets, one-piece bodysuits, and more.

The fashion aesthetics can range from country to neon gothic – you have all the creative authority to create your own unique style! Just remember to make sure that your outfit is comfortable -– after all, you’ll be dancing the night away.

A big part of the fun associated with going to raves is the outfits that people wear. You see, dressing for a rave will help make your rave experience more fun and memorable – plus, you’ll get to post some amazing pictures for Instagram!

With that said, below we’ve featured the best rave outfits that you can recreate for your next EDM rave party. Most of the outfits and pieces below are completely shoppable, so if you see something that you like, simply click on the photo and it will take you on the retailer’s website for purchase.

Let’s get started!

The Best Rave Outfits


White rave outfit with fringe and hat

Get this bodysuit on Etsy


Pink glitter outfit for festivals

Get this look on Beginning Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Black lace up sequin crop top

Get this top on Princess Polly


The Best Rave Outfits: White sequin fishnet top and mini skirt

Via White Fox Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Star shaped bra top with black leather mini skirt and sequin gloves

Get this look on Pretty Little Thing


Cute all black rave outfit with white cow boy boots

Get this look on Beginning Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Silver holo backless dress

Get this dress on White Fox Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Black mesh sequin mini dress

Get this mesh dress on Princess Polly


Cute black rave outfit with bikini and sequin kimono

Get this look on Etsy


The Best Rave Outfits: Black mesh crop top with chain belt and green mini skirt

Get this chain belt on Pretty Little Thing


The Best Rave Outfits: Black mesh mini skirt and top with cowboy hats

Get this look on Beginning Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Blue satin holo mini skirt with black sequin bra

Get this outfit on Etsy


The Best Rave Outfits: Sultry black halter one-piece and sequin skirt

Get this one piece on White Fox Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: White sequin fringe flare pants

Get these pants on Etsy


The Best Rave Outfits: Black crochet mini dress

Get this dress on Pretty Little Thing


The Best Rave Outfits: Baby blue mesh cutout romper

Get this look on White Fox Boutique



The Best Rave Outfits: Leather mini skirt and printed bralette

Get this top on Princess Polly


The Best Rave Outfits: Black leather lace up mini skirt

Get this mini skirt on Beginning Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: Green snake print pants and bralette

Get these pants on Pretty Little Thing


Fun silver holographic festival and rave outfit with hat

Get this outfit on Etsy


The Best Rave Outfits: Holo metal chain top and skirt

Get this outfit on Etsy


The Best Rave Outfits: Green halter crochet dress

Get this look on Beginning Boutique


The Best Rave Outfits: White denim mini skirt and corset top

Get this skirt on White Fox Boutique



The Best Rave Outfits: Gold mesh cape dress

Get this cape dress on Etsy

And there you have it! Our favorite rave outfits to try this season. Have you found your next rave outfit from this list? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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