Pandora Vs James Avery: Which Jewelry Brand Is Better?

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As some of the best-selling jewelry brands in the United States, it can be difficult to decide on Pandora vs James Avery – but we’ve got all you need to know to help you make a decision.

If you are looking for affordable, but still luxurious jewelry, then you need to check out both Pandora and James Avery.

If you are trying to decide which one to go for, then this article is here to help you out. We’re going to look at the histories, compare the difference and explore some of the top items from each brand before coming to a decision on Pandora vs James Avery.

Pandora vs James Avery

History of Pandora

This company began as a family jewelry shop in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his then-wife Winnie began by importing jewelry.

Then in 1989, the Enevoldsen’s hired jewelry designers and established a manufacturing site so they could create their own selections of jewelry.

Interestingy, it wasn’t until 2000 that charms and charm bracelets were added to the Pandora cannon. Now, it is these items that Pandora is primarily known for.

In the mid-2000s, Pandora became the third largest jewelry company in terms of items sold and in 2011 it was noted that on average, more than one piece of Pandora jewelry was sold every second. This shows the sheer size and popularity of the Pandora brand.

Pandora bracelets and charms are the most popular in the Untitled States and Europe, with 90% of all Pandora sales taking place here. The company has downsized slightly since the Covid-19 pandemic, but it still remains one of the most popular jewelry brands in the US.

History of James Avery

James Avery founded his namesake jewelry company in 1954 in Kerrville, Texas out of his then mother-in-law’s garage.

Avery built a workbench and began creating his Christian-themed jewelry, and in his first year, Avery sold $5,500 worth of jewelry, and the brand has steadily grown since.

At first, James Avery jewelry was just sold in the state of Texas and could be found in church gift shops – by 1970, the company employed 35 employees and brought in $400,000 worth of sales.

The brand grew rapidly once business graduate Chuck Wolfmueller was hired, with a 40% increase in sales in the first year. James Avery’s son, Chris took over the business in 2007 after his father’s retirement. He has continued to grow the business and created irresistible, high-quality jewelry that is sold all across America.

Now, James Avery Jewellery sells 1,100 different designs in a range of metals, some of which are embellished with gemstones. James Avery charms, which attach to necklaces and bracelets, are the most popular items from this jewelry brand, which now has 50 James Avery stores and is also stocked in Dillard’s department store.

Differences between Pandora Vs James Avery

If you are trying to decide between Pandora and James Avery, it is best to take a closer look at the differences between these two jewelry brands – so keep reading on to help you figure out which brand is best for you!

1. Prices

The price is an important element to factor into any decision about buying jewelry, so we’re going to explore the price ranges of some of the items Pandora and James Avery have on offer.

Pandora charms range from $25 up to $595 depending on the metal, gemstones, and intricate nature of the charms. James Avery charms, on the other hand, are sold for between $20 and $2,315, offering much more expensive options.

For a bracelet, at Pandora, you are looking at between $60 and $2,895, while at James Avery, bracelets range between $44 and $3,315. Sterling silver bracelets from both brands are a little more affordable than gold, so that may factor into your decision.

Lastly, if you are interested in a necklace, you can get your hands on a Pandora necklace for between $90 and $595 – again, sterling silver jewelry is a little cheaper than other metals on offer. At James Avery, necklaces retail for between $31 and $1,615.

2. Craftsmanship and materials

If you are thinking about buying jewelry from either of these brands, you may be curious about the craftsmanship and materials.

For Pandora, all fine jewelry is made in Thailand, as they have been since 1989. At James Avery, there are several manufacturing sites across America, including Comfort, Hondo, and Kerrville in Texas.

The materials used to make the jewelry from both brands are pretty similar, although there are some key differences. Pandora offers gold, white gold, sterling silver, gold plated, and rose gold-plated as the materials for their jewelry. James Avery makes their jewelry from sterling silver, 14-carat gold, and bronze.

3. jewelry stores

One of the biggest differences is where the jewelry from each of these brands is sold. As already established, Pandora is sold worldwide, with approximately 6,700 points of sale, and 2,400 of these are Pandora concept stores. There is also a very well-established e-commerce site that ships worldwide so you can get your hands on any and all products.

James Avery, on the other hand, is only available in the United States. There are about 50 James Avery stores across America, and you can also often find James Avery jewelry in Dillard’s department stores.

The James Avery website, and Dillard’s website, also only ship their products to addresses across America. So, if you are anywhere outside of the USA, you probably won’t be able to get a hold of any James Avery jewelry.

Top Products from Pandora and James Avery

Both brands offer lots of stunning pieces on offer for customers to choose from, but below are just a few of our favorite items that we feel you will love and want to add to your shopping basket!

1. Charms
Silver Pandora firefly charm
Get this on Pandora
James Avery silver wings charm
Get this on Dillard’s

James Avery and Pandora are both known for their traditional charm bracelets, so there are lots of charms on offer from each company – it’s so hard to pick just two. These charm bracelets have become so popular because new charms can be bought to commemorate moments in your life or given as a gift to a loved one.

There are lots of Pandora charms to choose from, including a whole plethora of Disney-themed ones – so adorable! We love this Firefly dangle charm, and it would make the perfect gift to anyone special in your life. The delicately engraved firefly has a glow-in-the-dark glass element and has an engraved ‘You light up my life’ message too.

As a brand with Christianity at its heart, there are lots of Christian-themed charms to add to your collection. This James Avery Angel Wings charm is a classic and would hold so many different meanings. The engraved pure silver of the charm would sparkle as the pendant on a necklace’s chain or attached to a James Avery bracelet.

2. Bracelets
Silver Pandora snake chain link bracelet
Get this on Pandora
Silver James Avery heart chain link bracelet
Get this on Dillard’s

If you have charms you are going to need a bracelet to attach them to! Luckily, Pandora and James Avery offer bracelets in many different styles so you are guaranteed to find one to suit you.

One of the great things about Pandora bracelets is the amount of variety they have. This classic snake chain bracelet is available as a silver charm bracelet, or gold or rose gold to suit your look.

There are also different clasps – this one is a small sphere engraved with Pandora, but hearts or even Star Wars-themed clasps are available.

There are lots of different options of bracelets to connect your James Avery charms to, but we loved this connected hearts bracelet. Crafted from sterling silver, this bracelet features a lobster clasp and chain links in the shape of hearts that delicately decorated your wrist – a gorgeous piece of James Avery jewelry!

3. Necklaces
Silver Pandora snake chain necklace
Get this on Pandora
silver James Avery fine chain link necklace
Get this on Dillard’s

If you don’t fancy a sterling silver bracelet, then perhaps a new charm necklace is what you need, and there are some stunning options from Pandora and James Avery.

The Pandora Snake Chain necklace is a classic, timeless design that will suit any style. Again, it is available in real silver with an embossed ball clasp and is available in multiple different lengths so you have a lot of choice as to how you want it to look. It is the perfect layering piece, and with charms, it becomes a statement necklace.

If you are looking for a delicate necklace, then this James Avery fine cable chain necklace is perfect! The small chain links have a subtle aesthetic, meaning any charms you attach to this necklace will be highlighted and really shine. Also available in gold, this elegant necklace is gorgeous and would suit any personal style.

4. earrings
Silver Pandora Elevated Heart Stud Earrings
Get these on Pandora
James Avery Rose Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
Get these on Dillard’s

Both Pandora and James Avery offer gorgeous earrings that will add the perfect touch of glamour to your everyday look – here are just two examples we love.

These Pandora Elevated Heart Stud Earrings are one of their best sellers, available for just $65. The simple, everyday studs feature a sparkling heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone, set in shining sterling silver for a classic and timeless look. These earrings are also available in rose gold plated or gold plated too. Pandora has lots of beautiful heart designs, including Pavé Heart Mini Hoop Earrings and Asymmetrical Heart Hoop Earrings.

We love the elegant design of these James Avery Rose Sterling Silver Stud Earrings – the perfect accessory for any day or night look! These sparkling, sterling silver studs are crafted in America, in the shape of a gorgeous rose, and retail for just $46. There are also 14-karat gold versions available too. If you are looking for a James Avery Christian design, there are also lots of crosses available too, including St. Teresa Cross Studs or La Primavera Cross Drop Earrings.


Pandora and James Avery offer gorgeous jewelry and stunning charm bracelets in their jewelry stores. So, which brand you opt for just depends on your budget, style, and personal preference.

If you are looking for something a little more affordable and would like more choice, then Pandora is the brand to go for. This well-established brand has loads of jewelry on offer – everything from bead bracelets to delicate earrings so you are bound to find something you love for a price that suits your budget.

If you are after something a little more luxurious, or you are specifically looking for Christian-themed jewelry, then James Avery is the brand to go for. They have lots of beautiful pieces that you will definitely love – you just have to bear in mind that this brand is only available in America, so if you are outside the US, this may not work for you.

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