Is Senreve a Luxury Brand? All You Need To Know About This Handbag Brand

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We love the versatility and stylish look of Senreve bags, but is this a luxury brand? We’re answering the question, is Senreve a luxury brand, to give you all the important details!

Senreve handbags have quickly become popular after being seen all over social media and on numerous celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Bell, and Emma Roberts, so you may have thought about adding one of these luxury handbags to your own collection.

Brown Senreve bag
Via Senreve

With so many gorgeous leather bags on offer, you may be asking the question, is Senreve a luxury brand – and that’s where we come in to help!

To answer this question, we will analyze the history of this label, and the quality of the handbags, including the price range, materials, and craftsmanship, before taking a closer look at some of the best-selling bags from the brand that we think you need in your wardrobe before coming to a conclusion on the question, is Senreve a luxury brand? Let’s get started!

Is Senreve a Luxury Brand?

the History of Senreve

Senreve was founded by Coral Chung in 2015 after she struggled to find a handbag that fits all the different facets of her life, so she decided to create her own bag! The brand plays with blending tradition and innovation, design, and versatility to create gorgeous handbags that can adapt to your own life.

The name, Senreve, is derived from the French words for ‘sense’ and ‘dream’, which give you an insight into the philosophy behind this label. The Maestra bag was the first handbag in the Senreve collection, and soon went viral on social media and was seen on the arm of several celebrities, including Anna Kendrick, Gabrielle Union, Brie Larson, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Hill.

The first Senreve store opened in San Francisco and soon added a Singapore location too, plus you can see Senreve bags at the Four Seasons in Boston or Neighbourhood Goods in New York City.

The Quality of Senreve

To decide whether Senreve is a luxury brand, we need to look at the quality, for example, the price range of the bags, the materials used, and the craftsmanship of their leather goods.

1. Price range

The price range is an excellent place to start as it means we can compare this brand to other, traditional luxury brands. Senreve handbags are available for between $295 and $1,025, while the accessories, which include wallets, hats, scarves, small leather goods, and pet accessories, retail for between $45 and $225.

Since almost all Senreve products are available for under $1,000, the brand is much more affordable than many other luxury brands, putting it outside the usual price point of the luxury industry.

2. Materials

Senreve use a range of high-quality materials, predominately genuine Italian leather, but there are some vegan options too. This leather goods brand offers a wide range of leather, including Tocca, Pebbled, Dolce, Mimosa, Dragon, Sereno, Piatta, and Piccola, each with a different finish and different durability.

The Senreve website goes through the finish, weight, feel, and durability of each leather so you can find out all the important details and pick the right leather for you. The Vegan leathers include Cactus leather, made from cactus leaves, and vegan Terra, Saffiano, and Amica leathers – all super sustainable options. The majority of Senreve bags are lined with supple, vegan DreamFibre suede that is resistant to stains.

Senreve may not make use of some of the most luxurious leathers, like lambskin or goat skin, as you would find at Hermes or Chanel, but their attention to detail and wide range of leathers puts them on par with some of the top luxury brands and leather goods labels.

3. Craftsmanship

Senreve prides itself on excellent craftsmanship and spent months researching the best location to create its handbags. The brand finally settled on a workshop in Tuscany, where leather craftsmanship is a tradition that has been practiced for generations, guaranteeing high-quality handbags each and every time.

Since the brand has grown so much, Senreve expanded into another workshop in Cádiz, Spain, filled with the same highly-trained artisans. This means the craftsmanship is at the same level as many other luxury brands, firmly establishing Senreve within the luxury handbag industry.

Best-Selling Senreve Bags

With so many beautiful bags available from Senreve, it can be difficult to know which handbag to go for – this is why we have brought together some of the best-selling handbags from the brand to help you decide. There are luxury bags for any occasion that will suit any personal style, so let’s find one to add to your shopping cart!

1. Versatile Everyday Bags
Light blue Senreve Midi Maestra
Get this on Senreve
Tan Senreve Aria Belt Bag
Get this on Senreve

Senreve is known for its innovative designs that can be worn in multiple different ways – these two bags are some of the most versatile in the collection.

The Senreve Midi Maestra bag can be styled as a backpack, crossbody bag, satchel, or tote bag with a simple change to the straps. The bag is made from scratch and water-resistant leather, available in a range of colors, and fitted with a padded compartment to hold a table – ideal for work or school.

The super popular Aria Belt Bag can be worn as a clutch, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, belt bag, or sling bag – making it the perfect bag you really need in your life!

The pebbled leather again gives the bag a durable finish, while the interior is fitted with three pockets to help you stay organized. You can even pick up the chain strap for more ways to wear this bag.

2. Shoulder Bags
Sand beige Senreve Cadence Shoulder Bag
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Forest green Senreve Fortuna Bag
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The Senreve Cadence Shoulder Bag is a must-have bag in your collection, with a sleek and sophisticated look and versatile design that means it can be styled in so many different ways.

This shoulder bag is crafted from pebbled leather, with a structured silhouette and a crescent clasp, in silver-tone hardware. The interior is lined with micro suede and fitted with a handy zipper pocket, plus there is an exterior back pocket too.

We love the stylish design and roomy interior of this Senreve Fortuna Bag! This Senreve bag is made from smooth and supple leather, in a stunning artichoke green tone and finished with gleaming gold hardware.

The flat adjustable strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, while the interior is large enough to fit your 14-inch laptop. There is one external slip pocket and 4 interior pockets so you can keep everything organised!

3. Tote Bags
Beige Senreve Cadence Tote
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Neutral beige and black Senreve Amalfi Basket Tote
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If you are looking for a classic and timeless bag, that would be perfect for work or travel, then the Senreve Cadence Tote is exactly what you need.

This bag has so many practical features, making it the ideal designer bag for any occasion. The tote can fit a 15-inch laptop, there are 8 pockets inside and the buckled strap on the front of the bag can be slid over the handle of your suitcase.

Basket bags have become a wardrobe essential this season, and this Senreve Amalfi Basket Tote is one of our favorites!

This tote is crafted from lightweight raffia by skilled artisans to create this textural woven design and then finished with leather shoulder straps and a pocket on the front – ideal for your sunglasses. There is plenty of room inside this bag to fit all your beach day items and retails for just $395.


We love the timeless designs and stylish bags available from Senreve that really deserve a place in your wardrobe! Trying to decide whether Senreve is a luxury brand is difficult, since the price point is so much more affordable than many other true luxury brands, but the materials and craftsmanship are at the same level as many luxury brands.

This means we could see Senreve as a high-quality, mid-range brand similar in hierarchy to Cuyana, DeMellier and Polène, that sits just under your well-established “lower-end” luxury brands, such as Saint Laurent, Prada, and even Tory Burch, that participate in fashion weeks, have a stronger brand presence, more product lines, and higher price points.

If you are looking for a new high-quality, luxury bag, then Senreve is the perfect brand for you! There are loads of stunning, versatile options available, in lots of different colors and leathers to suit any lifestyle and personal style.

We hope you found this article answering the question, is Senreve a luxury brand, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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