Coach Vs Gucci: Which Brand Is Right For You?

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Both Gucci and Coach are well known for their incredible leather goods, but which brand is right for you? We’ll help you figure it out in this Gucci vs Coach article.

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If you are looking for a new luxury handbag, chances are you have thought about the stunning handbags on offer from Gucci and Coach, but it can be hard to decide between the two brands.

The fashion house, Gucci has a long history of creating gorgeous handbags and ready-to-wear collections, while Coach is known for their more affordable, high-quality leather goods and stylish clothing.

If you are trying to work out which brand is best for you, this article is here to help out. We’re going to explore the history of both brands, the key differences, and take a look at some best-selling handbags from each brand before coming to a conclusion on Gucci vs Coach.

Gucci vs Coach

The History of Gucci

Guccio Gucci founded his namesake brand in Florence, Italy, in 1921, first as a leather luggage company only working with a few craftsmen in a small workshop. The brand gradually grew and luxury handbags were added to the collection, then shoes, knitwear, and silk goods began to be produced.

At the outbreak of World War Two, Gucci was no longer able to use leather in the production of their bags and luggage, so the GG monogram-coated canvas was born.

After World War Two, Gucci found worldwide success after the brand became popular among Hollywood celebrities and European royalty. During this period, Ingrid Bergman was spotted carrying the Bamboo bag in her film Journey to Italy in 1954, then during the 1960s, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco were both spotted with Gucci handbags and scarves.

A family feud in the 1970s and 80s saw a decline in the popularity of this luxury brand, but then in 1994, Tom Ford was brought in as the creative director and began to produce attention-grabbing ready-to-wear collections. The striking sensual, hedonistic designs were an instant hit and propelled Gucci back into the limelight.

Tom Ford left the brand in 2004 and 3 separate designers took control of different areas of the brand, all of whom continued to be inspired by Tom Ford’s designs. They also brought in androgynous styles and looks inspired by 19th century – elements that have continued to inspire successive creative directors.

In 2015, Alessandro Michele was appointed creative director and his designs have proved wildly popular all over social media and with countless celebrities.

Michele continued with the androgynous look and created a geek-chic aesthetic in the brand’s ready-to-wear collections. Since then, Gucci has taken part in several collaborations, including most recently with designer label Balenciaga, Adidas and with singer and actor Harry Styles.

the History of Coach

Coach began as a family-run workshop in 1941, in New York City, creating leather wallets by hand. The designer brand grew significantly when husband and wife, Miles and Lillian Cahn joined Coach in 1946. The pair brought their knowledge of successful business and high quality leather to improve the success of Coach.

Miles Cahn noticed the properties of the leather used to make baseball gloves and how it became more supple and stronger with each wear and want to apply this same principle to his own Coach bags and leather goods. Coach products were good quality, but not always the most stylish.

This is why designer Bonnie Cashin was bought in 1962 to revitalize the colors and proportion of the bags to reflect the atmosphere of New York in the 1960s. In 1965, Richard Rose joined the company to market these new stunning bags and helped to make Coach a well-known brand in the fashion industry, as it is today.

The brand was invigorated when Reed Krakoff was hired as the creative director in 1996 – he created luxury goods that were both beautiful and functional, increasing the popularity of Coach products. Krakoff remained in this role until 2014 when Stuart Vevers took over.

This British designer had previously been the creative director of Mulberry and Loewe and so was an expert in creating stylish handbags as well as clothing and luxury accessories. Vevers brought on Jennifer Lopez as the face of the brand and worked with many other celebrities on social media to promote the brand, including Jessica Kelly Basquiat, Tommy Dorfman, and Noah Beck.

Now, Coach is a world-famous American luxury conglomerate that offers stunning clothing, gorgeous accessories, and irresistible handbags. Coach has over 1,000 stores worldwide and is stocked in countless department stores across the United States, so you can always easily find your next Coach purchase.

The Differences between Gucci Vs Coach

There are some key differences between these brands that you should be aware of in order to make a decision on which brand is best for you.

1. Price range

First, we are going to begin with the price range of the handbags from each brand, as this is going to have a big impact on which brand you choose as you need to find the brand that best suits your budget.

For Gucci, their designer bags can range between $830 and $9,000 – they can have a pretty hefty price tag. There are also some Gucci bags on sale for up to $49,000 that are crafted from rare, exotic leathers.

Coach, on the other hand, offers more affordable luxury bags that range between $175 and $750, making Coach the brand to go for if you are on a tighter budget.

This significant difference in price also means there is a difference in the materials used and craftsmanship of the bags from these brands.

2. Craftsmanship

Gucci, as an Italian fashion house, takes great pride in the fact that all of its bags are made with high quality Italian leathers by highly trained craftsmen in Prato, Italy. This is just outside of Florence, where the brand was founded and the Gucci Museum now sits. This means all Gucci handbags are made to the same very high standard.

Most Coach bags are no longer made in New York. Instead, most of their luxury items are made in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and although they are of good quality, they are not made to the same standard as Gucci products.

3. materials

Gucci has a wide range of designer handbags made from a wide range of fabrics, including calf and lambskin leather, cotton canvas, coated canvas, and denim, as well as exotic leathers such as crocodile, python, and anaconda.

Coach offers a lot of leather bags, made from Nappa leather, natural leather, and pebbled leather, as well as handbags made from canvas, cotton, and suede. This means there are lots of different finishes to choose from with Coach purses and bags to suit your personal style.

Best-Selling bags from Gucci Vs Coach

There are so many incredible handbags from both of these luxury brands that it’s hard to pick one favorite! So, we have picked a few bestsellers from each brand in a range of classic styles to help you find your next luxury bag.

1. Shoulder bags
Gucci Vs Coach bags: Gucci Dionysus small GG shoulder bag
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Purple Coach Luna Zip Pebble Leather Shoulder Bag
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The Gucci Dionysus is an iconic shoulder bag that was designed by Alessandro Michele and instantly became a cult classic. This edition of the Dionysus is crafted from the famous GG supreme coated canvas and is decorated with a silver tiger head closure.

The sliding silver chain strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body – so versatile! This stunning bag is available for just $2,980.

This Coach Luna Zip Pebble Leather Shoulder Bag is such a fun summer shoulder bag, that will add a striking pop of colour to your everyday look.

The bag is made from pebbled leather, with a curved, crescent moon shape and a cute Coach charm. The shoulder strap is adjustable, while the interior of the bag is fitted with a handy slip pocket. This bag is available in lilac, pink and yellow, to suit any personal style and retails for $295.

2. tote bags
Brown, green, and red Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote
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Brown Coach Willow Signature Canvas Tote Bag
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This chic Gucci Ophidia Tote is made from GG Supreme canvas and is embellished with red and green webbing and a gleaming gold GG logo to create a quintessentially Gucci handbag.

The leather top handles are comfortable slip over your shoulder, while the spacious interior is fitted with a zipper pocket to help you remain organized. This tote is the perfect everyday handbag that will fit all your daily essentials inside, and it is available for $1,650.

The Coach Willow Tote Bag is a beloved handbag because of its effortlessly chic style and practical design. This edition of the Willow tote is made from Coach’s signature branded coated canvas, which is super durable, then finished with leather top handles and a gold twist lock.

The lock opens to reveal a roomy interior, divided into two compartments by a central zipper pocket, making it easy to keep everything well organized and easy to find! This tote retails for just $350.

3. crossbody bags
Black Gucci GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag
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Gucci Vs Coach bags: Black Coach Pillow Leather Crossbody Bag
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The Gucci GG Marmont Bag has a classic and timeless look, making it a must-have in your handbag collection. This bag is made from luxurious black leather, quilted in a chevron pattern, and then decorated with a gold GG logo.

The gold chain and leather strap is adjustable so it can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, while the zip top allows easy access to the compact interior, which features a handy pocket. This stunning crossbody bag is available in a wide range of neutral and bright colors to suit any style.

The Coach Pillow leather crossbody bag is a best seller for the American brand because of its playful plush silhouette and versatile nature.

The bag is made from sumptuous padded leather and features a detachable top handle and a longer crossbody strap for versatile styling options. The divided interior makes it super easy to find everything you need, making this the ideal everyday handbag.


Both of these brands make some beautiful bags and clothing, but there are some significant differences between them that should help you make a decision as to which brand you should go for.

If you have more money to spend and are looking for an utterly luxurious, super stylish bag made with exquisite craftsmanship, then you should head to Gucci – where there is a wide range of iconic bags to choose from that you will love forever.

If you have a tighter budget and are looking for something a little more trendy, then Coach is the right brand for you as their prices are a little more friendly on your credit, and the bags are still so gorgeous. Coach appeals to a younger audience with their playful designs and lower prices, so if you are looking to get your first luxury handbag, take a look at the Coach site.

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