40 Luxury Gifts For Your Mother-In-Law That’ll Make You The Favorite

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Are you looking for luxury gifts for mother-in-law that she’ll actually appreciate? If so, these thoughtful gifts are worth checking out!

Gift buying. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Whichever camp you fall under, it’s no secret that your mother-in-law can be one of the hardest nuts to crack. But don’t worry.

We’ve done our research and compiled the ultimate guide to mother-in-law worthy presents. We’ve got something for everyone from the beauty queens to crafting geniuses. So take a look – you might just find the best luxury gifts for your mother-in-law she’s ever seen!

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The best luxury gifts for your mother-in-law

The Best Luxury Gifts For Your Mother-In-Law:

Beauty Gifts For Mother-In-Law

Luxury beauty gifts for mothers-in-law are always a welcome present – who wouldn’t love to try out the newest skin care products, the best selling perfumes or the latest beauty gadgets? Below are our top picks for the beauty lovers!

1. For the Parisian Dreamer

The best luxury beauty gifts for mother-in-law: perfume

If your mother-in-law is the sort to dream of being whisked away to Paris then this is the gift for you. The Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris is sure to impress.

Your mother-in-law will feel like she’s in the city of love itself- and she’ll love you all the more for it. Available in 2.4oz or 6.8oz on Nordstrom, this perfume lays on the skin like amber with a floral and woody breeze.

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2. For The At Home Masseuse

Luxury beauty gifts for mother-in-law: aromatherapy set

Does your mother-in-law- fancy herself as an at-home masseuse? Is she a regular at the spa? If the answer is yes then bring the spa home to her with this Warmer Dispenser Set from Nordstrom.

The Pulse Warmer and compatible Pulse Pods dispenses massage oil directly from the pod into your hand. We suggest the natural plant-based oils option. Perfect for some self-care on a relaxing night in.

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3. For The Skin Care Connoisseur

The best luxury skin care gifts for mother-in-law: skincare fridge

Next time you are at your in-laws, take a snoop through the bathroom cupboard. If it’s full of every skin-care product under the sun then I’ve got the gift for you. This one’s for the hyaluronic-acid-loving, skin mask-wearing, eye cream dabbing woman.

This Luxe Skin Care Fridge by Teami helps increase the shelf-life and efficacy of natural skincare products. She’ll just love the LED beauty light, and beautiful rose-gold finish.

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4. For Dazzling Eyes

Charlotte Tillbury Eyeshadow palette

Help your mother-in-law dazzle with this absolute knock-out eye shadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury. She’ll be able to choose and combine from six gorgeous shades including bronze, pink, terracotta, and brown tones.

Perfect for a classy, youthful, mature lady. Did you know that this palette is a curation of Charlotte Tilbury’s own favorites? It’s the perfect gift for any true make-up lover.

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5. Total Indulgence In A Gift 

The best luxury beauty gifts for mother-in-law: Tom Ford beauty

Give your mother-in-law the gift of total indulgence – the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Body Oil & Lip Set is just that. Treat the lady in question to a beautiful set that includes a lip color and a mini shimmering Body Oil.

It’s like a little touch of heaven in a bottle with warm and spicy undertones, sprinkled with Bergamont, Cardamom, Pistachio, and Coco De Mer. At the end of the day, a little bit of luxury is always welcome.

Get It On Nordstrom / on Sephora

6. The One We All Want

The best luxury beauty gifts for mother-in-law: Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Everyone is curious about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Ever since this item hit the shelves we’ve heard nothing but good things. But coveting it and actually buying it for yourself is a different ball game.

So why not give your mother-in-law the beauty-product surprise of her life by giving her this super-cool, much-in-demand item. You’ll gain major daughter-in-law points – guaranteed – and if you’re lucky she might even let you try it out for yourself.

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7. Treat Her To Great Skin

Best luxury beauty gift ideas for her: Sunday Riley serum

If your mother-in-law is into quality skincare then this Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment by Sunday Riley is the best of the best. It turns out you actually can give the gift of flawless skin.

This acid treatment is formulated with high potency, purified grade lactic acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells and reveal youthful, plumped, glowing skin. Plus this product is cruelty-free, vegan, vegetarian and free of sulfates.

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8. The Ultimate Self-Care Tool

Luxury beauty gifts for her: Rose quartz roller

If you follow any beauty bloggers or influencers, you’ve almost certainly heard about the new face roller trend.

People are raving about these tools and their serious benefits when it comes to skincare. So, why not treat your mother-in-law to one of these gorgeous tools and add a bit of glamour to their skincare routine?

The Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller by Skin Gym couldn’t look any cuter if it tried. The roller can be applied cold or at room temperature and boasts numerous skin benefits including improved circulation, elasticity and brighter, healthier skin.

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Luxury Home & Garden Gifts For Mother-In-Law

If your mother-in-law is more of a homebody who takes pride in their abode, why not pick a present from these luxury home gifts for your mother-in-law? These gifts range from pretty home decor ideas to functional kitchen aids, perfect for the woman who loves to host!

9. For The Photo Hoarder

Luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: rose gold picture frame

If your mother-in-law keeps lots of photos around the house, why not gift her an easy to use digital frame that can be paired with her smartphone? This beautiful rose gold Smith Digital Picture Frame by Aura is also available in matte black, and it’s perfect for showcasing treasured memories.

As with most Aura products, this device is equipped with intuitive syncing and unlimited storage.

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10. For The Woman Who Thinks Cheese Is Everything

Luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: fondue set

If your mother-in-law loves cheese with an unfaltering level of passion, then she’ll appreciate this Mont Brule electric fondue set. Seriously, this is any cheese-lovers fantasy.

This set makes decadent cheese (or chocolate) fondue for all the family, or just her if she doesn’t want to share. Inspired by French and Italian after ski dining, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a quiet night in and a fun addition to any gathering.

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11. Something Snazzy For The Kitchen

Luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: gold water carbonator

Are your in-laws kitchen-gadget crazy? Does your mother-in-law love to show off her latest tools? Well, I bet this is something she doesn’t have yet.

Add to your mother-in-law’s collection with this fun, yet elegant, sparkling water marker and add a hint of sparkle to everyone’s beverages.

The carbonation factor is a lot of fun, but it’s the design that really steals the show here. This sleek and stylish carbonator by Aarke promises to add some serious glam up any kitchen counter – available in both brass and silver.

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12. Casserole Anyone?

Best home gifts for her: casserole dish

If your mother-in-law is family famous for her epic lamb and three-veg casserole (or any other pot-based dish to be honest) she’s bound to love this 4-Quart Casserole Dish with Lid by Dansk.

The casserole dish is functional and beautiful. This is more than kitchenware. It’s a classic mid-century Scandinavian design with a fun pop of color.

With three coats of enamel over stainless steel, your mother-in-law can keep cooking up a storm for years to come. And that’s lucky for everyone!

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13. Give The Gift Of Scent

Best affordable luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: ligh pink candle

Why not give your mother-in-law the gift of scent. If she’s a sucker for all things sweet-smelling, this Rose Otto Textured Glass Candle by Voluspa is bound to give her a little pep in her step.

This hand-poured floral scented candle is encased in textured glass for that extra little bit of luxury. Scent your mother-in-law’s home with notes of tart green bergamot, yellow garden roses and orange flower for simple moments of great pleasure.

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14. For The Wine-and-Cheeser

Best home gifts for the hostess: wine and cheese board

Is your mother-in-law known to host the odd wine-and-cheese nights for the ladies? Or perhaps she’s a serial entertainer? Whether it’s for some Friday-night gossip with the girlfriends or a classy evening in, this Wine Carafe & Cheese Board Set by LSA is the perfect accessory.

Add a splash of glamor to your mother-in-law’s dinner parties and help her entertain in style. This beautiful, elegant set includes an oak board with a leather handle and handmade glass carafe.

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15. For The Cottage Dweller

Best farmhouse gifts for home

If your mother-in-law keeps a classic, country-style home then she’s bound to love this beautiful platter by Skye McAlpine. This is classic farmhouse chic at its best.

Designed by Skye McAlpine in collaboration with Anthropologie, your country-loving mother-in-law will adore the Venetian-inspired decorations and pretty-as-a-picture lilac and jasmine design. Perfect for dishing up home-made bakes and pastries.

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16. Silk Things Up

Rose gold silk pillow case

These days it seems like everyone in the beauty world is raving about the benefits of silk pillowcases. They’re silky, comfy, luxurious, and great for your hair and complexion.

Could you think of a more luxuriant gift than this? Your mother-in-law will feel pretty-in-pink and spoiled rotten with this Slip Rose Gold Silk Pillowcase. You might just have to treat yourself to one as well.

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17. For Some Serious Tranquility

Luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: terracotta diffuser

Is your mother-in-law constantly on the go? Could she do with a bit more relaxation in her life?

Essential oils are known for their relaxing properties. So why not take things up a notch and treat your mother-in-law to this Terracotta Stone Essential Oil Diffuser by Vitruvi?

Handcrafted from porcelain, this diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils into the air whilst keeping their full healing integrity.

Gift your mother-in-law at-home, on-demand aromatherapy with this fantastic device. Plus, the terracotta design is stunningly beautiful. An asset to any living space.

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18. For The Coffee ‘Snob’

Best gifts for the hostess: silver French press

Coffee is a sensitive topic these days. People that like good coffee have come to really like the stuff. If your mother-in-law is a bit of a coffee snob (no offense intended) then she might just love the P7 Coffee French Press by Espro.

This coffee press merges classic design with serious-level quality. The stainless steel double-wall retains heat so that coffee stays hotter for longer.

Plus the mechanism utilizes two microfilters for the smoothest cup of coffee possible. Your mother-in-law is bound to approve.

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19. A Touch Of SMEG

Luxury home gifts for mother-in-law: SMEG juicer

Most people will recognize SMEG’s strikingly retro kitchen appliances. These luxury appliances offer the perfect combination of quality and frivolity.

They’re seriously cute and come in all sorts of candy-coated colors that promise to brighten up anyone’s day. So why not splash out on a touch of color for your mother-in-law.

This 50s style retro citrus juicer is the perfect antidote to a rainy day. Choose from black, cream, pastel blue, green, pink, or red – the bolder the better.

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Hobbies & Pet Gifts For Mother-In-Law

Luxury hobby gifts for the mother-in-law are a fantastic idea if she happens to love a certain activity – whether that’s gardening, crafting, or even spending time with her pet. Below are our top picks for the hobbyists, as well as any mother-in-law looking to experiment with new activities.

19. For The Liqueur Lover

Luxury gifts for mother-in-law: DIY gin set

If your mother-in-law loves getting creative with her drinks, she’ll love this Gin Making Kit with 12 different flavors. You quite literally create your own gin – what could be more fun than that?

Some of the flavors are so potent that they’ll even make your gin turn a different color, such as pink or blue!

If gin isn’t your mother-in-law’s favorite, this shop also offers a best selling whiskey making kit, which is equally fun, but with different flavors.

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20. For The Green-Fingered Gardener

Luxury gardening gifts for mother-in-law: Patagonia vest

Does your mother-in-law love to potter around in the garden? Are her plants her pride and joy? Does she know her daisies from her hydrangeas?

This Los Gatos Fleece Vest by Patagonia is perfect for keeping warm in the yeard. This cozy, lightweight layer is multipurpose and super comfy.

Plus, you’ll appeal to your mother-in-law’s environmentally conscious side. This high-pile fleece vest is made from pure recycled polyester and fully Fair-Trade certified to protect sustainable livelihoods.

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21. For Crafting-Mamas

Luxury craft gifts for mother-in-law: DIY candle making set

If your mother-in-law is a dab hand with crafts, we’ve got something special lined up – spice up your mother-in-law’s crafting routine with this DIY Scented Candle Making Kit with beeswax and soy wax.

She’ll learn to make four beautiful, sweet-scented candles to be proud of with this easy-to-learn crafting set.

The set comes fully equipped with 4 beautiful ceramic jars that can be personalized by the seller, 4 unique fragrances, as well as all the other essentials that she’ll need to start candle making.

Get The Candle Making Set On Etsy

Note: If she’s already tried candle making, why not get her a Deluxe Soap Making Kit with fragrance, colors and petals instead?

22. For The ‘My Pet Is My Baby’ Type

Best gift ideas for dog lovers: customized pet portrait

We all know your mother-in-law’s pride and joy should be your husband, but sometimes we know it’s actually the dog. If that sounds about right, I’ve got a knock-out gift that will leave her either speechless, jumping for joy, or crying with happiness.

What is this miracle gift, I hear you ask? A custom watercolor pet portrait of course (wasn’t it obvious?). All you need is a picture of the pooch in question and, in return, FunnyPetPortrait will post you a gorgeous portrait that everyone will love.

Get It On Etsy

23. For The Avid Tea Drinker

Luxury tea gifts for her: Fortnum & Mason tea selection

Does your mother-in-law lap cups of tea like there’s no tomorrow? Does she have a cupboard ram-packed with every kind of tea known to man?

This is the kind of woman that will love Fortnum & Mason’s Deluxe Tea Bag Assortment Set. This luxurious set includes 120 tea bags, including 10 or 20 of each exquisitely blended varieties depending on the box you choose.

So why not spice up this tea-lovers afternoon with this stunning set?

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24. For The List-Maker

Luxury gifts for mother-in-law: Dior notebook

Is your mother-in-law always making lists, journaling, or simply writing things down? If she is, then she’s probably a notebook lover like me. So why not treat her to a notebook that’s a bit more special than the rest?

These Dior notebooks in Toile de Jouy motif and Luminarie motif encompass Dior’s signature patterns that are constantly being reinvented and now used for their homeware collection.

When it comes to luxury notebooks, the usual go-to is always Montblanc or Smythson, but if you feel like your mother-in-law would appreciate something different, give these a go! They are in fact the same price as Montblanc at around $70.

Get Them On Dior

26. Travel-in-style

Gift ideas for the jet setter: travel luggage

Does your mother-in-law like to travel? Is she more first-class lounge than whimsical backpacker? Well, we’ve got the perfect travel accessory to gift on the next occasion.

This beautiful 21-Inch Rolling Spinner Suitcase by Beis is class through and through. The sleek, aerodynamic design offers a vintage feel but this carry-on is equally practical with measurements compliant to most international and domestic carry-on requirements.

This is a long-term piece that’s bound to become your mother-in-law’s go-to travel staple.

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Luxury Experience Gifts For Mother-In-Law

Sometimes the best luxury gifts for the mother-in-law are gifts that make her wind-down and forget about time. If your mother-in-law isn’t concerned about material gifts, these thoughtful experience gifts may be the best for her.

27. A Total Brow Makeover

Luxury experience gifts for mother-in-law: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow sculpting

Why not gift your lovely mother-in-law the best brow makeover money can buy? The Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Bar at Nordstrom offers a boutique brow experience.

A trained brow studio expert will reshape and sculpt the perfect brow arch using the Anastasia method. If your mother-in-law is into health and beauty this gift will be a real treat. Why not book yourself in too and make a fun date out of it?

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28. In Need Of Relaxation?

Luxury experience gifts for mother-in-law: spa day

Is your mother-in-law in need of some serious relaxation? Is she always caring for everyone else but forgetting about herself? This selfless lady sounds like she deserves a no-holes-barred spa day.

Spa Nordstrom offers a wide range of spa services from 30-minute facials to all-inclusive spa packages. Your mother-in-law will feel rejuvenated like never before and love you for giving the gift of relaxation.

We recommend the Ultimate Day of Restoration and Relaxation package for a seriously luxurious gift.

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Expensive Jewelry Gifts For Mother-In-Law

When thinking about expensive gifts for mother-in-law, the thought of buying jewelry has surely crossed your mind. Gifting jewelry is always a nice and welcome gesture, but you’ll need to know your mother-in-law’s style through and through before going ahead with your purchase. Most importantly – does she wear gold, silver or both?

If you know the answer to this, below are some classic, timeless pieces that we feel are the best fit for a mother-in-law who cares about her appearance and wants to feel special.

29. For The Glamor Queen

Expensive jewelry gifts for mother-in-law: gold earrings

Is your mother-in-law always donning the most glamorous of jewelry? Does she love sparkle more than the next magpie?

If you have the kind of mother-in-law who loves just about any excuse to get dressed up to the nines, then these earrings are the perfect accompaniment.

Made in Italy from 14k gold, these Gold Linear Earrings by Bony Levy are glamour through and through. Your mother-in-law will shine in these striking earrings.

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30. To Keep Those Hidden Treasures

Jewelry gifts for her: red jewelry organizer

Perhaps your mother-in-law already has the most magnificent jewelry collection you’ve ever seen. In that case, it’s probably no use trying to add to it.

Instead, why not give her something equally beautiful in which to store all of her hidden treasures? This Palermo Safe Deposit Jewelry Box by Wolf is just that.

Help your mother-in-law organize her jewelry in style with this striking red, pebbled leather jewelry case. It’s beautiful, it’s classy, and it’ll keep those diamonds looking their very best.

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31. A Heartfelt Gesture

Expensive jewelry gifts for mother-in-law: birthstone necklace

There’s no jewelry piece quite as sincere as a birthstone pendant. This one’s for all the mothers-in-law out there who deserve nothing but the best.

A birthstone pendant is a beautiful gesture that says ‘I appreciate you just as you are’ like nothing else. And these Birthstone Pendants from Lafonn are especially beautiful.

These necklaces come in 12 different colors and stones to signify the month that your mother-in-law was born, from amethyst to citrine, to opal, and more. Your mother-in-law will treasure this meaningful keepsake forever.

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32. Put A Ring On Her Finger

Expensive jewelry gifts for mother-in-law: gold Monica Vinader ring

Gift your mother-in-law with a ring on her finger. This Riva Diamond Ring by Monica Viander gleams in beautiful rose gold, with radiant pavé diamonds encrust on the organically shaped hoop.

Choose from three exquisite color options: silver, yellow gold or rose gold. Simple but beautiful, the lucky lady will feel oh-so-special indeed with this on her finger.

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33. For The Occasion Lover

Expensive jewelry gifts for mother-in-law: gold earrings

These earrings by Zoe Chicco are the ideal gift for any occasion lover. Is your mother-in-law always at weddings, charity dinners, and black-tie events?

Well, these earrings will be the perfect ammunition for her jewelry collection. Elegant, gorgeous, and contemporary, she’ll be dressed to impress in these Diamond Threader Earrings.

Prong-set diamonds have been suspended on intricate 14-karat-gold wiring in this sleek, sensuous design.

Get Them On Nordstrom

Luxury Fashion & Accessory Gifts For Mother-In-Law

Any gift guide about luxury gifts for mother-in-law wouldn’t be complete without a few elegant fashion gift ideas. From cozy knits to cashmere sweaters, here are all the best luxury fashion gifts for your mother-in-law.

34. For The Executive Woman

Expensive jewelry gifts for mother-in-law: gold Tory Burch watch

If your mother-in-law is something of a boss herself, she’ll love this power-woman wristwatch by Tory Burch. The Phipps Mes Strap Watch in ivory and gold is super smart and oh-so-elegant.

The perfect gift for a classic woman with a modern streak. The watch is stainless steel with a goldtone plate and mineral crystal face.

The Tory Burch brand is well known for effortlessly stylish designs. So why not treat your own mother-in-law to one of Tory’s timeless pieces?

Get It On Nordstrom

35. For The Designer Handbag Lover

Luxury gifts for mother-in-law: Coach bag

Is your mother in law always drooling after the latest designer handbags? Is she fanatical about accessories? I hope so, because we’ve got the perfect gift for this fashionista of a lady.

For those that want to gift their mother-in-law a designer handbag without a fright-inducing hit to your own bank balance, this leather wristlet by coach is the ideal accessory gift.

Your mother-in-law will adore the gleaming coach logo and hardware on the pebbled leather piece.

Get It On Nordstrom

36. For The Casual Fashion Lover

Ombre blue cardigan

If your mother-in-law values looking good whilst still feeling comfortable, this Lisa Ombre Cardigan is a beautiful piece. The exquisite blue ombre design is charming and pretty whilst the super-soft cardigan is a pleasure to wear.

This cardigan really does have it all. Minimalist style, cotton-comfort, a splash of color, and… yes you are hearing me right…pockets!

Get It On Anthropologie

37. For The Tentative Trend-Setter

Khaki bucket bag form Ted Baker

Treat your mother-in-law to a trendsetting piece this season. Bucket bags are all the rage right now, so why shouldn’t your own mother-in-law be right out front setting trends?

Ted Baker London has made this simple, functional, and oh-so-stylish bucket bag in neutral Khaki. It’s got the designer factor, plus a minimalist practical appeal perfect for everyday use or a sophisticated night out.

Get It On Nordstrom

38. For The Traditionalist

Luxury gifts for mother-in-law: cashmere scarf

If your mother-in-law is on the more traditional side, treat her to some classic cashmere. The quality and luxury of cashmere is timeless and this Lightweight Cashmere Scarf by Halogen is nothing except understated luxury.

This scarf offers ultrasoft cashmere with a featherweight knit for ultimate comfort and quality.

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39. Loungewear Heaven

Light pink pajamas gift idea for her

Take your mother-in-law to loungewear heaven with the Giselle pajamas by Eberjey. These seriously soft cotton-blend pajamas come in sweet ballet pink or haute red.

Every woman is bound to love this luxuriously comfortable set.

Get It On Nordstrom

40. Cashmere’s Back

Luxury gifts for her: black cashmere sweater

Another absolute classic. This super luxurious, drop shoulder cashmere sweater is simplicity at its best. This wardrobe stable in luxe cashmere is a real treat.

Perfect for a sophisticated woman who knows quality when she sees (or feels) it.

Get It On Nordstrom

Which of these luxury gifts for mother-in-law do you think are worth the price? Were there any in particular that you think your mother in law will truly appreciate? Let us know in the comments!

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