17 Genius Luxury Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

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Are you looking for the best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything? If so, have a look at these genius ideas that you may have not thought of before!

Shopping is easy for women who tell you exactly what they need. But what if the special woman in your life has everything she needs?

In that case, it’s time to flex your creative muscles.

So today, we’ll take a look at 17 luxury gifts for the woman who has everything.

From opulent skincare products, to exclusive appliances and home decor products, it’s time to find the perfect gift!


How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything


What is her idea of luxury?

You can hardly go wrong with luxury gifts this holiday season, particularly if money is no object. But before you pick a gift at random, you should understand her idea of luxury.

Some women love nothing more than glamorous jewelry, while others take pride in their household appliances. Pay attention to the things she talks about and absolutely beams.

Similarly, she may think of luxury in terms of particular fabrics – maybe she’d love silk sheets. Maybe an elegant cashmere scarf is the right choice.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but every woman has her own idea of luxury. It’s important to pick a gift that she will see value in.

Buying jewelry may seem like a good idea, but if her wish list is full of practical things that she constantly eyes, pick them.


Does she want a practical gift or something to splurge on?

When picking a luxury gift for the woman who has everything, first understand what she’s interested in.

For example, women who are very active can’t resist beautiful and efficient yoga mats, or fitness gear.

However, if your special someone can buy it herself, she may not be able to justify the purchase if it’s something luxurious and she already owns a great alternative.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to spoil her.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best products to gift her this holiday season!


Beauty And Cosmetics Gifts

1. Products for Gorgeous and Flowy Locks, e.g. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Dyson Hair Dryer

Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Dyson hair dryer


If your favorite lady styles her hair at home before work, she’ll love Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer.

It was designed to protect hair from extreme heat damage, and it comes with plenty of attachments that will allow her to straighten, curl, or style her hair in just a few minutes. Dyson Supersonic is perfect for all hair types and comes in three color options: fuchsia, black, and silver.

Dyson Supersonic is becoming a staple of hair grooming rituals of trendy women around the globe, so this is a perfect gift for busy women who want to look good 24/7.

Get it from Nordstrom


2. Elegant Makeup, e.g. Giorgio Armani’s Lip Tint Maestro Trio


Best luxury beauty gifts for women


You can’t go wrong with lipsticks and skincare!

Giorgio Armani’s Mini Lip Maestro Trio is the perfect gift for the makeup aficionado in your life.

This travel-size lip tints (think: a combination of lipstick and lip gloss) come in three iconic shades: nude, red, and pink, so they’re perfect for women who wear similar shades in their daily lives.

These lip tints offer a velvety look and a smooth, matte finishing touch while hydrating and replenishing. The Giorgio Armani brand makes sure that only the finest materials are used for their beautiful products.

Get it from Nordstrom


3. Versatile Cosmetics Case, e.g. Gucci Leather Cosmetics Case

Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Gucci cosmetics case


If you want to remind your special someone just how much you value her (but you’re not sure what she already has in her makeup cabinet) give her a special cosmetics case that she can use every day.

Gucci’s Matalasse Cosmetics Case is an excellent choice for young and trendy women. You can pick between four beautiful colors: classic black, red, light pink and light blue.

This Gucci cosmetics case (or any designer brand cosmetics case) is an excellent gift idea because it’s more affordable than regular bags, and she’ll use it more – it’s a win-win!

Get it from Nordstrom


4. Sublime At-Home-Space Experiences, e.g. Himalayan Healing Salts


The best unique beauty gifts for women


She may have everything, but she needs pampering.

Mauli Rituals’ Himalayan healing salts are the perfect way to unwind after a long day, or just treat yourself to a relaxing experience. They improve sleep quality, and they can even be used to treat jet lag!

Himalayan Healing salts contain 13 essential oils (including soothing Lavender and sensual Jasmine), and they’re free from synthetic fragrances. If your special lady loves natural wellness products, she’ll love the gift you’ve picked out for her!

For an extra effect, run her a bath with the salts and let her relax completely.

Get it from Net A Porter


5. An Old Hollywood Glam Perfume, e.g. Tom Ford Fragrances


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Tom Ford perfume


Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Tom Ford Black Orchid


Tom Ford Black Orchid eau de parfum radiates opulence and luxury that will take your special someone back in time to the roaring twenties. This is a heady fragrance perfect for women who love standing out.

Black Orchid has rich and dark notes thanks to the combination of black orchid, bergamot, and black truffle. It’s an absolutely luxurious gift; from the golden bottle, to the heady fragrance she will love.

This particular eau de perfum comes in a small size that she can easily pop into her bag. If she likes it, you can always get her a bigger bottle for her birthday.

Get it from Nordstrom


6. Glamorous Jewelry, e.g. David Yurman Earrings


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: David Yurman earrings


If she already has everything, then she needs something truly unique in her life. And if she loves classic pieces with a unique twist, these cable earrings from David Yurman are a fantastic idea.

These beautiful earrings are made with sterling silver and 14-karat yellow gold, which is perfect for women who love mixing metals. David Yurman also has some other incredible bracelets, rings and necklaces in his collection, out of which the cable bracelets are one of his best-sellers.

If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, I can bet that most of the women in your life have at least one of his items on their wish list!

Get them from Nordstrom


7. Give Her the Gift of Rest, e.g. Pure Silk Sleep Set


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Silk sleeping mask


There’s nothing like pure silk to say: luxury. And this pure silk sleep set is the perfect option for the woman who loves luxury during the day and during the night, as well.

Additionally, silk slips will protect her hair so she wakes up with the perfect hairdo. If she often complains about “ruining her hair” during sleep, this is the gift you’ve been looking for!

This set also contains a sleep mask, so it’s perfect if she often travels and prizes creature comforts so she looks her best for the big meeting in the morning.

Get it from Bloomingdale’s


Clothing and Accessories for the Woman Who Has Everything

8. Statement Pieces, e.g. Burberry Cashmere Scarf


Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Classic Burberry scarf


Cashmere will keep her warm, and the iconic Burberry print will make her feel like the trendiest woman in the world.

Worn by everyone, from style icons like Audrey Hepburn, to modern street style queens like Blake Lively, a Burberry scarf is the perfect gift for a stylish lady in your life.

This Burberry scarf is incredibly soft and warm, and it even features slim fringe that looks amazing with casual as well as smart outfits.

Get it from Nordstrom


9. Luxurious Sleepwear, e.g. Ginia long silk pajama set


Cozy gifts for women: Silk pajamas


Silk is always a stellar choice when you need a luxurious gift for the woman who has everything. And while she may own some really great pajamas, you can never go wrong with a silk pajama set.

This long silk pajama set is perfect for making long winter nights much better. You’ll make her feel pampered even on a regular Tuesday!

Bloomingdale’s offers three color options: black, pink, and emerald so make sure you pick her favorite color and rest assured that she’s going to adore this beautifully designed and high-quality silk pajama set!

Get it from Bloomingdale’s


10. Elegant Knitwear, e.g. Sienna Turtleneck Sweater


Cozy gifts for women: classy wool sweater


It’s sweater weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something stylish for her this Christmas season. You can get the Sienna turtleneck sweater from Revolve, and absolutely charm your special lady!

Unlike other sweaters, this sweater comes with a beautiful blush color, well-structured lines, and it creates an elegant look for casual occasions. It’s 50% wool so it’s going to be incredibly warm, too!

This is an excellent gift for the trendsetter in your life – particularly if she likes being the best dressed person in the room at every Christmas gathering.

Get it from Revolve


11. Versatile Designer Bags, e.g. Chloé Mini C


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Chloe bag


Designer bags never go out of style, especially if you know what kind of brands she prefers. If you don’t, go with a classic design and neutral colors she can mix and match with her existing pieces.

Chloé Mini C bag is the perfect small and versatile leather bag that still has an extravagant edge (the crocodile print!) she will love. Since it comes in neutral colors, it’s perfect for a variety of outfits.

This is a great gift for all women who already have everything. She likely has lots of bags, but there’s always room for one more Chloé!

Get it from Nordstrom


12. Cozy Lounge Wear, e.g. UGG Fluff Yeah Shearling Slippers


Cozy gifts for women: Ugg slippers

If she loves looking beautiful at home while feeling cozy at the same time, there’s nothing that beats the comfort of UGG slippers.

These fluffy slippers are designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors and give your feet comfort and warmth like no other slippers. They come with a sling, which makes them effortlessly stay on your feet.

If these slippers aren’t really her style, UGG also makes more classic slippers in multiple designs. All of these slippers are made with genuine shearling leather.

Get them from Nordstrom


13. The Perfect Watch for the Woman Who Achieves Everything, e.g. Tory Burch Double-T Link Band for Apple Watch


Best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Gold Apple watch straps


Elegant and functional, this Tory Burch Double-T Link Band for Apple Watch is the perfect choice for the go-getter in your life.

It’s made of stainless steel, with gold-tone plate, and it’s perfect for turning your woman’s Apple Watch into a fashion statement. If your woman who has everything loves gold jewelry, she’ll love this watch strap too!

Get it from Nordstrom


Luxuey Home Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

14. Cozy Home Accessories, e.g. Hermes Wool Cashmere Avalon Blanket 


Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Hermes cashmere blanket

Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Hermes blanket


Don’t make her sacrifice comfort for style.

Instead, help her elevate her home with the Hermes Wool Cashmere Avalon Blanket in Ecru Camel that’s both delightfully warm and incredibly elegant.

This cashmere blanket works well for all types of interiors; from sleek and modern, to vintage and maximalist.

Get it from Fashionphile / your local Hermes store


15. Elegant Bedding, e.g. Connettiva Bedding Collection


Luxury home gifts for the woman who has everything: bedding


It’s much easier to fall asleep happy if you’re sleeping in beautiful, Art Deco-inspired sheets like the Connettiva Bedding Collection. Made of the finest materials, it’s an exquisite choice.

From duvet covers to decorative pillows, you can create the perfect gift for the woman who may have everything, but could sure use a little more pampering.

Get them from Bloomingdale’s


16. Retro Appliances, e.g. Smeg Retro Juicer


Best home gifts for the hostess


Contemporary performance with a retro flair! Smeg retro-style citrus juicer is the perfect option if you want to give her a gift that will complement her existing interior design skills, and bring more color to her kitchen.

This citrus juicer comes in a variety of pastel colors and with a 70W engine that will squeeze fresh lemons and turn it into the best lemonade she’s ever had.

Get it from Nordstrom


17. Practical Gifts For The Home, e.g. Dyson Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan & Heater 


Luxury gifts for the woman who has everything: Dyson fan heater


Dyson is one of the best brands when it comes to top-notch, state of the art home technology. And their heater-fan with jet stream is no different. This fantastic looking heater is a great addition to any home that can benefit from an AC in the summer and a little bit of extra heat in the winter.

It quickly warms or cools any room, and one of its coolest features is that it’s completely bladeless, which allows it to slip comfortably into many decors. The remote is also magnetized – this way, you can attach the remote to the machine itself and you’ll never have to worry about losing it again.

Some other cool features are that you can set the fan to instantly focus its airstream towards the remote (i.e. you), even from afar, and sets the temperature just right for any room at the push of a button.


Get it from QVC / HNS


So there you have it, I hope you found at least one great luxury gift idea for the woman in your life! If you want to browse more gift guides & gifting ideas, have a look at the posts below!


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