17 Beautiful Vegan Designer Bags To Add To Your Collection

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Vegan designer bags are becoming more and more popular thanks to consumer demand. But which brands have the cutest cruelty-free bags? Find out here!

From shoulder bags to crossbody bags, vegan designer bags are becoming more of a fashion staple in this day and age. There’s a growing demand for new vegan brands that promote ethical standards when it comes to designing and producing bags, shoes and other accessories.

In this article, we’ll go over our favorite luxury bags that you would never guess are vegan. Plus, we’ll also discuss some of the materials that are used to produce these accessories, and weigh their pros and cons. Let’s get started!


The Best Vegan Designer Bags

1. Stella McCartney Perforated Shoulder Bag


Stella McCartney Perforated Vegan Shoulder Bag

Get this from Net-A-Porter | Nordstrom

Stella McCartney is perhaps the best-known vegan-friendly luxury fashion brand out there. While some of their items use wool and silk (which are still considered animal products), all of their shoes and bags are made from cruelty-free vegan leather.

Since Stella McCartney is a luxury brand, bags often come at a steeper price but that’s only because you’re purchasing an item that combines high-quality craftsmanship paired with vegan fabrics.

For those who are always on the go, we recommend this Italian-made Logo Shoulder Bag. This practical bag is made from soft vegetarian leather, with a distinct curved shape and perforated logo. It comes in five different colors – pink, white, brown, citrus, and black.

It also features a top zip closure, interior wall pocket, and suede lining. This would be perfect as an everyday bag, perfect for quick lunches with friends.

2. The Tote bag by Marc Jacobs


Beige Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag (Vegan)

Get this from Nordstrom | Marc Jacobs

Whether you’re running errands, traveling somewhere overnight, or just meeting with friends, this all-around canvas Tote Bag from Marc Jacobs is perfect. It comes in multiple colors and 3 different sizes: mini, small, and large, the latter of which is big enough to carry a laptop.

The bag features a zip closure with three interior pockets. While Nordstrom typically stocks it in four colors, the official Marc Jacobs site has the bag in all colors of the bag, including limited editions and special releases. 

Though many luxury brands have canvas and nylon bags in their collections, annoyingly most of them are not vegan, because they either have a leather lining, a leather tag, or something similar. That’s not the case with this Marc Jacobs bag: it’s completely vegan-friendly.

Plus, the bag is very affordable for a designer it-bag: the prices start at $175 for the mini size and go up to $325 for the largest size.


3. Tory Burch Ella Mini Recycled Nylon Tote 


Tory Burch Vegan Ella Mini Nylon Tote


Get this from Nordstrom

Aside from using recycled materials, this Ella Mini Tote from Tory Burch is made from nylon, which makes it a lot easier to clean and more practical for everyday wear. It’s perfect if you’re into the tiny bag trend and only need to carry your essentials with you.

The bag comes with an adjustable and removable strap so you can wear it either as a top handle bag or a crossbody bag. The front is designed with the famous stacked T logo made from faux leather.

4. Michael Kors Lina Medium Faux Leather Tote 

Michael Kors Lina vegan faux leather tote bag

Get this from Michael Kors | Beige & white colors here

If you want a bag that’s a little bit edgy, but still big enough to carry everything you could possibly need during the day, including a laptop, the Lina bag from Michael Kors is definitely something to look into.

It has a slouchy silhouette and features a drawstring fastening. The bag opens to a spacious interior so it’s great for those who prefer big bags and also showcases a detachable curb link gold chain with their famous Michael Kors logo. 


5. Stella McCartney Alter Shoulder Bag 


Stella McCartney Ella vegan leather shoulder bag

Get this from Net-a-Porter

Stella McCartney has always used vegan leather in all of her bags and this one is no different. The Alter Bag is made using their signature vegetarian hide leather which is soft and has a buttery feel to it.

The gold and silver chain detail that wraps around the bag truly adds some wow factor!


6. Chloé Woody Canvas Tote


Chloe Woody canvas tote

Get it from Nordstrom

Looking for a beach bag or something to complete your outfit in the summer? This spacious and durable carryall bag from Chloé just might be what you’re looking for. 

While Chloé has come out with multiple versions of the canvas Woody bag, most of them have a leather lining and are therefore not entirely vegan. This bag, however, only uses Italian linen.

To complete the bag, a hand-embroidered geometric design has been stitched vertically beside the logo strap that gives the entire accessory a cool, Meditteranean vibe.


7. Balenciaga Bistro XXS Woven Tote 

Balenciaga Bistro woven tote

Get this from Mytheresa

If you like quirky bags, the mini Bistro woven tote might just win your heart. Mini bags are very much on-trend, and you’ll always be in style with this modern version of a picnic bag from Balenciaga.

The mini Bistro bag is intricately woven using lacquered faux leather which makes it all the more interesting. It features a top handle but also comes with an adjustable, detachable strap. As an added accent, it comes with a logo-emblazoned luggage tag. 

Note: As is the case with Chloé’s Wody bag, not all Bistro bags by Balenciaga are completely vegan like this one! So, just keep that in mind if you’re interested in other colors or sizes of the bag.


8. Anja Vegan Leather Baguette


Anja designer vegan leather bag

Get this from Nanushka

If you’re into one-of-a-kind bags, then check out this ruched shoulder bag made from vegan leather from Nanushka. The Anja bag has a curved silhouette so it fits perfectly on the shoulders when you carry it.

Because of its modern design, it would go really well with modern minimalist outfits. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re looking for an understated bag and don’t want to flash logos.


9. Stella McCartney Small Falabella Shoulder Bag


Stella Mccartney Falabella Mini Shoulder Bag

Get this from Net-a-Porter

The “Falabella” bag by Stella McCartney has gone through many design changes over the years but has still remained a favorite among fashionistas. This version of the bag takes the form of a saddle with a chunky whipstitched gold chain at the bottom that perfectly accentuates the curve of the bag. 

This bag is made all the way in Italy and crafted using vegetarian leather. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a shirt or a spring dress, this bag pairs perfectly with any outfit!


10. Tory Burch Ella Puffer Tote Bag


Tory Burch Ella puffer tote

Get this from Tory Burch

As the name would suggest, the Ella Puffer Tote takes inspiration from puffer coats and is the perfect size to bring with you on your travels, or simply to use as an office bag.

It’s made from performance satin so there’s a bit of a sheen to it. Though it’s an oversized bag, it’s super lightweight so you won’t have a problem bringing it around wherever you go. 

As with most of our favorite Tory Burch bags, the Ella Puffer Tote features the brand’s logo on the front (made from faux leather, of course).


11. Senreve Maestra Bag

Senreve Maestra satchel backpak bag

Get this from Neiman Marcus

You get a lot from your buck with this convertible classic from Senreve: You can wear it as a backpack and also easily convert it into a satchel.

It’s easy to see why this bag is a favorite among many office workers who need to carry heavy items to work: the bag looks stylish and presentable when you need it to, and when you’re traveling home, you can transform it into a backpack to prevent shoulder pain.

12. Michael Kors  Lina XS Crossbody Bag 


Michael Kors Lina mini crossbody bag

Get this from Michael Kors

This crossbody bag is similar to the one we previously featured but is only different in size. If you want a smaller version of the Lina bag from Michael Kors, this one comes in a petite size, perfect for casual everyday activities.

Though it looks small, it’s quite spacious compared to other bags that are labeled extra small. 


13. The Busket Woven Melange Bag


The Busket woven bag

Get this from Nanushka

This unique bag is truly intricately made from upcycled vegan leather and melange knit. It features two broad handles but also has a strap if you want to wear it like a crossbody bag. 

It’s perfect for picnics and spring parties, paired together with your favorite flowy dresses. While the Busket bag might not be for everyone’s taste, it represents something more important: a celebration of conscious creativity. 


14. Stella McCartney Falabella Mini 


Stella McCartney Falabella mini crossbody vegan leather bag

Get this from Net-a-Porter

There are a lot of people who appreciate small sling bags and crossbody bags, especially when you don’t have a lot to carry.

The Mini Falabella bag is just the right size to fit in all the essentials you need when attending a party or perhaps going for a night out. It has a snap-fastening front flap and is trimmed with its signature chain. 

If black isn’t your go-to color, the Falabella vegan designer bags also come in light grey, beige and white shades.


15. nanushka The Origami Tote 


Nanushka Origami tote bag

Get this from Nanushka

The Origami Tote is another minimalist bag to match your modern lifestyle. As per the name, it exhibits sleek design and practicality: perfect if you are after a high-quality bag but just need something simple.

The bag is made from vegan patent leather and offers ample room for all your essentials. The great thing about this bag is that it folds completely flat when not in use. So, it’s convenient to pack in your luggage and doesn’t take up that much closet space. 


16. Cult Gaia Naima Straw Tote Bag 

Cult Gaia Naima straw tote bag

Get this from Neiman Marcus

The Naima Straw Bag from Cult Gaia just makes you want to take another trip to the beach. As the name implies, it’s made from straw so it’s 100% vegan, but also features chain top handles for a more sophisticated touch.

It comes in off-white and clay (featured above), which is sort of a combination of pink and coral. 


17. Michael Kors Carmen Satchel 


Michael Kors Carmen logo belted satchel

Get this from Michael Kors

If you are into monogrammed bags, look no further than the Carmen bag from Michael Kors. This medium-sized bag is shaped like a trapeze that screams the word refined. It uses canvas/faux leather that’s monogrammed with MK’s signature logo and uses gold-tone hardware for added luxe. 

The bag comes with a detachable crossbody strap for your convenience, while the belted side can easily be adjusted to open up to its pocketed interior. 

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite vegan designer bags, let’s have a look at some commonly asked question about materials that are often used to create these bags.


What’s Vegan Leather?


Vegan leather is an umbrella term that refers to multiple different materials. While you may have heard of exciting new materials such as mushroom leather or kombucha leather that are being used to create innovative fashion pieces, most often, this is not the case.

The most common material under the vegan leather label is a plastic called polyurethane, also known PU leather. It’s synthetic leather, classed as an imitation of pure leather because it’s not made from animal skin. In most cases, PU leather would have similar characteristics to pure leather, except for a few things. 

To start, it’s comparably more lightweight compared to real leather. It’s also more resistant to sunlight which is why it’s also often preferred when making shoes, furniture, and car seat covers. Unlike real leather that will soften and show signs of wear more easily over the years, vegan leather will maintain its look for a far longer time.

The main downside of PU leather is that unfortunately like all plastics, it takes hundreds of years to decompose into the earth, and for this reason, it’s not a sustainable material.


The Benefits of Using Vegan Leather


1. It’s Cruelty-Free

The most obvious and important benefit of vegan leather is that it doesn’t involve harming animals. There are many companies nowadays that are starting to make a shift when it comes to how they manufacture their products.

Since almost everything we do causes a direct impact on our environment, many people – whether they’re consumers or producers – are putting in more effort to decrease the use of animal products and adapt something that is more humane.

2. It’s Cheaper

Vegan leather is cheaper to produce because it’s easier to manufacture compared to real leather. It also comes in various textures and different shades of colors. If you’re a brand designer, you can even request how you want your vegan leather to look and feel. 

3. It’s More Durable

When it comes to durability, you can expect vegan leather bags to last you a very long time. Like most plastics, vegan leather has been specifically constructed to be tough and long-lasting, so it will not crack or wear down easily.

On the downside, vegan leather is not as stretchy or flexible as real leather.


Vegan Leather vs. Faux Leather


The major difference between these two types of “leather” is based on what they are made of. Vegan leather is primarily made from polyurethane which is a type of plastic that can mimic real leather – without harming any animals.

Meanwhile, faux leather is manufactured using a fabric base. It mostly contains PVC or polyvinyl chloride, wax, and dye. There’s also another type of faux leather called bicast which means that the material is made partially of natural leather. 

So that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed discovering these vegan designer bags as much as we did! In case you’re looking for more fashion ideas and inspiration, check out the posts below.


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