How To Wear Overalls: 6 Chic Styling Tips

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Got a pair of overalls in your closet that you’re planning to wear for spring? We got you! Check out our guide on how to wear overalls and create the most stylish looks.

Overalls are a fun wardrobe piece that can be worn in any season. They’re usually made of denim and are a type of garment that’s usually worn as protective clothing when working. However, overalls can also be used as fashion statement pieces, and there are many different ways to style them!

Overalls are a great piece to have in your wardrobe because they are rather unique – how many times a week do you see other people rocking this look, versus regular jeans or dresses? Exactly. Plus, you can wear them with a variety of different tops and shoes to create lots of different looks.

Overalls aren’t only limited to pants, though. They also come in the form of overall shorts and overall dresses.

While your first instinct may not be to assume that overalls can look fashionable, there are definitely stylish ways you can incorporate this garment into your everyday life. So if you’re looking for a chic way to style overalls, look no further! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to wear overalls in a fashion-forward way.

We’ll also show you some outfits that you can put together using overalls as the main component. So whether you’re looking to update your current look or just trying out overalls for the first time, read on for some great styling tips!

Let’s get started!

What To Wear With Overalls

1. Crop Tops

How To Wear Overalls: White crop top and dark denim overalls
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One of our favorite ways to wear a good pair of denim overalls is to pair it with a crop top. It’s the perfect casual outfit for hot summer days, and it is light enough to allow air through your outfit so you won’t run hot.

Wear this outfit with a pair of white sneakers and you’re all set!

2. Tank Tops

How To Wear Overalls: White tank top and light wash overalls shorts
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For maximum comfort, opt for a tank top instead. It will create a basic yet stylish outfit that every fashion girl should have in their wardrobe.

For a pop of color, wear a pair of white denim overalls and a sage green tank top. This is an outfit perfect for spring!

3. Blouses

How To Wear Overalls: White long sleeve blouse with denim overalls
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For a more polished and put-together look, opt for light and airy blouses to wear with your pair of dungarees. This is another cute spring look that is can even be worn for casual Easter brunches!

4. Striped Tees

How To Wear Overalls: Blue striped tee with ripped denim overalls
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If you want to wear overalls in a more casual way, pair them with a striped tee. This is a great everyday look that you can easily throw on and head out the door. You can even do this with a graphic tee or a basic white t-shirt.

This look is great for a pair of light wash overalls or even corduroy overalls in matching colors.

5. Sweaters

How To Wear Overalls: Beige sweater with light wash denim overalls
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If you’re looking to add a bit of extra warmth in cooler weather, you can also style your comfy overalls by wearing them with a long-sleeve shirt or sweater.

This is a great look for colder weather or for days when you want to be a little more covered up, running errands or just hanging out at home.

6. Off-Shoulder Tops

For a cute boho look, try styling your overalls with an off-the-shoulder top. This is a trendy and chic look that will turn heads wherever you go! To complete the boho aesthetic, throw in a floppy hat and a pair of ankle boots, espadrilles or sandals of your choice.


There you have it! As you can see, there are many different ways to style a pair of overalls. You can also follow this advice if you have overall dresses or overall shorts.

Dungarees are a comfortable piece of clothing that’s super casual and chic, and it’s perfect for a normal day out grabbing coffee or running errands!

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