25 Best Australian Swimwear Brands To Check Out This Summer

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If you’re looking to add some cool new swimsuits to your collection, check out our list of the best Australian swimwear brands for the cutest looks!

Aussies know how to get down and have a good time at the beach, and it’s no secret that they have perfected the best swimwear styles to wear for a day on the water.

Australia is well-loved for its beaches, and if you’re going to a beach party this summer, we definitely recommend checking out Australian brands to upgrade your swimwear wardrobe!

All of the pieces featured below are shoppable, so if you see a ‘kini or two that you like, just click on the photo and it will take you onto the retailer’s website for purchase.

Let’s get started!

The Best Australian Swimwear Brands

1. Endless

Australian Swimwear Brands: Yellow floral two piece swimsuit from Endless
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If you’re going to a party soon, you might want to check out Endless for their super cute (and sultry!) two-piece swimsuits that follow the latest trends.

They have a lot of pieces that are currently on sale, so better head out to Endless to stock up on cute yet affordable swimsuits with cheeky cuts for the summer!

2. Rebecca Vallance

Australian Swimwear Brands: Red and yellow patterned one piece swimsuit with ruffle sleeves from Rebecca Valiente
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Rebecca Vallance is a luxury high fashion brand that has an impressive swim collection. Their swimsuits are anything but boring – just by scrolling through their swim page, you’ll see pieces in bold colors and floral prints, perfect for the playful woman who wants to make a statement.

Aside from their swimwear, you’ll also see robes, kaftans, swim dresses and coverups in high-quality fabrics for resort wear.

3. Andie Swim

Andie Swim is one of Australia’s hottest swimwear brands. Andie boasts a vast collection of swimwear, from one-pieces, to two-pieces, and even swimsuits for long torsos. They also have athletic swimsuits that you can wear if you’re particularly insecure about your back fat or bacne (back acne).

Also, Andie Swim has a Lounge collection where you can find loungewear, bralettes, intimates, and underwear. If you’re going on a beach trip soon, make sure to beck out their beach essentials page.

4. Seafolly

Australian Swimwear Brands: Olive green one piece swimsuit from Seafolly
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Seafolly is perhaps one of Australia’s best-known swimwear brands that boasts gorgeous, dainty pieces. They have comfortable swimwear in solid, earthy tones, as well as floral print pieces that you just can’t resist wearing for your next tropical holiday.

If you’re going swimsuit shopping for your little ones, Seafolly also has swimsuits for kids and teens.

5. Fella Swim

Australian Swimwear Brands: Red patterned two piece swimsuit from Fella Swim
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Fella Swim is a little more on the pricey side, but it’s all for good reason: Fella fuses together luxury Italian fabrics and Australian design for the modern woman. Most of their pieces are simple, yet flattering to the female form.

Their swimsuits are great investment pieces thanks to their timeless styles.

6. Bond-Eye

Best Australian swimwear brands: Bond-Eye
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There’s a reason why Bond-Eye is well-loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and models like Kaia Gerber. The brand’s swimsuits are nostalgic and fashioned using tubular fabric that became iconic in the 80s.

Their crinkle swim fabric has enough stretch to fit most sizes, which means their pieces are all in one size.

No matter what your body shape is, their swimwear is designed to give you a perfect fit – enough to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

7. Tigerlily

If you’re into printed pieces with a little bit of boho twist, head over to Tigerlily.

Tigerlily is one of the top boutique swimwear labels that offers more than just swimwear: they also have gorgeous tops, dresses (major cottagecore vibes!), bottoms, and knitwear, as well as accessories for the beach.

8. ELCE Swim


ELCE Swim, previously known as Wanderlust Swim, has a place in our hearts for its minimal, earth-tone pieces.

According to Wanderlust, their pieces are designed to be worn both in and out of the water – thanks to their sleek design and classic style, you can totally wear their one-pieces as bodysuits, as well as their bikini tops as part of your next outfit.

9. Matteau

Black swimsuit that covers back and arms
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Matteau is an Aussie luxury clothing brand that also has a gorgeous swim collection. Their premium swimwear ranges from $100-275 per piece, and they also have both minimalist and printed swimwear for you to choose from, making this one of the best Australian swimwear brands.

We love this Wrap Sun Top, and it’s very useful if you’re insecure about your back fat and acne. Plus, your arms will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun!

10. Peony Swimwear

We all love stylish swimwear, and Peony is just the right brand for that. Peony is the Aussie girl’s go-to brand for retro-cool pieces, feminine and floral styles, and dainty designs. Peony is well known for their romantic pieces in muted hues, and they also have frills and ruffles to adore.

Plus, after you’re done swimming, Peony also offers dresses, tops, and skirts that you can wear for a romantic dinner after your beach session.

11. Zimmermann

One-piece swimsuit by Zimmermann
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While Zimmermann is well known for its gorgeous florals and romantic luxury dresses, the same can be said for its swimwear collection. Zimmermann’s swimsuits come in minimalist styles, and they also come in bold statement prints with colorful patterns and ruffles.

Their price range is quite pricey than the usual swimsuits, but you’ll truly feel like royalty when you’re wearing their swimwear.

12. Gooseberry Intimates

Australian Swimwear Brands: Baby blue one piece swimsuit from Gooseberry
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It’s incredibly hard to resist adding a few lace lingeries to the shopping cart when you’re scrolling through Gooseberry’s website – after all, they’re a premier intimates label.

And while their lingeries and underwear are sultry, their minimalist swimwear collections are also designed to flatter the female form in the very best way.

13. Zulu & Zephyr

Australian Swimwear Brands: Beige bikini from Zulu & Zephyr
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“Made for the sun, the salt, and the sea”, Zulu & Zephyr are a local Aussie swimwear brand that offers not only high-quality swimwear with a decent range of sizes but also cozy loungewear that can be worn both on a tropical getaway or at the comforts of your home.

Their pieces are minimalistic, with warm earthy hues.

14. Sea Level Australia

Australian Swimwear Brands: Black spliced one piece swimsuit from Sea Level Australia
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Sea Level Australia is a very well-known contemporary swimwear brand that offers tons of swimsuits in different styles, fits, designs, and frills.

They also have swim skirts, swim dresses, and rash guards that you can wear if you’re not a bikini type of gal, making this one of the best Australian swimwear brands.

15. Tacoola

Tacoola cut-out white and beige swimsuit
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Tacoola is not only famous for their designer denim, but for their beautiful swimwear too.

They have tons of unique styles and patterns, and we are totally in love with this one-of-a-kind, ruffled one-piece swimsuit that’s designed to flatter the hips.

16. Cotton On

Australian Swimwear Brands: Floral two piece bikini from Cotton On
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Now, we all know Cotton On is a global clothing brand, but did you know that they’re Australia’s largest retailer?

They’re famous for their light and airy clothing that’s perfect for tropical weather (inspired by Australia’s heat), and they also have a wide selection of chic yet very affordable swimwear to choose from.

17. Bondi Born

Light blue Australian bikinis from Bondi Born
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Bondi Born is inspired by Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach – and they’re loaded with designer cozzies and swimwear for your next sunny beach getaway.

While their swimsuits are minimalistic, they’re also loaded with tons of color options – from hot pink, orange, yellow, a few pastels, down to earthy hues like beige, navy, and black.

You can also purchase different bikini tops and bottoms so you can mix and match. How fun!

18. Jets

Best Australian swimwear brands: Jets
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Another contemporary Aussie brand in the swimwear industry, Jets offers upscale and elevated swim and resort essentials.

Not only do they offer swimwear, but they also have a wide range of light and airy dresses and trousers to wear on your resort holiday!

19. It’s Now Cool

Australian Swimwear Brands: Retro print floral two piece bikini from It's Now Cool
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If you’re after playful, colorful, retro swimwear that will reflect your bold and loud personality, head over to It’s Now Cool!

Their swimwear collection is anything but boring – they have different prints and patterns you’ll absolutely adore. From tie-dyes to animal prints and florals – these swimsuits are here to make a statement.

If you’re not into bold patterns, don’t worry! It’s Now Cool also offers minimalistic swimwear in solid colors. We especially love their triangle bikini tops.

20. Cali Rae

Best Australian swimwear brands: Cali Rae
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Cali Rae is an Aussie swimwear brand that offers scent-infused swimwear with sustainable fabrics – wait, that’s a thing?! Yes! Cali Rae pioneered the world’s first scent-infused swimwear.

This means you’ll come out of the water smelling like dessert. You can choose from a range of scents like red pomegranate, piña colada, blackberry, green apple spice, or pink lychee!

Their sustainable swimwear also uses the highest quality recycled fabrics made out of plastic bottles and other recycled materials – Cali Rae is an all-round game-changer in the swimsuit industry!

21. Baku swimwear

Tropical push-up bikini
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For ultra-tropical swimwear, head over to Baku. Their pieces are inspired and named after tropical places like Honduras, Milan, and Zimbabwe.

Baku Swimwear has both solid-colored swimwear, as well as ones with playful patterns and bold designs such as this gorgeous tropical print bikini.

22. Cantik

Australian Swimwear Brands: White wrap around two piece swimsuit from Cantik
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Fun fact: Cantik is Indonesian for “beautiful”. Their pieces are designed in Syndey and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia.

Cantik’s swimwear line is absolutely doing its brand name justice for their dainty and feminine pieces, as well as their “femme fatale” aura.

23. VDM The label

Australian Swimwear Brands: Reversible two piece swimsuits with fun prints from VDM The Label
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It’s no secret that Australians are experts when it comes to bold, playful swimwear. If you want to make a statement in your next summer pool party, there’s no better brand than VDM The Label.

They also have sultry, itsy bitsy bikinis if you’re into sexier swimwear, and there are also pretty modest one pieces to choose from, making this one of the best Australian swimwear brands.

24. Nip Tuck SWIM

Australian Swimwear Brands: Baby blue floral one piece swimsuit from Nip Tuck SWIM
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Nip Tuck SWIM is all about classic and timeless swimwear that women can wear for as long as they want. What’s even more awesome is that this Aussie brand specializes in tummy control and figure-forming one-pieces to boost confidence for every type of woman on the planet!

Out of the list, we think that Nip Tuck SWIM has the most impressive and inclusive plus-size swimwear, along with Sea Folly and Sea Level Australia.

25. Minkpink

Red Minpink bikini with ruffles
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Last but definitely not least on this list is Minkpink. Minkpink is an Aussie clothing brand that specializes in floral feminine garments, from pretty dresses to flouncy, ruffled blouses in gorgeous pastel and earthy hues.

Their swimwear line is definitely worth checking out if you’re into florals and girly swimwear.

We hope you liked this list of the best Australian swimwear brands! Did we miss a few? Let us know in the comments section.

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