Hermès Herbag Prices: All The Details You Need

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We love the elegant yet casual look of the Hermès Herbag, but how much does it cost? This Hermès Herbag prices article is here to answer all your questions.

The Hermès Herbag is one of the more under-the-radar bags in the Hermès collection, but a chic bag you really need to know about. This handbag has a similar aesthetic to the beloved Hermès Kelly bag, but the canvas toile body gives the bag a more relaxed look – just perfect for casual weekend outfits!

If you are thinking about adding Hermès Herbag to the collection, you may have noticed that Hermès does not list the prices online and you have to visit a Hermès store and chat with a sales assistant to find out the price tag of one of these bags.

This Hermès Herbag Prices article is here to save you a trip, with all the information you need on the price of a Herbag, plus the history of the bag and the different editions available. Plus we have included some of the most popular Hermès Herbags that we think you need in your life!

Hermès Herbag Prices

The History of Herbag

The Hermès Herbag was first added to the handbag collection in the 1980s, but the fashion house discontinued it in the mid-2000s before it made a reappearance in 2009, with a new name, the Herbag Zip.

This new version of the Herbag has the same silhouette, with the collapsible handles and a leather strap, but with the new addition of an external pocket, a zip pocket, and an interior zipper pouch for added practicality.

The Herbag has a similar shape to the famous Kelly bag, named after the actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, with a similar trapezoid shape, single top handle, and belted front flap. The fact that the Herbag is made from canvas, gives the bag a more relaxed, unstructured look and means it is a less high demand bag than the Kelly!

The Herbag is also referred to as the two-in-one bag since the top of the bag is detachable, which means you can mix and match Herbags, plus many of the Herbags have a reversible body, so you can just flip the bag inside out for a new look (make sure to double check your Herbag is a reversible edition before trying to flip it though!).

Different Types of the Hermès Herbag

Unlike many other famous Hermès handbags, there are only a few variations of Herbag available, making it easy to choose the right one for you!

1. Sizes

Let’s begin with the size – there are the Herbag Zip 31, 39, Cabine 50, and 52, as well as a backpack edition of the Hermès Herbag. The 31 and 39 sizes are ideal for everyday use, measuring 12.2 X 9.8 X 3.9 inches and 15.3 X 12.6 X 5.5 inches respectively, while the 50 and 52 are more of a travel or weekend bag size.

2. Materials

The Hermès Herbag Zip is only available in a few different materials, but there are lots of colors and a few different designs to choose from.

The body of the bag is either made from officer canvas or military canvas, both of which are hardwearing so your Herbag will really stand the test of time, while the leather straps and front flap are always made from Vache Hunter leather, which is known for its durability and low maintenance finish.

Most Herbags are finished with palladium hardware, but you may find a few editions with gold hardware.

3. colors

Like many other Hermès bags, the Herbag is available in lots of different colors, from neutral black, navy, and ecru shades to bright colors such as pink, green, and orange.

You will find that most Herbags have different colors for the canvas and leather for an eye-catching look – plus the top part of the Herbag can detach from the body so you can mix and match different Herbags to create an individual look!

4. Patterns and Prints

There are also different patterns and prints available for the canvas body – including the check Criss Viking canvas, H plume pattern, Brides de Gala print, and the Pegase Pop motif, which is pictured below.

This is unique for Hermès, who are known for their minimalist handbags and a lack of embellishments, and have decided to release the Herbag with attention-grabbing, striking patterns, often synonymous with the Hermès brand and seen on other Hermès items.

Hermès Herbag Prices

The Hermès Herbag is one of the more affordable bags in the collection since it is only partially made from leather, making the price point a little lower. It is also worth noting that generally both types of canvas are about the same price so you don’t have to worry about different materials costing more money, but the printed editions of the Herbag, featuring the Vibration print or Pegase Pop motif for example, are likely to cost a little more.

SizePrice in USD($)Price in Euros (€)
Herbag Zip 31$2,675€2,180
Herbag Zip 39$2,900€2,220
Herbag Zip 50 Cabine$3,850€2,950
Herbag Zip 52$4,225
Herbag a Dos Backpack$3,150€2,320

Best-selling Hermès Herbags

Here are some of the most popular Herbags out there, in a variety of different sizes and colors to suit any personal style.

The secondary market is a great place to easily pick up any Hermès bag since buying an Hermès bag can be a long process – plus there are loads of stunning options available in excellent condition and you won’t have to wait around to add a Herbag to your wardrobe!

1. Hermès Herbag 31
Blue and black Hermès Toile Herbag Zip 31
Browse Hermès Herbag 31’s on The RealReal
Beige and red Hermès 2021 Pegase Pop Herbag Zip 31 Shoulder Bag
Browse Hermès Herbag 31’s on The RealReal

The Hermès Herbag 31 is a best seller as it is the perfect size for an everyday handbag and comes in plenty of different colors too! We love this sleek and smart Hermès Herbag Zip 31, with a navy body, crafted from cobalt blue toile officier canvas and finished with a black leather front flap and straps.

The bag is finished with palladium hardware for a luxurious touch. This bag is super practical with the addition of a top handle, shoulder strap, spacious interior, and an exterior pocket.

For something a little more eye-catching, go for the Hermès Herbag 31 with the Pegase Pop print! This design is often featured on Hermes scarves, but we love to see it on a stunning handbag.

The Ecru canvas is the perfect neutral background for the red Pegasus design, finished with red leather and palladium hardware. This Herbag also comes with a handy zip pouch to help you stay organized.

2. Hermès herbag 39
Blue and oxblood red Hermès Toile Militaire & Vache Hunter Herbag Zip Retourne 39
Browse Hermès Herbag 39’s on The RealReal
Black and white Hermès Vache Hunter Criss Viking Herbag Zip Retourne 39 MM
Browse Hermès Herbag 39’s on Fashionphile

The Hermès Herbag in the 39 size has the same practical feature, but with a more spacious interior, making this Hermès bag perfect for work. This blue and oxblood red edition is super chic and sophisticated, crafted from the durable Toile Militaire canvas and trimmed with luxe Vache Hunter leather.

The collapsible handles mean this bag can be adapted to suit your look, while the exterior pocket and zip pouch mean you can always find just what you need.

This Hermès Vache Hunter Criss Viking Herbag Zip Retourne 39 Bag has a striking look, with the black and white check canvas and supple vache hunter leather.

The front flap is secured with a belt, just like the belt you see on a Hermes Kelly or Birkin bag, this time finished with a palladium, Hermès-embossed clou de selle closure, allowing easy access to the spacious interior.

3. Special Hermès Herbags
Beige and red Hermès H Vibration Toile Militaire Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine 50
Browse Hermès Herbag 50’s on The RealReal
Beige and tan Hermès Vache Hunter Criss Viking Herbag a Dos Retourne Backpack
Browse Hermès Herbag Backpacks on Fashionphile

The Hermès Herbag 50 is an edition of this iconic style that is a little rarer – due to its large size, it is often seen more as a travel bag.

The Hermès Herbag 50 pictured above features the H Vibration print for a striking and quintessentially Hermès finish. The beige officier canvas is paired with luxe red leather and finished with palladium hardware, while the bag again features an interior and external pocket.

The ever-popular Herbag has also been made into a backpack – so stylish and super practical too! This Hermès Vache Hunter Criss Viking Herbag a Dos Retourne Backpack has the same aesthetic as the original Herbag, but with two leather shoulder straps instead of one.

The bag still has the belted front flap, clou de selle closure, leather top handle, exterior zip pocket, and tethered zipper pouch.

We hope you found this Hermès Herbag Prices article helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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