20 Brands Like Mejuri For Glam, Affordable Jewelry

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If you are looking for some stunning jewelry with an affordable price tag, then you’re in the right place as we’ve got all the best brands like Mejuri!

With a wide range of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, we love Mejuri jewelry because of its beautiful designs and price tags that won’t break the bank! There are some stunning options suitable for weddings as well as some incredible men’s pieces too.

Mejuri’s jewelry is meant to be an expression of self, celebrating and empowering women – who don’t want jewelry that is created with the aim of empowerment! If you are looking for some wonderful alternative jewelry brands with similar principles and totally irresistible jewelry, then you are in the right place as we have brought together all of the best brands like Mejuri!  

20 Best brands like Mejuri

1. Missoma

Brands like Mejuri: Missoma
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Best brands like Mejuri> Missoma
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The price range and range of jewelry from Missoma are very similar to that of Mejuri. Both brands are known for their delicate jewelry at affordable prices, with stunning men’s and women’s pieces available.

Whether you are looking for a pair of everyday stud earrings, stackable rings, or statement necklaces, you are bound to find something you love on the Missoma site.

The brand is also known for its collaborations, with other brands and individuals – including blogger Lucy Williams and fashion designer Harris Reed, who have created some totally unique pieces! We love this super trendy choker necklace and really versatile chunky hoop earrings from the brand.

2. Stone and Strand

Brands like Mejuri: Stone and Strand
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Gold Stone and strand Monogram necklace
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Both Mejuri and Stone And Strand have been founded by women, and create jewelry that is aimed at strong women. Stone and Strand was founded in New York City and is known for producing gorgeous pieces that don’t have high-marked-up prices.

There are loads of different collections to choose from, including engagement rings, a pearl collection, and lab-grown diamond pieces as well as solid gold and sterling silver basics collections that are perfect for daily wear.

If you are looking for a brand with a great mission and ethos too, then Stone And Strand are perfect as they have set up the Good Girl Mission which supports and empowers women – incredible!

3. Gorjana

Brands like Mejuri: Gorjana
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Tose gold rectangle stud earrings
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Laguna Beach-based brand Gorjana creates simple but perfectly executed pieces of jewelry, just like Mejuri. This brand has been inspired by the relaxed, beachy vibes of California, giving all of the Gorjana pieces an effortlessly cool aesthetic.

The collection is filled with cult pieces that everyone needs in their jewelry collection and each item is designed to be perfect for layering or stacking so you can mix and match the items you wear to create a new look each time.

Or just wear the minimalist piece alone if you are going for a paired-back jewelry look – there really is so much choice and variety.

4. Maison Miru

Brands like Mejuri: Maison Miru
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Gold trendy ring from Maison Miru
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The price range of the high-quality pieces from Maison Miru makes it a great alternative to Mejuri jewelry. With most rings around the $60-$70 mark, and necklaces ranging in price between $100 – $200 there are some incredible pieces that won’t do too much damage to your credit card!

All of Maison Miru’s jewelry is unisex, which means all of their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are timeless pieces that everyone will really love.

Their simple design means they are the sort of staple pieces you wear every day that suit any look. Maison Miru is also a great place to start if you are thinking of gifting someone special in your life some really beautiful jewelry.

5. Jenny Bird

Brands like Mejuri: Jenny Bird
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Silver chunky earrings from Jenny Bird
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If you are looking for minimalist jewelry in an affordable price range just like Mejuri, then Jenny Bird is the perfect brand for you. There is a wide variety of styles of necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, and bracelets so you are bound to find a piece of jewelry you really need in your collection from Jenny Bird.

Just like Mejuri, Jenny Bird also takes part in collaborations to produce totally unique pieces that are available just for a limited time, making them even more desirable.

Jenny Bird is known for their incredible collection of chain necklaces, which are a must-have in any jewelry collection, so if you are looking for a new chain, whatever your style, Jenny Bird is a great place to go.

6. Fedoma

Pearl necklace from Fedoma
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Brands like Mejuri: Fedoma
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Fedoma may be a little bit more pricey than Mejuri, but their jewelry is completely gorgeous and so luxurious. Just like Mejuri, there are a lot of staple pieces that are exquisitely made.

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The majority of Fedoma pieces are made from 14 karat gold or gold vermeil for a stunning look, while many include pearl accents or details for an opulent finish.

The Celine Necklace, made from 14-karat gold is a classic piece that you will love for every, while the Chai earrings would looking incredible for any special occasions or formal events. The wide variety from Fedoma means you are guaranteed to see something you love.

7. Rellery

Gold beaded bracelet from Rellery
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Brands like Mejuri: Rellery
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The fine jewelry brand, Rellery, was founded to create stunning pieces that are ethically made in timeless designs that can be customized to be bespoke just to you.

Rellery believes that your jewelry should speak to you, which is why so many of their pieces can be customized and engraved, or fitted with different charms so their necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are unique and individual.

All jewelry is made ethically and to a very high standard, but there are no high markups on their prices so you always pay an affordable price – perfect!

8. Bing Bang NYC

Bing Bang NYC necklaces
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Gold ring with black stone from Bing Bang NYC
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We love the gorgeous, unisex piece that Bing Bang NYC produces. All of their affordable pieces look incredible and can be worn alone or layered with other Bing Bang NYC pieces to create your own, individual look.

Bing Bang NYC is similar to Mejuri in that they often collaborate with other companies and individuals to create versatile jewelry.

They are also very supportive of charities and groups doing important work in the United States, which is why some of the money from some items of jewelry go to Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ groups.

9. Khiry

Brands like Mejuri: Khiry
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Khiry gold necklace
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All of Khiry’s gorgeous jewelry is inspired by Black life, Black culture, and the African Diaspora aimed at showing the beauty of Black art that is so rarely seen. Jameel Mohammed founded Khiry in 2016 to create modern vermeil jewelry that celebrates the heritage, art, and culture of the African Diaspora.

Any piece made by Khiry is a really special item to own in your collection, whether you are looking for more of a statement piece like the Mask Pendant Necklace or something you can wear every day with any look, like the Tiny Khartoum Gold Vermeil Embellished Hoop Earrings.

Some of the pieces are a little more expensive than Mejuri, but it is totally worth it when the jewelry is this stunning.

10. Amyo Jewelry

Brands like Mejuri: Amyo
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Gold ring from Amyo jewlery
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Amyo is an acronym for ‘accessories make an outfit’ showing how this jewelry brand aims to create jewelry that perfectly complements your outfit and fits perfectly with your look.

This New York City-based brand is similar to Mejuri in the style of jewelry it produces and the price range of its pieces. The beautiful jewelry is meant to be mixed and matched so you can create your own individual look that perfectly suits your outfit.

All of the materials are sourced from the United States while all the pieces are ethically made to guarantee the highest quality jewelry. Many pieces are also handmade so there is less waste – so if you are looking for a sustainable jewelry brand, then Amyo is definitely a great one to go for

11. Verlas

Gold Verlas butterfly necklace
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Gold hoop earrings
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Verlas is a unique jewelry brand as they have added lots of features to their online site to you can feel like you are in a brick and mortar store, even if you are in your home.

They have an every-view 3D angle on each piece of jewelry so you know exactly what the jewelry is like before you get your hands on it.

The jewelry itself is a mix of everyday pieces and statement items you can wear for special occasions made in gleaming gold or sterling silver. Some extra special pieces are set with small diamonds to add that extra little bit of sparkle to your life – what more could you want!

12. Vrai

Gold bangle from Vrai
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Brands like Mejuri: Vrai
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Vrai is a great brand to head for if you are looking for conflict-free diamonds, as all of their diamonds are crystallized in America to ensure they are ethical and sustainable.

The brand was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles and has since then grown to include a stunning jewelry collection, with certain pieces catching the attention of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and the Hollywood Reporter editors.

Made from top-quality precious metals, Vrai is known for its gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but its engagement rings are a particular favorite. This is because of the sustainably produced diamonds, which are going in popularity all over the world

13. Completedworks

Completedworks turquoise earrings with pearls
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Gold heart necklace from Completedworks
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Completedworks is a brand beloved by many celebrities, including Jodie Comer, Emma Watson, and Maya Rudolph, so why not add a piece to your own jewelry collection. The London-based brand works with jewelry and ceramics to look at the beauty in the everyday.

Like Mejuri, Completedworks also produce beautiful jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear, but that has a little more color to their pieces.

Their pieces are often made with recycled materials so the jewelry is sustainable too. We love the colors of the Recycled gold vermeil, resin, and pearl earrings and the timeless, classic design of the Classicworks recycled gold vermeil necklace.

14. Mateo

Brands like Mejuri: Mateo
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Beautiful white quartz and diamond necklace from Mateo
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Mateo’s founder Matthew Harris is a self-taught jewelry designer that produces bold yet simple pieces, just like Mejuri, that is completely irresistible. The striking jewelry line often makes use of precious stones in striking shapes to add a pop of color to your jewelry collection.

The brand is already beloved by influencers, including Eva Chen and Bella Hadid. Mateo’s jewelry is a little more expensive than Mejuri but all of the pieces are classics that will become heirloom pieces that you will pass down the generations.

15. Monica Vinader

Brands like Mejuri: Monica Vinader
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Silver ring from Monica Vinader
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The everyday fine jewelry brand, Monica Vinader, has become wildly popular recently because of its timeless designs, dainty necklaces, and classic earrings that you never want to take off, just like Mejuri.

The UK-based brand has ensured that jewelry can be engraved, charms can be added, and there are stackable rings and layering pieces so you can really adapt and play around with the jewelry and guarantee it perfectly suits your own aesthetic.

Monica Vinader has become one of the best affordable jewelry brands in the UK and we think you are going to really love their pieces.

16. Edge of Ember

Brands like Mejuri: Edge Of Ember
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Simple everyday gold necklace from Edge of Ember
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Similar to Mejuri, female-founded Edge of Ember creates fine jewelry at an affordable price, so you can always have the perfect jewelry to suit your look. All of the Edge of Ember pieces can be customized, too so they are bespoke to you.

Like many of the best jewelry brands, Edge of Ember is committed to the ethical and sustainable production of jewelry – making use of recycled precious metals, and lab-grown stones so the jewelry does not do any damage to the planet.

The small brand is based in London and is one of our top picks because of the classic designs and minimalist pieces that you can wear every day.

17. Catbird

Pretty gold Catbird bangle
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Gold everyday paperclip necklace from Catbird
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American jewelry brand Catbird creates really lovely, unique pieces that you can wear in different ways and adapt to your own look. Catbird jewelry has been featured in many major publications, including Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Forbes, and The Cut, so you know their jewelry is highly desirable.

The brand, produces classic items like timeless chains and everyday, minimalist pairs of earrings, as well as some bright and bolder pieces that really complete an outfit, just like Mejuri.

The price range of their products is very similar to Mejuri, with necklaces usually between $50 and $900, although there are some extra special pieces that are available for upwards of $2,500!

18. Aurate

Blue bracelet from Aurate
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Brands like Mejuri: Aurate
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New York-based jewelry brand, Aurate, is perfect if you are after delicate jewelry without a really expensive price tag. Like Mejuri, Aurate also has some collaboration pieces that are totally irresistible, and one of the most stunning collaborations is with actress Kerry Washington!

Aurate jewelry has simple designs which are then exquisitely made so these beautiful pieces will last a lifetime. They also have a whole range of engagement jewelry and wedding rings, so there really is something for everyone and every eventuality.

All pieces are sustainably made as well and hold diversity and inclusivity as core values so you know you are buying jewelry from an incredible brand.

19. Electric Picks

Gold everyday necklace from Electric Picks
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Brands like Mejuri: Electric Picks
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Electric Picks jewelry is a little more affordable than Mejuri, but their pieces are equally as stunning. There have lots of classic necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that will become go-to pieces in your collection.

Their collection is primarily made up of gold pieces, with chain necklaces and pendant necklaces as their best sellers, each ideal for layering for a totally glamourous look.

There is also a wide range of rings, from ones with a bolder, chunkier look to more dainty and delicate options that can be worn alone or stacked for a completely individual look. Electric Picks is also available on Nordstrom, so it is easy to get hold of some really stunning pieces.

20. Wolf Circus

Gold pendant necklace from Wolf Circus
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Silver and green bangle from Wolf Circus
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Wolf Circus is a demi-fine jewelry brand from Canada that produces contemporary, bold pieces that are perfect for a statement look.

The brand is similar to Mejuri in that they both produce timeless designs and well as more statement items; however, Wolf Circus creates more stand-out jewelry, while Mejuri creates more classic pieces. So if you are looking for some jewelry that is really eye-catching, then Wolf Circus is a great brand for you.

All of their jewelry is made with ethical and inclusive practices and embraces the use of chunky silhouettes and mixing metals with pops of color. The Etched Figure Pendant Necklace is an example of one of their more dainty pieces, while the Libby Checkered Ring makes more of a statement.

We hope you loved this list of brands like Mejuri! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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