Gucci Outlet Vs The Gucci Store: What’s The Difference?

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Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a Gucci retail store and the outlet store? This analysis of Gucci outlet vs Gucci store has all information you need to know.

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Gucci is one of the top luxury brands at the moment with an incredible collection of women’s and menswear, accessories, and leather goods, all available at Gucci boutiques all over the world. However, these pieces do have pretty high price tags which are not always affordable.

This is where a Gucci outlet store comes in handy! Many of them carry incredible Gucci products at a discounted price, so you get the best deal. This Gucci outlet vs Gucci store article is going to give you all the important details you need to know.

Gucci Outlet vs Gucci store

Gucci Stores

Since Gucci is one of the best designer brands at the moment, there are lots of Gucci stores all over the world; 501 Gucci to be exact, including 97 in the United States and Canada, and 107 across Europe.

If you are not near a Gucci store, then the Gucci online store has its full range of menswear, womenswear, accessories, jewelry, and children’s clothing.

Gucci products in these retail stores are sold at full retail price – for bags, this ranges between $720 and $32,000; ready-to-wear can sell for anywhere between $490 and $4,200, while shoes range between $320 and $1,690.

It is worth noting that Gucci products don’t go on sale on the website or in boutiques (unless you’re invited to a special VIP sale), so if you’re looking to get current Gucci products with a discount, your best bet is to look at third-party retailers such as Net-A-Porter, who offer 10% off on select products for new newsletter subscribers, as well as 15% off for new app users.

Gucci Outlets

Designer outlet stores, like the Gucci outlet, are stores in which manufacturers sell stock directly to customers, as opposed to going through a retailer, which is what happens in Gucci stores and boutiques.

The stock at a factory outlet can be first-quality merchandise that is from the previous season, discontinued pieces, canceled orders, or irregular items all sold at a low price. Unlike other outlet stores, all the pieces will be original Gucci items that were made for retail stores, instead of any items just made for an outlet store.

You will often find Gucci Outlet stores in outlet malls, alongside other designer brand outlets, all across the world. There are around 46 Gucci outlet stores across North and South America, Europe, and Asia, so you are bound to find a Gucci outlet store not too far away.

It’s worth mentioning that apparently, the best Gucci outlet (Reggello) is located near Florence, Italy, which is where Gucci was first established in 1921.

If you’re not near a Gucci outlet, we recommend that you take a look at online designer outlets such as The Outnet, which offer Gucci products for up to 60% off. To shop, you can be anywhere in the world!

What’s the difference between a Gucci outlet and A Gucci Store?

1. Discounts

The main differences between a Gucci outlet and a Gucci store are the price and the range of products available. items in a Gucci outlet are discounted by between 35% and 65%, but the longer a piece has been in the outlet store, the higher the discount will be.

There is a certain system to the pricing in a Gucci outlet – at first, all items that arrive at the outlet are discounted by 50% and a white tag will be placed over the original price tag to display the new, cheaper price (sometimes a new tag will display this discounted price).

If an item hasn’t sold after six months, they will discount the cheaper price by 50% again – this second discount will be written in red pen. If an item still isn’t selling after another six months, then the price will be reduced by 50% again.

2. product range

The range of products and range sizes you will find in a Gucci outlet will be much more limited than you will find in a Gucci store. Since the items in a Gucci outlet will be discontinued or out of season, there will only be older or seasonal shoes, bags, and clothing.

This means you are less likely to find a best-selling Gucci bag, for example. Outlet stores also often stock irregular pieces that have some sort of mistake or error, usually this imperfection is small and not that noticeable, but still, the piece will still be available for a lower price.

The range of sizes will also be limited so you may not always be able to find your clothing or shoe size.

Tips for your next trip to a Gucci outlet

If you are making a trip to a Gucci outlet, here are a few tips and tricks for a successful shopping experience.

1. Check what your nearest Gucci Outlet offers as each store has different items available. All this information is super easy to find out on the Gucci website so you can head to the store knowing you’ll be able to find menswear, kids’ clothing, or accessories.

2. Make sure to get in line early; this way you can find the best pieces for lower prices before anyone else gets their hands on them. Again, check the opening time online, so you know what time you need to arrive at the store.

3. Don’t arrive at the store too late in the afternoon because outlet stores will often close the line a few hours before the store closes so you may not even get the chance to have a look around.

4. It is also always worth asking if the store has anything in the back. Often, certain items are placed on the shop floor, while the rest is held in the back of the store. If you ask a sales associate if they have anything in the back, you may just find an unexpected item for a bargain price.

Top Gucci pieces

There are so many stunning Gucci products available, so we have narrowed down the list to a few bestsellers that we think you will love – and may inspire a future purchase!

1. bags
Brown Gucci Ophidia mini GG shoulder bag
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Brown Gucci Backpack with Interlocking G
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Classic, everyday Gucci bags are always a great item to invest in – if you go for a neutral color you can guarantee it will suit a wide range of outfits. This Gucci Ophidia mini GG shoulder bag, for example, has a quintessentially Gucci look with the GG supreme canvas and red and green webbing but is perfectly practical too with the spacious interior.

For the ultimate practicality, this Gucci Backpack is perfect. Crafted from GG supreme with brown leather trim, with a roomy interior and plenty of interior and exterior pockets.

2. shoes
Beige and ebony Gucci Women's jumbo GG Princetown slipper
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Black and white Gucci Women's boot with GG jersey
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Gucci slippers and loafers are best sellers from this luxury brand – just like these Women’s jumbo GG Princetown slippers. This slip-on shoe can be dressed up or down to suit any outfit, while the jumbo GG print adds an eye-catching element.

Fall and winter boots are pieces that you may find in outlet stores in the warmer months. We just love these statement Women’s boots from Gucci – crafted from white leather, with a thick rubber sole, and finished with a black GG woven stretch jersey insert for a little pop of color.

3. accessories
Black and gold Gucci GG Marmont reversible belt
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Beige and brown Gucci GG jacquard wool silk scarf
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Gucci accessories, like belts or scarves, are great pieces to go for if you have a limited budget. A Gucci black leather belt will last you a lifetime to always give your outfit that luxurious touch. This GG Marmont belt is also reversible, so it will suit any look.

A timeless, classic scarf, like this Gucci GG jacquard wool silk scarf, can be worn year after year when the weather starts to get a little cool. The GG print adds a sophisticated detail, while the scarf is available in a range of colors so you can decide whether you want a neutral shade or a pop of color.

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