10 Rimowa Collaborations For Luxe Luggage

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Rimowa, the luxury luggage brand, has brought their suitcases to the world of fashion with a series of stunning collaborations – keep reading to find the top 10 Rimowa collaborations you need to know about.

Rimowa is a historic luxury German brand that has been creating high-quality luggage since 1898. The cases have developed over the years to make gliding through an airport much easier, with the tough, yet lightweight aluminum shell, the multi-wheel system, telescopic handles, and flex dividers to keep the interior organized.

Since 2017, Rimowa and its chief marketing officer, Emelie de Vitis, have been increasing the popularity of Rimowa with incredible collaborations.

The collaborations include fashion brands, artists, and luxury car brands and have ensured that Rimowa suitcases are a must-have travel item. If you want to know more about these collaborations, just keep reading as we have brought together all you need to know about 10 Rimowa Collaborations.

10 Rimowa Collaborations

1. Rimowa x Dior
Pink Rimowa x Dior Personal Pouch
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The most recent creative collaboration from Rimowa is with the major French fashion house, Dior. The collection has been available to purchase since February 2022 and has proved incredibly popular among fashion fans.

The trunk, cabin, and handheld cases were all part of the collaboration, made with high-quality Rimowa materials and finished with Dior’s design aesthetic.

Some pieces were decorated with Dior’s Oblique monogram, while others, like the Personal Pouch, have a more sleek and minimalist finish.

2. Rimowa x Supreme
Black and white Rimowa x Supreme Topas Multiwheel 45L
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There have so far been a couple of gorgeous collaborations between the Rimowa brand and the street-style brand, Supreme.

Some of Rimowa’s most popular luxury travel pieces have received the Supreme treatment, including the original cabin suitcase which can either feature the bold Supreme logo on a red or black background or a cobweb design, in the 2019 collaboration.

We love the classically Supreme look of this Topas Multiwheel suitcase, with the aluminum ribbed case in a black finish.

3. Rimowa x Off White
Black, white, and yellow Rimowa x Off White See Through 36L Case
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Rimowa and Virgil Abloh’s Off White first collaborated in 2018 on a series of totally unique luggage.

The capsule collection included a limited edition suitcase with a clear shell over the top of the usual aluminum case, which has been emblazoned with the Off White arrows logo.

All cases within this collaboration featured a bright yellow luggage belt, woven with the Off White name in black – as you can see on the See Through 36L Case above.

4. Rimowa x Fendi
Silver and red Rimowa x Fendi Cabin Trolley Luggage
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Rimowa and Fendi have been producing limited-edition collections together since 2017, and their most recent collaboration was launched in 2021.

The Rimowa x Fendi cases, similar to other collaborations, have a classic aluminum case fitted with Rimowa functional design features, but then have been decorated in a striking Fendi style.

The silvery cases feature the double F Fendi logo, a red luggage belt, and a luggage tag in the shape of a paper airplane.

5. Rimowa x Porsche
Silver Rimowa x Porsche Hand-Carry Pepita Case
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Fellow German brands, Rimowa and Porsche, have been collaborating since 1999 and are still releasing incredible collections today. One of the new collaboration pieces is this Hand-Carry Pepita Case.

The case is made from aluminum, decorated with a Porsche logo, and then features design elements from the Porsche 911. The carry case is pretty spacious inside and is secured with a Rimowa-standard TSA-approved lock.

6. Rimowa x Moncler
Silver Rimowa x Moncler 'Reflection' Silver Suitcase
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If you are a Rimowa enthusiast, then you are bound to love the Rimowa x Moncler collaboration.

The collection brings together the practical design of Rimowa with the beautiful aesthetics of Moncler to produce pieces like this ‘Reflection’ Silver Suitcase that has a mirror link surface.

The case even comes with three silver-toned packing cubes while the front of the shiny case is embellished with the Moncler logo.

7. Rimowa x Daniel Arsham
Silver and green Rimowa x Daniel Arsham Eroded Turnable White with Silver Pilot Case
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Delving into the art world, Rimowa collaborated with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham in 2019 to create a collection like no other.

Arsham drew from Rimowa’s archives to produce the ‘Eroded’ collection. The Eroded Turnable White with Silver Pilot Case pictured above is part of this collection and shows the sculptural turntable piece and its silver, logo-emblazoned pilot case.

8. Rimowa x Solebox
Clear, black, and red Rimowa x Solebox Cabin Trolley IATA Suitcase
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One of the early collaborations was between German sneaker boutique, Solebox and Rimowa to create limited edition trolleys that were intended to be nearly indestructible.

The Rimowa x Solebox cases were made from polycarbonate, featuring the same ribbed design, with a clear front and black back.

The suitcase was completely unique when it was released in 2009 and was just the beginning of Rimowa’s innovative suitcases.

9. Rimowa x Aesop

For anyone who loves luxe bath products, then the Rimowa x Aesop is just perfect for you. This is a collaboration made in heaven, comprising a Rimowa travel case filled with gorgeous Aesop travel minis.

This meant you bring all your favorite Aesop products on your next trip in style with the sleek and compact Rimowa-designed case.

10. Rimowa x Bape

Rimowa worked with Japanese luxury brand A Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, back in 2010 to create this striking camo cabin trolley.

The aluminum suitcase from this collection was available in gold or silver, each printed with a camo print and decorated with the A Bathing Ape logo. The case is just the right size to be used as a large briefcase or as a small suitcase – so versatile.

We hope you loved this list of 10 Rimowa collaborations! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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