25 Best Designer Sneakers For Women That Are Oh, So Versatile

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A great pair of sneakers are such a versatile pair of shoes that everyone needs – so here is a list of the best designer sneakers for women to help you choose a new addition to your wardrobe.

Roger Vivier white sneakers
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Whether you are looking for a statement pair of sneakers or a simple pair that you can throw on with any outfit then we’ve got you covered with this list of the best designer sneakers for women, featuring all of your favorite luxury brands.


25 Best Designer Sneakers For Women

1. Gucci Ace sneakerS


White Gucci Women's Ace sneaker with bee

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These Gucci Ace sneakers are iconic for a reason – a stunning pair of white trainers with a little bit of quintessentially Gucci decoration.

Crafted from pure white leather, these stunning Gucci sneakers feature metallic red and green accents on the heels and a gold embroidered bee sits on red and green webbing on the outside of the shoes, making them instantly recognizable as Gucci.

The white rubber sole ensures a comfortable and durable pair of trainers, as well as a seamless finish.


2. Alexander McQueen Platform Sole Sneakers

White and pink Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers

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These Alexander McQueen Platform Sole Sneakers fit right in with all the most popular sneaker trends at the moment – namely, platform, chunky soles. These lace-up sneakers are made from calfskin and goatskin leather for a sleek and luxurious finish, while the paired-back trainer sits on a thick platform 1” sole.

This platform and the removable insole guarantee comfort so you can happily wear these sneakers all day. Available in lots of different colors, there is an option to suit every style.


3. Golden Goose Super-Star Low-Top Sneakers

White and grey Golden Goose Super-Star Low Top Sneaker

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The beloved Italian brand, Golden Goose is known for creating some of the best designer sneakers for women, including these casual Super-Star Low-Top Sneakers.

These classic sneakers are made from white leather and decorated with grey laces, a silver star, and a navy leather heel. These sneakers have been distressed and scuffed by hand to create that perfectly worn-in look from the first moment you put them on your feet. Get your hands on these exquisitely crafted Italian sneakers for just $545.


4. Chloe Nama Stitch Walking Sneakers


Blue and white Chloe Nama Stitch Walking Sneakers

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We love the striking look of these Chloe Nama Stitch Walking Sneakers with a stunning textured finish and chunky rubber sole to add a little extra height and ensure a super comfortable feel.

The blue and white woven sneakers are finished with top stitched leather, a ridged rubber sole, and white laces, with the Chloe brand name embossed into the back of the shoe.

We love that these sneakers are available in a wide range of colors to suit any look and retail for just $795.


5. Tory Burch Good Luck Sneakers

Yellow Tory Burch Good Luck Trainer Sneaker

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These Tory Burch Good Luck sneakers have a little bit of the dad sneaker look that is so trendy at the moment but still remains modern and sophisticated.

The chunky sole, with the exaggerated heel, combines perfectly with the sleek sneakers, in two shades of yellow for a beautiful tonal finish.

These casual sneakers also feature the Tory Burch double T logo as the perfect embellishment. The simplicity of these sneakers, and the different colors it is available in, ensure this is a versatile shoe that you can wear all year round.


6. Dior Walk’N’Dior Sneakers


Beige and navy Dior Walk'N'Dior Sneaker

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If you love that logo look, then these Dior Walk’N’Dior Sneakers are just perfect for you.

Crafted from a beige and navy canvas that features the iconic Dior logo print, these designer sneakers for women are then finished off with white rubber soles, that are embossed with the Christian Dior brand name on the heel.

The eye-catching print on these Dior sneakers makes them the perfect choice to add a little extra glam to a casual pair of jeans or a white summery dress.


7. Gucci Rhyton Gucci logo leather sneakers


Ivory Gucci Women's Rhyton Gucci logo leather sneaker

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Chunky sneakers are so fashionable right now, and these Gucci Rhyton leather sneakers are just the sneakers you need to add this trend to your shoe collection.

The thick sole blends seamlessly with the leather body of the shoe to create a statement pair of bulky sneakers. The ivory shade is the perfect alternative to a white pair of sneakers, and then is decorated with the Gucci brand name, red and green stripes, and the double G logo is a graffiti-like style.

These gorgeous sneakers are the ideal addition to any wardrobe!


8. Chloe Lauren Low-Top Leather Sneakers

Black and white Chloe Lauren Low Top Sneaker

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Chloe is one of the go-to designer labels if you are looking for beautifully crafted pieces with minimalist silhouettes – as displayed by these Lauren Leather Sneakers. The black leather has a polished look and contrasts with the vivid white rubber platform soles.

The scalloped edge that joins the sole to the upper of these shoes is a stunning additional detail. Finally, the sneakers are finished off with a Chloe-printed backstay pull tab so the shoes are easy to slip on and off!


9. Alexander McQueen Sprint Colorblock Retro Sneakers


Beige, pink, and white Alexander McQueen Sprint Colorblock Retro Runner Sneakers

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Alexander McQueen always delivers on irresistible women’s shoes, including a wide range of gorgeous sneakers – just like these chunky Alexander McQueen Sprint Colorblock Retro Runner Sneakers.

The thick wedge soles are made of white rubber, with a black rubber base, to add a little extra lift. The leather upper looks beautifully in pastel pink, beige, and white tones that will suit a wide range of outfits, and then decorated with an Alexander McQueen floral logo.

These Alexander McQueen sneakers retail for $790 and are the perfect trendy sneaker to finish off a casual weekend look.


10. Valentino Garavani Rockstud leather sneakers

White and gold Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Low Top Sneaker

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Rockstud detailing features all over these Valentino Garavani leather sneakers to make them quintessentially Valentino Garavani. Some of the best white sneakers you could find, these shoes are made in Italy from supple leather and then decorated with gleaming gold trim and rockstud hardware.

The minimalism of these sneakers means they will look great with any floral summer dresses or colorful midi skirts for a relaxed, comfortable look.


11. Prada Downtown brushed leather sneakers


Black and white Prada Downtown brushed leather sneakers

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If you already have a white pair of sneakers in your life, then your next purchase needs to be a black pair of sneakers – and these Prada Downtown brushed leather sneakers are the perfect option.

The classic look of these sneakers makes them so sophisticated and versatile, the ideal addition to any sneaker collection.

Made from buttery-soft black calf leather, these Prada sneakers then feature a silver Prada logo on the side of the sneakers, the Prada brand name on the tongue and heel, and a contrasting white rubber sole.


12. Loewe Flow Bicolor Retro Runner Sneakers


Green and white Loewe Flow Bicolor Retro Runner Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

If you are looking for super comfy sneakers with a relaxed look, then the Loewe Flow Bicolor Retro Runner Sneakers are exactly what you need in your life. These green sneakers have a soft nylon and suede upper for a textural finish and are then decorated with a white Loewe logo.

The cushioned footbed and rubber sole ensure a comfortable feel – perfect for busy days when you are on your feet a lot. Available for $690, these sneakers also come in several different colors to suit your personal style!


13. Louis Vuitton Monogram Run Away Sneakers

Black, brown and gold Louis Vuitton Suede Monogram Run Away Sneakers

Browse Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneakers on Fashionphile

One of the top luxury fashion houses, Louis Vuitton, is guaranteed to produce gorgeous, totally irresistible Monogram Run Away sneakers.

The mixture of materials and textures on these sneakers is just stunning, made from black calfskin suede, LV monogrammed canvas, and black mesh, while the elevated platform soles are made from black and white rubber with shining gold hardware.

The LV logo features on the side of these sleek sneakers for a flawless tonal finish. Slip on these designer shoes with any outfit to add a little luxury glam.


14. Burberry Jack Check Low Top Sneakers

White, beige, and black Burberry Jack Check Low Top Sneaker

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We love the old-school, tennis shoe vibes of these Burberry Jack Check Low Top Sneakers. These are the right pair of shoes for you if you are looking for neutral sneakers, with a timeless, Burberry heritage look.

The canvas sneakers are decorated with a classic Burberry check for an eye-catching look and then are finished with a thick rubber sole, which has been embossed with the Burberry logo as the ideal finishing touch. These sophisticated sneakers are a great option to add a little color and print to a neutral look.


15. Tory Burch Howell sneakers


White and silver Tory Burch Howell Court Low-Top Leather Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

If you are looking for a classic pair of white sneakers, then these Tory Burch Howell Sneakers are the perfect option for you. The simplicity of these comfortable shoes guarantees they will suit a white range of outfits, all year round, and remain comfy enough to wear all day.

The Tory Burch silver medallion decorates the back heel of these sneakers to add a little sparkling element and a glamorous finishing touch. Available for just $198, everyone needs these beautiful sneakers in their life.


16. Chanel Nylon, Suede, and Calfskin CC Sneakers

Pink, black, and white Chanel Nylon Lambskin Suede Calfskin CC Sneakers

Browse Chanel CC Sneakers on Fashionphile

Chanel always delivers stunning clothing, accessories, and shoes, including chic sneakers just like these Chanel CC Sneakers.

The panels of nylon, lambskin suede, and calfskin in tones of pink, black, and white make for a gorgeous, textured look, perfectly finished with a pink CC logo on the side.

The chunky rubber soles add a fashionable touch and guarantee a comfortable feel. These Chanel sneakers are ideal if you want more luxury in your casual look, plus there are lots of other color combinations available to suit any style.


17. Roger Vivier Running Strass Buckle Sneakers


Black and navy Roger Vivier Running Strass Buckle Stretch Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated pair of women’s designer sneakers, these Roger Vivier Running Strass Buckle Stretch Sneakers are just perfect.

The combination of mesh and neoprene makes for a sleek and comfy sneaker, that features a classic Roger Vivier crystal-embellished buckle on the top for an added glamourous element.

The shoes are finished off with leather lining and a 2.5” molded choc heel with a platform to add a little extra height.


18. Fendi FF Domino Sneakers

Brown and white Fendi FF Domino Sneaker

Get these on Nordstrom

For those of you who love the logo mania trend, these Fendi FF Domino Sneakers are just what you need. The stylish sneakers are crafted from canvas that has been decorated with the Fendi double F logo for an instantly recognizable high-fashion look.

The brown-tone canvas is finished with delicate gold hardware, a white rubber toe cap, and a white rubber platform sole. The neutral tones of these sneakers mean they will suit a wide range of looks, and are available for just $650 – just perfect!


19. Givenchy City Monogram Low-Top Sneakers

Beige and white Givenchy City Low Sneakers

Get these on Nordstrom

These Givenchy City Low Sneakers are the ideal summer sneakers, that would perfectly suit your favorite summer dresses and jean shorts.

The neutral shades of the Givenchy monogram cotton upper and the white rubber sole combine to make a designer pair of sneakers with strong summer vibes. The Givenchy logo features a gold plaque on the back of the sole, complementing the gold hardware that decorates the rest of these stunning sneakers.


20. Off White Vulcanized Bicolor Low-Top Sneakers


White and black Off White Vulcanized Bicolor Low-Top Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

The luxury streetwear brand, Off-White, founded by the late Virgil Abloh was known for striking designs that featured a few unusual elements – for example, the zip tie tag that is an added decoration on the sides of these Vulcanized Bicolor Low-Top Sneakers.

Made from white calf leather with a rubber sole, these sneakers are embellished with a black Off-White logo on the side of the shoe and the sole is decorated with black and white diagonal stripes for a striking look.

Get your hands on these super stylish sneakers for just $485.


21. Gucci GG embossed sneakers


White and peach Gucci Women's GG embossed sneaker

Get these on Gucci

We love the tactile texture and dual tones of these Gucci GG embossed sneakers. These chunky sneakers have a retro, 90s feel to them with the bold white leather shoe and peachy tone think sole, which is embossed with the Gucci logo along the heel.

The sides and front of the shoe have been embossed with the Gucci monogram, while the double G Gucci logo features gold on the heel of these sneakers.

The natural tones and playful design of these sneakers make them a go-to pair in any wardrobe.


22. Christian Louboutin Loubishark SneakerS

Black, white and red Christian Louboutin Loubishark Sneaker

Get these on Nordstrom

The striking, fun design and silhouette of these Christian Louboutin Loubishark Sneakers make them completely irresistible. The black leather upper features a caged heel, with added studs, and white laces, while the white rubber sole’s bold zig-zag design is emphasized with the red outline.

These designer sneakers will definitely make a statement with any outfit. The removable insole guarantees these shoes will be comfortable for the whole day – just perfect!


23. Golden Goose Mid Star Leather Wing-Tip Sneakers


White and black Golden Goose Mid Star Leather Wing-Tip Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

The famous Golden Goose brand has a whole range of sneakers to suit every style – we especially love their high-top sneakers, such as the Golden Goose Mid Star Leather Wing-Tip Sneakers. The Mid Star silhouette is a best-selling style for this brand, adding a little skater edge to any look.

The white leather sneakers are paired with a black star decoration on the side, sparkly silver laces, and a scuffed-up white rubber sole of the classic, quintessential Golden Goose look. The cotton lining ensures a comfortable feel for your feet, making these sneakers ideal for everyday use.


24. Fendi Flow Side-Zip Trainer Sneakers


Black Fendi Fendi Flow Side-Zip Trainer Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

The tonal design of these Fendi Flow Side-Zip Sneakers is just effortlessly stunning and oh-so-stylish. The combination of mesh fabric and black calfskin leather adds a little textural interest while the side zip adds a completely unique touch.

The Fendi logo features on the outside of the shoe, while the Fendi F is added to the rubber sole for a flawless finish. The rubber tab at the heel and the Fendi monogram peeking out the top of the tongue are the ideal finishing touches on these beautiful sneakers.


25. Veja Esplar Bicolor Leather  Sneakers

White and rose gold Veja Esplar Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers

Get these on Neiman Marcus

If you are looking for a pair of relatively affordable sneakers that will be a good investment then you really need the Veja Esplar Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers in your life.

The simplicity and minimalism of these sneakers make them such versatile shoes. The white leather shoe blends seamlessly with the white rubber sole and is then decorated with the V Veja logo in gleaming rose gold.

The heel of the sneakers also features the same rose gold patch, with the Veja brand name printed in white on top. These stylish sneakers will suit any outfit, making them a great addition to any wardrobe.

We hope you loved this article on the 25 best designer sneakers for women! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.


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