19 Parisian-Approved French Lingerie Brands To Know

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If you’re looking for elegant lingerie, it’s your lucky day! We’ve collated a list of our top French lingerie brands every woman should know.

French underwear and fashion have a centuries-old relationship with lingerie. Way back in the 18th century, French women would wear corsets to shape their bodies to create their desired shape – we now call this shapewear. Though corsets were a far cry from the comfortable styles now available, with boning made of whalebone or even steel.

As the aesthetics of French fashion changed, so did lingerie collections. During the industrial revolution, new innovative materials meant garments could be redesigned to be more comfortable while still achieving the desired look. When flapper-style dresses surged in popularity, underwear styles didn’t need to be strictly structured, nor were they only designed to be hidden under clothes.

During the rise of Haute Couture, lingerie’s status in the fashion world was elevated. But it was during the 1960s feminist movement that all changed. Lingerie was designed to be more seductive, showcasing the beauty of the female body, and began being designed for a larger range of body types. During this time, designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier were also trying their hand in the world of lingerie, molding garments to suit their own aesthetics.

French style is renowned for keeping high-quality materials of high importance, and the same goes for French underwear. To showcase this, we’ve put together our top French lingerie brands for those who want to amp up their lingerie drawer.

19 French Lingerie Brands Every Woman Should Know

1. Maison Lejaby

Since 1930, Maison Lejaby has been one of the most notable French lingerie designers. They began making high-quality lingerie back during the reign of traditional corsetry. Now, the brand offers a range of lingerie, activewear, swimwear and nightwear.

While the brand still pays close attention to the traditional aspects of design, they have merged this with modern simple aesthetics.

2. Chantelle
Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Underwire Bra
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One of the most famous French lingerie brands, Chantelle has been an integral part of the lingerie fashion industry for over 140 years. The brand emphasises the design aspects of lingerie using new materials and innovative techniques to ensure comfortable lingerie still appropriate for women with a chic style.

Chantelle lingerie empowers women by creating lingerie that not only looks good but also makes women keep comfortable, and it’s clear to understand why they are still a leading luxury lingerie brand over a century later.

3. Cadolle

Cadolle dates back to 1889, when founder Herminie Cadolle split the traditional corset in two, creating the world’s first modern bra, then called “corselet-gorge”. Her reasoning was to provide more comfort while ensuring women feel confident.

The brand launched the first-ever co-branding with a sportswoman, Suzanne Lenglen [a famous tennis player in the 1920s]. She was also the first to create a minimising bra, in 1925, for none other than Coco Chanel, who favored a Boyish look.

Today, Cadolle are still master at creating beautiful lingerie without compromising comfort.

4. Lou

The founder of Lou, met entrepreneur André Faller on the Orient Express, as a young French woman called Lucienne Scheltien. 

The pair fell in love, and with Lucienne being passionate about sewing, André was inspired to join hands and help create what would soon become the No. 1 brand in French corsetry, LOU Lingerie.

5. Simone Pérèle
Simone Perele Saga Non-Padded Lace Demi Bra
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Simone Perele is a famed lingerie brand that has been creating good lingerie out of the finest materials since 1948. The brand focuses on designing lingerie to enhance the female body, with silhouettes for all body types and sizes.

The brand has gained recognition internationally for its expensive-looking lingerie in a reasonable price range.

6. Lise Charmel
Lise Charmel De Cristal Et D'eau Embroidered Mesh Demi Bra
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Since 1975, Lise Charmel has been a luxurious French lingerie brand for modern women.

The brand specialises in colorful aesthetics and playful design while using intricate lace, embroidery and expensive materials from the core of the brand identity, which is rooted deep in French culture.

Along with the lingerie, Lise Charmel also has collections of swimwear and resort wear, with elegant options for both.

7. Empreinte

Empreinte was established in 1946 and is a prestigious French brand designing supportive lingerie for women with fuller busts. They are designed to model real women’s bodies rather than petite sample sizes.

The brand focuses on design elements to suit larger busts [a C-cup and over] with reinformed panels and underwire to provide that signature lift which women with larger busts can sometimes compromise for well-fitting bras. 

As well as being comfortable, the brand’s commitment also extends to its CSR activities by which they aim to ensure that their social and environmental impact is minimal.

8. Yasmine Eslami

Yasmine Eslami was once a stylist and model and knows the importance of good lingerie better than most. Her minimal aesthetic feels very French. Think sheer fabrics and barely there shapes for maximum comfort.

Yasmine Eslami lingerie exudes softness, comfort, and a touch of allure by using fine materials like silk, satin and lace to create pieces that are both pleasing to wear and visually appealing.

Yasmine Eslami also offers swimwear, focusing on high-quality construction and materials and sleek silhouettes and straight lines.

9. Princesse Tam Tam

The playful designs of the French lingerie and swimwear brand Princesse Tam Tam are well-known among young fashionistas.

The company was started in 1985 by sisters Shama and Loumia Hiridjee and is known for making lingerie that is not only stylish but also comfortable.

Princesse Tam Tam takes a modern and youthful approach to lingerie by incorporating bold colors and silhouettes into the designs.

The brand encourages women to embrace their individual beauty, and since 2018 has committed to not editing any of the pictures they post of their products and models.

10. Carine Gilson
CARINE GILSON Lace-trimmed silk-satin chemise
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The story of Carine Gilson stretches far back to 1990s when the fine art graduate found an atelier producing ladies’ underslips. From this moment, her path into women’s lingerie became set in stone.

Carine Gilson lingerie is fine and delicate like the art Gilson would have studied. Using materials like Chantilly lace, with fine work like intricate hand-appliqué, the designs are unrivalled.

Each piece is produced completely by hand, and the brand is committed to ensuring environmental and ethical sustainability.

11. Maison Close
Maison Close Bodystring lace veil - Inspiration Divine
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Maison Close has been poles apart from other French lingerie brands since it was founded in 2006 by Nicolas Busnel, also known as ‘Monsieur le Français’.

The brand plays off burlesque, fetishism, and French decadence, to create unexpected elements, like bondage-inspired straps, to create a sensual look; because why not?

The luxurious fabrics, intricate details, and daring cuts in the brand’s collections create an atmosphere of sensuality and intrigue. If you’re looking for playful, racy lingerie, Maison Close is the best option!

12. LIVY

LIVYSTONE, also known as LIVY, is daring and sexy, just like what a cool Parisian girl would look like. The designs of LIVY’s lingerie are flirtatious, but the brand is toned down by its chic French heritage. Their laces are all produced in France as part of a centuries-old process, with skill to ensure unrivalled quality. 

LIVY is very transparent and says that even though most of its items are made in China and Hong Kong, they don’t compromise on quality or care for the environment. 

They have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics so that as little waste as possible is produced, and are part of stock reclamation programs to allow their raw materials to live beyond the brand.

13. Ysé Paris

Ysé’s founder Clara has remained loyal to the notion that no one knows a woman’s body like another woman. Again, they are a brand that has sustainable values at the core of their brand, with 86% of their products being produced more responsibly. 

They are committed to educating their clientele with guides and collections tailored to different chest sizes and body types, making the purchasing process smooth; and one you can feel good about.

14. Aubade Paris
Aubade Paris Nuit Etoille Set
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Since 1875, Aubade’s founder ‘Doctor Bernard’ was a corset specialist and has been the original lingerie tastemaker since 1958.

Not only was Aubade the first brand to create a matching bra and panties, but they also created the first strapless bra, halter bra, and the “Agrafe-coeur” (a bra which hooks in front).

In 1980, they created a piece of lingerie that would revolutionise the industry forever; the thong. Now, Aubade has a wide range of classic lace styles for everyday wear, as well as sexy pieces for extra special occasions.

15. Eres
ERES Caresses polka-dot stretch-Leavers lace and satin underwired bustier bra
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Eres, a 50-year-old lingerie brand from France, is as quintessentially Parisian as they come.

Their renowned “peau douce” fabric, which translates to “soft skin,” is known for shaping a perfect fit while providing comfort.

Their new ‘silky jersey’ is a recycled polyamide for comfort and smoothness, making Eres the perfect destination for everyday lingerie.

16. Pain de Sucre

For over 35 years, Pain De Sucre has been making swimwear and lingerie for women worldwide. They believe that good swimwear shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Pain de Sucre is focused on using lace in the current collection, and the designs are rich with French references.

17. Nenes Paris

Nénés Paris is a lingerie and swimwear brand focusing on sustainable production and has been doing so since 2018 when founder, Margot, wanted to create a brand to ensure there was no compromise between style and eco-responsibility.

The brand now employs a female workforce, concentrating on French and Portuguese local production from recycled fabrics.

18. Rejeanne
Rejeanne lingerie
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Rejeanne has taken advantage of the rising popularity of period underwear to launch period swimsuits, capturing the modern woman’s tastes and expectations of their underwear!

Made in France, unlike other period panties, Rejeanne has ensured the styles and is still fashionable with lace details and varying butt coverage for a wide range of sizes.

19. Icone

Icone was established in 2014 by Marion Toccacieli, who was tasked with creating luxury designs at prices for all.

The brand still uses its Paris atelier to design and develop its products; lace lingerie was made in collaboration with Sophie Hallette, and Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress was entirely made of Sophie Hallette lace! And if it’s good enough for a princess…

And there you have it, our top French lingerie brands for women worldwide! The world of underwear can be daunting, with so many options to choose from; however, this guide can act as your guiding star!

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