25 Unique & Funny White Elephant Gifts That Will Make You Giggle

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Out of gift ideas for your next work Christmas party? Here are the most unique and funny White Elephant gifts that you should check out!

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the thoughtful gifts that we give and receive. There are multiple ways to make gift-giving fun: we have the usual exchange of gifts, Secret Santa, musical gifts (like musical chairs, except that the items get passed around), and our favorite, White Elephant.

White Elephant is sometimes referred to as the competitive version of Secret Santa. It usually starts by contributing a unique (and often funny) item to a common pool of presents, and players draw numbers on what order they will go in. The first player will select a present and open it in front of everyone, and the following players can either choose to pick an unwrapped gift from the pile or steal a previous player’s gift. 

After everyone has had a turn and all the gifts have been opened, the first player has the privilege to swap his or her original gift with anyone else’s. 

White Elephant gifts are often unisex, and can (sometimes) follow a certain theme based on your group’s rules. Below, we found you some unique and funny White Elephant gifts that you can totally get for your next holiday party game so you and your friends can share a laugh. 

Let’s get started!

The Best Funny White Elephant Gifts

1. What Do You Meme? Card Game

Funny white elephant gift ideas: What Do You Meme? Card Game

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If you work in an office, or if you’re a fan of The Office, then the What Do You Meme? (The Office Edition) is the perfect card game to play with your colleagues or friends. Out-wit your friends with funny internet memes!

2. F-Bomb Paperweight

Funny white elephant gift ideas: F-Bomb Paperweight

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Dropping the F-Bomb… literally. This has to be one of the funniest items we’ve seen online, and they’re perfect for your friend or family member who works a desk job. 

3. Animal Swimsuit Calendar

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Animal Swimsuit Calendar

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There’s truly nothing funnier than animals… in sultry swimsuits. Seriously. This quirky calendar will definitely bring in a lot of laughs from everyone, and it’s in good, light humor too! 

4. Chia Pet

Chia pet.

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If you’ve never heard of this one, chia pets are essentially figurines with chia seeds inside, that you must water and take care of. Within a couple of weeks, chia sprouts grow to resemble the figurine’s hair and the animal’s fur! Super fun, and perfect for people of all ages. Plus, chia sprouts are actually edible (and healthy), and they make for a great addition to a salad bowl, sandwich, or soup.

5. Sriracha Bottle Keychain

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Sriracha Hot Sauce Bottle Keychain

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This fun keychain is perfect for anyone who’s constantly on the go, and for someone who takes their hot sauce addiction very seriously. This tiny sriracha bottle is convenient, and it can be attached to the bag, to the keys, or even to their jeans. That way, they’ll always be ready when it’s time to eat!

6. Bacon Scented Candle

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Bacon Scented Candle

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In a world of lavender and vanilla-scented candles… be the exception with this unconventional, bacon-scented candle. We wonder if the smell alone will make you hungry and crave breakfast – and if you’re curious as well, this is your sign to get one!

7. Tiny Microphone

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Tiny Microphone

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These tiny microphones actually work like the real ones! They’re super cute and functional, plus they make for a great ice breaker during serious situations. Alternatively, if you have a cat, you can record its purrs or make them louder with this mic. Why not?

8. Millennials VS Boomers Trivia Game

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Millennials VS Boomers Trivia Game

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This is the perfect gift to use after everyone’s opened their White Elephant gifts! Nothing like a fun card game and some wine to share with everyone. Simply divide the group between Millennials and Boomers, and get ready to laugh the night away.

9. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Lightsaber Chopsticks

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These light-up lightsaber chopsticks are great to give to your nerdy friend or co-worker. There’s nothing more badass than eating noodles with lightsabers! Extra 100 points for coolness, too.

10. Misfortune Cookies

Misfortune Cookies

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Forget fortune cookies, they’re overrated anyway. These misfortune cookies are so funny and uncommon, people will be begging you to tell them where you got them! 

11. Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

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Glittery bath bombs are gorgeous, but imagine having a bath bomb for your toilet? Fortunately, they exist! These toilet bombs are the perfect light-hearted gift for Christmas, and they will definitely make the toilet look and smell pretty after each use.

Cookie House Mug Buddies

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Who doesn’t love miniature things! These tiny cookie gingerbread houses would look super cute perched on top of a steaming coffee mug during mornings.

13. Offensive Crayons (Holiday Edition)

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Offensive Crayons (Holiday Edition)

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These offensive crayons are definitely not suitable for kids, but they would be a great funny gift for your co-worker or family member! Take their stress away with these funny and unconventional crayons that they can use any time. 

14. Croissant Neck Pillow

Croissant Neck Pillow

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For your friend or loved one who loves to travel, this croissant neck pillow is a great, unique gift.

15. Waterproof Uno Cards

Waterproof Uno Cards

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What’s better than playing cards while sitting on the floor with your friends? Spice it up by playing it in the pool for some extra competitive spirit! This is also the perfect gift to share with everyone after the party has finished.

16. Tortilla Blanket

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Tortilla Blanket

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Sometimes all you want to do is wrap yourself up tight like a burrito. Well, that is possible! Tip: get one for yourself and get another one to give out as a gift. This tortilla blanket will definitely make everyone in the room giggle!

Cookie Making Advent Calendar

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We love advent calendars because they are fun and they can make waiting for Christmas more bearable. This cookie-making advent calendar is cute, dainty, and is perfect for someone who prefers low-key and practical gifts.

18. In-Laws Survival Kit

Funny white elephant gift ideas: In Laws Survival Kit

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Having the family over for Christmas? This funny In-Laws Survival Kit will make things bearable. This is also perfect for your family members who need extra help and support to be able to survive the holiday season with their in-laws.

19. Sushi Socks

Sushi Socks

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We totally love fun and unique novelty items, like these sushi socks. They provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort for the holiday season.

20. Bubble Tea Making Kit

Bubble Tea Kit

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Boba fever is taking over the world by storm, and there’s no sign of stopping. For your boba-obsesses friend, why not get them their own bubble tea making kit? This is a fun activity that they can use to relieve stress or boredom, or to simply satisfy their bubble tea cravings.

21. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

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This cute mushroom desktop vacuum cleaner would make for the perfect White Elephant gift for anyone in the office. It’s functional, super cute, and it works like a charm.

22. Reversible Octopus

Reversible Octopus

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Sometimes, words just can’t express your mood. You may have seen this popular reversible mood octopus on Tiktok or on Twitter, and it’s such a cute gift for the holidays! If you have friends who like anime or cute Japanese characters, they’re sure to appreciate this little fellow. 

23. Duck Night Light

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Duck Night Light

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You may just be able to sleep better at night knowing that there’s a tiny glowing duck guarding the room. Gift this to your friend, co-worker, or family member this Christmas!

24. Cold Beer Coats

Funny white elephant gift ideas: Cold Beer Coats

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Keep your friend or loved one’s beer cold with these super cute (and funny) beer coats! They also come with little sleeves on the side to make them much easier to handle. Plus, having this one will definitely make people laugh!

25. Super Mario Onesie

Super Mario Onesie

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It doesn’t have to be Halloween to rock a fun onesie! It’s the holiday season, which means the weather is cold – and what better way to stay warm and cozy with this Super Mario onesie?

We hope you found your next gift idea from these funny White Elephant gift ideas! If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check the posts down below.

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