30 Types Of Bags For Women (For All Seasons & Outfits)

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A bag ties your outfit together, but it can also make or break your look. There are so many different types of bags for women that it can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you. If you’re not sure where to start, this list of 30 different types of bags will help!

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For your convenience, we’ve also included shippable options for each bag style, should you find something that you like from this list!

The Different Types Of Bags For Women

1. Shoulder Bag

Brown Cole Haan shoulder bag
Get this shoulder bag on Nordstrom

You can almost always tell a woman’s taste by the type of bag she carries. So why not treat yourself and buy a luxury bag? With its timeless design, this shoulder bag is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

A shoulder bag is a bag that is worn over one shoulder. Shoulder bags have become a staple accessory, and each season we all see a new variation. From structured to soft, the shoulder bag is the most functional way for you to carry your daily essentials.

2. Crossbody Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Black crossbody bag with gold chain
Get this YSL crossbody bag on Nordstrom

The crossbody bag is one of the most versatile styles around, as it can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be worn across the body—which makes it perfect for those who have to carry a lot of stuff with them throughout the day—or over one shoulder and across your chest.

The straps on this type of bag are long enough to hang down beside you when you’re using one strap as a handle, but they can also be adjusted to make it more comfortable when being carried as a clutch or handbag.

Because these types of bags are so easy to access while still having your hands free, they’re great for traveling. They also work well in everyday life if you need easy access to things like wallets or phones during the day at work or school.

3. Tote Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Off-white Marc Jacobs tote bag
Get this tote bag on Nordstrom

Tote bags are usually quite large, and either open or fastened at the top. The handles of these bags are usually parallel to each other as well. Most of these items only have one compartment, making them very simple and easy to use.

With its roomy compartments, the tote is the perfect bag to be loaded up with everything you need. It’s the only size you’ll reach for when shopping or going out on your commute. It has enough space for all your essentials, but just enough to not weigh you down.

Totes have become increasingly popular in recent years, though they have been around for decades. They typically come in leather, suede, or canvas and can be used for work, travel, or play. These bags are great for carrying all your necessities throughout the day.

4. Top Handle bag

Black Tory Burch Mini Lee Radziwill bag
Get this top handle bag on Nordstrom

Top handle bags come in many shapes and sizes, but by design, they all have a handle that they can be carried from. Top handle bags can range from small evening bags like the Mini Lee Radziwill featured above, but some can be rather roomy, everyday bags as well.

To add versatility and practicality, many designers will also add a removable shoulder or crossbody strap to the bags – you could essentially get three different looks from the same bag! For this reason, top handle bags are our favorite styles of bags.

5. Clutch Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Black leather Yves Saint Laurent envelope bag
Get this envelope clutch on Nordstrom

A clutch bag, sometimes called an evening bag, is usually small. It can have handles or not, and is often made of leather or faux leather. Clutches come in many different styles and colors, but its most distinguishing features are that it’s small in size and doesn’t have a chain for carrying.

Clutch bags can sometimes have wrist handles, but most often, they’re carried in hand. They are most commonly made out of smooth leather or patent leather, though many designer clutches come in multiple materials, including rhinestones and plexi glass.

6. Bucket Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: black Tory Burch bucket bag
Get this Tory Burch bucket bag on Nordstrom

The bucket bag is one of the most elegant must-have pieces in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Its tall, cylindrical shape makes it perfect for accommodating all your essentials, along with easy carry handles that you can effortlessly carry wherever you go.

This bag style is a classic. It can be used for formal or casual occasions, and it’s great for carry small items like your phone, keys and wallet. You can carry the bucket bag in your hand or on your shoulder, making it so versatile!

7. Camera Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Black colorblock Marc Jacobs snapshot bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

The camera bag is designed with a lot of room – usually boxy in shape resembling a professional camera bag, except that you can’t really store a DLSR camera inside.

It usually has lots of pockets and areas for storing things that are important to you, like credit cards or your passport.

8. Backpack

Forest green YSL backpack
Get this leather backpack on Nordstrom

A staple in every woman’s wardrobe, a backpack is a must especially for traveling or storing more items

This chic backpack is a classic and functional detail in any woman’s wardrobe. It’s definitely smaller and more stylish variation of the typical large backpack, commonly featuring details and embellishments, making it an appealing accessory for everyday life.

The specific size and silhouette vary considerably; some backpacks can be worn as a handbag while others are designed to hang over one shoulder. 

9. Messenger Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Black Tory Burch messenger bag
Get this messenger bag on Nordstrom

Messenger bags are an excellent choice for a woman who is looking for a classy and functional bag. These bags have a long strap that can be worn across your body, making it perfect for carrying around the city without having to worry about taking up too much space on public transportation or in small cafes.

They usually have one large compartment, but some may also feature smaller compartments inside. Some models may even include multiple pockets and sections inside the main compartment so you can keep everything organized.

Messenger bags are designed for the busy commuter, who wants to look stylish and carry their electronic devices and notebooks with ease. This attractive bag can be worn over the shoulder or across your body, with a wide strap that is comfortable to carry.

10. Duffel Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Light pink duffel bag
Get this duffel bag on Nordstrom

The duffel bag is a versatile piece that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a weekend bag, or as a gym bag. Some people even use their duffel bags as carry-on luggage while traveling!

Duffel bags are also super functional in the fall and winter months because they’re roomy enough to fit all your cold weather gear in one place. You can even use it to store your ski boots if you want!

11. Belt Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Black Yves Saint Laurent belt bag
Get this waist bag on Net-A-Porter

Belt bags are typically popular with people who are active, such as hikers and runners who need to carry their supplies in a convenient way while they move around freely. However, more recently, high fashion retailers have caught onto the trend and created their own stylish versions of these bags.

Designed to fit snugly against your hips for comfort, waist bags (also known as fanny packs or belt bags) are a good way of keeping your hands free, while still looking stylish. It’s definitely the best bag style for festivals, as the main compartment can hold anything from medicines and keys to cosmetics, some cash and your phone.

A lot of people feel they are more practical than handbags because they don’t have to be held by the hand all the time and are secure at all times due to their placement in front of the body.

12. Micro bag

Get this Kurt Geiger bag on Nordstrom

Micro bags refer to any bag that is comically small in size, to the extent that it is completely impractical. They can often hold only a few items like your Airpods, but not much more – this includes your phone.

Micro bags were popularized by Jacquemus and their incredibly successful Le Chiquito bag, which continues to be beloved bags to this day, despite its size. In our opinion, micro bags should perhaps be considered jewelry or art pieces – their functionality is definitely not a strong suit.

13. Wallet On Chain

Beige YSl Wallet on chain envelope bag
Get this wallet on chain on Nordstrom

Wallets on chain bags are small, wallet-sized bags that can fit all your essentials, and often come with built-in compartments for your cards, cash and coins. They can typically be worn as a clutch or a shoulder bag – as per their name, they typically come on a metal chain.

While you may think that they don’t look all that different from regular shoulder bags, in the world of luxury fashion, there is a big price distinction between these two styles of bags. If we look at Chanel, for example, a typical, classic wallet on chain will set you bag by just $2,850, whereas a similar small shoulder bag will cost you almost double – $4,700, if not more!

14. Basket Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Woven raffia Loewe bag
Get this woven bag on Net-A-Porter

Woven raffia bags, also often known as basket bags, are the perfect bags to bring around this coming spring and summer seasons, as they give your ensemble a chic look. These raffia woven bags are made from materials that have been woven together, giving them strength so you can use them for years to come.

They serve as great carry-alls during your travels or as work bags when you’re away from home!

15. Minaudière/Statement Bag

Beautiful imitation pearl bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

The minaudière is a glamorous handbag that is typically used as a statement bag, meant to be sported with glam outfits during special occasions such as parties, weddings or fancy black tie events.

This type of handbag features heavy embellishments, elaborately embroidered fabric, or a very unique design that makes it a complete show-stopper. While it is certainly a woman’s handbag, it could almost be described as a piece of jewelry.

16. Hobo Bag

Black YSL hobo bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

Nowadays, hobo bags come in multiple different sizes, including chic mini bags in a 90s-style shoulder bag shape.

However, more traditionally, the term has been used to describe a slouchy large shoulder bag that has a vertically long body. These types of bags typically have a very carefree, almost bohemian feel to them as they are so relaxed in style.

17. Drawstring Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Tory Burch drawstring bag
Get this drawstring bag on Nordstrom

The drawstring bag is a small, adjustable bag that you can close and open using two strings.

This bag can be used for anything from a day trip in the city, or even to the beach. Pack it with your essentials, and use the strings to securely close the bag when its contents are needed or just open it up at will.

18. Wristlet/Pouch Bag

Black YSL Pouch wristlet bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

Often made from leather or fabric, wristlets, also known as pouches, are held by a wrist strap and may be worn as a bracelet on your arm. Most of them have a smaller compartment for cash or cards, so you can use it as a small purse or wallet.

As far as size is concerned, a wristlet is typically larger than an average wallet and smaller than a crossbody. It’s also the perfect piece for fashionistas who enjoy mixing and matching different textures and colors together.

19. Satchel Bag

Dark green satchel bag
Get this satchel on Cambridge Satchel Co

Satchels are a classic and versatile choice. They are roomy enough to carry everything you need for the day. Satchels can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody, making them easy to access while keeping hands free no matter where you’re going or what kind of outfit you’re wearing.

It’s perfect for work, or for casual occasions. Satchel bags are large and roomy, and the rectangular body comes with a flat bottom, providing ample space to carry all of your essentials.

Inspired by classic shapes and designs, they come in an array of colors and materials that are sure to upgrade any outfit from basic to statement-making.

20. Bowling Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Bright blue statement bag from Cult Gaia
Get this at Gucci

Bowling bags or bowler bags derive their name from bags that were typically used to carry bowling equipment: they have two rounded top handles that are long enough to be slipped on the arm, and a unique curved shape.

They could be described as a sub-category of duffel bags, with their main difference being their size – duffel bags are typically much bigger, whereas bowler bags are casual and better fit for everyday occasions.

Many luxury designers have their own versions of these fun, retro-style day bags, including Gucci, Dior, Chanel and others.

21. Baguette Bag

Black Coach baguette bag
Get this Coach baguette bag on Nordstrom

Baguette bags are timeless and iconic. The thin, compact design was originally designed to sit comfortably under the arm in the same way that the French carry their daily bread. It was therefore christened the “baguette bag”.

This bag is the perfect size for everything you need on a daily basis. Its small, compact design means it can be carried under your arm. The slender body of the bag is easy to wear and makes it an everyday staple accessory.

22. Vanity Bag

Black YSL vanity bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

While vanity bags typically refer to makeup and cosmetic cases, this type of bag has taken off in the fashion world as a form of evening, or even day bag. They typically come with a shoulder strap for easier carrying, but some versions, like Tory Burch’s Kira Vanity Case, also come in a top handle form.

Vanity bags are usually on the smaller side, but they can often fit a surprising amount of items, similar to a bucket bag.

23. Sling Bag

Mint green Everywhere Lululemon sling bag
Get this sling bag on Lululemon

A sling bag is an ideal everyday bag for busy women. It can be worn across the body or over the shoulder, and it’s made of either leather, nylon or canvas. 

The sling bag makes a great companion for all your adventures. This bag is designed to be worn comfortably across the chest or back and secured to the body with a cross-shoulder style strap.

They just add a sporty or college-like touch to your look, making them easy to carry over your shoulder or on your arm. 

24. Phone Bag

Black Gucci Marmont phone bag
Get this bag at Gucci

With the sizes that our phones are becoming, is it really a surprise to find a bag style that has been specifically designed to fit a smartphone, some credit cards and cash, and not much else?

Many have dubbed this style of bag as a phone case on chain, but we think that it’s actually quite a practical, lightweight option to carry around just your essentials. Of course, you could always carry these same essentials in your pockets, but a bag definitely makes a better fashion statement.

25. Box Clutch

Types Of Bags For Women: White box clutch from Cult Gaia with pearls
Get this box clutch on Nordstrom

The box clutch is a small handbag that’s often used as a wallet and/or evening bag.

Perfect for the woman who wants something cool and understated, a box clutch is exactly what the name suggests – a clutch that’s box-shaped.

Patterned or plain, these purses are particularly trendy these days as they can also double as a statement accessory. Cult Gaia makes the cutest box clutches you’ll ever see!

26. Feather Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Dusty pink feather bag
Get this feather bag on Revolve

Feather bags are light and elegant. Featuring feathers, this bag can be paired with any outfit from jeans and t-shirt to your favorite cocktail dress. The feathers add interest to your look, this bag can be worn in the fall and winter months with a set of jeans or dressed up during the summer for a night out on the town.

They are mostly used for formal wear, such as attending a cocktail party or going to a wedding, making them the ultimate accessory. Feather bags are available in a variety of colors that fit every outfit and mood.

27. Barrel Bag

Brown Tory Burch barrel bag
Get this Tory Burch barrel bag on Nordstrom

This is a very versatile bag that can be used in many different ways. You can carry it by hand, or hang it over your arm. Some of them even come with a strap so you can wear it across your body. The barrel bag is great for day trips and casual getaways, but they are also appropriate for more formal occasions.

This bag style is cylindrical in shape and typically medium to small in size. Barrels have shorter shoulder straps, but can still be carried over the shoulder or by hand. If you are looking for a bag that has a classic style without any unnecessary bells or whistles, then this is for you.

28. Bracelet Bag

Louis Vuitton bracelet bag
Get this Louis Vuitton bracelet bag at 24S | Browse secondhand on Fashionphile

You may have thought that it’s impossible to create a smaller bag than the micro bag that we featured above, but alas, it’s possible. Some luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Fendi have created their own versions of micro bags that are meant to wrap around the wrist.

Although the idea is creative and definitely looks fun, in reality, this bag is more of a general accessory rather than a practical bag. At best, you can fit in a few lipsticks, some money, and keys.

29. Muff Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: Leopard print muff bag
Get this muff bag on FarFetch

What does a woman like to take along on her winter walks? A warm muff bag, of course. This fuzzy winter-bag is soft and comfortable to carry and is available in various colors. It has enough space for your phone, keys, cosmetics and more. And it also keeps your hands warm while you’re out there in the cold enjoying nature’s colors!

This particular type of bag provides warmth, comfort, and style in a soft fuzzy bag that is perfectly suited for travel. This versatile piece is made of a material like faux fur, wool or velvet and is small enough to fit in your pocket but offers a decent amount of space.

30. Saddle Bag

Types Of Bags For Women: White Dior Saddle Bag
Get the Dior Saddle Bag on Dior.com

Saddle bags usually feature a front flap that can be fastened with a clasp or a lock. These type of bags are usually relatively small and come with long cross-body straps or just short straps designed to be worn over the shoulder.

They’re popular among women who like to carry their possessions in a bag that’s easy to wear at all times, whether it’s hot out or not.

The Dior Saddle Bag is undoubtedly the most popular saddle bag right now and offers a chic way to carry your essentials with you on the go. Its minimalist shape and sleek design make it a true classic!


In summary, the best type of bag for you is the one that fits your needs and budget. There are many different types of bags out there, but they all serve the same purpose: to store your belongings. The only difference is how they look and what they hold, so choose wisely!

And there you have it, our guide on 30 different types of bags for women. If you’re still looking for more fashion tips and inspiration, check the posts down below.

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