12 Best Brands Like COS Perfect For The Minimalist

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We like to think of COS, short for “Collection of Style,” as the epitome of minimalist fashion. Since then, other brands like COS have been adapting to their own minimalist twists.

With COS’ natural textiles, restrained color palette, and flowing silhouettes, they’ve been a moderately affordable clothing powerhouse on our radar for a while.

For those of you minimalists looking to expand beyond the eco-friendly fashion icon, we’ve got 12 brands like COS you should absolutely check out. 


12 Minimalist Brands Like COS

1. & Other Stories


Chic tan and black sweater from &Other Stories, a brand like COS 

Get this sweater at &Other Stories

& Other Stories carries a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, and stationery geared for women. Their collection will add a bit of femininity to your COS minimalist wardrobe.

You’ll see more floral prints and ruffles, and you’ll find form-fitting pieces over boxy silhouettes. Dresses range in price from $50 to $250, but they’ve got some fantastic sales with an impressive selection of dresses as low as $35.

& Other Stories is the perfect mix of form and function without sacrificing fun frills, color, and girly details. They’re committed to having a positive environmental impact by using 100% sustainably sourced cotton as well as offering a textile and beauty product recycling program.


2. Everlane


Sustainable brands like COS: Everlane 

Get this cashmere turtleneck at Everlane

If transparency and affordability are the name of your game, put Everlane straight at the top of your list. Selling both men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, Everlane has grown a name for its minimalist-inspired clothing, affordable prices, and ethical shopping experience.

Their pieces elevate everyday basics and trustworthy staples, without the need for a huge price tag. If you’re not interested in trends, but would rather purchase long-lasting, quality clothing, Everlane’s got your back. Expect to pay $18 to $35 for your basic tee and $35 to $190 for dresses.

Plus, you can look at the cost breakdown of certain pieces, see where each item is made, and (virtually) tour their factories. How’s that for transparency?




Relaxed white poplin shirt 

Get this shirt at Arket

ARKET’s designs are slightly less boxy than COS. They still employ the same neutral color palette, although with sparing pops of color. You can expect basic tees starting at $20 with dresses ranging in the $80 to $140 range—though some go as high as $450.

The brand sells men’s, women’s, children’s and baby apparel, as well as houseware. They consider themselves a marketplace, and they supplement their collection with a curated selection of products from other celebrated brands.

Its eclectic website will reel you in with sample menus from their signature café, interviews with women in leadership positions, and their company’s sustainability fact sheet. You can shop and recycle with ARKET, knowing full well that they believe in full transparency about their environmental impact.


4. Frankie Shop


Best stores like COS: Frankie Shop

Shop The Frankie Shop items on Net-A-Porter

We think there’s something distinctively old-fashioned, aka timeless, about each and every one of the Frankie Shop pieces. Considered as a feminine utilitarian style, the brand thrives on designing classic pieces with a modern twist.

 As a store like COS, Frankie Shop has a similar minimalistic feel, of course. But if you’re on the hunt for a classic one-off statement piece, Frankie Shop is a good bet.

Their collection ranges from $80 to $510.


5. Reiss


12 Minimalist Brands Like COS: Reiss

Browse all Reiss items on their website

Need the perfect dress for a fancy outing? Our standout pick for cocktail dresses and wedding wear is Reiss. You won’t regret shelling out a little bit more for their stunning, classic designs.

Reiss started out in 1975 selling men’s suits and didn’t launch a women’s line until 2000. But you know the years of attention to detail and fine-tailored craftsmanship easily transferred into their women’s designs.

Expect to put down at least $55 for a basic tee (yes, they do casual wear, too) and somewhere between $245 to $540 for a dress or jumpsuit.


6. Theory


Black Theory cashmere coat

Get this cashmere wrap coat at Theory

For those of you looking for stylish, tailored, and comfortable workwear, Theory has been doing just that since 1997. You’ll get tailored garments, innovative materials, and you can rest assured you’ll be buying from a company with a positive environmental impact.

Theory’s pieces include high-end work-appropriate clothing from blazers and jackets to dresses and trousers. They’re meant to be durable pieces that will make you look good, feel good, and get the job done.


7. Pixie Market


Chic outfit with gray pleated trousers from Pixie Market

Get these trousers at Pixie Market

Pixie Market sells the latest womenswear, bags, and jewelry inspired by runway fashion and global influencer trends. If you’re looking for muted colors with asymmetrical designs and cutouts, Pixie Market is a no-brainer. They use tons of knits and linen to create a minimalist wardrobe with various geometric design twists.

Their tanks and tees range in price from $65 to $98, and their dresses will run you from $115 to $190.

Added bonus? You can count on Pixie Market to use 100% eco-friendly materials by 2023.




Chic beige cashmere loungewear

Get this set at OAK+FORT

OAK + FORT is a Canadian fashion and lifestyle brand that sells womenswear, menswear, accessories, jewelry, beauty, and houseware. You’ll see muted colors, oversized silhouettes, and small flourishes of femininity weaved into their refined statement pieces.

For basics and essentials, check out their Oak Refined collection that incorporates higher-level sustainability into their sourcing and production chain. Basic tees will run you from $24 to $60, and dresses from $50 to $140.


9. Uniqlo


Chic merino wool basics from Uniqlo

Get this merino wool sweater at Uniqlo

Uniqlo has become synonymous with quality casual wear at a low price point. Best known for their affordable, yet durable basics, Uniqlo is a budget minimalist paradise. They were founded way back in 1949 Japan, so you know they’ve stood the test of time.

Bonus tip: They’ve got a joint collaboration with Theory you may want to check out!

Basic tees start at $14 and dresses range from $20 to $50.


10. Acne Studios


Chic black blazer outfit from Acne Studios

Get this black blazer at Net-A-Porter

For the minimalist with a wild side, check out Swedish powerhouse, Acne Studios. The  brand sells men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, and denim that is somewhat androgynous in style, just like COS.

Take a look through their collection, and you’ll find mix-matched prints, vibrant colors, and bold design choices. The brand is also committed to being transparent about its products, suppliers, and work conditions. Tees range from $130 to $320.

Fun fact? Up until 2014, the brand shied away from traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Instead, they published a biannual magazine called Acne Paper with an eclectic list of contributors including Noam Chomsky, David Lynch, and Tilda Swinton.


11. Weekday


Black extra high straight jeans from Weekday 

Get these jeans at Weekday

Looking for vibrant colors and authentic Swedish street style rolled into one? You’ve got it with Weekday—a cost-conscious brand like COS. Think of it as a toned-down version of Acne Studios with the affordability of Uniqlo. In fact, basic tees start at $10 and dresses range from $25 to $100.

What we love most about Weekday is its wide range of styles. Minimalist fashion rarely offers such a large mix, but with Weekday you can find youthful street styles to boxy color-neutral silhouettes, or a touch of femininity all the way to gender-neutral utilitarian.


12. Club Monaco


Chic black sweater outfit from Club Monaco

Get this sweater at Club Monaco

Club Monaco is a classic high-end casual retailer we’ve all become familiar with. It’s also a fantastic store like COS that is on par with similar silhouettes and styles. Their mission? To create “better basics” that scream quality and timelessness.

Although, we dare say they’ve ventured past “just” basics. You’ll find plenty of upscale work and party attire that are truly classic pieces.

However, their elegant pieces do come with a hefty price tag. Basic tees start at $32.50 and continue up to $129.50 (for a satin version). Meanwhile, dresses start at $129.50 right up to $329.

The 12 brands and stores like COS we’ve mentioned above are perfect alternatives for your COS fashion fix. Although we’ve included a range of styles and price points, you can expect the same attention to quality, eco-friendly practices, and timeless designs that will fit right in with the rest of your minimalist COS wardrobe.


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