10 Trendy Brands Like I.Am.GIA Fashion Girls Need To Know

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If you’re after free-spirited influencer-approved stores and brands like I Am GIA, these trendy brands will be right up your alley!

I.Am.GIA is an eccentric fashion brand that rose to fame due to social media. Their garments are all about standing out wherever you go; one look through their website and you’re struck by their unique and unconventional pieces.

These often feature boot-cut high-waisted pants, cargo trousers, animal prints, and feminine wrap-around garments. As you can wear each piece trans-seasonally, I Am GIA has created the perfect environment for you to flaunt your versatility in style.

The company is all about making every woman feel like a badass: strong, powerful, and independent. The brand manages this vision by presenting a perfect balance of feminine and masculine features.

Each garment nicely contrasts the next, giving customers a wide range of styles to pick and choose from. This combination is what made I Am Gia the brand it is today –– and it’s no wonder that you’d like to see the same versatility and appeal in other brands. To help you find these, we’ve compiled a list of 10 brands like I am GIA below.

The Best Brands Like I Am GIA To Try:

1. Princess Polly 

Best stores like I Am Gia: Princess Polly
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Princess Polly, like I am GIA, can thank social media for its rise to popularity. Princess Polly has become one of the most desired online brands for affordable garments. These are trendy pieces inspired by Bohemian nuances, street style, and edgy appeals.

Known for its ability to take on hot trends immediately, Princess Polly has become a go-to store for younger consumers who frequent social media often. Additionally, with plenty of promo codes to dish around, you can reinvent your wardrobe without having to break the bank!

2. Jaded London 

Best brands like I Am Gia: Jaded London
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Jaded London is one of the hottest streetwear labels online, which you can find at the popular retailer, ASOS. Based in London, this brand is all about innovative designs based on cutting-edge trends. This unique mix is what garnered their wide following on social media.

Their pieces focus on making bold statements and breaking fashion boundaries, with eccentric pieces being at the forefront of their business.

Made for independent free-thinkers with striking attitudes, Jaded London’s clothing sports statement prints, wavy designs, and baggy fits. Ultimately the brand meshes sportswear, 90’s streetwear, and color palettes that help them stand out from the rest.

3. Beginning Boutique

Best brands like I Am Gia: Beginning Boutique
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Beginning Boutique is an Australian brand that focuses on on-trend pieces that provide its consumers with a slightly preppier appeal.

It’s best known for its festival, party, and swimwear collections catered to women in their late teens to early twenties. This boutique emphasizes women’s curves while offering all things pastels, solid colors, and feminine cuts.

4. Maniere De Voir

Black and white corset top
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Maniere De Voir is founded by Reece Wabara, a former Manchester City Footballer. With its brand name meaning “way of seeing” in French, this brand clearly excels in viewing fashion from a different perspective.

Maniere De Voir goes beyond being on-trend and aims to lead the way for multi-gender fashion. As a brand catering to both male and female consumers, Maniere De Voir is part of the ‘luxe’ streetwear market.

It’s is all about mixing urban styles, bold designs, and innovative cuts at an affordable price point. Aiming to bridge the gap between fast fashion and luxury end, Maniere De Voir prides itself in its designs, quality, and boldness.

5. Pretty Little Thing

Best brands like I Am Gia: Pretty Little Thing
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That’s right, Pretty Little Thing, a favorite fast-fashion brand among twenty-something women has great options if you’re looking to buy pieces that look similar to I Am Gia’s.

As the website stocks thousands of clothing items, we recommend heading to the “going out section” or simply typing out “cut out” to the search bar to find the items that you’re looking for faster. And what’s even better, everything at PLT is relatively affordable, so you can pt together an outfit for less than $100 and potentially even less than $00!

6. White Fox 

White Fox is a self-proclaimed fashion-forward brand comprising trendy in-house designs. Vowing to never compromise on quality, the Australian brand still manages to offer a wide variety of styles at fairly affordable prices.

These styles encompass unisex collections, basics, and trends –– but always promise a flattering fit regardless. They also offer more occasion-specific clothing, including workout sets and swimwear ranges.

These sport eye-catching designs, fresh patterns, and lots of vibrancy. Whether you’re looking for comfortable lounge clothes or skin-tight 2-set pieces, White Fox offers clothing to suit every one of your moods.

7. Danielle Guizio 

Black cut out dress for going out
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Danielle Guizio skyrocketed to popularity in four years by leveraging the power of social media. As seen on superstars like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, this brand caters to it-girls aged 18-35 from all around the world.

With a humble start focusing only on graphic tees, this brand now boasts garments flaunting modernized retro silhouettes, mature styles, and more revealing pieces as well.

One thing these different designs have in common? They merge style and comfort, with pieces known for their wearability regardless of the sex appeal they come with.

8. H:ours

Black chain lace up mini dress with thigh slit
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H:ours is a go-to brand for party attire that exclusively sells on Revolve. With nightlife fun as a driving force of the brands’ inspirations, H:ours’ clothing is all about bodycon mini dresses and revealing bodysuits.

Inspired by cutout designs, metallic pieces, bold colors, and risque silhouettes, this brand is for you if you’re a person who loves to party around the clock!

9. Meshki 

Cut out black dress
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Meshki is a fashion powerhouse emphasizing the power of duality. As an affordable brand of juxtapositions, Meshki flaunts wearable, neutral-toned pieces that mix mystery with boldness and sexiness with class. Amongst their more popular items include their co-ord sets.

These consist of oversized and casual lounge sets in a range of colors and fabrics. Yet, with pieces targeted toward the modern millennial woman, Meshki mainly focuses on trendy designs that wrap around the female figure, adding a flair of luxury wherever you go. Best of all? These cuts don’t harm your wallet, with quality remaining unharmed in the process!

10. Michael Costello 

White backless mini dress for going out
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Michael Costello is a personal brand name in itself. After he starred in Lifetime’s “Project Runway”, Michael Costello’s name turned into a renowned fashion brand.

Michael Costello’s stunning silhouettes have dressed icons like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Celine Dion. In his recent collaboration with Revolve, his more affordable collection centers around classy silhouettes, deep-plunging v-necks, and an emphasis on hourglass figures.

We hope that you liked this selection of stores like I Am Gia and have a few more favorite stores lines up for your next online shopping spree! 

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