20 Best Minimalist Purses We’re Absolutely In Love With Right Now

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Are you looking for a chic minimalist purse for your day-to-day wear? If so, here are the best minimalist purses you should consider getting your hands on.

Minimalist fashion is where it’s at right now, and there’s nothing more trendy than having less instead of more. Minimalist capsule wardrobes are popping up everywhere, and even celebrities and notable personalities have embraced the simple, sustainable fashion lifestyle with minimal environmental impact.

Of course, you can’t really complete your minimalist wardrobe without adding a couple of minimalist bags. You’ll find a lot of great options on the internet for the best minimalist purse styles that are perfect for everyday carry. But first, what makes a bag minimalist?

The answer is simplicity. It has to be simple. Like minimalist clothes, minimalist bags have to be monochromatic (or in some instances, two-toned) and they don’t have to have overly-exaggerated designs.

The styles and colors also have to be neutral enough to be worn on a daily basis and they should be big enough to hold all of your daily essentials. It also has to be sturdy enough to serve you well for a long time. But just because they have a minimalist design doesn’t mean they can’t have a stylish look as well.


The best minimalist purses and bags in 2021


Now, let’s talk about popular purse styles in 2021.
  • Baguette Bag – This small, compact handbag was first popularized by Sex and the City back in the 90s, and now it’s gaining popularity again thanks to the y2k fashion aesthetic. Its simplicity makes it a popular option for chic outfits.
  • Tote Bag – It’s also known as a “shopper bag”, and it is usually wide enough to hold many things as once. It is a large, unfastened bag that is often referred to as a “carry-all” bag for being sturdy. It is usually made of nylon or canvas, but leather versions of tote bags have also become popular.
  • Satchel Bag – Satchel bags are typically used for carrying books, but they have now evolved into a fashion staple for being functional. If the bag is wide enough, it can carry laptops (and its main compartment can also double as a laptop sleeve).
  • Crossbody Bag – Crossbody bags are perhaps the most popular option for day-to-day wear. They give you easy access to your things, free up your hands and arms, and rest comfortably against your body, which makes them anti-theft too. Most crossbody bags these days come with removable and adjustable shoulder straps. 
  • Bucket Bag – Bucket bags resemble – you guessed it right – a bucket, so expect to use this type of bag style if you’re carrying a lot of things. These are also a great option for traveling since they can hold water bottles, diapers, gadgets, and your travel essentials.


The Best Minimalist Purses

1. Cuyana’s Zippered Satchel


Beige brown minimalist purse

Cuyana’s popular satchel bag is a great minimalist staple that you should have in your closet. It is simple and it does its job of keeping your things in one place, while still looking stylish. It’s perfect as a work bag, because it has multiple compartments to separate any papers you may be carrying with you, and it also fits a 13-inch laptop.

This leather bag comes in multiple colors, including black, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate and stone, and can be yours for $295.


Get this bag at Cuyana


2. Baguette Bag in Aqua Green


Baguette Bag in Aqua Green for best minimalist purses

Baguette purses are all the craze right now thanks to the popular y2k aesthetic, so we had to include them in this list. This small, compact purse is easy on the eyes (and on the wallet as well).

This beautiful aqua green is just the right shade to pair with any outfit, but if you fancy other colors, it comes in three other color variations as well. This bag can be all yours for just $39. 


Get this bag at Mango


3. The Gabbi Bag 


The Gabbi bag for Best Minimalist Purses

Wan to have a designer-style bag without the hefty price tag? This gorgeous shoulder bag from JW Pei can go with literally any outfit there is.

It comes in 10 different colors, is big enough to hold any phone size, your cards, keys, perfumes, and hand sanitizers. The Gabbi Bag in the color ivory is made of vegan leather, and it starts at $89. 


Get this bag at JW Pei


4. Everlane’s Form Bag


Camel colored minimalist crossbody bag from Everlane

This stylish Italian leather bag from Everlane is the ultimate everyday bag: it fits all of your essentials and even a 13″ laptop. Carry it for work purposes or simply to elevate your outfit.

As this is a leather bag, the price tag is a bit higher than other similar bags at $250, but if you’ve owned Everlane’s products before, you know they’re built to last.


Get this bag at Everlane


5. Everlane’s The Italian Sling


Brown minimalist sling bag from Everlane


This crossbody bag also doubles as a waist pack if you’re into it. This Italian Sling Bag is an 80’s inspired belt bag with an oversized silhouette ideal for storing essentials on the go, which makes this a great anti-theft bag. This bag retails for $325.


Get this bag at Everlane


6. Coach’s Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag


Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag in beige for best designer bags under $500


The Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag is a modern reimagining of the iconic 1970s Coach design with ultra-soft leather and Coach’s signature hardware.

It also has detachable straps, so it may be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag, depending on your wardrobe and the occasion. This dreamy bag comes in staple cream and black, as well as seasonal colors like green and pink. It can be yours for $495.


Get this bag at Coach


7. The Fae Bag


The Fae Acrylic in Beige & Brown Croc for best minimalist purses

This croc-embossed vegan leather bag from JW Pei is something you need in your closet now. In fact, every lady needs at least one croc-embossed bag.

This bag is a great starter if you don’t have one yet. This bag is big enough to hold all of your essentials, and it also comes with a detachable strap. The Fae Acrylic bag in Beige & Brown Croc can be yours for only $99. 


Get this bag at JW Pei


8. Latterlier’s Gracile Box Bag


This satchel bag is reminiscent of Celine’s Box Bag at a much affordable price. Functionality-wise, this bag is perfect for work and can fit almost everything your heart desires.

It comes at a relatively affordable price for a leather bag at just $75, and the color options are rather impressive too. You can choose from 7 different colors, including green, beige, ivory, black, caramel, yellow and peach.


9. Eva Shoulder Bag


Eva Shoulder Bag in Black Croc for best minimalist purses

The Eva Shoulder Black Croc bag is the ultimate minimalist shoulder bag. It’s a classic baguette-type purse with vegan leather, and it’s also crafted with 100% recycled plastic lining so it’s also somewhat sustainable.

It can fit your phone, sunglasses, keys, cash, hand sanitizers, lotion… you name it, this minimalist design shoulder bag can fit all of your essentials. It’s super affordable too for the price of $59.00. 


Get this bag at JW Pei


10. Tory Burch’s Leather Crossbody Bag


Tory Burch Leather Crossbody Bag for best minimalist purses

We are huge fans of Tory Burch bags, so of course, we had to include one in this list. This Tory Burch Leather Crossbody Bag is crafted with pebbled leather, and it comes in three neutral colors that you can pair with any of your outfits.

This crossbody bag is perfect for a simple day out where you don’t need to bring a lot of things with you. This crossbody purse starts at $248.


Get this bag at Tory Burch


11. Balenciaga Hourglass


Black Hourglass minimalist bag from Balenciaga

Okay, this bag is a little pricier than the previous ones we mentioned. You can never go wrong with a minimalist designer purse, especially if it’s a new modern classic like the Hourglass Top Handle bag from Balenciaga.

This sleek bag will look great in anyone’s minimalist capsule wardrobe, and it comes in a variety of sizes, colors and textures to fit all your needs.

We prefer the size S for most everyday activities (and for going out), but if you’re on a budget, also check out the XS, the nano and the wallet on chain versions of the bag, starting at around $800 for the most affordable bag. The S size of the bag retails for $2,150 and is sure to stay in style for a long time.


Get this bag at Balenciaga


12. Tory Burch’s Leather Camera Bag


Black minimalist Tory Burch purse

Another Tory Burch purse worth featuring in this list is the Leather Camera Bag. Its shape is similar to the Leather Crossbody Bag we listed earlier, but this one has a tassel feature which adds a vintage vibe to it.

Nevertheless, it is still very much minimalistic with its soft leather feel and simple design and is worth adding to your bag collection. This bag retails at $298.


Get this bag at Nordstrom


13. Pleats Baguette Bag


Pleats Baguette Bag for best minimalist purses

We saved the cutest one for last – the Pleats Baguette Bag from Mango. Its unique pleated design gives off a vintage vibe, and yet it is very chic and can be paired with your daily outfits. The best part? It’s only priced at $59.99. Seriously, get your hands on this stunner now. 


Get this bag at Mango


14. Chloe’s Kiss Small Purse


Kiss Small Purse for best minimalist purses

This chic minimalist purse from Chloe is just gorgeous with its unique design. It comes in six different colors, and it features a special handle that is perfectly molded for your hands.

And if you get tired of carrying it around, it also comes with an adjustable and removable long strap for cross-body carry. This mini bag can easily hold your phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, and other small trinkets. The Kiss Small Purse retails for $1,490. 


Get this bag at Chloe


15. Faux Leather Crossbody


Tan camel minimalist crossbody purse

If you want a simple, minimalist crossbody bag for your day-to-day wear without any other frills or extra designs, get this Faux Leather Crossbody Bag from Street Level. It has three different compartments with a zipper on the center, and it comes in five different colors for you to choose from.

This bag resembles Everlane’s Form bag a lot, but the price is way cheaper: this one can be yours for just $54.


Get this bag at Nordstrom


16. Kate Spade’s Run Around Crossbody Bag


Kate Spade minimalist bag

This simple, streamlined crossbody bag from Kate Spade is another minimalist purse that deserves a spot on this list. Its stunning color block beige shade is perfect for those who want a hyper-feminine minimalist bag.

This one retails for $178, but you can often grab it on sale at Nordstrom, or get 10% off by signing up to Kate Spade’s newsletter (or by using Honey) on their website. What a steal!


Get this bag at Kate Spade | Nordstrom


17. Rebecca Minkoff’s Edie Crossbody Bag


Edie Crossbody Bag from Rebecca Minkoff

This Edie Crossbody Bag from Rebecca Minkoff is a cheaper alternative to YSL’s Matelasse Leather Shoulder Bag. This crossbody comes with a signature chevron quilting and a pull-through chain strap. This black leather bag is a great choice for all of your essentials, and it starts at $228.00.


Get this bag at Nordstrom


18. Tory Burch’s Miller Phone Crossbody Bag


Black Tory Burch Phone bag for best minimalist purses

If you are looking for a small leather crossbody bag that’s just perfect enough to hold your phone, the Miller Phone Crossbody Bag from Tory Burch is the one for you. It comes also in tan brown and it retails for $178.


Get this bag at Nordstrom


19. Quilted Chain Bag


Quilted Chain Bag

The Quilted Chain Bag from Mango comes in the color nude, and it is simple yet absolutely stunning. It features a long detachable chain strap and multiple interior pockets for your convenience. This minimalist bag can be yours for the affordable price of $59.99.


Get this bag at Mango


20. Buckled Flap Bag


Beige Buckled Flap Bag from Mango

This Buckled Flap Bag from Mango is as minimalist as it can get. It comes in two other neutral colors for your preference, and a long removable strap. This is a perfect addition to your minimalist capsule wardrobe as it goes with anything. This bag can be yours for only $59.00.


Get this bag at Mango


We hope you found some great contenders for your next minimalist purse or handbag. If you’re still on the lookout for more minimalist fashion or bag ideas, have a look at the posts below!


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