15 Best Jasmine Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Like Flowers

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Are you looking for opulent floral perfumes to use as your signature scent? If so, check out these 15 best jasmine perfumes!

Jasmine perfumes are one of the most popular scents for women. They’re intoxicating, delicate and deeply romantic. These beautiful, tiny white flowers can be found all over the world, and their fragrance is said to have been used since ancient times.

Below, we’ve put together our 15 favorite jasmine fragrances for your next delicate floral scent. We’ve featured multiple different options, some of which have a very distinct jasmine note, and others where jasmine is blended into a more complex scent bouquet

Let’s get started!

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women

1. Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Eau De Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Eau De Parfum
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Jasmine Rouge is a beautiful, sophisticated fragrance that captures the essence of this flower in a way that only Tom Ford could. The jasmine notes are quite dominant, but the fragrance also has a distinctly oriental feel to it with its exuberant spicy notes.

The top notes include cinnamon, ginger, bergamot, cardamom, pepper and mandarin orange; followed by middle notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli, broom and clary sage; and base notes of amber, woodsy notes, vanille, leather and French labdanum.

The result is an opulent, charming and perfectly blended jasmine with slight spicy and woody notes, making it a versatile fit for any occasion. However, as it is quite a sexy scent, you might want to reserve it for date nights.

2. Byredo Flowerhead Eau De Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Byredo Flowerhead Eau De Parfum
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If you’re looking for a perfume that’s perfect for daily wear, try Flowerhead by Byredo. This green, sweet, and floral concoction smells like walking to a florist’s shop where the best fresh bouquets are being made.

It opens with sweet and inviting top notes of angelica, cranberry and lemon; which are followed by the floral notes of jasmine sambac, tuberose, rose petals and green notes; and finally, at its base, you’ll smell notes of suede and ambergris.

Best worn as a spring or summer scent, Flowerhead is juicy, lush and intensely floral with small nuances that give it much appreciated depth – just perfect.

3. Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold
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If you want the luxurious feeling of being in a floral garden filled with jasmine, Jasmine Sambac & Marigold by Jo Malone is definitely something you need to try.

The scent bouquet of the perfume is quite simple and straight to the point: its top note is marigold; middle notes are jasmine sambac, ylang-ylang and sweet honey; and at its base, you’ll find warm benzoin resin.

The result is a warm, slightly sweet and inviting floral scent that is a little more earthy than your summer jasmine scents – the marigold makes it just perfect for fall. The honey also adds a nice touch of sweetness, which combined with the benzoin base creates a note that almost smells like vanilla – simple divine.

4. Gucci Bloom

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Gucci Bloom
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Gucci Bloom is straight to the point with no added frills and drama: it opens up with natural jasmine absolute that is interlaced with heart notes of tuberose, while its base of rangoon creeper adds even more depth and groundedness to the composition.

It’s a simple fragrance that truly lives up to its name – it’s the epitome of floral. However, there is still enough mystery to keep it interesting and keep you wanting to come back for more. Fragrant, clean and enticing, it’s the perfect daytime perfume for any woman.

5. AERIN Ikat Jasmine Eau De Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau De Parfum
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Ikat Jasmine by Aerin is a wonderful blend of multiple white florals that lie on a gentle bed of sandalwood. It’s delicate, light, fresh, and airy, with the jasmine being somehow both crisp and smooth at the same time.

This light and slightly sweet scent has notes of both jasmine sambac and Egyptian jasmine flowers at its heart, which are sweetened nicely by the honeysuckle note. At its top, you’ll find more white florals in the form of tuberose and Brazilian gardenia, which layer nicely with bergamot to give you a lightly citrusy first spritz.

The base of the perfume is made up of more tuberose to guarantee a clean, floral dry-down. You’ll also catch a whiff of gentle, woody notes of sandalwood and ambroxan, which add a touch of warmth to the entire scent experience.

Like all of Aerin’s perfumes, Ikat Jasmine is designed to be worn alone, but it can also be layered for an interesting combination. One of the best blends that the perfumer recommends is 1 spray of Ikat Jasmine with 2 sprays of the best-selling Meditteranean Honeysuckle for a combination that is radiant with prominent jasmine, sparkling grapefruit and whimsical honeysuckle, giving you the perfect effortlessly feminine combination.

6. Amouage Ashore Eau De Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Amouage Ashore Eau De Parfum
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Described as a floral-solar perfume, Ashore by Amouage is a jasmine fragrance inspired by the shores of Oman, where a dry Middle Eastern desert meets an almost mirage-like coast filled with life.

As is quite typical for Eastern-inspired scents, Ashore opens with spicy notes of cardamom, pink pepper and turmeric, which are then blended with beautiful floral middle notes of jasmine sambac, solar notes, and rose. At the base, you will smell salty ambergris, reminiscent of the coastline, sandalwood and smoky olibanum that blends perfectly with the spices.

Although you might expect the result to be overly spicy, it’s not. Instead, the blend is fresh and sunny, which is reminiscent of being near flowers on a warm summer day – a jasmine garden by the beach!

7. Le Labo Jasmin 17

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Le Labo Jasmin 17
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If you’re looking for an easy-wearing summer fragrance that’s not too sweet or heavy, Le Labo Jasmin 17 could be the one for you.

It’s a lovely floral concoction with effervescent citrus notes and a creamy sandalwood base. The jasmine is not overpowering or even dominant here—it’s subtle but present throughout the scent experience, giving equal attention to the orange notes.

Its key notes are bitter orange and jasmine sambac; middle notes of neroli, orange blossom, and sandalwood; with base notes of amber, musk, and vanilla, creating a beautiful, light scent perfect for daytime wear.

With its simple, pleasant composition and relatively linear nature (i.e. it doesn’t change much over time), this delicious scent is a great introduction to Le Labo if you prefer natural, slightly sweet and fresh jasmine scents with a definite citrus presence. Although all of Le Labos’ fragrances are unisex, we would say that this scent in particular is definitely more female-leaning.

8. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Légère

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Légère perfume
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Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl perfume is the brand’s best-known and best-selling perfume, but we love the light, i.e. Légère flanker of the fragrance the most.

While this perfume has multiple different and intriguing notes ranging from sweet and warm tonka bean, praline and dulce de leche at its base, to bright mandarin orange and ylang-ylang at the first spritz, the scent is quite jasmine and tuberose heavy at its core.

Compared to the original, it’s much less gourmand and more of a floral scent experience, with multiple different layers that blend into a wonderfully unique feminine scent. At the first sprit, you’ll get a burst of invigorating citrus, but at dry down, the fragrance mellows into a creamy, sweet and warm scent with its distinct floral bouquet.

9. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum
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Flowerbomb is one of the best-known fragrances of our time, but you might be surprised to find it on this list, as the jasmine notes in this fragrance aren’t immediately obvious.

This best-selling floral fragrance opens with a blend of green tea leaves, bergamot and osmanthus flowers which give the fragrance a surprisingly sweet peachy-floral scent. This then leads into the main accords of orchid, jasmine, rose petals, freesia and African orange flower, and at the base, you’ll find warm vanilla with a grounding blend of patchouli and musk.

The result is a perfectly blended sweet-floral bouquet that is feminine to its core. Although Floerbomb is love by women of all ages, in our opinion its best for the 20-something woman, as the sweetness is quite overpowering and may not be ideal for a mature palette.

Like many other floral fragrances, Flowerbomb is a scent that’s suitable for all four seasons. However, as it is quite sweet, you may be better off reserving it for fall and winter, since it can be a bit too sweet during the summer months.

10. Dior Jasmin Des Anges

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Dior Jasmin Des Anges
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Dior Jasmine Des Anges is an interesting take on jasmine that has a mix of light citrusy notes and sweet fruity notes in its scent bouquet. While jasmine is its most prominent note, you’ll instantly also pick up on the sweet peach and apricot notes that together create an effervescent scent experience akin to champagne.

You may also pick up on the citrusy top notes of bergamot and pear, or the indulgent base notes of white musk and vanilla that give the perfume more of a mature feel. As with many Collection Privée perfumes, it has a moderate to strong sillage and is relatively long-lasting.

Altogether, Dior Jasmine Des Anges is a fantastic daytime scent to transition from winter to spring. The jasmine note is quite creamy, and the peach gives it a joyous flair – it’s crisp, juicy and utterly feminine.

11. Diptyque Olene Eau de Toilette

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Diptyque Olene Eau de Toilette
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There are scents that are classic and timeless, and then there’s Olene Eau de Toilette.

Olene Eau de Toilette is a scent that has been adored by women since 1988, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a timeless floral fragrance that never goes out of style, with honeysuckle and jasmine as its main notes.

Its top notes are narcissus and honeysuckle; middle notes are jasmine petals and wisteria; and its base notes are white flowers and green notes.

The result is a scent that’s nothing but flowers from the beginning to the end—it’s intoxicating but never too heavy or overpowering. It’s just right for summertime, especially on a date on a warm summer night!

12. Vilhelm Parfumerie Don’t Tell Jasmine

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don’t Tell Jasmine
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If you’re looking for a jasmine scent that smells like you’re walking past an entire jasmine bush, Vilhelm Parfumerie’s ‘Don’t Tell Jasmine’ is a perfume you’ll want to experience.

Although the fragrance has interesting top notes of Kir Royal (i.e. champagne and cassis, or black currant liqueur) that are complemented by lemon, as well as musk at its base, the finished product captures the scent of an entire jasmine bush quite well, with more than just the flower petals being present in the smell.

While the other notes integrate well together to create an interesting scent profile, they don’t stand out on their own; they are simply there to support the primary note which is, of course, jasmine.

If this scent is too simplistic for you, you can also add complexity by layering it with other fragrances from similar scent families to create a more complex result.

13. Armani Light di Gioia Eau de Parfum

The Best Jasmine Perfumes For Women: Armani Light di Gioia Eau de Parfum
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If you’re looking for something low-key yet still pleasant to wear through the day, then Light di Gioia might be your next go-to fragrance. It’s light, airy, slightly citrusy and of course floral, but there isn’t anything overpowering about the scent, which makes it perfect for everyday use.

The fragrance opens with an initial blast of citrusy bergamot, which fades away quickly but leaves behind a wonderful trail of jasmine and gardenia at the heart. At the base, you’ll find woodsy notes and white musk, which deepen the garden-like scent of the fragrance.

If your signature scent needs some sprucing up then Armani Light di Gioia Eau de Parfum would be an excellent choice for spring and summertime.

14. The 7 Virtues Jasmine Neroli Eau De Parfum

The 7 Virtues Jasmine Neroli Eau De Parfum
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If you’re looking specifically for a clean, natural perfume brand that is sustainably sourced, try The 7 Virtues’ Jasmine Neroli Eau De Parfum. Not only is this perfume hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan, but it also smells amazing with a strong emphasis on jasmine.

The top note of neroli in this elegant perfume is very crisp and airy – like sunshine on a spring morning! The middle notes of jasmine and honeysuckle are where this scent really shines: they’re soft and comforting, yet still classically white floral with just enough sweetness.

At its base, you’ll find amber and labdanum which give the fragrance an embracing rich warmness. The result is an elegant, sophisticated scent that will definitely get you noticed.

15. J’Adore Dior

J'adore Dior perfume
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Finally, to finish off this list we have another classic perfume that you may not have thought of as a jasmine perfume – it’s Dior’s well-loved J’adore.

While one of the fragrance’s most memorable notes is definitely pear, this classic scent includes so many more accords in its bouquet. The sparkling, sensual and spectacularly feminine fragrance opens with juicy notes of peach, pear and melon, which blend perfectly with floral notes of magnolia and citrusy notes of bergamot.

The fragrance’s true DNA is revealed at its heart; you’ll find multiple different white florals ranging from jasmine, to tuberose to lily of the valley, as well as vibrant rose and violet among others.

At its base, you’ll find sweet vanilla and blackberry, which are grounded by cedar and musk. The result is utterly feminine and seductive – a blend that keeps women coming back for more, years and years after it’s first launch.


Jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and it’s no wonder that its fragrance has captured the hearts of women all over. Jasmine perfumes can be worn every day or dressed up with some sparkle for special occasions, but they always smell amazing.

We hope our list has given you some ideas on which jasmine perfume might be right for you!

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