The 11 Best Henry Rose Perfumes That Offer Something A Little Different

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Henry Rose scents represent an innovation within the fragrance industry. Founded in 2019 by the award-winning actress Michelle Pfeiffer, it intensely focuses on transparency and sustainability. Our list of the best Henry Rose perfumes has all the information you need!

Henry Rose fragrances represent a collaboration between Michelle Pfeiffer and International Flavors & Fragrances (the IFF). It was born out of Pfeiffer’s discovery about the lack of regulation of ingredients within the beauty industry. After becoming a mother, Pfeiffer feared exposing her children to any potentially toxic chemicals and thus swore off perfume for many years.

However, the founder of Henry Rose, Michelle Pfeiffer, found herself missing the joys of wearing a beautiful scent. So, she began creating perfumes with higher standards of ingredients, to create safer products. Pfeiffer works with the Environmental Working Group to create her award-winning scents.

Henry Rose is dedicated to creating beautiful perfume without the use of harmful or allergenic ingredients. This means that the brand’s perfumes are always formulated without parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and other potential nasties.

Alongside this focus on a high standard of ingredients, Henry Rose has another mission. The brand focuses on good manufacturing practices to ensure sustainability. Pfeiffer also places emphasis on the artistry of perfumery. Each scent within the line is compelling and evocative, inspired by a place, person, or feeling near and dear to Pfeiffer’s heart.

Fragrance house Henry Rose launched in 2019, with five genderless fragrances. Since then, the collection has expanded but never strayed from the clean beauty standards and transparency of ingredients the brand was founded on. To discover the best Henry Rose perfumes, read on …

The 11 Best Henry Rose Perfumes

1. Dark Is Night  Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Dark is night perfume
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Henry Rose’ Dark is Night is a deep and sensual perfume, perfect for evening wear or special occasions. It’s deep, herbal, and smoky, giving it a sophisticated and elegant vibe. This depth and complexity also give Dark is Night a distinctly sensual and sexy edge, plus excellent sillage and longevity.

The woodiness of patchouli blends with the richness of vanilla bean in Dark is Night Eau de Parfum. This makes the scent a clever balance between woodsy notes and a hit of creamy gourmand. Patchouli offers both an earthy, mossy element and a soft musk with a nuance of floral scent.

This smooth woody effect is brightened up with the lightness of vetiver wood. There are also floral notes of freesia, which add femininity and a subtle sweetness. It’s the perfect scent for anyone who likes vanilla scents with a twist of something extra.

2. Queens & Monsters Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Queens & Monsters perfume
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Henry Rose Queens & Monsters is another wood-leaning scent. However, the white florals and zest of petitgrain balance out and brighten up these smokier base notes for a fragrance that takes you on an olfactory journey.

The first scent you’ll notice from Queens & Monsters Eau de Parfum is this blend of citrusy petitgrain and fresh and ozonic violet leaf. This gives the fragrance a bright and fresh-feeling opening with a sharp zing.

As the scent develops on the skin, white florals of jasmine and freesia mix with ambroxan for a clean musky finish. The fluid sensuality of sandalwood rounds out the base notes, adding some exotic sensuality and lingering on the skin. It’s an extremely unique scent that balances deep and woody notes with florals and citrus, offering something for everyone.

3. Torn Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Torn perfume
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Henry Rose Torn is the brand’s take on a classic vanilla scent. It offers a prominent hit of that sweet, cozy, and lactonic vanilla note, but is balanced with some earthy woodiness, which adds grit to an otherwise quite girly fragrance. You’ll also notice some powdery and even slightly green and herbal elements.

The dominant vanilla note of Torn Eau De Parfum is supported by the sugary nuttiness of praline. Vetiver roots add a spicy and woody note that offers some smoky sex appeal to the scent. The balance between the gourmand and the oriental wood is masterful.

You may also notice some floral notes as the scent warms up on the skin. A sweet and feminine bouquet of rose, violet, and jasmine adds natural lushness. The scent has a slightly musky dry down, which brings in some raw animalism that lingers on the skin.

4. Last Light Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Last Light perfume
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Henry Rose Last Light is a more fruity and sweet accord from the brand. It blends these juicy gourmand notes with balsamic, and resinous pine hits, with a more masculine, musky dry down.

Last Light Eau de Parfum opens with a sharp and sweet burst of citrus, warmed up with a note of juicy peach. These fruity elements are given an edge thanks to a green hit of pine needles. You’ll also notice an array of different floral notes, which offers a smoothness and even a slight smokiness.

The prominent haze of musk becomes more apparent as wear time continues. The feels fuzzy and warm, but also carnal and sexual. The patchouli note grows stronger as the scent warms up on the skin. This adds a slightly hippie, free-spirited vibe to an otherwise rather neat and sweet scent.

5. Jake’s House Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Jake's House perfume
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Henry Rose Jake’s House is a perfect unisex fragrance, as it walks the line between more conventionally masculine and feminine accords. It’s a brighter and fresher scent from the brand, with watery aquatic notes that are vibrant and clean.

These aquatic notes of Jake’s House Eau de Parfum give it a fresh, summertime vibe. It almost evokes the feeling of an outdoor pool, a swim in the sea, or that intoxicating aroma of warm earth after a heavy rain.

The other most prominent accord of the scent is neroli and orange blossom flower. This note is a mix of white flowers and soft, sweet citrus oils. It adds to the summertime vibe and offers an aromatic greenness. You’ll also notice a musky hit in the scent’s base notes. This is sweetened up with a syrupy hit of honey, offering a surprising gourmand element to this complex fragrance blend.

6. Char Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Char
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As the name suggests, Henry Rose Char is a warm and smoky scent. Yves Cassar of IFF, the nose behind the perfume, calls this fragrance an ode to the tonka bean. That tonka bean note moves from a rather earthy, almost grassy hit to the deeper aroma of honeyed tobacco and creamy nuttiness.

Alongside that prominent tonka bean accord, Char Eau de Parfum also leans heavily on African ginger. This adds a heat and spice to the concoction, giving it a warming, almost wintery element. It feels like curling up by a roaring wood fire and getting comfy and cozy.

To brighten up these warmer, smokier elements, Char also employs a brighter wood note of vetiver and the green herbaceousness of patchouli. There’s also a slightly resinous, leathery element, courtesy of labdanum, and a hint of floral sweetness, thanks to aromatic orange blossom.

7. Fog Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Fog perfume
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Henry Rose Fog has a wintery, slightly frosty feel. It’s musky, aromatic, and a little moody, like a cloudy day with the promise of a dramatic thunderstorm. It also has notes of evergreen wood and a sweeter musky accord for a sensual and natural-feeling scent.

Fog Eau de Parfum has the most prominent notes of musk and vetiver. The musk is sweet but also animalic, giving the scent a sexy edge. The vetiver feels more fresh and earthy, like a walk in the woods on a damp and chilly day.

These slightly heavier base notes are elevated by the white floral of lily of the valley and a gentle nod of citrusy sweetness. This sweetness is elevated and given a spicier, more exotic edge thanks to a hit of amber, while magnolia offers a lush and feminine vibe.

8. Windows Down Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Windows down perfume
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As you may have assumed, Henry Rose Windows Down is an ode to the great outdoors. It’s a fresh and ozonic airy scent that feels wild, free, and always fun to wear. As with all the scents in the line, it’s a great unisex option, and makes for a safe blind buy thanks to its light and bright nature.

Windows Down Eau de Parfum opens with a prominent citrus hit. You’ll notice the slightly bitter note of juicy grapefruit, and tart and sharp aroma of bergamot, alongside the more nuanced greenness of petitgrain. This greenness is enhanced by a herbaceous hit of Earl Grey tea, while a white floral neroli note rounds out the opening.

An animalic whiff of musk and the inky earthiness of oak moss provide some balance to the bright and airy top notes, while still feeling very much associated with the natural world. You’ll also pick up on a subtle floral bouquet, including the unusual honeyed note of the wild broom flower.

9. Sheep’s Clothing Eau de Parfum
Henry Rose Sheep's Clothing perfume
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Sheep’s Clothing Eau de Parfum is a more traditional, slightly retro composition with a modern twist. The prominent note of the rose works as the eponymous sheep’s clothing, initially concealing the ‘wolf’ of the scent’s more sexual and spicy base notes.

Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing opens with a soft and feminine burst of Turkish Rose Asolue. This feels lush, luxurious, and even slightly gourmand in its exotic sweetness. This rosy note also offers elements of sweet citrus and feminine powderiness for an intoxicatingly romantic feel.

As the rose fades, the more unusual and unexpected notes of the fragrance come out to play. A burst of sharp spiciness, courtesy of pink peppercorns, adds an invigorating twist. There’s also an accord of different musks, which give a carnality and animalistic element. You’ll notice fluffy white musk, contrasted with the earthy and slightly floral hit of orris, plus a sweeter waft of ambrette.

10. Smyth
Henry Rose Smyth perfume
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Henry Rose Smyth is a delightfully fresh and fruity offering from the brand. The cacophony of different fruit notes is contrasted with a blend of woody base notes for an interesting and balanced fragrance of two halves.

Smyth Eau de Parfum opens with a fresh and juicy burst of fruit salad. You’ll pick up on the lush and aquatic not of cantaloupe melon, alongside tart Granny Smith apple and juicily acidic pineapple. There’s even an interestingly frosty gourmand note, courtesy of sorbet. All of this sweetness is offered a refreshing edge, thanks to prominent aquatic notes.

As the scent dries down, the deeper base notes become more apparent. Bright, white woods and fluffy white musk sit close to the skin for a sensual feel. The fragrance also employs the interesting synthetic note of Iso E Super. This offers a cozy, slightly ambery skin scent that melds with your pheromones for a unique and personalized feel.

11. Flora Carnivora
Henry Rose Flora Carnivora perfume
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Henry Rose Flora Carnivora is, as the name depicts, the brand’s most conventionally floral scent. But it’s not as lightweight and feminine as a typical white-floral-led scent. In fact, it’s rather deep and sultry, with more grounding earthy and musky notes.

Flora Carnivora Eau de Parfum features a prominent bouquet of white flowers, with neroli, orange blossom, jasmine sambac, and tuberose all doing some heavy lifting. This offers a lush, heady, and opulent feel to the scent.

But these white florals are also offered some edge. The woody notes of vetiver and cedar, alongside animalic musk and spicy, exotic amber give this fragrance a lot of personalities. Anyone looking for a floral scent with a little more to it will adore this scent.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 11 best Henry Rose perfumes!

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